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Third time is a charm and she wore her lucky stockings and garters so everything went so smoothly! She needed to “exercise” her pussy for extreme stretching and haven’t had any problems now – it was one of the most passionate cuckold interracial fuck session ever – no need to say much, even big screenshot is enough to see how much passion she shared with her hung black stud. If I were her hubby I would have been pretty jealous after this – pretty strong emotions were involved here…

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Wanted black baby and got impregnated many times but didn’t conceived as far as I know! After some time they gave up on that and meanwhile she started to like her black sessions a lot and hubby loved being present too, taking action from time to time and doing cleaning job from time to time! She looks incredibly sexy with that bleached blond, short hair and discrete make up – wish there were stockings here but ok, can’t always have perfect video. She’s been fucked and cum-loaded by two black boys who tried to please this horny white aunty…

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