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Good daddy’s girl gets her bald pussy smashed and drilled by biggest cock she has ever seen and tried. And she tried I lot I guess – she looks like one of those wild girls that loves parties and never misses a chance for good fuck. She couldn’t believe what she was holding in her hand and immediately started sucking off that huge black dong anxiously waiting to stretch her pussy like no one before. She had it bareback, her pussy was all soaking wet and drooling over that bbc and got nice facial reward in the end.

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Horny redhead milf/gilf/mom with long, curly hair gets her ginger pussy pounded hard by big black cock – her dream has finally came true! She met this hung black gent and enjoyed his sheer size and received huge cumload in her mouth also – nice bonus after hard stretching of that white pussy and damn, those soft, natural hangers with huge nipples were bouncing up and down and left and right all the time! I loved those huge, natural boobs – my type for sure!!!

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First thing many will notice is going to be this number of megabytes but that’s pure coincidence~ – never planned that but it turned that way. The first thing I noticed are those huge boobs, juicy, dripping wet pussy, curvy body, tattoos and that sexy red dress. One of my favorite milfs got two big black ones, squirted again and again of course and filled her ass with cum. This one is hot as hell for sure, you know. Just look at it’s size…

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Hard, intense, bareback and in both pussy and ass… another redhead got fucked hard by two hung black lovers and damn they tore her apart. They literally fucked the hell out of her, destroyed and blacked her pussy and ass, double penetrated her and filled her holes with cum! Excellent interracial video with awesome action and fantastic camera angles – this white babe never had it like this in her life! Big black dicks could reach that pussy and ass even from the other side of the room!!!

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That big white ass was shaking and twerking first and then she discovered all the joy of big black cock. She then became bbc addict and got fucked by many hung black studs who drilled that bald, meaty pussy with their dongs. I didn’t follow what was she doing in last two years and then I stumbled upon this one that seemed like quite remarkable piece. She got nailed by hung black bull again, got drilled hard, and deep throated that huge black stick and finally received thick cumload straight in her mouth…

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A Dark Skinned Beauty

As I entered the airport thoughts of this dark skinned beauty raced through my head. I was excited about meeting her for the first time. It felt as if I were about to piss my pants. I stood in the bathroom looking at my reflection in the mirror trying to understand what a young and vibrant beauty like Linda would want with a guy like me.

My name is John. I stand about five foot ten, weigh about one hundred eight five pounds. I have salt and pepper hair, blue eyes and I’m fifty eight years old. I’m in pretty good shape for a man of my age and I still have plenty of fire left in this old furnace. Maybe she senses the strength and vitality that comes from serving in the military. Or maybe it was the wisdom, knowledge and experience that comes with age. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining.

Initially, I figured it was just my luck to meet such a perfect woman only to have her live so far away in Nigeria but once I found out she was moving to Nashville, the town in which I was born, raised and currently living in, well, I just about fell over in disbelief.

I stood mesmerized as passengers walked and left the waiting area. My were nerves on edge. Sweat dripped from the palms of my hands. Suddenly, she appeared. Long shiny hair dark as coal hung down to her narrow waist. Her halter top did nothing to conceal the curves of her luscious breasts which had to be at least a 36C or D cup. Her hardened nipples were driving into her top as if they were trying to poke holes through it.

Below her top, a smooth flat stomach adorned by a belly ring in the shape of a heart. She wore a red mini skirt which clung to her full hips showing off the outlines of her full curvaceous butt. Dark, muscular smooth thighs showed above knee high black boots.

I knew she was English by birth. Educated in the States and now resided in Nigeria with her father who owns a construction business. From the deep hue of her skin, one could tell that she had spent many hours tanning in the hot Nigerian sun.

Her smile revealed even white teeth; warm and intoxicating. Her deep brown eyes sparkled with a yearning. Her presence had an air about her that said, “Here I am. Come get me!” I approached her slowly, eyeing her beauty. I stood before her. “Linda?” I asked. Realizing I was there, our eyes locked. We threw our arms around each other in a tight embrace. Her glorious breasts smashed into my chest. My cock sprang into full erection. Linda ground her pelvis against my boner. Her hot breath against my skin, her tongue teasing my right ear. I knew in my heart there was no way she could miss my hardness. The heat from her barely covered pussy causing my eight inches of steel to struggle and break free from the confines of my pants.

After picking up her luggage, we walked to the garage where my car was parked. Once the suitcases were loaded, we left the airport and hit I-65 and headed north. My house is located on the east side of town about an hour away from the airport. It sits on a secluded part of the street. While I drove, Linda turned in her seat and leaned back against the side of her door. She then spread her legs wide and proceeded to run the tips of her fingers up and down the center of her panty covered mound. Pulling aside the thin strip of cloth, she began to slide her fingers through and between her swollen lips. With eyes closed, a dreamy look upon her face, deft fingers found her hardened clitoris. A tiny smile played at the corners of her full lips as she bit at her lower lip.

Even though I could only take quick glances, I could see the moistness flowing from the center of her being. The aroma of her love juice filled the car and made my rock hard cock strain against my pants once again. My nuts felt as though they were going to burst. My left hand stroked my hardness while I watched her tickle her well formed clit. It was amazing; her love button was at least one and a half inches long. I have never seen a clitoris that large before. It was as if I were looking at a small cock, long and fat extending from under it’s hood. I wished I could take that morsel and suck it right into my mouth this minute tasting the honey which flowed like a river from within her depths.

