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She Pays to be Fucked by BBC

nsi-55Sipping at her second glass of white wine in under half an hour and chain smoking her Marlboros, Christina paced around the living room of her suite in the Plaza Hotel in uptown New York.

It was always like this. Every time she had the same feelings. The worry that the arrangements may have been screwed up, the anticipation of what would happen over the next few hours, the concern as to whether what she had ordered would be matched by what turned up, the expectancy and the nervousness as to how things would go. Yes every time she used a male hooker she felt the same.

Chrissy, as most people called her, had a pragmatic view on love and relationships. She didn’t believe in the former and hadn’t got time for the latter. But she needed sex, plenty of it and often.

So this was her answer. Booking male escorts from high class agencies and spending time with them in her hotels or at her apartment in the Docklands area of London where she lived.

It was the only practical way she could get the sex she needed and maintain her incredibly successful job. There just wasn’t the time for relationships and her career. She had tried. Even to the point in her mid-twenties of getting married. That lasted only three years. Men found it hard to live in her shadow and be second fiddle to her job. As a Head of Copywriting for Europe and the Middle East for one of the world’s leading advertising agencies she regularly worked a twelve hour day, usually six and not infrequently seven days a week. She was based in London but travelled frequently in Europe and had to visit New York at least once a month.

So there just wasn’t the time for relationships. Sure she had opportunities for casual sex and sure she took some up. But they were usually a dinner in a grand restaurant with a colleague or contact. A dinner or, occasionally, a lunch, followed by sex in a hotel. Rarely, even if they wanted was there the chance for a follow up. Both Chrissy and those types of contacts had such busy work schedules that finding the time to arrange a follow up was as good as impossible even if they tried hard and really they didn’t. In the sophisticated, fast moving business of marketing things moved at such a pace that people lived for the present. That suited Chrissy. She didn’t want the encumbrances of having to think of others for that could affect her career and to her that was paramount.

Since joining a UK agency straight from London University with a 1st Class Honours degree in English and Psychology she had been on a fast track. She had moved up the organisation spectacularly rapidly. She was smart, very smart and cunning. In addition to her superb writing skills and highly creative approach, she had an analytical mind and a determination to succeed that precluded all other considerations. That included leaving the UK agency after a few years when she was headhunted and joined one of the largest agency groups in the world where she became Copy Chief for the UK. Her bosses recognised her potential and quickly had given her more and more responsibility until now she was one of their most senior managers. But there was still further for her to go for she had the ambition to become the first female Managing Director of a sizeable agency and was totally determined that nothing was going to get in the way of that.

The rewards, though, were as spectacular as the hours were long and the workload was murderous. Chrissy earned well in excess of £300,000 a year with that being topped up by bonuses and profit shares. The perks were equally outstanding. In addition to all the usual health care, pension and other benefits she had a Porsche for her personal use and a chauffer driven car at her disposal whenever she wanted it to ferry her to meetings and the airports. She flew everywhere first class and stayed in absolutely the best hotels and ate at only the top restaurants. After all when you are handling accounts with billings and fees well into the hundreds of millions of pounds why travel business or stay in Marriotts was the agency attitude?

It had taken Chrissy some time to adjust her attitudes towards relationships from how young girls are taught. It had taken even longer for her to come to terms with buying sex. But her pragmatic and analytical mind had enabled her to take on board what one of her female colleagues in New York had told her a couple of years ago.

“Just buy it Chrissy, what’s the fucking difference,” she’d said handing her a phone number. “It’s the best male escort agency in town, fucking expensive but they have the best stud around. Anything you want, young, old, pretty, aggressive you name it they’ll have it I promise.”

Feeling a little sorry for herself being alone in New York nearly two years ago on her twenty eighth birthday and knowing that her meetings were going to finish early, by her standards that is, around nine, she’d recalled what her friend had told her and had called the agency.

It worked out so well she could hardly believe it.

The girl that took the booking treated her just as well if not better than the receptionists at the top hotels and after discretely asking a few personal details such as age and physical details enquired whether she had any preferences for the type of man.

“Or maybe I could e-mail you our questionnaire we’ll then have everything on file for the next time won’t we?”

Chrissy completed the questionnaire. She had to answer a host of questions on herself truthfully inserting her height at five feet six inches, her weight at 125 pounds, blonde, shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She chose her bodily description as slim and her figure as curvy with small to average sized breasts.

She mailed it back and was amazed when within ten minutes or so she had a reply with the details and photos of a dozen or so men who met the criteria she had stipulated. The mail asked her to nominate her 1, 2 and 3 just in case some were unavailable. After she’d done that she got another mail advising that her first choice wouldn’t be available until after midnight but that her second choice was ready right now.

“Hi it’s Ken,” the voice said on the phone after Chrissy had conducted the credit card details with the agency and had agreed a time for him to visit her.

Chrissy had been a bag of nerves waiting the hour or so for Ken and had several times thought of cancelling. At last, though, he was downstairs in the lobby of the Pierre hotel. That was before the Trump organisation had retained the agencies services meaning that they transferred their allegiance to the Plaza.

He was as good looking as his photo and right from the moment when she’d opened the door he did everything to relax her and make her feel as if it was a date. There was no rush and with all the financial stuff already taken care of it was not long before Chrissy almost began to believe it was a date.

He did not make any overt or pushy actions or gestures to her and quite tenderly made it appear as if it was a seduction. And that was how it had felt to Chrissy as gradually he had undressed her while kissing her, after enquiring if that was ok? It still felt like a seduction as, when she was down to her bra and pants and he had removed his shirt and trousers, he had romantically picked her up and taken her to her bed in the room. It still felt like a seduction when he completed it by fucking her three times over the next few hours.

So that had started her on the use of escorts to satisfy her needs. Clean, quick, no strings and usually bloody good was how she felt about it. No baggage afterwards, just fuck and walk away, perfect for her needs and life-style.

Things were a little different in London where she lived. If anything her hours were even more murderous there for usually she didn’t get home until around ten and often, especially when working on a new business presentation, not until the early hours. So opportunities even with escorts were less easy to arrange.

But her friend Gill had helped her there.

“I’ve found this amazing physiotherapist,” she’d told her.

“Oh yeah, big deal. What do I want a physio for?”

“Actually luv to get your rocks off with in the most incredible way.” Gill explained for Chrissy had told her about her use of male escorts.

Gill had gone on to tell her how when she’d gone to the physio practice not far from where they both lived in Docklands with a pain in her legs she had the most incredible experience for he had made her cum on his massage table.

“What you mean he just did it, cheeky sod,” Chrissy said surprised but interested in what her friend was telling her.

“No it wasn’t like that. What happened, or so it seemed to me, was that he hinted that something more was available than just the electronic treatment and the massage. And that by itself was great.”

“What’s he like?”

“Really hunky, about twenty four or five, well built, good looking and oh he’s an Oz.”

“Mmmm sounds a good package. What do you mean hinted at?”

“Well as I was lying on my front on the table.”

“What did you have on?” Chrissy interrupted.”

“My panties and a towel covering my bum.”

“OK, so what happened?”

“Well as he massaged the back of my legs he went nearer and nearer to my panties, often so it seemed, as though he was going to touch me there. It was incredibly arousing.”

“So did he?”

“Eventually yes but not until I sort of made it obvious I wanted him to.”

“And when you did that, what happened?”

“He made me cum.”


“But that’s not all.”

“No there’s more?”

“Yes I wanted him to fuck me but he wouldn’t or couldn’t there.”

“But somewhere else?”

“Yes he came to the house and we had it several times.”

“Was he good?” Chrissy asked her interest now fully perked.

“He was bloody good. He’s hung like a fucking donkey and fucks like a rabbit. I haven’t had sex like that for years.”

“Hmmmm what a catch.”

“I think so and I’m seeing him again tomorrow like me to mention you to him?”

Tom had suggested to Gill that her friend make an appointment at the clinic. Chrissy did, and she went along a few days later. Gill wasn’t wrong about him. He was a gorgeous young hunk and everything her friend had described about him and the massage was true.

The massage was superb both from a technical body toning point of view and from arousing her. As Gill had said the ever increasing closeness of his hands to her pussy, which she had covered in the minutest of thongs, was outstandingly erotic. The orgasm those hands then gave her was strong and satisfying. And, just as Gill had explained, no matter how hard she tried, and she did try very hard he wouldn’t fuck her there in his massage room. But no more than two hours later when he came to her flat he did. And that was every bit as good as Gill had said it would be and in Chrissy’s view a snip at the two hundred pounds she’d given him.

That had been the start of a business relationship with Tom that had gone on for over a year now. Not every week and not, sometimes, even every month, but always she came back to him and they had great sex. They even continued doing it after Tom stopped being a physio and set himself up as a full time escort. And even now when he was running a very successful escort agency of his own, based on young Aussie masseurs that he trained himself, he still serviced Christina from time to time for the same two hundred pounds they had started at.

“Hi it’s Carl from the agency,” the rich, velvety voice oozed into Chrissy’s ear as she grabbed the phone in her suite. “Is that Chrissy?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“How are you ma’am?”

“I’m fine thanks. Can you wait a few minutes?”

“Sure of course I can.”

“Look stay right where you are and I’ll either meet you there, you’re by the house phones right? Or if I haven’t inside ten minutes call me again. OK?”

“Ok, sure that’ll be just fine.”

Although the agency that Chrissy used in New York was ultra-dependable she still liked to check out “the goods” before final purchase. So she’d developed this way that in a busy hotel, as the Plaza certainly was, she would get her escort to wait downstairs while she took a surreptitious peek at him.

She whizzed down the twenty five floors in the newly installed high speed elevators that had been put in for the occupiers of suites and wandered past the showcases of Cartier watches and Bulgari jewellery. Closing in on the area behind reception where the house phones were located she saw what she guessed was her man for the night.

He fitted the agencies description and the e-mailed photo perfectly. Tall, around 6 4, muscular but lean and with a taught build, about 190 pounds. Smartly dressed in a black suit and gleaming open necked white shirt he looked to Chrissy not only to be precisely what she had ordered, but also to be almost perfect. Ruggedly handsome with sparkling eyes, a square chin and the most lustrous, black skin she had ever seen on a man.

Chrissy had never been with a black guy. Not through any prejudice or anything for she had fucked a couple of Arabs and had been with two Pakistanis. No it was just lack of opportunity. After all in the rarefied air of upper organisation advertising life not too many blacks are around are they?

It had been girl-friend in New York who had said to her about black men being all they’re rumoured to be. Her friend Amanda had divorced her husband and had become very involved in chat rooms. In them she had met a number of black guys who had sent her photos of their gigantic dicks.

“It’s hard to believe Chrissy but there really is something awesome about being stretched to the limit by one of them,” Amanda had explained.

“Oh you met someone from on there then I thought you always said you wouldn’t?”

“No not from on there, when I was on holiday in Jamaica. But it’s not just the sheer size, although looking at, say, ten inches of thick, hard, black cock and imagining it up you is an incredible feeling, that’s so amazing about sex with black guys. They’re also considerate, imaginative, adventurous and by God can they cum and cum and again. But mostly I guess it is also how they make it fun.” Amanda had told her just before Chrissy had left for this trip to New York.

On the British Air flight on the Sunday when Chrissy flew over she found her mind frequently slipping away from the briefing documents about the fast-growing electronic business to who she was preparing a pitch. Instead of reading about their P/E ratios. ROCE, EBITDA and all the other financial, market share and growth criteria she found her mind thinking, ten inches long, seven inches diameter. So after checking into her suite at The Plaza she called the agency she now used.

“Oh hi Christina, yes this is Marie. How can we help you today?”

“I’d like to schedule a booking for Tuesday evening if I can?” Christina had learned to plan ahead for the classy guys on this agency’s books were in high demand.

“Of course what did you have in mind?”

“Er well do you have any black guys at all?”

“Of course how many would you like?” Marie joked.

“Just the one please,” Chrissy replied a little coldly not taking easily to making the selection of a sexual partner a light-hearted matter.

“I see from the records Christina that you’ve never booked a black guy from us before.”

“Er no, no I haven’t, in fact I’ve never been with one.”

“I see may I ask if there is any special reason you now wish for one and whether you’re looking for anything particular from him.”

Even Christina with all her balls and confidence found it difficult to say that she just wanted a great big cock. This wasn’t though a new situation for the agency.

“We’ve just started a new feature Christina I don’t know whether you’re aware of it?”

“Oh what’s that”?

“We now include the size of their penises both flaccid and erect on their details.”

They agreed that Marie would e-mail a few over and even before Chrissy had unpacked she had chosen her ‘date’ for Tuesday.

The newly installed high speed elevators “for the exclusive use of the mid-level suite occupants” were not all they were supposed to be for it seemed to take Chrissy an age to get back. She was hardly inside the door when the phone was ringing.

She gave him the suite number and waited nervously for his arrival.

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked after they’d made their introductions.

“May I ask what you’re drinking Chrissy?” Carl asked very politely.

“Probably white wine.”

“Then that’ll be perfect for me too.”

Sitting in the enormous luxury of the suite chatting about a wide range of topics the situation, as it usually did, seemed unreal and so incongruous to Chrissy. It seemed hardly possible that this was purely a sexual encounter for as always they danced around that subject building the pretence that it was more than that. More than Chrissy just wanting to get her rocks off. More than Carl being a male hooker. And more than the fact that Chrissy had ordered a ‘seven inch soft, ten inch erect’ black man to fuck her tonight.

Sitting in her smart, white trouser suit her long slim legs crossed as they chatted about world affairs, movies and the latest TV programmes, Chrissy’s mind kept focusing on what lie between Carl’s legs.

“Could it really be almost a foot long? Could she really take the thickness of its girth? How much of it would actually go up her for her insides surely weren’t a foot deep?”

“Would you like another or…” Chrissy asked letting the sentence hang unfinished.

Carl stood up and walked over to her. He slid his arm around her narrow waist and put his face close to hers as he replied softly with an appealingly mischievous glint in his eyes. “How about another and an or…” he said quietly as his mouth closed over hers.

Most escorts waited for the client’s permission to kiss. It was an odd etiquette and some escorts didn’t like to do it at all. As equally, Chrissy assumed, some clients didn’t like the added intimacy and tenderness brought about by kissing preferring merely straightforward sex.

