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Asian Princess of Barrhaven

Top of the morning to you, my devoted, at times surly and always fun readership. The name is Natalie Xiaowei, and I’m something akin to a unicorn. An Asian female living in Canada who doesn’t worship White guys or prop up White Supremacy, quite unlike the majority of my people. Why am I so different from the others? I love chocolate and I cannot lie. Anyhow, this is my true story of getting by in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

I study civil engineering at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa. My parents moved to Ontario, Canada, from our hometown of Hangzhou, Eastern China, in the summer of 2000. We’ve lived here ever since. I am twenty four years old, and living life by my own rules. In this world, people always try to force you to be what they want you to be. Doesn’t matter if they’re using race, religion or politics to do it, they just can’t leave you alone and let you be yourself. Good thing I’m a wild chick who doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Sitting on the OC Transpo bus leaving the affluent suburb of Barrhaven, I hold my boyfriend Ahmed Abukar’s hand, and he smiles at me. Ahmed is looking so damn good today, clad in a blue silk shirt, Black silk pants and Black Timberland boots. My boyfriend has always been a snappy dresser. From the moment I first glimpsed Ahmed walking through the Rideau Shopping Center in downtown Ottawa, I knew he was special. That’s why I went after him like an electric bolt, and got him. All the Somali girls at school tend to stare when they see us together, but I don’t give a fuck.

Ahmed gently squeezes my hand and kisses me on the lips, and I smile as I kiss him. Ahmed splashed on a lot of Cologne today, and it’s mixing with his natural manly scent in a wondrous way. We’re going to the Silver City movie theater near Blair Station on the other side of town because the Odeon Cineplex in Barrhaven is super boring. Seriously, there’s a lot of uptight bozos in Barrhaven, the wannabe millionaires, and Odeon Cineplex is like their favorite hangout. Reason enough for Ahmed and I to find a better place to chill.

Last night, Ahmed took me to a nice Caribbean restaurant called Renedad to celebrate our one-year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been one year since Ahmed and I met. No one thought we would make it this far. What an unusual pair we make. A tall, lean and athletic young Muslim man of Somali descent and his short, feisty and pixie-like Asian girlfriend. Talk about your odd couples, eh? Ahmed and I love each other. Shows you how little people know. Just because I’m a short Asian chick doesn’t mean I don’t have my man’s back. Never underestimate any woman, folks. We are the deadliest of the species for a reason.

My parents, Thomas and Roseanne Xiaowei are actually okay with my dating Ahmed, believe it or not. They know not to interfere in my personal life. I, um, have a bit of a temper. I know. It’s not what you’re expecting. Well, my folks knew that Asian guys don’t light my fire and I don’t find White guys attractive so whom does that leave? Team Chocolate, in all of its masculinity and resplendent glory.

It’s funny how the slightest events can change your life forever. Fate is what it is, I guess. I was in high school when I went to the movies to watch Wesley Snipes battle vampires on the big screen. Seeing that sexy African-American shirtless absolutely changed my life. Seriously, I haven’t been the same since. Yeah, I’m that Asian chick with the posters of Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and U.S. President Obama on my bedroom wall. I find them yummy.

Ahmed and I reach the Blair Station exactly thirty minutes after the 95 Bus left Marketplace Station in Barrhaven. Considering how slow OC Transpo buses usually are, this is excellent timing. It’s one o’clock and we head straight to the box office. Ahmed buys our tickets and I pay for our food and drinks. We walk into the theater to watch The Martian, starring Matt Damon. There are barely thirty people or so in the showroom but Ahmed still insists on us sitting on the side closest to the door. With a wall behind us, shielding us from everyone else. Privacy issues, you know?

The previews roll on, and Ahmed and I get comfortable. Ahmed gently strokes my face and tells me how beautiful I look, and I kiss him. Ahmed kisses my neck, and I press my hands against his chest, stopping him cold. In the dark theater, I smile at Ahmed and he realizes what I have in mind. I pat Ahmed’s groin and it bulges nicely. I unzip his pants and free his dick. Gently I stroke Ahmed’s dick and he smiles and stares at the movie screen, as if nothing’s going on. I keep my eyes forward as well, and continue to manually stimulate Ahmed’s dick.

Once I’ve got Ahmed’s dick pulsating in my hand, I want to taste him so badly. Now, the Silver City movie theater has poor security and the theater rooms aren’t well-lit, but this is still a risky proposition. I tuck Ahmed’s dick back in his pants and exit the theater, leaving my purse on my seat. Ahmed leaves his jacket on the arm of his chair and follows me. Moments later we’re in the washroom. The family washroom, not the regular ones. I check my reflection in the mirror, and a smiling Asian vixen stares back at me, a glimmer of naughtiness in her dark eyes. Ahmed and I get to work.

I sit on the toilet seat and Ahmed unzips his pants, freeing his still-hard dick. Eagerly I take Ahmed’s dick into my mouth while fingering my already wet pussy. Greedily I suck Ahmed’s dick, and then my sexy lover shows me what he’s made of. Ahmed props me up against the washroom counter, and I hike up my skirt. Ahmed slides down my panties, exposing my hairy cunt. Ahmed kneels before me and fingers my cunt, then begins licking it. I close my eyes and rub the back of Ahmed’s head as he pleasures me. His tongue sends tendrils of pleasure coursing through me.

Ahmed and I had ourselves some fun in that family washroom. After giving my pussy a good licking, my Somali stud bends me over and slides his dick into my cunt. Ahmed smacks my ass and I purr and press my bum against his groin, driving him deeper inside of me. Ahmed likes to go in raw but no worries, I’m on the pill and we’re both clean. Ahmed grips my hips and pumps his dick into my pussy, and I squeal in delight, loving how his manhood feels inside of me. We were still going at it when I heard a knock on the door.

Ahmed and I both cursed at the same time. Talk about coitus interrupted! Hastily we readjusted our clothes, and smiled as we exited the family washroom. A middle-aged, chubby White dude and his grandmother or wife stood there, staring at us dumbfounded. Ignoring these dinosaurs, Ahmed and I walked right into movie showroom number seven where our movie was about to start. Seriously, we walked in right as the last preview ended. Ahmed and I smiled at each other as the movie began. That was a close one! Here’s to many more days like this one!