Breath coming faster now, soft moans escaping from deep within her throat. “OoHHH YES! THAT FEELS SO GOOD! God, I LOVE IT! AAAAHHHHH!!! YES!” She then slid three fingers deep inside her cunt stretching her dripping hole wide. I watched as she vigorously plunged her wet fingers into her beautiful pussy, the sounds from her well lubed tunnel filling my ears while those deft digits sliced through her swollen lips bringing her ever closer to the orgasm she wanted so badly. I had to continually remind myself to keep my eyes on the road.

Linda grabbed my right hand bringing it to the inside of her thigh. Slowly I caressed the soft skin reaching higher until my hand made contact with her ever plunging fingers. Fluids flowed like a river from within and down the crack of her ass. Finding her nether passage I began running the tip of my cum coated finger around and around pushing against her asshole until it gave and began to enter her.

“Oh God baby I can’t stand it. Ram your finger up my ass. Fuck my ass baby. Fuck it hard and deep. I want to feel your finger in my ass.” She said. ” Ok baby. Here it comes!” I told her. My finger slid deep into her waiting asshole. Her dark tunnel clutched at my invading member. The heat and tightness was incredible. Linda quickened the strokes of her clit. Faster and faster she rubbed. Sweat dripped from her brow. Her skin glowed.

Adding another finger stretching her ass even wider, my fingers flew faster and faster and deeper into her dark tunnel. Suddenly, her body went rigid. Eyes closed tightly, teeth digging into to her lower lip. Spasms ripped through her body as she came. “OoHHHHH!! GODDDDD! YESSSS, YESSSS, I’M CUMMMMIINNGGG!!! I’M CUMMMING!!! Oh GOD!” She screamed. Her ass clutching tightly it felt as though my fingers would be ripped off within her.

Her body collapsed against the door. Her breathing returning slowly to normal. The aroma of her well spent pussy filled the air. Linda slid her cum coated fingers from her drenched canal. She slowly opened her eyes then held those fingers close to my face, the essence filling my nostrils With a wicked grin, she ran those fingers across my lips. Her fluids tasted like golden honey just collected from a hive.

She gazed at me with lust filled eyes. The same tiny smile playing upon her luscious lips. Unlatching her seat belt, she then reached over pulling down my zipper. Her warm hand snaked inside my pants pulling out my rock hard cock. Her hand began to slide up and down my hardened length while the tip of one finger played at the tiny opening of the crown. The grin on her face told me I was in for a real treat. Leaning forward, she planted a soft wet kiss on the tip of my pole. Her tongue swirled and tickled the head of my engorged shaft, nibbling with her teeth causing me to almost lose control of the car.

Like a snake, her tongue slithered down the underside of my hot meat. Ever so slowly, Linda slid her hungry mouth to the top of my blood filled cock. Little bye little, she took in the head, inching her way down to my balls. We were traveling at about seventy miles an hour but it felt as if we were going in slow motion. I knew if we didn’t find a place to pull over we would surly wreck.

Just then, I spotted a dark overpass ahead. I pulled over as close to the side of the road as I could. I switched off the engine, turned on the emergency flashers. I slid my seat as far back as I could and lifted the steering wheel out of her way. Linda wasted no time in pulling my pants and underwear down around my ankles. Her hot mouth immediately began to work on my cogs taking each one in turn into her warm moist oral cavity. The heat from her mouth was incredible. Gasping for air, could hardly breath. My eyes closed tight. Her tongue was like an electric eel sending jolts through my entire body. Nerves standing on edge, my balls about to explode. Then, in one motion, she took my whole length down her throat. Linda deep throated me with ease as my cock coated with a mixture of precum and saliva enabled her to take me into the back of her gorge. It was fantastic. My heart pounded, my pulse raced. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I could feel the heat rise in my balls as they filled with my hot cream. Her right hand slid under my sac and I could feel the tip of her finger at the entrance of my rear hole. Linda sucked her way to the top of my engorged shaft where she sucked even harder trying to molten lava from with in me. At the same time, I could feel her moistened finger slide deep into my ass until the back of her hand touched my skin. My whole body jumped at the assault in my rectal passage. Not being able to hold back any longer, my whole body stiffened. “OH! Shit! BABY! I’M GONNA CUM!” I warned her. But instead, she sank her hot mouth down the length of my pulsing cock, all the way to the back of her throat once again as my balls tightened. The first blast entered her oral cavern. She gagged a little at the onslaught. Linda kept swallowing as fast as she could. Some of my jism dribbled from her lips as she pulled off my spewing rod. Her tongue swirled around the head licking down the softening shaft cleaning all my cum until again she claimed all my sweet cream from my body.

She held my soft prick between her moist lips still sucking all she could. I finally collapsed in my seat, drained, completely spent.

She sat back with that same dreamy look still holding my deflated cock in her warm hand, she said. “MMMMMMM, baby you taste good. I love the flavor of your cock and your sweet cream.” Our eyes met and locked. Our lips touched in a warm, soft sensual kiss, tongues teasing while we softly cooed to each other. Gazing deeply into my eyes, she said, “Baby. That’s just an appetizer, your gonna have to wait for the main course.”

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This is really rare shit and didn’t know it even existed and that she even fucked this ugly, fat guy who always plays with his own nipples making me laugh every time I watch stuff he filmed. She was gorgeous as always, booty redhead with sweet tuft on her pubis but as I’ve said – this guy is funny as hell and I was surprised when saw them doing hard action together. She usually fucks black guys with dongs between their legs but judging on what I’ve saw here I think she had great time actually. Got fucked hard and received her black stud’s load in her mouth and on her chests…

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