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Cute and shy but really mean sex machine!

Not sure if I had this cuckold pearl posted before so just in case here it is – fit white milf in action with hung black stud while her hubby was filming… She had that elegant dress on and hardly waited to try that huge big black cock in her tight pussy! I loved that big smile on her face while she was still lying on the bed all dressed and thinking what to do, waiting to see and hear what her hubby would say. She has already made a decision and that huge black sausage was about to hit that juicy hole between her legs. Again, fit white milf, probably fitness addict, tight body, big boobs, flat belly, juicy pussy and burning desire for big black cocks…

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Biggest dick she ever experienced!

Fiery blond from south gets blacked bareback by hung black stud who watered her pussy and ass with his warm cum. Not sure if she is real blond or just having bleached hair but she obviously love big black sausages with sweet sauce. And this sausage was really big – real salami that tore her pussy apart, pounded her hard from behind before delivering his load straight between her round butt cheeks…

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She’s damn mean sex machine

This is more like it. These curves are perfect and real magnet for men like me. Especially those enormous boobs with sweet nipples, juicy, smooth shaved pussy and booty ass… Blond cuckold milf got blacked hard, played with that bbc like it was a toy and got her mouth loaded with black lover’s cum. He fucked her bareback from all sides and she kept “dancing” on that bbc, getting it balls deep and making him cum in her mouth…

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Great sex with hung black bull and big cumload

Big mouth and huge tongue redhead gets blacked and receives enormous cumload in her mouth… Right spot for that huge, thick load from her black lover’s balls! That long and wide tongue is her “secret” tool for giving fantastic blowjobs because she can wrap it around whole dickhead and give it unimaginable pleasure… And there’s her round ass and tight pussy then for hard nailing and stretching – she can take it from any side because she is so flexible woman…

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Interracial Threesome with Nova Shari & Leala

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Sex in My Car

This is my second attempt at a story on this site. My name is Tina; I am 28 years old Blonde hair blue eyes chubby but not really big, size 18 roughly. My bra is an overflowing 38F. I LOVE SEX. Especially with black men, they tend to be more dominating and really know how to get me going!

Let me give you a little back round on my friend. For this story, we will call him Rick. He is someone that started talking to me on one of the social networking sites. At the time, I was not looking for any side action but as we got talking, I could not resist temptation! He is 30 years old, broad and almost a foot taller then me. (I am only 5’2″) he keeps his hair as a buzz cut and no facial hair. His lips are nice and full and his cock… damn! I would say 8 inches and…Thick. He does not know I have other “friends” as he tends to get a little bent out of shape if I do not jump up to see him when he is free!

It had been a year from the last time I got to See Rick. He spent the entire night with me when I was house sitting for a friend. Then with his wife having a baby and my other half always being around we could never make it work. I was getting out of work one night and decided to text him

Me: Hey can you get out tonight?

Rick: Maybe. Why what’s up?

Me: I was thinking we should meet up.

Rick: I am game what you got in mind.

Me: LOL You know what is always on my mind.

Rick: Then tell me where and when. Me: I will pick you up at the corner store at 7:00.

Rick: ‘k Hope u ready for it again.

Me: LOL Half the fun it trying.

So I go home jump in the shower and tell my husband that I am going out to see a friend. I leave and go meet Rick. He gets in the car and I am instantly wet, something about him always has that effect on me.

“Hey been to damn long,” Rick says as he closes the door. I start to pull away from the curb. “Do you have a place in mind?”

“My girl has a store in town we can park behind it. My back windows are tinted.” I reply I smile at him and slide my hand into his lap stroking his cock through the front of his pants.

“You have no idea how much I miss you and miss this” he gives me this devilish smile he has.

“You’re the one to busy to meet up, figured I wore you out to much the last time you got scared.” Rick said in his deep voice. He really has on of them sex operator voices! We pull into the shop parking lot and there are no cars around and it is very dark. I lean over and start kissing him as he slides his hands on to my chest and starts squeezing them. He always goes straight for my chest he is a tit man!

“Let’s get in back before we get going too much to stop!” I say as I unlock the doors and get into the back. He does the same. We barely close the doors and we are kissing again. I love sucking his bottom lip into my mouth when we kiss. My hand stroking his hardening cock through the front of his sweat pants. It feels so much thicker then I remember from last time. I slide my hands into his pants and finally feel his hard cock in my hand flesh to flesh.

“Take them off,” I say as I still am stoking his cock. He slides his pants off and I take the tip of his cock to my mouth. I love feeling the head of a cock in my lips. I slowly lick the slit already dripping with pre cum. Then I take as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. My hand still stroking the shaft when the shaft is not in my mouth. He has one hand on my head holding my hair as the other one is playing with my nipple.

“Damn Tina I miss the way you do that. You know how to make it feel fucking good.” Rick starts to thrust a little to meet my down ward motion as I suck his cock. Nothing gets me wetter then sucking a nice hard cock and having the guy making noise or talking letting me know how much they like it.

“I want that pussy on it, ride this cock for me!” Rick commands. I stop sucking his cock and take my pants off. He slides in to the center of the back seat and I put one leg on each side of his lap as I rub my dripping wet pussy on his hard cock. He pulls my shirt over my head and starts sucking on my tits. Nibbling on my nipples making me moan. I take my hand and line his cock up with my pussy and slowly slide it into me. His cock feels so thick and long.