Not Chrissy though. Although she was a hard-nosed businesswoman with a very pragmatic attitude towards relationships she still liked her time with her escorts to be as special as possible. It was as though they became an oasis of loving, erotic tenderness in her arid desert of loveless rushing through life. During the two or three hours she was with a man he became the most important thing in her life and it was almost as if they were real partners.

As Carl’s lips pressed against hers and as his arm slid round her waist so Chrissy responded. Her mouth opened to his probing, her tongue pushed back against his and her arms went round his neck. They kissed for some time. They weighed each other up, probed and researched each other’s mouth, tested out each other’s lips and teeth and gums. He was a great kisser. He knew it and prided himself on it and Chrissy rapidly learned it. She had never been kissed like it before. Alternating between almost filling her mouth with his tongue and licking, sucking and kissing her lips and cheeks he pulled her body hard against his as he varied the intensity. One moment he was grinding and squirming their lips together the next he was licking along her lower gum so gently and softly. And then he would start to pump his tongue in and out of her mouth simulating the rhythm and movement of a fuck.

He clearly had a long tongue and he sort of folded it so that it was more like a tube. He then used that tube to simulate fucking her mouth. Having a surrogate cock coming from his mouth into hers created an almost surreal experience for Chrissy, as Carl had known it would from previous experience. She just couldn’t understand the effect it had on her. It was as if she was sucking his cock in some ways but in others, as her eyes were closed it, was more as if her mind was imagining that she was really being fucked. He would slither the tube of his tongue across hers, running it along the roof of her mouth until the tip was right at the back of her mouth. After a brief moment when he just left it there he would then start thrusting in and out of her opening and closing the tube as he did. Chrissy found herself responding to this. She found this amazing tonguefest becoming the entire focus of their lovemaking. Nothing else seemed to matter as Carl fucked her mouth so acutely with his tongue. She sucked on it, she held it between her lips and then bit gently on it between her teeth. She pushed the point of her tongue into the orifice created by Carl curling his and then started pushing in and out of that. Her mind was reeling a little from this odd and unique oral sex. She felt as though she was being fucked, but at the same time she felt as though she was also fucking him and that she just could not get her mind round.

When Carl had first kissed Chrissy she had been leaning against the wall so when she was in his arms she was slightly side onto him. Her leg that was nearest to him was in front of her other one. This meant that as they kissed the base of Carl’s stomach was pressed firmly against the curve of her tight bum. And of course as he’d fucked her mouth with his tongue so he’d thrust his stomach against that lovely round mound. It was the combination of the amazing things he did with his tongue and mouth and the more obvious, but nevertheless exciting, movements of his loins that had given Chrissy this new experience.

“Phew,” she muttered looking right into his eyes when they broke for breath.

He smiled his eyes sparkling as he whispered, “I assume it’s Ok to kiss.”

Chrissy laughed back. “That’s what that was was it, a kiss?”

For a moment she saw his eyes flicker with doubt as he struggled with the British sense of irony in the question. “It was Ok though wasn’t it Chrissy?”

“Yes of course silly it’s just that I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“Not many women have it’s a particularly Harlem thing.”

They were still standing together with Chrissy pressed into the corner between the bar and the wall her arms around his neck his round her waist. His body felt good against hers. It was firm and muscular where it should be and soft and yielding where appropriate. He was much taller than her five feet six inches and her 120 pound body seemed miniscule against his huge frame.

Chrissy could feel his breath on her cheek and she could smell his aftershave. His arms around her felt strong and reassuring. Where her shoulder and arm were squashed against his broad chest she could feel his taughtness and strength and where his stomach was pressed against her bottom she could feel his bulge. His erection, if he had one, had clearly not straightened out and may, she thought, have been caught up in his boxers and the tail of his shirt. They stayed like that for a few moment merely staring into each other’s eyes as Chrissy took in the amazing kiss they had just had.

“You are very beautiful Chrissy,” Carl whispered as he softly kissed her lips.

“And you are very handsome Carl,” she replied running her fingers through his short crinkly hair.

His hand slid from around her waist and came up her front to the top button of her white trouser suit. Holding the button he looked right into her eyes. She could see a twinkling in them as he whispered.

“Is this Ok Chrissy?”

She smiled back. “Please be my guest.”

Pressed close together they both looked down as Carl slowly, one by one, undid the four buttons of the white, Armani, pure silk jacket. He didn’t pull it apart at first but merely left it in place as they continued looking into each other’s eyes. Somehow this delay made the undressing of her seem so much more exciting.

Chrissy was now totally into the role of a lover and being a client of Carl was the furthest thing from her mind. She took the lapel of the jacket in her hand and pulling gently at it said.

“Is this what you want Carl? Are these what you want?” She muttered as she pulled the coat slowly open.

“Yes,” he murmured, quite thickly, Chrissy thought. “Yes Chrissy, yes they are what I want.”

Chrissy had small breasts. No more than 33 or 34 B on a good day. But they were nicely shaped and she had prominent, dazzlingly pink, very pointed nipples with surprisingly large areola. Her body was pale. Her skin was very white for she hadn’t had a sun holiday for two years and she didn’t believe in using sunbeds.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm that’s exactly what I want and exactly as I imagined them Chrissy,” he said one hand reaching up and cupping her breast. “You have lovely breasts.”

They kissed again as his fingers flittered over the bare skin above the bra before slowly sliding inside it. A new lover’s first touch of her bare breasts was always a very special time for Chrissy as, indeed it is for most women. Her arms went more firmly around his neck as she ground her lips against his. He once again made that shape with his tongue and as he eased both of her breasts out from her bra and pinched her nipples so once more he simulated the fucking movement with his mouth and tongue and the thrusting of his bulge on the cheek of her bottom.

As they kissed Carl slowly slipped the jacket from her. As they kissed deeper and deeper so Chrissy felt his fingers undoing the clasp of her bra. She took her arms from around his shoulders so he could remove it completely.

“You look fantastic Chrissy,” Carl breathed his hand running across her breasts.

She reached up and with fumbling fingers managed to struggle the buttons on his white shirt undone. Pushing that open she gazed at the lightly, haired black skin of his muscular chest. She ran her hands over it feeling little shudders run through her as her fingertips reacted to the magical feelings.

“And so do you Carl, and so do you.”

His shirt fell to the floor to join her Armani jacket and bra.

To an onlooker the vision created by them would have been so erotic. His broad, black chest against the whiteness of her back and pink tipped breasts. His black trousers and her very white tight pants contrasted so keenly. He had one black leg between her white legs. Hers were squeezing his. His was pushing upwards. His thigh was between hers. The top of his thigh was pressing against her pussy. She was pressing down on the muscular leg covered by the thin material. His leg was arousing her lips and were stimulating her clitoris. Their kissing was deeper and more energetic as he slid his thigh muscle in and out of her legs. It was just as though she was being fucked again.

“Oh shit Carl, oh my God,” she moaned as again and again he ran his strong muscles along the soaked lips of her pussy under the crotch of her white Armani trousers.

“Do you want to cum?” He whispered. “Do you want me to make you cum with my leg Chrissy? Make you cum with that as I nearly did with my tongue. Do you”?

“Yes Carl, yes. Make me cum, make me cum,” she whined hating herself for being so weak-willed but needing and wanting the sexual relief so badly.

Carl pressed more firmly as Chrissy opened her leg a little more to give him easier access to her most sensitive of places. The pressure and the energy that came from his long, strong thigh muscle covered only by the thin material felt so good to Chrissy. Any minor inhibitions she may have had at this rather unorthodox lovemaking quickly vanished as she felt the muscles, tendons and leaders in his leg rubbing against her pussy. She wrapped her legs tightly around his and met him thrust with thrust and surge with surge.

“Oh God,” she cried out as he pushed her forward. He kept pushing until her chest was flattened on the bar. The cold of the marble sent a shock through her as her breasts were completely squashed. Her bum was in the air and her legs were locked around his as they both of them pumped away.

Carl’s hand was, rather roughly, holding the back of Chrissy’s neck keeping her in place as they performed this amazing non-penetrative sex. But now of course he was almost completely behind her his thigh pressed deeply between hers, hers gripping his leg tightly. He reached down and fiddled with his pants and shirt so that his now half erect cock reared up his stomach.

He was very aware of what most of these white chicks wanted and what they were interested in from black guys like him. After all he had made a very lucrative career through having a big dick and knowing how to make best use of it. Pressing himself forward a little more Chrissy at first felt his leg go further between hers and that sent even more tremors through her. But then he pressed his belly forward so that his still softish length nestled along the slightly opened cheeks of her bum outside the thin, white, tightly stretched material and up further and further to nearly her waist.

“Jesus Chris,” she moaned as her body reacted to the slight implications of the forceful sex of his hand holding the back of her neck causing her breasts to be flattened on the marble. “Oh fucking hell,” she went on at the twin sensations of his leg between hers and his erection along her bottom.

He leaned forward and kissed her as best he could with her laid out and helpless like that. His hand reached round her and found her clitoris inside the silk trousers. Nice as it usually is to have a man roll that around Chrissy needed no more stimulation to that Carl was already providing.

“Just make me cum Carl, just make me cum now please, please,” she whined not really liking to be quite so subservient.

As he thrust harder so she squeezed just that little bit more to do the trick. And like that bent over the bar, her breasts flattened, her trousers still on, her thighs clamped round his leg Chrissy had her first orgasm with a black guy and boy was it great.

Slowly they extricated themselves from the rather complicated embrace.

“OK Chrissy?”

“Mmmm, very nice, not a bad start. Like a drink?”

Chrissy poured them both a glass of white wine and they sat down on a sofa with some distance between them. Although she was naked above the waist, as indeed Carl was as well, she didn’t look or act at all self-consciously. She was comfortable with her body. It was slim with muscles that were well formed from the regular work outs she did in the executive gyms the agency provided in most of their locations. But she was by no means muscular and she had the necessary curves for her figure to be feminine and sufficiently rounded so that her bum and hips always looked good in tight clothing.

“How long you been doing this?” she asked turning and looking along the sofa at him.

“Two and a bit years now, I love it.”

Chrissy smiled. “Must be some men’s dream job really I suppose.”

“Yes I suppose it can be but it does have its downsides you know.”

“Really?” Chrissy asked raising her eyebrows as she watched his eyes roam over her breasts.

“Yes, you have to remember Chrissy that few clients are like you?”

“How d’ya mean?”

“Well you’re young, beautiful and with a figure to die for to start with,” he replied his eyes once more roaming over her body. As they focused on her breasts she could feel herself getting aroused again and she knew for sure that her nipples would be hardening under his gaze.

“What most are old, fat and ugly are they?” she smiled?

“Usually at least one if not two of those yes,” Carl beamed back his whole face lighting up when he smiled.

Letting her gaze alternate from his deep brown eyes to his broad, muscular chest and, quite pointedly she knew, down to the massive bulge in his trousers Chrissy said across the rim of the glass from which she’d just sipped some wine, “Mmmmmm what a waste Carl, what a waste.”

Both naked above the waist they sat there staring at each other for a moment or two. Chrissy ran her tongue around the rim of her glass as Carl’s gaze moved from her eyes to her breasts and back again.

Quite softly with her eyes lowered Chrissy said. “Well I think it’s a waste, but I don’t know for sure do I?”

He smiled. “Well you’ve had a starter and you seemed to like that.”

“Oh yes that was fine but I haven’t, as they say, have I Carl, yet seen what I’m buying have I?” Chrissy muttered unusually getting her words a little mixed up.

She saw a frown knit across his brow as he tried to work out what she meant from the jumbled double negatives. As it registered, though, the puzzled look was replaced by that broad, dazzling smile that Chrissy so liked.

“Oh yes I see what you mean,” he said leaning forward and resting his hand on her wrist as he stared into her eyes. “I guess you haven’t yet inspected the goods though you did feel them didn’t you Chrissy?”

The simple exchange was strangely very erotic. To be sitting topless with a man she was paying for, after he’d just given her a splendid climax with his leg, talking about his body in general and his manhood in particular, in quite matter of fact terms seemed odd but hugely exciting, They both knew full well that she could just as easily told him to strip off and by the terms of their agreement he would have complied. But to be dancing around the subject as she in pretence tried to cajole him into it was far more part of the scenario she preferred with her escorts.

“Mmmmm, yes I did but feel isn’t all you know?” she smiled, “I need to use my other senses as well.”

“And they are what, sight?” Carl said standing up.

“Yes of course,” Chrissy breathed as her eyes locked onto the awesome bulge in the front of his thin, loose trousers.

“And I assume touch,” he went on moving closer to her and taking her hand in his.”

Her heart was pounding as she watched him moving her hand so that it hovered over the bulge.

“Sight,” he whispered, then paused as slowly he pressed her hand against the bulge adding as she felt him. “And touch.”

He wasn’t erect was the first message that was transmitted from her fingers to her brain. He stood before her looking down at her beautifully manicured, white varnished fingernails as they slowly investigated the mass of his manhood and balls all bundled up inside his boxers. Almost panting Chrissy ran her fingers along its length and around its girth inside the thin material. “My God,” she thought. “He’s huge and not even erect yet.”

They were like that for a few of moments. The sheer brazen confidence he had impressed and excited Chrissy. The fact that he could stand next to her and let her fondle his most male place without a shadow of nerves and, more amazingly, without getting fully hard excited and surprised her. Normally she was so in control of her lovemaking but not with this man she was learning.

“Well?” she heard him ask.

“Well what?” she replied looking up her fingers lightly wrapped around him.

“To your liking ma’am?”

She smiled up at him. “Yes getting that way.”

“Then perhaps madam should fully unwrap the goods and try her other sense.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Well there’s one left isn’t there? Taste.”

That made Chrissy smile. “Mmmmm what a good idea.”

“I’m pleased you like it Chrissy,” Carl said fairly thickly. “Why not unwrap the goods?”

With one hand pressing lightly against the mass of flesh Chrissy lifted her other hand and found the buckle of his belt. As she undid that so Carl’s hands rested on her blonde, now rather unkempt hair and he ran his fingers through it. Occasionally glancing up and catching his eye and exchanging small grins she undid the belt and the button at the top of his fly. Her hands were actually shaking as she went to take hold of the zip. She found it difficult to grip it at first but then managed it and slowly she slid it down. She looked up at him as between them they pushed his trousers down and off.

“Allow me,” Carl said smiling and moving away a bit as he quick ly pulled his black socks off and said. “Such an embarrassing sight I always think don’t you, a nearly naked man with his socks on? Like a third rate porn movie.”

