Taste of Brown Sugar

Like most typical white boys growing up in suburbia, I’d never had a black girlfriend. (If African American is the correct phrase, forgive me – it’s too long to write.) I’d had friends who were black, both guys and girls, but the few girls I did date were white.

In college, I’d gone out with the same girl for nearly four years, so – same situation. There was always something about black girls though. Light skinned, dark skinned, it didn’t matter.

First, of course, many black girls are blessed with gorgeously full and sensual lips. Coupled with dark brown eyes and that marvelous skin tone, there was always something so mysteriously erotic to me, something forbidden. But something I’d never had.

At work, a new girl came to work in my department. Black or white, Dawn was the sweetest girl I’d ever known – sweet as sugar. She was a black girl, and her skin was light brown I’d say, like cocoa. She wore her hair long and wavy, and treated it with blonde highlights.

Her face was so sensual. Perfect complexion, smooth and beautiful. Her eyes were almond shaped, dark and exotic. Her lips were impossibly full and soft looking. If you kissed her you’d probably never want to stop.

Unfortunately for Dawn, she was quite overweight. On her 5’5″ frame, she probably packed 170 pounds. It was a matter of eating and heredity I suppose. I learned that she was an athlete when she was a student, and in great shape. But years of inactivity had changed all that. She carried her weight well and was a superb dresser, but still gave the impression of a heavy girl. Superb tits, though, which she kept well hidden beneath layers of clothes.

As a result, she didn’t date much, which was a loss for a lot of guys. The other people in our department were pleasant to Dawn, as they were to everyone. But she and I had a special relationship. I didn’t care what she looked like, I was just crazy about her, and she appreciated the attention.

Dawn’s personality was wonderful, a breath of sunshine to me. Smart, soft-spoken and very witty. So sexy, too, in her own way. Her voice was low and soothing. She took meticulous care of herself, always looking well arranged. Dawn even smelled great. I loved working on any project with her, we got along so well. And she felt the same way about me, I could tell. But as I said, she was too overweight to be attractive to me as a lover, I had a girlfriend, and that’s the way it went. For almost a year.

When I broke up with my girlfriend Debbi, Dawn was a compassionate friend, very supportive. Not that I was planning to marry Debbi, or was head over heels in love with her. But being alone suddenly is never easy. Dawn and I would sometimes go for a drink after work and talk about our romantic misfortunes.

I told her that there was one lucky guy who would find her and treat her right. I was sure of it, and she deserved it. She told me that Debbi was out of her mind to let me go. There was no one in the world easier to talk to than Dawn.

Dawn was a dedicated and loyal employee, too. So when she was sick for a week, I was quite concerned, knowing it was real. She had a virus, and it turned into severe pneumonia. Dawn needed to be in the hospital for nearly two weeks, with another few weeks of recovery at home. I really missed her. The doctors had her on the treadmill every day to increase her lung capacity, and she had to stay off the sweet carbohydrates and eat more protein to make her system more robust.

Finally, she was scheduled to come back to work part time for two weeks, then back to a full schedule. But an incredible thing happened.

Not being able to eat the way she had, and steadily doing aerobic workouts, Dawn had begun to lose weight rapidly as she got stronger and fitter than she’d been in ten years. She even started lifting light weights to increase the muscle tone she lost being bedridden.

When she came back to work, Dawn had lost over 50 pounds. Everyone complimented her on her appearance, and welcomed her back in good health. I was thrilled to have my dear friend and colleague back.

At the time of her return, we were embroiled in a complicated project that kept us working late. Dawn and I decided to grab a bite to eat and finish the night’s work at her place. We had a pleasant ‘reunion’ meal. We were so happy to see each other again, we just laughed and gabbed.

Back at her place, Dawn took of her jacket to reveal a shimmering black blouse and knee length short skirt. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Her body was . . . voluptuous. Toned arms and shoulders, large shapely calves and breasts that were at least a D-cup. She was just gorgeous. I’m sure she noticed me staring, and smiled at the compliment.