“Damn Tina your pussy still tight you must not be messing around or not with anyone good.” He pulls me tight to his body making me moan louder. “Ride that cock, you know you miss it, take all of me in that pussy. This is Rick’s pussy now ain’t it. Tell me how much you love riding my cock!” I am grinding on his cock seconds from Cumming. He won’t let my pussy let even and inch of his cock out as he keeps his hands on my hips bucking up rocking me body back and forth really grinding my clit on his body.

“Oh Rick you know I miss this cock, I am going to cum all over it” I feel my orgasm start building up as he picks his pace up of thrusting into me. “Fuck! Oh Fuck!” I scream as I get closer and closer to climax, my pussy is dripping and my heart is beating out of my chest.

“Cum for me cum all over this cock for me! I want to feel my pussy cum.” My body let loose as I cover his cock with my orgasm. My pussy spasming around his hard cock. “That’s right baby, cum all over this cock!” My body goes limp. I feel as if I am going to faint as I finish my orgasm. He always makes me cum so hard. His cock still pumping inside me as Rick holds me tight on him thrusting so hard my head keeps hitting the roof of the car. He slows down.

“I ain’t done yet baby lay your ass down.” I get off his cock and lay on my back seat. He gets in between my legs resting one of my feet on the headrest of the passenger seat and the other on his shoulder as he lines his cock up. “I love this pussy, the way your lips wrap nicely around my cock” and then all at once he thrusts his cock into.

I moan in pain and pleasure. I can almost feel him in my stomach as he keeps pumping it deep in me. “Whose cock do you love huh? You miss getting fucked like this don’t cha!” All I can do is moan in responses he feels so good in me. “Tell me you love this cock, I want to hear you say it”

“I love your cock! Aaaaah! Fuck me Rick! God damn, your cock feels so good!” I scream. I am seconds from orgasm again as he really pounds my pussy. Both of us dripping in sweat. He leans down and we start kissing as he keeps fucking me. I break from our kiss, as I can’t handle any more! “Shit I am Cumming again! Oh yeah! Rick! AAAAH! Rick your amazing!” My body let loose as I orgasm again. Rick slows down and then pulls out. His cock still hard. He doesn’t have to say a word I know what he wanted. So I changed positions and starting sucking his cock. He started to moan as I took him as deep as I can into my throat and tried to keep a fast pace. I stroked his shaft and then started sucking on his balls. Then I went back to sucking his shaft.

“That’s my girl! Suck that cock clean for me. This is your cock baby make it cum”

I start sucking him fast and deep. Rotating my hand as I stroke the shaft as. Stopping every few strokes to roll my tongue all over the tip and really getting his cock wet. I start to feel his body tense up, as his breathing gets much deeper. “That’s it baby, I am going to cum you ready for it.” I moan as I pick up speed again I can taste the pre cum on his cock.

“Oh yes Tina suck it! ERRRRRRR! Ahhhhh! Here it comes!” with that he stiffens up and he starts shooting a thick load into my throat. I take his cock as deep as I can stroke the rest of it as it shoots down my throat. Rick sinks into the seat and lets out a sigh.

“Damn Tina lets not wait so long next time!” he pulls me up to his face and kisses me. He looks in my eyes and says. “We got time to keep this going or do we need to split?” I look at the time and frown.

“I think we need to split. Cause my man or your girl is going to start calling.” He pulls me on to his lap and we start deep kissing again. “Don’t start this again! You know I hate to stop but we have to!” He laughs and starts to open his door. And I start kissing him again. His hand leaves the door handle and goes back to my chest. My pants are still off, so is his and my shirt. I put my arm around his neck and my hand on his face, as I get lost in his kiss again. Something about them juicy lips and lust full lock of our lips gets me every time. Before I know what is happening he takes his hand and lines his cock back up and pushes it into me.

“By the time you go home you will need another year to recover” His tone so arrogant and arousing. He keeps his grip tight on me and keeps thrusting hard and deep. I am screaming in pleasure. I forget we are in a car and that we don’t want to get caught!

“Take this Tina, Take it again! You know no man makes it feel like this!” My pussy aching as the orgasm builds again. He starts to really dig his hands into my hips as he tosses me around like his rag doll. “Ride that cock girl! Whose pussy is this? I want to hear you say it!”

“Oh My God! It is your Pussy Rick! No one fucks me like you do!” I start to get light headed and super wet as my orgasm starts.

“Oh Shit! I am Cumming! Rick! Fuck! OHHHH! Yes! Yes!” My body lets go and I start to latterly pass out. He holds my body tight to his and keeps fucking me.

“That’s it baby. I love feeling your pussy cum all over me! I am going to cum baby! Right now!” He starts thrusting slower but harder and deeper. I can feel his cock spasming as he shoots another huge load. We both collapse. The car windows are completely fogged and neither of us can breathe.. I slowly get off his lap and get dressed. He does the same we stand out side the car letting it air out and us cool down. We road the whole way back to the corner store with all the windows open… that sex smell is hot but I don’t want to explain it!!

Black booty to die for!!!

This peace of ASS you have to see. Black teen girl with amazing body have strong need for big white dick inside her pussy. So she jumps on him and spread his leg to give him her wet and sweet black pussy. Great action with black girl you gonna love!

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