As Chrissy smiled at his apt remark Carl returned to the position just in front of her. Now just in his white boxers that she noted were impressively silk, she ran both of her hands across him loving the feel of his genitalia beneath the thin material that was now all that was separating her hands from him. She couldn’t though understand that despite all of this he was still by no means fully hard. ‘But never mind,’ she thought for he still felt lovely and big.

Carl’s hands were now gripping her head more tightly. They were holding it round the back. They were pulling on it, suggestively, invitingly, encouragingly.

It seemed the most perfect thing to do. At that moment it struck Chrissy as being the most appropriate gesture she could make, the most desirable and exciting action she could take. Letting her head respond to the pressure her face moved forward. Slowly but purposefully Carl’s hands encouraged her nearer and nearer to him. Nearer to the silk of his boxers, nearer to his midriff and nearer and nearer to his huge, still nearly flaccid cock.

And then she was there. Then her head was at its destination. Yes, then Chrissy’s face was pressing against the semi-hardness of Carl’s manhood. She squirmed her cheek against it revelling in the warmth, energy and vitality it projected through the lustrous material. It felt glorious to her and wonderful to him.

But she wanted more, needed more had to have more. She had come this far and now she had to finish this off. Chrissy slid her hands around Carl’s trim, firm waist and into the elastic of his boxers as his hands gripped her head quite strongly. She pulled downwards as he eased himself back a fraction. The material just seemed to whoosh down his hips, down his groins, down his loins and down his taught, flat belly.

And then amazingly, wondrously and so magnificently there he was in all his glorious, black nakedness just inches from her face. She could almost feel the heat that the awesomely large cock was generating.

“Oh my God,” she groaned taking the semi-hard flesh in her hands.

It felt incredible and looked wonderful as she rubbed her cheek against its length and girth. Although Chrissy was extremely aroused her analytical mind couldn’t shut off completely. She could see that even in this state it was over eight inches long and about six inches round and having read somewhere about the average rate of growth of erections she realised that when full it should be over ten inches long and maybe seven inches in diameter. She shuddered at the thought of it penetrating her but despite that she found her lips against it kissing it.

“Yes Chrissy use the last sense on me,” Carl was saying softly. “Taste me Chrissy, taste me.”

“Yes Carl, yes I will,” she stuttered. “Let me taste you.”

Chrissy ran her tongue along it from the slightly hairy base where it emerged from the massive sack containing his balls to its very tip where the uncircumcised skin was still covering the bulbous head. Cupping that sack in her hand and rolling his balls gently together she licked up and down and round and round the now, she noted thankfully, growing cock in her hands.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm,” she heard Carl sigh. “Oh man that’s good so good.”

And Chrissy wanted to be good. She prided herself on giving very good head for, quite frankly, she just loved doing it. As a consequence she felt she was enthusiastic and creative when with the right man with the right sort of equipment. And Carl well qualified on both of those criteria.

Still sitting on the sofa clad in her white, silk, Armani trousers with the now fully naked Carl standing between her widely opened legs Chrissy stroked and licked, caressed and kissed and rubbed and sucked along every inch of this awesome phallus. And as she did so it grew. It grew in length and girth until she knew it would grow no more for it surely could get no harder than the rigid mass she was now holding.

“It’s gorgeous,” she breathed momentarily looking up and catching his gaze.

He smiled and said, “I’m pleased you like it Chrissy for it’s yours to do with as you wish.”

Chrissy knew in the etiquette of the escort business that the men never asked the women to provide oral as, equally, they always asked before giving it. But Carl was clearly implying that he’d like her to go further if she wanted.

She smiled and sat upright pulling him towards her and pressing him between her breasts. “Anything?” she said.

“Yes of course anything you desire Chrissy.”

He was actually a little too tall to stand with his cock between her breasts while she sat so Chrissy wiggled her way into a kneeling position on the sofa and that was the perfect height. Pushing her small, but adequate for this job, boobs together she wrapped them around the rod of black, rigid and, almost, pulsating flesh.

“Yes, oh yes,” he murmured, “that’s good, that’s so good.”

“Then fuck me Carl, fuck my tits, fuck them now,” Chrissy moaned in a voice that was tight and croaky from sexual expectation and want.

He started to slide up and down between them and, astonishingly, on each upward sweep so the tip of it reached past her chin. Putting her tongue out she was able to lick the tip of it as it reared upwards. It was a glorious sensation to have him surging his giant cock in between her tits while at the same time she could lick it. It was made even more dramatically visual for Chrissy by the contrast between the white of her skin and breasts and the blackness of his huge cock with its vivid purple head.

Without being too demanding, for that’s not the role of an escort, Carl placed his hands on the back of Chrissy’s head and gently pulled that forward. It was an encouraging movement, an inviting gesture, not an order or demand but a request or perhaps a suggestion. It was one that made the bottom of her jaw rest on her chest. One that meant her mouth was in the path of his penis each time it thrust up between her breasts. And one that Chrissy knew only too well was asking her to do just one thing. It was the perfect gesture on Carl’s part. The most appropriate suggestion and the clearest and most exciting invitation to the white woman.

So she let her head be pulled forward, she allowed him to bend her neck so that her mouth pointed towards her breasts and she did that one thing that this gesture asked her to do. She opened her mouth. Yes she opened it as wide as she could. She opened it so that Carl could shove his big, black cock right through her tits and into her mouth.

As it surged into her mouth so she heard him grunt and sigh.

“Oh baby, that’s soooo good.”

The penetration of her mouth made her gag a little at first but that was rapidly overcome by the elation she felt at having him there. The elation that any orally adventurous woman feels when she starts to suck her lover’s cock. And Chrissy was orally very adventurous indeed and was loving every moment of sucking her ‘lover’s’ gorgeous cock

Her hands fell away from her breasts as Carl filled her mouth. The earlier surrogate pussy wasn’t needed now was it? Carl didn’t need the pressure of two small tits round his massively swollen cock did he? Not when now he had her mouth, lips, tongue and teeth to do that did he? No he didn’t need to fuck her between her tits for now he was completely fucking her mouth.

He thrust more and more as Chrissy seemed to find space she would never have thought existed inside that cavity. Whether she’d subconsciously learned the art of deep throating or not she didn’t know. What she did know, though, was as she looked down so she could see well over half of his thick, sturdy manhood disappearing between her pale lips that were now devoid of the lipstick she’d applied just before this amazing escort arrived.

Her hands greedily found the cheeks of his arse. The cheeks that alternated between being soft and so strokeably hard and exciting.

Chrissy had as long as she could recall loved men’s arses. She adored the look and the feel of them. She always had revelled in touching and squeezing and stroking and caressing them and Carl’s arse was a magnificent specimen. Her hands roamed unashamedly all over both cheeks and then between them as it thrust up shoving his other wondrous appendage deeper and fuller into over-filled mouth.

“Oh my God Chrissy, this is amazing,” he gasped his hands in her hair now pulling on it a little too firmly so that it hurt her a bit. But that didn’t alarm her. No the slight pain seemed a natural accompaniment for what they were doing. His fingers dug into her neck and scalp and pulled even more firmly on her hair as one of her fairly long, white painted fingernails pressed right against his anus.

Carl bent forward even more. Chrissy was still kneeling but her legs had slid open so she was lower and now he was bent over her head his waist at nearly ninety degrees so that his chest pressed against her scalp. She was still wearing her white Armani trousers as she sucked and slurped at his cock her fingernail still pressing against the entrance to his back passage.

Even though she was paying for a man’s services she never abused that position. She knew that she could but somehow it made everything more exciting and more like being with a real lover if she didn’t. So Chrissy didn’t do what she wanted to, what she liked doing with men and what her body was, almost demanding her to do. No she didn’t shove her finger up his arse but waited for a sign from him. Pressing a little harder and more enquiringly as she felt him bending even further forward and opening his legs wider she waited for a sign, a signal an acceptance.

And then it came. Then she got the signal in three ways. First his cock surged even deeper into her throat and to her lips and tongue seemed, if that were possible, even harder.

Second he gasped. “Oh God Chrissy, yes, yes, yes.”

And thirdly and so magically to her she felt him push back with his hips indicating so clearly what he wanted her to do.

With no further delay she pushed. Not too hard or too quickly. Just firmly and insistently feeling the initial resistance and then, accompanied by a deep grunt from, Carl, the loosening of the muscle. Her slim finger slid easily inside him. Not too far just about half way between her first and second knuckle. She simply held it there the tip of her finger touching that interesting bulge that lies inside and provides the sensation that makes anal penetration so exciting for many men.

She held her finger there as he grunted and moaned his pleasure at having this amazing client’s finger up his arse while he thrust and slid his cock in and out of her mouth. With her other hand Chrissy was stroking and cupping the massive black sack that hung down holding his balls. It was a strong cocktail of feelings and sensations for both of them.

“Oh Jesus Chrissy, you keep this up and I’m gonna cum. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it?” Carl told her feeling a little embarrassed at his lack of professional staying power. Usually he never came until the client wanted him to, but with all that Chrissy was doing to him his normal resistance had withered away.

Even at a time like this her analytical mind never completely switched off. Slipping his penis half out of her mouth she mumbled.

“How long before you can cum again?”

“Between a half and an hour.”

“Then bring it on baby, bring it on,” Chrissy said once more licking the bulbous end of the giant phallus that was in her hand and resting on her chin.

Carl took over. He eased pushed her backwards so she was lying flat on the sofa her finger still up his anus for he moved with her so that his muscular legs were straddling her just beneath her breasts. Bending his body he reached down and slid his hand between her opened legs rubbing the lustrous silk of her white Armani trousers that were soaked with her juices.

What with aids and everything cumming in a client’s mouth was nowadays almost unheard of so Carl said in a very husky voice.

“Where do you want it Chrissy, where do you want me to cum?”

She looked up at him her eyes half closed her body so alive with sexual feelings as she whispered.

“On my tits Carl, cum on my tits.”

He took his cock in his other hand and with Chrissy still fondling his balls him still rubbing her clit through her trouser he pumped himself two or three times. She could feel his sack contract and the surge of energy in his cock as, without further ado, he started to cum. The sight of the stream of sperm gushing out from the end of his cock together with his fingers that had now pushed the material of her trousers slightly inside her lips made Chrissy cum yet again. They clung to each other as he shot more spunk than she’d ever imagined was possible all over and between her boobs. The splat of the warm, acrid goo on her body sent her even further into her climax.

“Oh God. Oh my God, oh fucking hell,” she moaned now losing all control of herself as she wrapped her legs around his hand and felt the tip of his cock moving from one nipple to the other as he wiped his seed all over her chest.

“Chrissy you’re absolutely amazing,” he sighed pushing and pressing his still leaking cock all over her upper body.

Smiling she replied lightly. “Hmmm and you’re not too bad yourself Carl.”

They laughed as they fell into each other’s arms and without even thinking of them being client and escort they kissed just like two lovers would.

Chrissy wiped her chest and breasts clean with some wet wipes as Carl stood alongside her still half erect.

“OK to use the bathroom?” Carl asked.

“Sure, help yourself.”

She watched him walk away from her his gorgeously pert arse wobbling so enticingly from side to side the muscles on his black back rippling as he moved. He really is a marvellous specimen Chrissy thought feeling a little surge of anticipation of the pleasures that were surely still to come from his wonderful body and more to the point his amazing cock that, incredibly, was still half erect

“Not being pushy or anything Chrissy,” Carl said after he came back wrapped in one towel and drying his chest with another. “Don’t you think you’re a little overdressed?”

She smiled, “yes I suppose I am really, anyway I need a shower I think.”

She strolled from the lounge into the bathroom very aware that his eyes followed every single wiggle of her bum in the tight trousers. She didn’t see the point of shutting or locking the door and was looking at herself in the long mirror when it suddenly opened.

“Thought you might like some company,” Carl said leaning against the door staring straight at her.

“Mmmm sounds interesting, I thought you’d never ask,” Chrissy smiled looking at Carl in the mirror. He really did look awesome she thought letting her gaze run admiringly up and down his body. The black of his skin was set off perfectly by the white of the towel tucked round his waist. His muscular, but lean body conveyed such power to her that his pecs, biceps and six pack almost took her breath away as she ogled them. She saw him smile as he watched her eyes in the mirror.

“You still seem so overdressed to me Chrissy,” he said smiling his eyes looking at her trousers,

“Well if you’re going to keep me company in there,” she said nodding at the large, walk in shower cabinet. “So are you?”

His face lit up in a beaming smile as he responded. “Well that can soon be remedied can’t it?”

She watched entranced as his hand tugged at the towel pulling one end from where it was tucked in. It seemed to hesitate before then deliciously sliding away from him and down his legs.

“Better?” He asked putting one elbow against the wall and resting his head on his hand his muscular legs crossed near his ankles.

“Mmmm much,” Chrissy replied her eyes drawn as if by a magnet to his long, sturdy dick that was hanging down in front of him as soft as it could be. Even like that its girth and length shocked yet also excited her.

Looking right into his eyes she undid the button on the waistband of her trousers and started to slide the zip down. She stopped though when it was an inch or so down. Walking the few paces to the shower cubicle she turned the tap on and said to Carl.

“In you go then and let me see that lovely body all soaking wet.”

Shiny and glistening he stood there with the water pouring down on him as Chrissy looked on from just outside the shower cabinet. She was thinking how absolutely gorgeous and how ravishingly sexy he looked as she suddenly had a thought. What prompted that she had no idea. It wasn’t thought out or planned it just happened. It seemed appropriate, right and perfect for Chrissy to walk into the shower still wearing those white, pure silk Armani trousers.

They, and her entire body, were soon as soaked as Carl’s black skin. He took her into his arms crushing her slim body against his strong frame his hands going round her and grabbing both cheeks of her arse.

“You sexy little bitch,” he growled into her ear as her hand found his cock that she realised with pleasure was starting to grow.

She ground her small tits against his firm muscular chest as she snarled back. “Not complaining are you?”

“Not a bit ma’am, not a bit,” Carl replied as his hands slid into the waistband of her trousers. “But I’ve got to get these fucking things off you.”

“I wondered when you would,” Chrissy grunted back both her hands now stroking his almost erect cock.