We finished our work over a glass of wine, then a second glass. We felt a bit tipsy, and were actually getting touchy-feely a little, when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She came back, still wearing the black shirt, black heels and g-string underpants.

Parking her newly fine body next to me on her wicker couch, Dawn looked at me seriously and said, “Timmy, I have to tell you something and I hope you don’t stop me. You’ve been more than just a good friend to me. When other people treated me like wallpaper because I was fat, you were kind to me. You saw the good things in me, not just the looks. You talked to me as a person. You were so sweet. You made me feel like my prince would come one day and I believed you. But there’s more.

“I have had dreams of you, Timmy. Erotic dreams. Some nights I would rub my pussy so much thinking about you and cumming on myself, that it would hurt the next day. I would dream of kissing your lips. Of sucking your beautiful cock. I would dream of you licking me and fucking me and making me feel like a woman. I hope . . . you can make my dreams come true tonight.”

What Dawn said nearly brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t believe she felt that way, too. Looking at her – she finally had the outward beauty to match her inner elegance. I reached for her and kissed her. She swirled her tongue around mine. Her lips were just as soft as I’d always imagined. Her perfume made my head swim and my cock grow.

Dawn kissed my neck and ears, leaving no area unkissed. I rubbed her shoulders and slowly unbuttoned her shirt to see the treasure underneath. And what a treasure it was. She was wearing a yellow lace bra, which barely contained her straining tits. I unhooked it and they popped out, firm and perfect.

My God, I had ever seen more ravishing tits. They were so firm, with huge dark nipples that sat right in the center. I touched them and Dawn shivered, as though an electric shock had rippled through her.

“Mmm, honey, “she purred. “My tits love your touch. Touch them more. Squeeze them, baby.”

I grabbed her tits and squeezed the nipples. Then I alternately licked one nipple and squeezed the other one. Her breasts were so big and firm – I loved them. I wanted to stick my cock between them.

I took as much of each tit in my mouth as I could fit and sucked hard on each nipple. Dawn was going nuts, breathing in spurts. I guess that after so long with nothing but her vibrator for company, she was hornier than she could bear.

“Oh my God, Timmy,” she panted, “I’m going to cum . . . I . . .already? mmmm . . . . going to cum now, baby.”

I noticed then that Dawn was massaging her pussy under her panties, which were literally sopping wet with her pussy juices. After no more than a minute, she threw her head back and arched her back as she surrendered to a feeling that she was powerless to stop. Dawn came – hard.

“Ohhhh . . . ohhh . . . my pussy feels . . . mmmmm” she panted.

Once her body stopped shaking, she looked at me with a broad grin and we started kissing even more urgently than before, bringing us both to the edge of arousal. Then she stood up and stripped for me. A slow seductive strip that left me breathless. She had recreated her body into a tight, magnificent shape. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous.

She bent over for me and spread her pussy with her fingers, giving me a good view. I had never seen a black girl’s pussy before, and it was magnificent. Beautiful, full lips, tight thick black hair where she hadn’t shaved it, all leading to a light pink tunnel.

“You like my pussy, Timmy?” she asked coyly. Would you like a taste of it? It tastes as good as it looks, baby. I’d just love it if you licked my pussy for me. I’ve . . .I’ve dreamed about you licking my pussy for me.”

I walked behind Dawn and spread her ass cheeks wide. She gasped in excitement. I licked the bottom of her pussy first, wiggling my tongue back and forth. With the tip of my tongue, I quickly licked her exposed clit, sending shivers through her. Then it sucked it between my lips, holding it there while licking it with my tongue.

“Oh YES, Timmy,” she cried, “oh YES!”

Her pussy gave off a strong smell of passion. It was a mixture of her flowing pussy juices, and the slightly coconut smell of the moisturizer she used. It was wonderful. Moving my tongue back down her pussy, I licked the taint area between her pussy and her asshole. Her breathing become more ragged, and I knew I was on the right track, so I went for it.

