Hubby supposed to do this but she accepted BBC

She was all dressed up and ready for cock and was waiting for her husband to appear but when talked with him on the phone he said that he was going to be late, she said she couldn’t wait that long and needed a fuck right then and… Well, someone knocked on the door of her hotel room and wow, who would have guessed, a black guy who apparently knocked on the wrong door, but she was already so horny that invited him inside… When she checked cudgel in his pants she told him that he’s definitely in right room and her facial expression when she touched and saw the size of his dick was priceless – that was the thing she was dreaming about and she forgot about hubby straight away… Guess my wife would have probably done the same… I mean any wife!

File size: 547MB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:29:43
File type: AVI


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