As he struggled to shove the soaked material of her trousers down her legs and as she rubbed his cock and kissed his chest so they started to slip and slide around in the wet cubicle. Chrissy almost fell a couple of times only for Carl to hold her up and then as he got the top of her trousers just beneath her crotch so he slipped and fell pulling her with him. Fortunately neither were hurt as they hit the marble tiled floor of the shower. They weren’t hurt but they were still kissing. Not hurt but her hand was still grasping his now full erection and not hurt but Carl’s hands had pulled her trousers half way down her thighs.

Giggling a little they lay on the floor of the cubicle that was, thankfully, sufficiently large for them to almost stretch out. With the water still pounding down on them, Chrissy found herself half laying on Carl’s legs with, still with the trousers around them, draped across the soaked, marble floor of the shower. He was propped up against the glass of one side of the cubicle. Her breasts were pressed against his shins her chin was resting on his thigh and her hands were on his hips. And there rising up right in front of her face and just inches from her hands was the magnificence of his long, thick, black cock that seemed swollen to its fullest erectness.

“Oh God Carl, that is absolutely fucking awesome,” she breathed taking it in her hands almost reverently.

“Hey whitey likes the black cock, does she?” he said putting on a strong Jamaican type accent.

“Oh yes she does,” Chrissy breathed running fingers and lips along its length.

As well as never having had sex quite like this before, well not many people have it in a shower with the woman still having her pants on do they, she’d never felt quite like it before? The vision of Carl’s beautiful body, so black and now glistening from the water pouring onto it made her feel so aroused and excited and the sight of his huge manhood somehow made her feel daring and adventurous. It was almost as if she had to prove how much of a woman and a lover she was by being able to take as much of it as possible inside her.

They kissed. They stroked each other and Chrissy whispered.

“I think I want you to fuck me now Carl.”

“Here, in here like this?” he asked a little surprised for most clients liked to make love in their bed.

“Yes right here and now,” she replied.

“Chrissy, he said quietly. “Have you ever had a cock this big before?”

“No, no I haven’t.”

“Then can I suggest that we do it from behind, most girls find that easier.”

“Honey,” Chrissy smiled. “You can do it any fucking way you want but please do it and do it quick.”

“Your word is my command ma’am.”

He pulled her so that she was half kneeling her hands in front of her resting on a low sill round the base of the shower. She rested her head on the back of her arms as Carl knelt upright holding her slender hips in his hands. He rubbed himself against the cheeks of her bum letting the bulbous knob end run along and between the cheeks.

“You want me to fuck you with these pants on?”

“Yes leave them there,” she said for some reason finding the idea of being fucked with her pants on stirringly exciting.

“But not these,” Carl said thickly as she felt him pull at her silk panties.

“No, no.”

“Then let’s get rid of them shall we?”

She felt the pressure on her as he pulled them and thought that he was merely pulling them down. But then she heard the tearing sound of the material and that aggressive action seemed to add so much to the mood.

“Oh yes,” she breathed her heart pounding now that the moment when she was going to receive his giant offering was nigh. “Yes Carl rip my knickers off and fuck me.”

“You want my big cock don’t you Chrissy, you want it don’t you?”

“Yes Carl I want your cock and I want it now.”

“My big, black, hard, cock’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes your big, black cock Carl.”

“Where do you want it whitey?”

“Up my pussy Carl I want your big cock up my pussy.”

“Your white pussy, you want this big black meat right up your white pussy don’t you? Tell me.”

“Yes I want your hard, black cock right up my white girl pussy.”

“Not your pussy, don’t call it that, call it by its correct name.”

“What’s that?” Chrissy asked momentarily confused, but recovering quickly.

“My cunt, Carl, I want it in my cunt, I want it up my white girl cunt.”

And then she felt the head of it on her lips. She opened her legs as wide as she could, the Armani trousers restricting her though. It went in a little the full, tip stretching her lips as she’d never experienced.

“Oh Christ,” she growled.


“Yes, yes.”

She felt it slide further in. There was some pain and for a moment she wondered whether she would be able to take it but once the globular knob had opened her up and slipped inside it got easier.

He reached round and held her breasts leaning forward a little as he whispered. “The worst is over Chrissy it’s all magic from now on.”

And it was. How much of it went up her she couldn’t really tell. She couldn’t see. But she felt totally and utterly stuffed by it. She had never had such a feeling. It was as if she was being filled more and more, as indeed of course she was. She knew that she could take a pretty large vibrator, but she’d never used one quite his size. And still it went in and up.

“Oh my fucking Lord, oh yes, oh yes,” she whined the feelings just getting better and better the more of it that went in her.

“More? You want more Chrissy?” Carl asked from where he was kneeling behind her his black hands gripping and contrasting wonderfully with her white hips.

“Yes,” she moaned through gritted teeth. More, give me more.”

Carl held her hips more firmly. He positioned himself, held himself still for a moment and then with one jerk he thrust hard into her.

“Arrrrrrgggh,” she screamed as the massive cock surged so deep into her it felt as though it would come out of her mouth and completely tear the tender skin of her labia.

“You’ve got it all Chrissy. You’ve got all my big black cock up your tight white cunt. You want me to fuck you now?”

“Yes, yes,” she whimpered her insides feeling as though they were being irrigated. It was so far up her pressing against a part of her that nothing had ever pressed against before. It was more than the length though for its girth had opened her lips up so much that her clitoris seemed to be in a different position and angle. It felt as though her clit was pressing against his cock so that as he, slowly at first, pushed up and down, the length of his cock pressed continuously against that most sensitive of places. Having both her lips and tender insides probed at the same time as her clit was stimulated and all with his cock sent Chrissy crazy. It was new, so different and so plain fucking exciting she thought that she soon started to cum.

“Yes cum for me whitey,” he moaned. “Let that white pussy cum on the end of my big, black cock.”

“I am, I am, Carl” Chrissy groaned as wave after wave of such strong orgasmic feelings swept over her she thought she might faint.

Carl now rammed into her fully and hard.

“What’s it like having such a big cock fucking your cunt whitey?” he asked.

“Oh Carl, oh Carl,” was all she could moan as she climaxed fully, so hard and totally satisfyingly.

She slumped further forward her face falling to the floor of the shower the middle of her body raised up still impaled on his still hard cock, her legs splayed apart as she whined and moaned and struggled for breath. Carl lifted himself and picked her up in one arm using his free hand to pull her trousers and the remnants of her ripped panties away from her body. Chrissy wrapped her arms round his neck and planting little kisses over his face and neck whispered.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Carl,” she whimpered as he held her off the ground in his powerful arms. She knew that she was almost delirious and was really making a bit of a fool of herself by thanking a $1000 a night male hooker. Carl picked her up so easily in his arms. With his cock still inside her he carried Chrissy from the shower the water pouring from them onto the bathroom floor. Picking up two large fluffy towels he pressed one against her drying some of the water from her and ran the other over himself.

“I’m going to take you into the bedroom and fuck you on that nice big king sized bed,” he said.

Chrissy whimpered as he said that, “Oh yes, yes.”

Her arms wrapped tightly round his neck she was kissing his face as he carried her to the bedroom with the, probably, ruined trousers and definitely ruined panties flapping around her legs. Stopping alongside the bed he laid her in the middle of it the end of his cock sliding from her as he did.

“Ooooo,” she grunted as she suddenly felt herself being emptied.

Carl smiled, “don’t worry baby you’ll soon be filled up again.”

Kneeling alongside her he ran his hands over her body gradually pulling the trousers and panties from her so that for the first time she was naked.

“God you look fantastic,” he groaned his eyes running up and down her, pale lithe body.

“Fuck me again Carl, please fuck me again now.”

He lay on top of her. She opened her legs. He slid between them the bulbous end of his erection nuzzling right against her lips.


“Yes, yes completely.”

Then once more she had that amazing set of experiences as her insides were invaded by his giant cock. Deeper and deeper he went. Further and further up her until once more he filled her completely.

“Ok Chrissy?”

“Oh yes, yes very ok,” she smiled back finding it considerably easier this time.

Then he again fucked her. He fucked her long, hard, deep and extremely well. He made her cum several times before he was even near. And then he finished with a series of deep grunts and low moans.

They lay there in each other’s arms as his penis softened and eventually slipped from her.

He stayed the entire night not leaving her suite until seven the next morning. They fucked again just before he left and this time she took his length and girth with apparent ease. “Oh yes without doubt,” she smiled kissing him as he left and adding. “We’ll see each other again and very soon.

During her meetings that day she continually found her mind straying onto Carl and the incredible events of last night. And the more she did the more the focus of her thoughts was on his huge cock. “It really was,” she thought again and again. “True what they say about black guys and big cocks.”

She realized that she wanted more of both of those for her experiences with Carl had been like nothing she’d ever known before.

That very evening she went online and booked herself a ten day holiday in Jamaica.

Year To Remember

The stars are lovely this time of year, the sky as clear as looking through crystal makes you think that you can just reach up and grab hold of your favorites, and hold them twinkling in the palm of your hand. I always feel at one with these nights as the sky and I are both black as pitch. It’s always late at night when I at last go out looking for some action. I never go dancing or drinking early, not because I can’t hold my booze, but because drinking isn’t why I go out. If that were all, then I could stay home with the stars, instead of staring in the action, and by that I mean women of course. By this time of night if the women are escorted both they and the men they are with are loosened up enough for any fun suggestions, women get an itch drinking, the men, mostly primed with liquid courage, feel that they are Superman, or Einstein, and usually wrong on both accounts.

I don’t very often go to Sam’s, because it’s mostly the married crowd, and nearly all white at that, but Sam is a friend of mine, which makes for allowances on the customers part I suppose, since he’s almost as black as me, and he serves the best spaghetti around. The ladies could wait another hour I figured as I pulled into a not too crowded parking lot, a nice quiet dinner of spaghetti on my mind as I entered Sam’s, and if he wasn’t too busy some conversation as well.

Sam had taken over the restaurant from an Italian couple going broke at the time, but instead of kicking them out of their home in back hired them to continue cooking and handling the chores for him. He raised the prices, added a salad bar and built on a cozy lounge with a small dance floor where on weekends he had local musicians keep the customers happy as they got pleasantly smashed. The bar in the lounge is always open, and since tonight was a Wednesday there would be a three-piece jazz combo easing the mellow into the bones.

Sam always works the bar in the lounge himself at night, he lets me eat in there as well so that I can enjoy the sounds, and tonight was no different. Save for the group of married white folks sitting nearby on their way to blitzville whose cars were parked in the lot outside, we had the place all to ourselves.

“Business slowing down?” I asked Sam as he brought my food personally.

“Naw, just a week night, you missed the rush,” he laughed in return sitting with me as he poured us both a glass of Montrouché, then pointed to the jazz combo, “and besides, it’s nigger night as the locals call it.”

That made me laugh, as he knew it would, because Wednesday night jazz usually packs them in. I always had this sneaking suspicion that it was the wives doing a little window shopping with their husbands coming along to see that they didn’t buy anything in basic black. Still the husbands must have reaped the benefits once they returned home or Nigger Night would have flopped a long time ago.

“Oh yeah, there’s a concert in town tonight,” I said suddenly remembering the tickets I’d given to my friend Lee.

“Happens sometimes,” Sam agreed, “but I’ll get them on their way home if it’s not too late.”

“Doesn’t end until midnight, I had tickets,” I informed him.

“Oh well, I can go to bed early for a change then,” he laughed, I’m sure, thinking about those who always had to have one extra last call at 2am.

“Play it again Sam!” Suddenly broke into our conversation from the white crowd.

“Be back, enjoy your supper Dirt,” Sam said on his way to see what they wanted.

I wasn’t trying to listen in, but then I didn’t have to try, as the one white guy was just plain and simple loud. I’ll never understand even to the grave how some of the most fantastic looking women in the world end up getting paired with such over confident, loud mouthed, mental midgets. The young woman next to the loud mouth, obviously his embarrassed wife, was the stuff of which wet dreams were made of. It was also obvious, at least to me and every swinging black dick in there that she no doubt was here for a vicarious thrill having dressed as if she were out on the prowl for some stray adventure. From where I sat I could see under the table they were at, and damn if she wasn’t wearing suspenders under that loose skirt of hers. I looked at the other couples then, and noticed the same tell tales of women in heat, and husbands without a clue, and not a dog in the whole bunch. The snake in my pants started to raise its head in curiosity.

“Hey Sam,” said everyone’s favorite loud mouth as Sam served them their drinks, “I wondered if you’d do me a favor.”

“Sure Larry, if I can,” Sam offered without much enthusiasm.

“Well, it’s kind of personal,” Larry said whispering as loud as an elephant trumpets before he charges, “and I’ll understand if you want to back out, but me and the boys here were just telling our wives that all that bull shit about blacks is just that, mere bullshit. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Now a lot of people in Sam’s position right there might have belted Larry right then, but Sam is cool, and at the moment was very curious too.

“That depends on what exactly your talking about, now doesn’t it Larry.”

“Oh come on Sam, you know what I’m talking about,” but when Sam didn’t budge Larry bulled right through to the point, “the bull shit legend Sam! You know, about blacks being a hell of a lot bigger in the crotch than whites.”

“Oh, you mean that one,” Sam snickered, then let Larry have it with both barrels, “To tell you the truth Larry, I don’t think women, white or black are much different down there, both seem nice and tight to me, and I otta know I’ve had both.”

That had everyone in the place laughing, and not just a couple of the ladies in Larry’s group blushed either. However when the laughter died down Larry didn’t.

“I’m not talking about the women’s crotches Sam, and you know it. I suspect the reason you answered the way you did is because you know I’m right about this. Black men aren’t any different in cock size than white men, are they? That myth that all black men are built like stallions is total poppycock!”

“Well, now Larry,” Sam replied, “maybe it is, and then again maybe it ain’t. What’s it to you, and what’s it worth to me to prove it?” And Sam looked at each one there at the table in turn to see how they were all taking this.

“Free dinner and drinks for a year for everyone at this table if I’m right,” Larry suggested, greed his only interest.

“Okay,” Sam countered, “I see your side, but what’s in it for me?”

“If we loose, we pay double every time we come here for a year.”

“No bet then, you’d just stay away till the year was over, and don’t try giving me your word of honor shit, that wouldn’t happen Larry, because your word ain’t worth shit I hear, but I’ll make you boys a counter offer.”

“What’s that?”