Sticking my thumb into her pussy, I used my tongue to lick back and forth over her asshole, listening to her moan her approval softly. Then when I got good it good and wet, I replaced my tongue with my index finger, sticking it in about an inch while the thumb of the same hand was still in her pussy. Dawn exploded.

“Oh, God . . Oh my God . . . that’s all I can take Timmy . . . You knew I loved it in my ass? . . . You knew? . . . I thought you’d know what I like . . . I thought . . . oh wait . . . here it . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m gonna . . . here . . . ooooh, mmm . . . . ”

And cum she did, bucking so hard that I almost lost my grip, though I held on.

Dawn took a moment to catch her breath, but she didn’t want the intimacy to end and she was still so desperately horny. She slid her body down mine and went to work on my throbbing, aching cock.

Now, I make no silly clichés about the size of a black man’s cock as opposed to the size of a white man’s. I’ve seen enough adult videos to know that either color can be well hung. I’m also mature enough to know that most men are the average 51 to 6 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. I myself am slightly above average, about 61 inches long, but nearly 6 inches in diameter. A big sausage!

Dawn was thrilled to have a hard, warm cock in her hand. She treated it like her long lost beloved stuffed animal. She showered my cock with attention. Kissing it, fondling it, rubbing it against her lips and face. Talking to it.

“You’re gonna make me feel so good, aren’t you? You like my body don’t you? It makes you nice and hard, right? Well, Dawn’s gonna treat you right too, baby.” Then she got into a serious relation with my pole.

She licked up and down the shaft with her thick, soft lips, driving me crazy. Then she licked down to the bottom.

While holding my cock up in the air with one hand, Dawn licked around my balls until they were soaking wet. Next, she began to lick further down around my clean asshole. She licked this area too, until it was good and wet, while she lightly caressed my balls and alternately pumped my shaft. I could tell that she knew how good it felt, and that she was purposely not concentrating on any one spot long enough for me to feel like cuming. Smart girl.

“Tell me when you are just about to cum, but before it’s too late, OK Timmy?” she asked.

I nodded. It felt so good, but Dawn knew just what to do to prolong our loving. I was lying on the couch and she was sitting in front of me. She had her hands on my thighs, while her head traveled up and down my shaft, leading her lips on a fantastic journey.

While her mouth went slowly up and down, her lips made a serpentine journey around the underside of my pole. When her tongue reached the sensitive underside of my cock head, I gasped, and Dawn could tell to stop now, or I would blast her –which I would have been happy to do.

Instead, she climbed on top of me, and we kissed for a good half-hour.

Now, I’ll tell you, you probably think this was a let-down after the oral sex we’d just had, but you’d be wrong. We kissed, and had our hands all over each other’s bodies. I squeezed and caressed her tits and nipples, which made her breathe heavily and kiss furiously. Dawn, in turn, rubbed my chest, arms and stomach. She licked my neck and nipples, making me moan. It was the hottest non-genital sex I’d ever had, and it was only going to get better.

Ultimately, we both reached the brink, where we just could not wait another minute. Dawn got on her knees and, facing me, placed her pussy over my cock. With a mischievous gleam in her eye, she sat down on my cock and slowly moved up and down. She talked to me the whole time.

“I just love fucking you, Timmy – – I’m gonna fuck your brains out – – would you like that, baby? Do you like the way it feels to have me on your cock? – – cause I sure do. I’m gonna wiggle around a little here – – make your cock feel really nice – – watch this now . . .”

Dawn gently lifted herself off of me and with my cock still in her just a little, spun around so that her back was to me. The she leaned back on me and put her feet on my thighs. I was so very deep in her pussy from this position. Holding her around the waist, I started to slam into her.

“Yes baby – – that’s it” she said, her voice undulating because of the heavy pounding I was giving her. “Give me all – – you’ve got . . . Give me all . . .”