“If you win, you get your year of free food and booze, but if the myth proves to be real here, tonight, now, then everybody at this table is mine to do with as I please for a year, and you all have to agree in writing. I can always use a few white slaves around here, and I ain’t had no white pussy in a while either.”

“Now wait a minute…” Larry started to argue.

“It’s a fair bet Larry,” said the man across the table from him interrupting.

“Yeah Larry, call his bluff,” chimed in the guy sitting next to him.

Larry was quickly outnumbered by the rest of the men. Greed with white men must be contagious, or Sam’s drinks weren’t watered down as in some places. Still, Larry hesitated.

“I’ll tell you what Larry, just to be fair, I’ll let the women be the judges. You can’t get any better odds than that, after all if it’s even close they’ll judge in your favor.”

“All right, but on one condition,” Larry hedged, “I don’t want this to turn out as a pissing contest between just you and me and get blamed later by the rest if I happen to fall short, not that I will mind you, but to be fair here as this is a question of generalities, we have to compare more than just yours and mine, wouldn’t you think.”

Not so stupid after all, I thought, as the man across from Larry asked what he suggested to make the bet work.

“To be fair,” Larry said, “each of us here at the table should compare our size with that of a different black guy’s. Since there’s five of us here and five black men in the room…..well?”

“Larry, your such an ass,” Sam snorted, “you expect me to talk these other men into this bet?”

“Sure, why not?” Larry asked, once again confident having figured that there was no way the bet could be made now, “After all, it’s a matter of mythical proportions, isn’t it? And we’ll all sign the agreement.”

Larry had just lost all his hard earned points from me then, and he had been doing so well too. It never entered their white pea brains that him and his friends had just been hustled into a year of indentured sexual servitude. The glow in each of their wife’s eyes should have told them they were in trouble no matter how big their dicks were. There’s nothing like the chance of having sex with a strange cock with your husbands willing or other wise permission to stir up those pussy juices in a horny woman.

“Okay, Larry,” Sam said, “have your lawyer friend write it up, and we’ll all sign it. Meanwhile I’ll go asked the others.”

Of course as the guy across from Larry drew up the contract, Sam made a pretense of pleading his case to the combo, and myself, with us shaking our heads in the negative of course, as we whispered back and forth about who was going to get which wife first, and what we would be having their husbands doing as we did.

“Sam!” Larry yelled over, “we need your signature here,” then he laughed seeing Sam come over to sign then return to us as if to change our minds.

“Are all of their names signed on the paper Sam?” I asked.

“Yep, it’s even written the way you told me,” he replied.

“Okay, go get it, and I’ll notarize it for you,” I said, only this I didn’t whisper.

The silence of the room blasted in my ears, as Sam took the paper and brought it to me to notarize. Ten sets of eyeballs locked on my every move as I added a line to define the measuring technique to be used, and then I embedded the seal and signed my name. I swear, even now that I could hear sweat beading up over at that table.

“Okay, it’s legal,” I announced, as Sam went to lock up, “let the fun begin!”

“They have to sign too,” Larry said, pointing to the three men in the combo.

“No, they don’t,” I replied, “the bet is with you five men and Sam, they just happen to be part of the measuring process like me, or the tape we’ll use.”

“Tape? But I thought we were letting the women judge this,” Larry whined.

“We are,” I said, “but they need something to measure with so that there’s no cheating on either side, don’t worry, I added that clause to the contract that you all signed. I knew you’d want this to be on the up and up, right?”

By now Larry wasn’t the only one worried, as the others sobered up to what they’d just done, and what the consequences might be. When Sam returned from locking up and turning off the outside lights I directed the men to stand over by the stage, as Sam left a measuring tape at the table with the women, who were already beginning to giggle back and forth, then he joined the rest of us.

“Now gentlemen, here’s how it will go,” I instructed, “two men at a time, one white the other black will walk over to the table, the wife of the white man will measure them both and write those figures down on the back of the contract. I suggest we get started, masturbation of course is an option. Larry and Sam your first….”

All the white guys immediately pulled out their puds and started jerking off to get their dicks as big as possible, and a couple of them were even half hard already though nothing that would impress anyone. With black men size is somewhat different as we aren’t that much bigger erect than we are soft, by maybe an inch or two, but with white guys, they grow from next to nothing when limp to what they think is a whopping stiff piece of wood. The change in them is exaggerated by the difference I’m sure, and probably why they made this stupid bet in the first place.

Once all the white dudes were erect Larry and Sam walked over to the table. Larry proudly got measured basking in the lime light of his great moment.

“Five and a half inches, by three and a half,” his wife Laura called out for all to hear as she wrote the figures down.

“Beat that!” Larry snorted with contempt.

Without a word, Sam unzipped his fly, and reached inside his pants. Fishing out his cock, he plopped it on the tabletop to be measured. The whole room heard his meat flop down on the table top, and we saw all the women’s eyes widen. Laura seemed to take longer to measure Sam than she did her own husband.

“Eight and a half inches, by five and a half,” Laura called, then as if awestruck added, “and it isn’t even hard yet.”

That’s pretty much the way it went each time a pair went to be measured, the wife of the white guy almost always breathless as she took the measurements. By the time the lawyer type and me went up he’d all but lost his erection and had his wife suck his cock in front of everyone there just to get all 6 by 4 inches measured. I thought he and his wife would faint when I placed my own cock out on the table, and suggested as she measured me next;

“Since your wife is so talented maybe she should do me as well?”

“Ten holy shit, by six damn inches!” She managed to choke out her right hand not seeming to want to let go either.

“That’s quite enough Deanna,” ordered her husband, then looking at all the wives each in turn, demanded; “you know what’s on the line here, you all know the price to be paid. Now what’s the verdict?”

“Not so fast,” I put in seeing a dilemma about to appear, “they have to do a secret ballot. It’s the only fair thing to do. Other wise you husbands will slap yourselves on the back for your victory, but blame them for your bet if it goes wrong for you, and that I won’t tolerate.”

I had them dead to rights and they knew it, the sheepish looks on their faces proved that. To make things even more secret, we gave each woman the same stickem notepaper and #2pencil, they had to circle white or black that I’d written on each, and they had to do it in the ladies room out of our sight then fold them up and put them in a white envelope and bring the envelope back to us to count out in the open.

Larry got the privilege of opening the envelope, and he handed each folded slip of paper to Sam to unfold and place face up on the table.

“White,” Sam said then laid the first note down.

You could actually see the visible signs of relief on each of the white men’s faces as they all believed that their wife at least had voted for them.

“Black,” Sam said putting the second note on the table for all to see.

“Black again,” Sam announced, and breathing halted in the room.

“White, makes it even,” Sam laughed, which meant at least two women were still innocent in their husbands eyes, and one of those wives had to be their own.

“Okay boys and girls, this is it, the tie breaker,” Sam pointed out taking his time to slowly unfold this last vote, then seeing it first, sighed as if disappointed.

“All right!” Larry shouted.

“I’m glad your pleased Larry,” Sam said, then placed the last vote on the table, “cause I like happy slaves.”

“Oh shit!” Gasped the lawyer, as Sam folded up the signed contract, “Black is circled! We lost!”

“Yes, you did,” Sam agreed, “now strip! In fact all of you men strip.”

Men never give women enough credit for being smart, I guess it’s their ego, but I knew even before the votes were shown that we’d won. These men would all think that it was the other guy’s wives who had betrayed them and that their own wives were innocent, and the truth was that they were right in a way, as that’s exactly how the women felt about it when they went into the Ladies room and agreed to leave two votes circled in white instead of making the vote unanimous for black.

Once all five of the white dudes were naked Sam had them line up side by side on the dance floor in front of the table they’d sat at all night, then kneel down on the wooden floor, as every black man took a seat next to their wives. I got Laura, Larry’s wife, and Sam got the lawyer’s wife Deanna.

“Hey, they aren’t part of the bet,” Larry whined, then pointed to me and the combo.

“Larry, Larry, Larry,” Sam said shaking his head sadly, “Your forgetting the bet already, aren’t you?” Sam unfolded the paper and read out loud, “If you win, you get your year of free food and booze, but if the myth proves to be real here, tonight, now, then everybody at this table is mine to do with as I please for a year. And it pleases me to entertain those who made this possible Larry. Ladies, if you will be so kind as to pull out your new partners big black pricks to remind these little pecker heads why you, and they are my property for the next year, we’d be so appreciative.”

Not a one of the ladies hesitated in the slightest, each unzipping the pants of the man next to them, reaching in and pulling out the slab of meat waiting for them inside. With the five white men kneeling nude as in a chorus line, their insignificant dingies helpless to compete, the women literally shook our pythons in front of their husbands mocking them as nothing else ever could have. It was Larry’s own wife Laura who got the idea first and suddenly in front of everybody bent over, and stretched her mouth around my growing black prick to suck it. The other’s quickly followed suit to the horror of their husbands as Sam simply said; “Ladies, time for desert.”

I saw several in the chorus line quickly become erect from watching their white wives act the slut with a big black cock and Larry was one of them. I decided that it was time to do a little teasing.

“Sam, what say you have these fine white sluts do a striptease for us all.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” Sam replied and had the Lawyer’s wife go start up the jukebox, then announced, “Okay you horny bitches, I know you want to get those pussies of yours broken open, but let’s see if you’re worth it. Show these assholes what they’re going to be missing over the next twelve months. Dance!”

It had to be torture for those men to watch as their wives came out on the dance floor and striped in front of everyone as if auditioning for the job. Sam had a great time giving instructions.

“That’s it Laura, but when you get down to your garter and stockings leave them and your high heels on, it makes you look more like a whore don’t you think. Oh, and Deanna, you can leave those crotch less panties and peek-a-boo bra on as well.”

For each woman it was the same, as their underwear and bodies dictated, with Jennifer ending up with only her bright red high heels on, she ended up being the most naked. Then when Sam was happy with what the women were wearing he had them bend over in front of their husbands, and then made the men tongue fuck their own wife’s assholes.

“You know,” I said to Sam, “I think Larry is used to brown nosing, don’t you?”

“He’s had enough practice,” Sam laughed back, “you should see him when his boss is here, I expect him to bend over and genuflect at any second. I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry were the man’s personal dress up doll and faggot toilet.”

“To bad his boss isn’t here tonight,” I laughed.

“Who do you think talked Larry into this bet,” Sam roared, pointing at the Lawyer type,” and that had everyone still at the table laughing their heads off.

“Laura,” I called out, “how does Larry look dressed up as a woman?”

“Yes, Laura,” Sam followed through, “see if some of those things will fit him, you other ladies give her a hand.”

It didn’t take long with their combined efforts, and in no time Larry was back kneeling in the chorus, only now he had on Jennifer’s panties, Laura’s skirt, and Deanna’s blouse, his lips were painted bright red, there was blush on his cheeks, and mascara and eye shadow on his eyelids. Of course his hair was cropped short, but tousled, and when one of the other women clipped her earrings to his ears the transformation was incredible. He looked like a cute girl.

“I’ll be damned,” said Joe the bass player, “that sissy is a sissy!”

“Oh Larry,” Laura pouted, “now I’ll never have any time with the mirror.”

“I vote that Larry cleans up our dicks after we fuck each woman raw,” Joe suggested.

Larry could only groan and blush as the vote taken became unanimous. By now Laura was primed and ready, so I had her come back and bend over the table, then with all her friends and husband watching as she stood with legs spread wide, I let my black hands crawl over her lily-white flesh. Exploring the backs of her legs, the tops of her nylons, her inner thighs, shaved mound, and oh so tantalizing rear end. I cupped her breasts then played with the erect nipples as I moved in behind her.

“Now watch carefully Larry,” I said over my right shoulder, “this is how a woman really wants to be fucked. Ah..there, see how her pussy bulges out around the head of my black cock, all that nice pure white surrounding my darkness. I’ll bet it makes those panties you’re wearing wet, doesn’t it? I’ll bet you secretly wanted to lose just so you could watch your beautiful wife get her pussy gored by my bull dick, didn’t you? Yeah, you white bastards are all the same, once you get something this good, you can’t wait to see it fucked by someone else. It’s nice knowing you sick bastards are so willing to share, too bad you never tell your women out right, they’d gladly take all the nigger dick they can find if you guys weren’t such assholes about it.”

Laura started cuming the moment I entered her, and with each inch she continued to cum over and over again. I’d seen this happen to white women the first time they take on the forbidden black man, it’s all the differences hitting their minds at once, the black against white, good verses evil, male into female, innocence and depravity. Here out in the open there was the added bonus of exhibitionism, and as I started to fuck Laura’s bald white pussy with my big black nigger dick where everyone could see, smell, and hear her delight all Laura could do was hang onto the edge of the table as her body went through one orgasm after another.

“Oooooh! Oooooooo! Uhn, shit! Mmmm….Hmmmm! Uhhh, ooh yessss! Yess! Sooo….good… goooooood! Fuck me! Yes, Fuck me with that big nigger dick! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Faster! Fuck…Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

I always oblige a lady, and was soon giving Laura the full ten-inch stroke in and out at a blurring speed with my hands hanging on to her hips to support us both. I looked around, and saw that every body was staring at us, as if it had all been a joke so far, and I had broken the rules by actually daring to fuck one of the wives. I caught Sam’s eye then, and winked.

“What are you waiting for Sam,” I cried out, “it’s fucking payday!”

Since Deanna was closest to him he clutched her to him in a kiss. The next thing I knew there was white pussy spread wide all over the room, and big black dicks pumping them for oil.

“Don’t cum in them!” Larry’s boss pleaded.

“Fuck you!” Joe threw over his shoulder, “should’ve thought about that before making such a stupid bet with this fine lady as bait!”

“But what if they get pregnant?” Larry whined.

“Then,” I said, “you might want to check about getting some real breasts to feed the babies with Larry! Cause I intend on keeping Laura busy fuck’en all year.”

“Ooooh fuuuuuck yess!” Laura cried out, “Don’t ever stop! I’m your fucking white slut, tramp, whore for life nigger! Oh shit your fucking big! Can’t stop cum…ing! Fuck me! Cum in me! I don’t fucking care!!!…….just don’t stop! Don’t Stoppppppp! I’ll fuck you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!”

Eventually Laura did just that, as did all the ladies that night. But at that moment, my cock had a mind of its own and as Laura reached her latest Climax, my balls squeezed and my cock twitched as I erupted deep in Laura’s silken cavern, spraying every bit of my pent up passion right there at the entrance of her womb.

“Aaaaaaarrrrrrrraaaaaaaaagggggggggggggg!” Laura screamed bloody fucking murder as nigger seed inundated every notch and cranny of her birth canal then leached out around our connection to lewdly plop, plop, plop down onto the wooden floor beneath us as the chorus line watched in utter horror.

All around me were the pleading voices of females and the grunts and groans of males slapping black flesh against white as I gathered my breath over Laura’s bent heaving back. The feel of her smooth skin trembling, the smell of her hair, all the pheromones and emotions of a woman riled with wanton desire, that’s what kept my dick lodged, and throbbing in her pulsating love chasm. Even though I had to have cum a pints worth in that clasping pussy, there was no way I was losing my hard on, not yet. I looked back at the chorus line, each of the men watching their wife whoring it up with a black man at their expense and humiliation, with one set of eyes surrounded by make up locked on where my cock was.

“Get over here sissy!” I commanded Larry, “No! Don’t get up, crawl over here on your hands and knees like a girl should! It’s time for desert motherfucker!”

Face turning redder by the moment Larry crawled over on his hands and knees.

“First clean up that mess on the floor wimp!”

Larry did as he was told licking up the slop from his wife’s last fuck with me, and every time he finished I’d pull out a little from Laura and more of our commingled scum would plop to the floor for him to clean up. When just the head of my dick was left inside of Laura’s twat I had him get under us, and open his mouth wide, and just as he did I pulled out of Laura and her cunt evacuated waterfall fashion into her husbands waiting mouth.

“That’s it Girly Girl, eat that muck!” I said, “Yeah, lick it fresh out of the bowl too, that’s it, show us how good you can eat some pussy, sissy boy! Eat it! And when your done sucking out that hole you can go back and sit with your faggot friends while I fuck your wife up the ass. You can clean my dick after that. Feel free to do the same with your buddies though,” and I laughed as I guided my slime covered dick to the little brown puckered hole right next to Laura’s well-stretched cunt. It looked like this was going to be a year to remember all right. One I’m sure Larry and his pals would never forget.

Woman of the Church

It was a Wednesday, Wednesday evening; Wednesday late evening. I was helping a friend out by putting up some shelves in a basement of a church hall. Not my usual job but just something I turn my hand to every so often.

I had started to put these up after my usual day job, so I had started late and I knew there was going to be a meeting in the hall above, so knew I could finish late as well, at least till the meeting went on till.

The friend I helped out could not be there with me, and anyhow, I did not need him as I could manage by myself. He had let me in the hall early and there was no one around at that time.

The basement was under the main hall; access to this was via a small hatch in the floor of the hall to the side of a stage. On lifting the hatch, steps led down to the basement. It was not a big basement, quite small actually, long but very narrow and there was no power down there. That together with some lighting was something else he wanted me to put in but at a later date. So I used my cordless equipment to carry out the work required. I am a fairly large guy, so moving around in that space was a bit awkward.

The basement does not get used that regularly, so when not in use, the hatch is closed and a church piano sits on top. My friend helped me move the piano before he left. The hatch I had left open, mainly because I ran a power cord for a light and also so that people knew that there was someone down there. I had put up a small barrier around the hatch.

I heard people as they moved up in the main hall through footsteps on the wooden floor, more and more as the evening went on. There was this one very loud voice I heard throughout the evening she seemed to be the boss or leader and told people what to do.

I needed a chair or a stool; I popped my head out of the hatch and saw an elderly gentleman stood by some chairs, I shouted out but he never heard me, so I got out and fetched the chair myself. That was when I saw the lady with the loud voice, she seemed very authoritative.

I went back down and carried on with my work. After a while I heard a voice from the hatch, “Hello, would you like a cup of tea Mr?”

I walked up to the opening and there was this pretty young girl, who again said, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

I looked up and said, “Yes please, white no sugar, thank you.”

Ten minutes later the same young girl brought me the cup of tea, she asked, “What you doing down there?”

I told her and she asked if she could have a look, so I helped her down and was showing her what I had done when the loud stern voice came across from the hatch, “Elizabeth, are you down there?”

The girl went to the hatch and said, “Yes mama I’m here.”

The lady above obviously the girls mum said, “Come back up here at once, we’ve got work to do.”

The girl, Elisabeth turned to me, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’ll have to go now, might see you later.”

She went back up and I carried on with my work. An hour had passed and must have been around half ten, when I had nearly finished and had got my tools together. I also heard people leaving in the main hall.

I did not hear her but Elisabeth came back down and took me by surprise when she said, “Have you finished your tea Mr?”

I turned round sharply and said, “O, yes, thank you.”

She looked around and said, “I’ve never really been down here before. My second trip if you count the one earlier. It’s smaller than I thought it would be.”

I said, “Yes and now that these shelves are up it’s even smaller. But it is just a store.”

We chatted for a bit longer, she came across as a very friendly young girl. Then the other sterner voice from the hatch came back and said, “Elizabeth you down there again?”

Again Elizabeth walked to the hatch and looked up and said, “Yes, I’m coming.”

I walked to the hatch and gave Elizabeth the empty cup and saucer, the lady saw me there and said, “We’re finished up here and they need to lock the hall, how long are you going to be?”

I said, “I’m nearly done just a couple more minutes to tidy up.”

She looked at her daughter and said, “Come on Elizabeth, hurry up, hurry up.”

Elizabeth went up and I finished off. There were some candles in the basement; I lit one to see after I took out the cable for the light I used.

I went up and there were just a couple of men putting away the chairs, one of them was the one I shouted at for the chair earlier. I unplugged the cable and took it down and brought up some of my tools to put back into my car.

The stern woman came up to me and said, “Have you got everything? They’re about to lock up?”

She looked very uptight, prim and proper and seemed to be the type of person who liked to be in control.

I said, “Nearly, couple more trips should do it.”

She brushed past me in a huff elbowed me out of the way as she said, “Ah, let me help and you’ll be out quicker.”

She led the way, I thought she was just going to wait at the top, but she actually went down. I shouted out to her, “Be careful there’s no light down there.”

She disappeared down, I followed. The light was very dim which came from one lit candle; I could barely see her face. I approached her and she asked, “What have you been doing down here?”

I took hold of the candle and said, “Let me show you.”

We passed the old shelves where the candles and other items were kept, I took her to the far end where I had put up the shelves we could hardly walk side by side. She was quite slim but I was almost double her weight and breadth.

She seemed pleased and said, “Yes very good, we’ve wanted these for a while. They will certainly be very useful.”

She pushed and pulled on them and said, “Very good.”

She was in front and as she turned so that we could leave, she bumped into me and said, “Come on come on, let’s go.”

I turned and walked in my slow stagger, I led the way, she asked, “Are you going to put the light in here?”

I said, “Yes, but have not been asked to yet.”

We both picked up the rest of my tools and walked to the hatch. It was closed, I turned to the lady and said, “It’s closed, it must have got knocked or something. I’ll go and see.”

I put what I had down, just barely able to see the floor. I got up and pushed on the hatch door, it moved half an inch and then no more. It was hard to move and it seemed that the piano must have been pushed back on top. I pushed and pushed, the lady shouted up, “Well what’s the matter?”

I looked down and said, “I can’t open it, it’s stuck. Someone’s pushed the piano back on top I think.”

She tugged at the bottom of my trousers and said, “Nonsense, get down, let me see.”

If I could not move it, there was no way she could, but even so I let her have a go. I stepped down and the lady went up. She pushed and again it moved half an inch and no more. She looked down and said, “What about those tools you have, isn’t there anything we can use?

I looked around, I lowered the candle to the floor, moved it from side to side, I looked back up and I said, “No not really, there are no tools here that would be of any use, just scrap ends of the shelving and other bits and pieces. The hatch doesn’t open enough to get anything through it.”

She pushed up again and shouted out, “Hello, Hello, is there anyone there? We’re here in the basement. Hello, hello.”

She knocked on the wooden door with her hand. She then looked through the very small crack of the opening and said, “They’ve gone home, there’s no light on.”

She came back down, she slipped on a run of the step and I put my hand up to steady her. She grabbed hold and then said, “Unhand me young man, I’m a woman of the church I’ll have you know, and a married woman at that.”

She had placed a foot back onto the run and I took my hand away and said, “Sorry lady, I was just helping.”

She stepped down onto the floor and said, “Helping is one thing and groping a married woman is quite another, young man.”

I again, not in anger but a louder voice apologised, “Sorry.”

And then in a lower tone and a whisper under my breath I said, “I wish I were a young man.”

The lady said, “No need to get abrupt with me sir.”

She looked very stern and unyielding even in the dim light, she said, “Do you not have a phone?”

I said, “Yes, but I put it in the car on my first trip.”

She scratched her head and said, “We’ll there’s only one thing we can do, we’ll have to wait till the morning, there’s a meeting at eight or till someone realises one of us is missing.”

I looked down to the floor and said, “I can wait.”

She said, “There are more candles in the back, give me this one and I’ll fetch them.”

I gave her the lit candle and she disappeared down the narrow basement. All I could see was the dim light of the candle in the distance. It had stopped then moments later came back towards me.

She held up the lit candle to her face and gave me the other candles she had fetched, she said, “Here, light these.”

I said, “It might be better to move further down.”

Further down, although it was just as narrow, there were small shelves to the side, where we could place the candles. She agreed and we lit up four more candles and placed them on those shelves.

There was nowhere to sit apart from the floor; the lady was about to sit when I thought and said, “Don’t sit on the dirty floor, hold on.”

I had thought of the chair I had brought down, it was at the far end, I had to brush up against the lady to get past. I said, “There is a chair over there, let me get it, but I will need to pass by you.”

She stood with her back to the wall and said, “Yes, very good.”

It was tight, no matter how close to the wall I was we still brushed each other, our faces very close, she had closed her eyes and turned her face to the side.

I came back with the chair and placed it down, I said, “Here sit on this, I’ll take the floor.”

I sat next to her by the chair, no room opposite. She looked down, even with the candles we had lit, the light was still quite dim and we just about made out each other. She said, “I heard you.”

I wondered what she was talking about, looked up and asked, “What do you mean. Heard what?”

She looked away and stared at the wall and said, “Your comment about not being young.”

I had forgotten that and did not think she heard me; I looked down and said, “Yes…well…I wish I was.”

She looked down and said, “Your English needs improving.”

I thought again and said, “What?”

She said, “You said, you wish you was. The correct term is; you wish you were.”

I shook my head and looked back to the floor and said, “I don’t see the difference, was, were, it’s the same to me.”

She then said, “And one does not say ‘what’ one say’s ‘excuse me’ it’s very rude to say ‘what’.”

She stood up and took a candle off the shelf, she pushed the chair to one side and bent her knees and lowered herself down to me. The candle lit both our faces and she said, “May I ask, how old you are?”

The candle light flickered and casted shadows on our faces I said, “Don’t mean nothing to me, I’m forty six.”

She smiled, very slightly, I think it was a smile, but anyway she smiled for the first time and said, “How old do you think I am?”

Now even I knew that you never ask a woman’s age, and if asked, like in that situation, you should always, always, give a low figure.

I did not know where that all started from or why she wanted to know, I thought I’ll just play along; since I had nowhere to go in particular.

I was still in thought, when she said, “Well, come on, have a guess?”

I looked back up and looked around her face; she was a pretty lady I would not say beautiful. If she had asked me about her looks then I would have said beautiful to her face. But she was a very good looking attractive woman.

She had a small hat on her head, the one I seen a lot of women wear to church and she wore a long dress very broad, it was like an umbrella on the hips, it flared out and a small waistcoat with buttons on the front.

She spoke again, “Come on I won’t be offended.”

I took a deep breath and although I thought she looked forty, I said, “Thirty six,” and closed my eyes.

I heard her giggle, she sounded very pleasant for someone I’ve only heard use a stern controlled voice.

She said, “Now I know you’re not telling the truth. Come on what do you really think?”

I opened my eyes looked at her face again and said, “Thirty eight,” and again closed my eyes and looked to the floor.

She lifted my head and said, “You are a very nice man, by your hands I can tell you work very hard, your face tells me you’ve probably had a hard outdoor life.”

She touched my cheek, she ran a finger across it and said, “You’re skin is tough, you’ve certainly have a hard life.”

She ran her finger across the other cheek and said, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but for a black man you are quite good looking, if I may say so.”

She ran her finger across my forehead and said, “I’m the same age as you sir and I thank you for your kind thoughtfulness and modesty towards me.”

She got back up and sat on the chair, she held the candle with both hands in her lap.

She did not look down still straight ahead and said, “My name is Tabitha, you may call me Tam.”

I said, “Nice to meet you Tam.”

She then looked down and asked, “And your name sir.”

I stood up, bowed and said, “Matthew, at tour service my lady and my friends call me Matt.”

She too stood and said, “Well Matthew, can I class myself as a new friend.”

I did not want to just grab and take her hand, so I held out mine to see if she would take it, and she did. She put the candle onto the shelf and placed her hand in mine. I gently closed my fingers around her very small delicate white fingers; I kissed the back of her hand and said, “Yes my lady and I too would like to be a friend of yours, if you would have it.”

I thought I would try and sort of speak her way even if it did sound poppas, I was merely play acting.

She giggled, I was happy she saw the funny side of what I did. I pointed to the chair with my open hand and said, “Please be seated lady Tam.”

She sat and I also sat back onto the floor. We chatted and smiled at each other’s stories of life in general and one another’s misfortunes.

The candles got low and were about to go out, I pointed it out and said, “I’ll get some more.”

Tam placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “You stay there I’ll fetch them.”

She got up and took one of the lit candles with her. I stood and cleared away the old ones to make room. She came back and I leant against the wall, she brushed past me, but for some reason it felt like a tighter squeeze, not just that but it felt she brushed past tighter deliberately.

I got a bit aroused, but thought a lady like Tam, a church lady would not even have thought of any such thing.

We replaced the candles and I sat back down as did Tam. Tam asked, “Are you tired Matt? You may sleep if you would like.”

I thought it funny that I may have required permission from Tam to sleep, I said, “No, I’m fine I may doze off in a bit, but if you need to, then…”

She interrupted me and said, “No I too am not sleepy.”

We carried on with some more small talk for about another half an hour or so. During which we established that I had been divorced ten years and had no children and am a landscaper by day. Tam’s been married for twenty eight years, one child, Elisabeth. Tam was a school teacher for infants, and was quite religious and carried out a lot of work for the church.