Her generous tits were bouncing about as she pistoned up and down on my cock like a spring. She ultimately had to cup them in her hands to hold them. But again, she never stopped talking, breathlessly commentating.

“Oohh yes – – I can feel you – – deep inside me, so deep inside – – you’re hitting the bottom of me – – I feel you all the way to the bottom – – I’m gonna – – gonna cum real soon, Timmy.”

Dawn had done me a favor and shown me a new trick. By arousing me just to the edge of cumming and then stopping, she had increased my staying power. My cock felt so good inside her warm, tight pussy – yes I knew I could keep going for a little while longer. I wanted to return the favor and prolonged her pleasure.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. It gave a sucking sound – that’s how tight the seal was. She groaned a moment in disappointment, but not for long. Because I took my juice-covered cock and placed it at the entrance to her gorgeous asshole.

“Yes Timmy – yes – – put it in there – stick your cock in my ass baby – – that’s just what I want you to do.”

Not yet love, I thought. I rubbed the head of my cock around her asshole, getting it wet. I used my hands to taunt and play with her nipples again.

“Oh no, baby,” she laughed urgently. “You’re not going to play me like that, are you? You know what I want – you know what I need!” – – She turned her sultry face around to look me in the eyes, her lids half closed with lust. I squeezed her nipples harder.

“Don’t make me – beg you – baby. OK — OK – – I’m begging you – – please, put it in my ass – – put it in there – – put it in there!

Fun is fun, but I didn’t want to torture her. Besides, I wanted to cum sometime today, too. So I finally obliged, sticking only the head of my cock in her ass.

“That’s it – – right,” she sighed. “Just give me – – just give it a second to get used – – oh baby, that feels so damn good – – now – – now’s the time – – put it in my asshole all the way – – let me feel your cock all the way in.”

I held Dawn by the bottom of her ass while I let my cock slowly slide all the way into her ass. We stayed there for a second that way, perhaps relishing the moment. Then she lifted herself up a bit, then more, then more – then lowered herself down again.

My cock felt like it was encased in a soft, tight velvet pouch – which it was. I let Dawn do the work while I hugged her tightly.

She was breathing heavily, her body dripping sweat onto me. I decided to up the ante. I reached around to her pussy and rubbed her clit with one hand while sticking my other index finger into her pussy. Dawn was becoming uncontrollable.

“Fuck me – – fuck my ass — fuck me – – fuck my ass – fuck me – – fuck my ass –” she chanted, over and over again. “Timmy – Timmy?– can you hear me baby? This is what I dreamed about – – you fucking me in my ass. Yes baby, that’s it – – let Dawn sit all the way on your – – on your – – oh no – – I don’t want it – – to end but – – I’m gonna – – yes, I’m gonna – – I’m – – AHHHH . . . ”

Dawn dropped her head forward as she came in a torrent – juices flowing out of her pussy and her body shaking like a vibrator. I wish you could have witnessed the sight of my white cock entering her exquisite ebony ass – it was just a beautiful contrast.

She clenched her ass muscles so that they held my cock like a vise, still moving up and down. It was more than I could finally take. I felt the inexorable feeling of cum rushing up the shaft of my cock like oil through an oil well that was about to gush.

My body quivered as my cock blasted streams of cum into her ass. So much cum that it dribbled out onto my legs.

When it was all over, we lay together spent, sometimes kissing, and decided to spend the night together there in her apartment.

In the morning we woke up and took a shower together, where we got into more kissing and fondling, and finally ended up on the bathroom floor. That time, she sucked my cock until I came splashing down her throat, and she managed to swallow it all. Then I returned the favor, eating her pussy with reckless abandon, my finger tickling her asshole until she screamed in orgasm.

That was 18 months ago. We’ve kept our relationship a secret so far. We don’t know what the future holds. She still looks phenomenal, and the sex in just incredible!

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