Then there was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes.

Tam asked, “May I ask you a personal question?”

I was open-minded so said, “What do you want to know? I’ve told you that I’m divorced and have no kid’s and you know my age.”

She said, “Oh I know all that. I was thinking of a very personal question. You may wish not to answer it.”

I wondered what else she wanted to know so said, “Ask away!”

She then asked a question I would never have thought I would ever hear from a lady like her, especially because of the conversations we had just had. She looked straight ahead at the wall and asked, “Tell me Matt, are all bla…coloured men well-endowed?”

I was lost for words, I understood the question, or did I, I asked, “Sorry Tam, what did you say?”

She did not look down, just looked straight ahead and she said, “I asked, are all coloured men including you, gifted in the lower region?”

I did not know about other men black or otherwise, I had a cock, my cock, I said, “I’ve never thought about it, WE black men don’t go around comparing one another’s bits.”

She then looked down, but I looked towards the floor and she said, “O Matt, I wasn’t asking if you actually compared yours with another, just are you a big man?”

I thought I’d be funny, as I was a big man overall, I said, “Yes, can’t you see I’m a big, bulky oaf.”

Tam placed a hand on my shoulder and said, “You Mr, are diverting the question and making fun of me.”

I looked up; her eyes flickered with the light of the candles around and I said, “Sorry I didn’t mean to make fun of you, but you are asking a very personal question, I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.”

Tam patted my shoulder and said, “No harm done, I was just curious. I married young and still am with the same person and there’s only been the one.”

I looked back down, Tam placed her hand on my head and asked, “May I ask if you have been with more than one in your life?”

I said nothing I kept quiet, I was not sure why Tam asked me those questions and for all intents and purposes we were complete strangers.

She stroked my head softly and said, “Its fine, I’m sorry. You must think of me to be very strange and peculiar.”

She kept on and stroked my head and said, “It’s been a long few years, for my husband and I, he is much older than I, I was just curious, sorry to put you in a difficult position. Forget I ever asked.”

It was not a question that anyone can just forget was asked.

A long silence followed, then I looked up and said, “I can understand your curiosity and I think a lot of women probably think of asking the same question, just that you have actually asked the question!”

I looked back down and she continued to stroke my head. She seemed to be patent but very inquisitive at the same time she asked, “May I ask again and this time a simple yes or no would suffice? Are you a big man Matthew?”

I did not know what to say, but to offer her a choice, I asked, “Tam, I told you, I don’t know if I am big or bigger than… your husband or the next man that you bump into. Do you want to…see…look…for yourself and judge?”

It all went very, very quiet; we could actually hear the wick of all the candles as they burnt away.

It must have been three or four minutes, but seemed like three or four days, when Tam said, “Okay, get up!”

I did not think she was serious, so stayed down and said nothing.

She patted me on the shoulder and said, “Come on get up before I change my mind.”

I still stared at the floor and said, “Good, you can change your mind.”

She then patted a bit harder and in her sternest tone said, “No I am not going to change my mind. Get up!”

I stood up very slowly as the blood ran back to my legs and the numbness subsided, I stood to the side of her, she looked sideways to me and said, “This won’t do, this won’t do at all.”

I wondered what she referred to, what did she want to do?

Tam stood and picked up the chair and turned it ninety degrees, so it faced along the narrow basement. She sat back down and her face was then in line with my crotch.

With both hands she flattened out her dress from her lap to her knees, she did that two or three times. She placed both hands to the sides of her hat and straightened it. Not sure why she did that as it was held on by a hat pin I was sure.

She placed her hands onto her lap then said, “Okay, proceed!”

Did she expect me to take my cock out so that she could look at it, my cock where once it was semi hard, had lost it and was deflated, especially since it may be out for judgement?

I placed my hands on my trousers to undo the zip; I felt stupid and froze, I said, “I don’t think this is right, it’s stupid!”

Tam said, “May I? It’s not stupid if I do it.”

I took my hands away and Tam brought hers up and undid the zipper. I had boxers on underneath and before she placed her hand in she looked up and said, “It is okay isn’t it?”

I nodded in silence; it was all so dark and it was difficult to make out certain features, especially on me being so dark skinned. But on Tam the light flickered off the clear white skin of her hands and her fingers were very clear to me.

Just as she was about to reach in, she stopped, I thought she had second thoughts and did not want to go further. Tam looked up to me and said, “Just a minute.”

She reached around to the side and pulled a candle forward which burnt behind me, to in front of me; she did the same on the other side.

She looked up and said, “If I am going to be a judge, then I need to see what I am judging.”

She reached in and felt for the opening in my boxers. I felt her warm fingers as they fumbled around then took hold of my cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and before she pulled it out she looked up and said, “O my, I don’t need to see this one to judge it’s big, feels much bigger than my husbands.”

She held it tight and pulled on it to pass it out the slit of the boxers. I felt it going hard, it was still limp, but I felt the blood rush and it definitely gained some rigidity.

She pulled it free and let it hang loose; it drooped down and leant slightly to the left. Tam looked at my cock and it got higher and higher, did not reach full hardness but half way there.

Tam stared at it as it slowly throbbed and rose. She looked up and said, “If you don’t know that this is a big cock. Where on this earth have you been living.”

She looked back down at it and asked, “May I?”

I thought she wanted to touch it again, but no, she opened her mouth and her tongue came out and licked the tip. The foreskin still covered the nob. Yes there are a few of us ‘black’ men who have not been cut.

She brought one hand up and took hold of the shaft and pulled the foreskin back, she peeled it back slowly to reveal my purple cock-head. The blood flowed faster, my cock got harder. She licked it on the bottom and back to the head.

She looked up and stroked my cock and said, “I’m sorry but a cock like this deserves more than just a look to be judged properly.”

She took in my cock and sucked vigorously while she stroked with a tight grip. Each time she took my cock out, the candle light flickered on it. It felt so nice to have a woman’s mouth back on and sucking my cock. Tam’s slobbering was loud, all I could see was a hat that moved back and forth, but the sensation below that was absolutely great.

She was very keen, Tam sucked and sucked on my cock for what seemed like ten minutes. She then let it go and with both hands stroked it, she moved the foreskin back and forth, and each time the head was revealed she licked it.

Tam stood up from the chair and faced me, she had a very bright smile and her eyes glowed with a sparkle, the candle light made them look even more intense. She stared and said, “Shall we go further?”

I knew exactly what she meant, but she was a married woman, I think I should remind her, “Tam, are you sure? You have a child, you have a husband.”

She took hold of my hips and turned us around, again a tight squeeze and I was then in front of the chair. She still looked into my eyes as she undid my belt and button. They fell slightly below my hips and Tam said, “Take them off.”

I took off my shoes then stepped out of my trousers and boxers. Tam reached under her long dress and pulled her knickers off. She said, “Sit.”

I sat on the chair, while Tam gathered up her dress and came towards me. My cock stuck up, it glistened with Tam’s spit as the candle light flickered off it. Tam took hold of my cock and moved her hips closer and over my cock, she guided me to her holy place.

She lowered herself so that my cock-head was about to punch through then let my cock go and placed both her hands on my shoulders. Tam then said, “Forgive me father for I am about to fuckin’ sin.”

She lowered herself in one movement, straight down, she did not stop. She was extremely wet, o my god she felt great. To have my cock in a pussy again, it felt totally fantastic.

Tam gasped and said, “Jesus fuck!”

Tam looked deep into my eyes; her eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets as she said, “Fuck, it feels like you’ve rammed your fisted arm up me.”

Tam stayed down, she brought her hands up and cupped my face. Her gazed remained locked onto my eyes for minutes. She squeezed her pussy around my cock and it felt really nice. She closed her eyes and said, “Holy fuckin’ Jesus Christ what a fuckin’ cock.”

She moved up slowly and back down just as slowly, I placed my hands onto her hips, well her hips were somewhere below all that fabric of her dress.

She did not look down for a long time, she just moved up and down in slow movements. It seemed somehow very erotic to fuck someone with all their clothes on, particularly a woman like Tam a person of the faith, who seemed to be showing the carnal woman in her.

She shuddered down on my cock and shook violently, she’d had an orgasm. She looked back into my eyes, hers were one of an animal in rage and she shouted out, “The good lord is punishing me, let him punish me more.”

She moved back up and down as she picked up the pace she moved much quicker, she kept shouting out, “Jesus, fuck me, fuck me Jesus.”

Her head rolled around for ages as she kept her fucking of me. It seemed like I was just a human dildo, she was the one doing all the fucking.

She kept her chants going, she was loud, good thing we were in a basement and no one was even close to hear her, “I will do the lords work and if he chooses to punish me in this way then let him.”

She shook again, her grip on my face tightened, she sat firmly down and her pussy tensed around my cock, She shouted out, “Ahh, punish me my lord for I am a dirty fucking sinner.”

Her orgasm subsided and she looked back into my eyes, hers reflected the candle light and they seemed to be a bit bloodshot. She looked deep and said, “How does it feel to be fucking a woman of the church?”

I said nothing, I kept quiet. I felt a bit ashamed, but my cock was on the opposite bench, so to speak. My cock wanted more, my cock wanted to pass on its man making milk to this woman of the church on my aching cock.

Tam looked back up she grabbed my head and hugged it to her bosom, she shouted out, “Let the lord shock my body with his bolts form the heavens. I am his vessel, I will carry out his work and I will take his punishment.”

Tam was like a woman possessed, she was so forceful with my cock. She lifted right off it and came down with all her body weight.

I placed my arms around her waist and stood up. I could actually thrust my hips in that position so I was able to fuck her back. Tam shouted, “Punish me harder my lord for I am a dirty fuckin’ cow.”

Tam wrapped her legs around me and we fucked while she chanted. And it wasn’t long when Tam had another orgasm and said, “Ahh, thank you my lord. Forgive this man for he has done no wrong. Use him to punish me, punish me hard my lord for I am willing and able.”

Tam shook and hugged me tighter; she pulled me in harder with her legs. We had stopped for a brief moment to catch our breath.

Tam requested to be fuck in a different position, she said, “Lay me down my lord and drive your stake through me.”

So I dropped to my knees, cock still embedded in Tam, I placed her down and lay on top. Tam grabbed my face and looked back into my eyes. It was darker on the floor, the light from the candles did not travel well, just enough to see Tam’s face faintly, and her eyes were like diamonds as they sparkled in the dark with the few drops of light available.

Tam still had a stern and unyielding look on her face, again in a loud voice, “Come my lord, fuck me here where I lay before you. Make my cunt bleed with your anger of my sins.”

I pulled out and back in, I moved slowly, but Tam pushed harder and wanted it faster. We began to fuck harder and faster than before. God she felt so nice, it was an amazing fuck, made more amazing by Tam’s chants. She really thought she was being punished, but what she really enjoyed, loved and could not get enough of was the end result of her penance, her orgasms.

We fucked and fucked, tam had wrapped her legs around my back and had dug her heels in and she pulled me in with great force on every stroke.

Another orgasm and another chant, “Thank you my lord, Ahh, I will take all you give to me.”

She shook and had a very tight grip around me with her arms and legs. I felt her pussy squelch as she released more of her pussy juices. She shook for a much longer period that time. She took hold of my face again and said, “I am a fuckin’ sinner and I will burn in fuckin’ hell for my sins. I am your willing cunt of a servant my lord. Do with me as you please.”

Her orgasm subsided and we carried on, holy fuck did we carry on and on and on. We fucked and fucked and fucked. Tam seemed so hungry for a fucking; she went through another couple of intense orgasms and then I was close to blasting my seed into that ‘Holy servant of the lord.’

Tam never once kissed me nor I her, it was never a factor in this raw animalistic fuck that Tam had wanted, it was never going to be love even if it happened again, love was never the driver. It was always Tam’s hunger and her lust for my cock.

We both banged away at each other fast, hard and in a fury. I was there, I felt my loins ready to give Tam her recompense, I pushed in deep and held her tight while I blasted my first load and Tam shouted out again, “Cum my lord, Cum. Direct your anger and your judgment into this sinners cunt.”

I pulled out and back in deep and released again and again. I blasted five or six cum loads into Tam’s eager pussy while she cried away, “Shoot your holy spirit deep into this un-holy cunt.”

We both lay there as we panted, gasped for air. God that was great, the only thought I had in my head as soon as I blasted my last load, was ‘I hoped Tam would let me fuck her again’ but without clothes, I wanted to see her, I wanted to see all of her. I wanted to see that sinners pussy and tits.

After what seemed like hours, we got up and put our clothes back on, well I did, Tam just had her knickers to put on. We had to light more candles and Tam sat back in the chair, I back on the floor. We were silent; we did not speak or even look at each other.

We must have drifted off to sleep, when I was woken up by some footsteps on the floor above. People were coming in. I stood up and gently shook Tam by the shoulder, I said, “I think there’s someone in the hall.”

I went to the hatch and banged on it and shouted out, eventually we heard the piano being pushed across, I lifted the hatch and there was a man and Elisabeth, who stared down and Elisabeth said, “Hi Mr, have you been down there all night fixing the shelves?”

I said, “No we were locked in.”

Elisabeth asked, “O who else is down there?”

I got out and Tam followed, Elisabeth said, “Mum there you are! I wondered where you were this morning.”

Tam asked, “Young lady why did you not come looking for me earlier?”

Elisabeth replied, “I went straight to bed when I got home.”

Tam asked, “And where is you farther?”

Elisabeth said, “He left a message on the answer phone, his truck broke down and was going to stay at uncle Ben’s till he got it fixed.”

Tam never looked at me at all, she walked away and out. I went back down the hatch to gather my stuff and was in my car ready to drive off.

There was a tap on my window, it was Tam, I opened the window and Tam said, “You can come and fix the light next Wednesday.”

Wife Mixing Business with Pleasure

At fifty years of age, I was married, had two grown up kids, a beautiful home, and a loving husband Ian, who provided for my every wish. Yet here I was being fucked senseless by a youth almost half my age, not only that but I loved it, the sex, the excitement, fearing the possibility of being caught, yet I couldn’t stop myself.

Ian, my husband and I had built a successful family construction company, and we had just moved into the international market. This in itself created the problem I now found myself in. Ian had been informed that our host’s home would provide our accommodation whilst visiting our newly acquired business contact in Detroit, America. He had called Ian, and spoken to him many times and even asked if I, his wife would like to join him, as a sort of holiday whilst He and Ian spent time going over things. Despite my trepidation initially, we had willingly agreed, and once everything had been sorted for our time away, we set off to the airport.

I had to agree that it was exciting to be visiting Detroit, in America, when we arrived; we were not only filled with excitement but also apprehension as to what to expect. We were greeted by a large coloured guy who introduced himself as Trey, informed us that he was our host and contact for this visit. I felt my legs go weak, this guy was extremely good looking, well built and carried himself extremely well, just seeming to ooze sex appeal. I had to shake myself from my daydream as Ian introduced me to Trey, “This is Lucy, my wife Trey.”

“Pleased to meet you Trey,” I replied, shaking him by his huge hand.

I almost stammered getting the words out, only managing to save my blushes by pretending to stumble and grabbing my husband, Ian’s arm. Trey had automatically grabbed my arm as well.

“Careful, Mrs Thomson!” said Trey.

“Ooops so sorry I’m fine honest just a stumble!” as I pulled myself together.

The journey back to Trey’s home was filled with the two men talking business, so I had time to look around and enjoy the journey in Trey’s air conditioned extremely large 4×4, from the airport. My concentration was broken when Trey spoke to me, “Mrs…Sorry Lucy, I hope you don’t mind but my son is home from college, he is staying with me at the moment. He has however offered to take you to see the sights. Is that okay with you guys?” the latter part being directed at both Ian and myself.

“Sounds great Trey, I am sure that will work out just fine. What’s his name?”

“It’s Trey Junior or TJ as most everyone calls him that”

“Okay by me, TJ sounds just fine.” My mind already starting to wonder, if he was as well built and constructed as his father. I need not have worried I wasn’t to be disappointed. My mind was working overtime at first sight of Trey’s son. Nineteen years of age and an Adonis, his sculpted body greeted us at the door with a smile that would melt even the hardest ice maiden. Once we had been shown our room, I made the excuse I wanted to shower and freshen up, one cold almost freezing shower later I was sat outside in the sun, drinking a chilled wine, watching the three guys cook up a meal on the outside barbeque. This was the life I thought, thinking of the wet and windy weather we were used to back home.

Lying out here on the lounger wearing my white boob tube, along with my shorts. TJ, she had noticed, was wearing a t-shirt now, and his knee length shorts, at times she noticed him giving her long glances. On those occasions she noticed his shorts bulge and the he had to adjust himself. At fifty she smiled to herself, thinking that as flattering, that the lad would even look at her, far less get aroused. In all the years of marriage I had never once strayed from my marriage to Ian, and frankly I had no wish to do so now. However it was fun to tease the young lad, all the same. I turned and twisted on the lounger allowing my legs to open and close or my breasts to fill out whenever he was looking.

Eventually TJ made his excuses and disappeared inside. I grinned to myself, thinking; now I wonder where he is away to. TJ appeared some time later with clean shorts on and I knew then. The lad had been away releasing his pent up sexual frustration. When he looked over I smiled and gave a knowing nod of my head. TJ’s face visibly brightened and he busied himself helping the other two guys.

The rest of the day was one of sunning myself, as Trey, my Husband and TJ took a ride out to one of the sites. I was left to myself and I just laid back and let the sun do its work. Every now and then I would rub sun cream in and once or twice I helped myself to another drink from the bottle in the fridge. As the day passed I took a wander throughout the house, we had already had a tour but I wanted to see it by myself. It was a lovely home, all wood panelling, glass, stainless steel and hardwood flooring.

There were six bedrooms, all with en-suite. A huge lounge area, with the biggest TV I had ever seen, a large dining room two bathrooms, huge kitchen with breakfast bar, double garage and a huge basement which is where TJ had his accommodation. He didn’t even have to come into the house to enter or leave there was a set of patio doors that led out onto the pool area. The doors had dark tinted one way glass in them, Trey had put it in so no-one could look in from the secluded lower access point and break in without at least wondering if someone was in there.

I finished my look around and sat down in the lounge to await the guys returning. They arrived back not much later and we ate pizza for supper, and spent the evening talking. Before long both Iain and I were all but sleeping so we retired to bed.

When I awoke next morning Ian was gone, so was Trey. TJ was outside when I stepped out onto the decking where we had been the day before. “Hi sleepyhead…what would you like for breakfast?”

“Coffee!” was my response, it being my first and most important starter any day. TJ stepped by me and into the kitchen, he poured me a mug from a coffee maker and as I took a sip he placed some scrambled egg, bacon and a toasted bagel in front of me. I ate without speaking; it was good and tasted brilliant. “You make this?” I asked.

“Yeah surely did. I believe you can’t start the day on an empty tank!…everyone needs to be filled right up!” As he stood, with both hands on the edge of the breakfast bar. Without thinking I said out loud, “I agree, especially if it’s as impressive as your young tank. I would like to be filled up too!”

I stopped eating and realised just what I had said. Looking shocked, I stuttered… “Eh what I meant was …Eh you’re in good.. Eh shape..Yes shape!” I knew my face was bright red. TJ stood there smiling and before I knew it we were kissing deeply. It was like we had been together forever; this young guy had the passion, the skill and the wherewithal to know exactly what I had meant. The kiss broke the tension, and before I knew it I was groaning his name as he expertly kissed his way around my neck, ears and throat. “Oh god Tj, that so good…oh yes just there.”

Moments later I found myself being pushed to my knees. My hands being directed toward the belt holding up his pants. “Open my belt Lucy. Take it out, play with it, you know you want to!”

TJ let go of my hands, and instinctively I placed them over the thickening bulge in his pants. Slowly rubbing my way up that thickening pole, I released the belt buckle, opened the button and slowly ever so slowly, slid the zipper down. My breathing was shallow, I was almost panting as I placed my hand inside his pants and took hold of his young cock. I pulled his shorts down and my eyes must have flew open and stuck out as if on stalks. As his glorious young cock came into full view I gasped, “Oh my god…Oh my God…it’s fucking huge!”

Without so much as a second thought, I forgot all about my marriage, my husband, my way of life, I had to have that cock. I began to stroke the shaft with both hands; even sat one on top of the other, there was at least another hand and a half sticking above my second hand. I withdrew my right hand, continuing to stroke that glorious shaft with my left. My right hand dipped under his ball sac and began to play with his balls. “Aaaahhhh,…Oooh Yeahhhhhh,” TJ groaned as I played with him this way.

Tj leaned forward, pulled my top off to reveal my tits, nipples hard and stiff almost willing him to suckle on them. I swallowed deeply as I worked his cock and balls, a drop the size of a pearl appeared on the eye of his cock’s knob end. The head was bright purple, and roughly the size of a tangerine. The drop grew bigger until it started to slide down over the edge and onto his shaft. Without thinking I leaned forward and licked the droplet up. “Oh yeah, baby that feels fucking good, don’t stop do it some more” groaned TJ.

I withdrew my hand from TJ’s balls and used both of them to caress his cock shaft trying t encourage more precum to come out of his tip. I need not have worried as it began to flow, harder than my husband actually cums. I fastened my lips around the head, and started to suck like mad, feasting on the free flowing pre-cum, like a right little slut. As I sucked and slurped all over that cock, it seemed to thicken and get harder as I did so. I sucked and sucked like my life depended on it , almost trying to suck the life out of that monster of a cock.

TJ then pulled my head of his cock,” Whoa Lucy baby, don’t want to cum too soon now do I?” Tj seemed to lift me up strode through to the lounge stood me up and next thing I knew I was as naked as the day I was born. It was then I thought ‘shit what am I doing, stop this you fool you’ll ruin everything’. But I was already desperate for his cock inside me, god how I wanted that cock, I wanted it to fuck me till I couldn’t stand. I continued sucking his cock desperate to please this young man, I wanted, no needed him to be pleased with what I was doing.

TJ had a hold of my head and was shoving more and more of that cock into my mouth, it was in so far it was banging the back of my throat making me gag. I had no idea why but I wanted his cock right down my throat, I wanted to swallow every last inch of it. “You ever suck your hubby’s cock?…bet you haven’t!..I’m right aren’t I?” I could only nod in the negative. My mouth was so full of his cock.

“You like sucking my big black cock don’t ya?…bet you can’t wait till I cum in your slutty mouth can you?” to both questions I moaned “yes!” as best I could. By now my hands were being used to pull this young stud’s ass towards me, ensuring he didn’t take his cock out of my filthy slut of a mouth. I couldn’t help feeling I was a slut, a whore a filthy dirty cheating slutwife. Not twenty minutes ago I was a prim and proper wife, member of the community and a distinguished business woman in my own right. Now here I was on my knees blowing a black youth half my age and desperate for him to fuck the living daylights out of me, whatever the cost. So yes I was feeling one hundred per cent slut.

“If your hubby Ian, could see you now, he’d be amazed how good a cock sucker you really are!” Groaning as I suck harder, “Ooooh… Yeaaaah… That’s it you little slut,… Suck it just like that!”

I used one hand to play with his balls again, rolling them in my hand, loving the way the felt, how heavy they were and the way the swung as he forced it down my throat on every forward thrust. “Mmmmmph!…Ummmmph!…Ooomph!” was all the sounds I could hear myself make. After some time my nose was pressed against his groin, and his balls rested against my chin.

I did have a fleeting thought of what Ian would say, if he could have seen me like this. Down on my knees with a huge black cock in my mouth not fighting against it but encouraging its owner to even greater efforts. Slut, Whore, slapper were a few that crossed my mind. TJ, pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I started licking the underside and sides of that sticky saliva and pre-cum coated shaft. I was astonished that I had taken that monster down my throat.

I lifted that thick shaft out of the way and started sucking on his balls as if I had been doing it for years, it was as if something dark and sinister had been awakened in me. I took one of his balls in my mouth, nibbled on it, continued to stroke the shaft with one hand and looked up at his face to see his look of pleasure written across it.

Whilst my nostrils were nearest his balls, I could smell the musky manly smell of his crotch. Inhaling deeply it was like an aphrodisiac to me, my pussy was, I knew absolutely dripping as I enjoyed every minute of this adulterous act. I returned my mouth to the knob end, and began sliding it in and out of my mouth as deep as I could whilst administering as much suction as I could. It seemed to work as TJ began to moan, “Ahhhhhhh, oh Gee…oh Lucy…baby…oh my God!…You’re fucking good!”

I felt his hands on the back of my head and knew I was about to be face fucked, he soon had his cock pumping in and out of my mouth at high speed. In and out faster and faster it went, banging against my throat, filling my mouth, like a pneumatic drill pumping into me. Then it happened I felt his cock shaft throb and swell, then the knob end spat it’s load of young virile cum down my throat into the depths of my married belly. “Ooooh Yeeeah fuck, fuck, fuck, …that’s it bitch swallow it all…don’t you dare spill one drop!”

I was swallowing as fast as I could, his cock kept pulsing for what seemed like minutes, I don’t know how I managed it but I swallowed every drop, god I felt so proud of myself. Never before had I swallowed such a load, indeed I’d never swallowed before I always spat it out. TJ pulled his cock out of my mouth and wiped it over my face “God that was awesome Lucy. You sure like the black cock don’t you, you little slut?”

“Mmmm!…I certainly do.” I heard myself say in a voice I hardly recognised as my own. “What now?” I said. I was hoping there was more to come, I needed cock inside my aching cunt, and it felt as if it was on fire. I knew before I even took my knickers off my cunt would be running juice, as my pants had a large damp stain on them. “Looks like you’ve pee’d yourself Lucy!” said TJ.

I playfully slapped his arm and said, “Nothing of the kind, you did that to me my pussy is dripping wet!…it needs fed!.. With cock!” with that he pushed me up against the breakfast bar. His hands soon had my shorts, underwear and top removed leaving me also completely naked. He pushed me up onto the bar, so my legs were hanging over the sides. I had to lie back to be comfortable, and as I did I felt his hands pull my legs apart revealing my clean shaved cunt to him.

Then I felt Tj’s breath, on my most intimate of parts, as he then slid his tongue from my asshole to my pussy, “Ooooooh…Goddd…Yeeeeeesss!” I yelled out as he clamped his mouth over my pussy and began eating me out. I loved being eaten out and Ian, my husband was good at that, but this boy was fuckin amazing. He seemed to know exactly where to go, how long to do it for and where to exert more pressure or less, he was simply masterful. “Uuuurgh!…Oh my Godd!” I squealed as he plunged his tongue deep inside me.

“Yeeeeeeessssssssssssss…For fucks sake!… Eaaat MEEEEEEEE!” I cried out. “Eat that fucking pussy… you bastard!”I screamed, clamping his head onto my pussy by crossing my legs behind his head. God did that fucker ever eat me, he ate me like I had never experienced in my life. He teased, nibbled and sucked on my sensitive clit, till I was Cumming and Cumming, over and over again and again. I was lost in seventh heaven as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through me. ” Yeeeeeeeeess!” I screamed as a huge wave hit me. I felt my body go limp and almost passed out. Never before had I had such an orgasm as that young stud gave me, me a fifty year old woman and him a nineteen year old boy, come man.

If I thought it was the end I was sadly mistaken, TJ lifted me off the bar, wrapping my legs around his waist, I could feel his cock banging against my tender pussy. “Please TJ, put it in me…PLEASE!” I pleaded with him. All he did was grin at me, and walked over to the sofa where he placed me over the back of it. I felt his hands adjust my legs and then I felt his legs position himself in between my legs. “Ho! My little slut you ready for a black cocking?” TJ was growing in confidence as I gave into this studs pussy pleaser.

“Give it to me TJ, give me that cock NOW!” I yelled. With that TJ began rubbing his cock all over my dripping snatch. Then he eased a couple of inches into me, “Oh Fuck TJ baby…That’s good real good!…more please… give me more!”

Over the next few minutes TJ gave me it all right, every last fucking inch. I could feel him banging against then forcing open my cervix until I had that monster cock inside me, and his balls slapped against the top of my cunt on every in stroke. I was being fucked harder and harder, again like of which I had never ever had in my whole life. I was uttering all sorts of perverted oaths, “Fuck me ..Fuck me …yeah go on fuck the arse of me”…”fucking bury that cock right up me!”…”Come on you bastard fucking make my cunt ache… Make it hurt, make my cunt hurt…YEEEEESSSssssssss!”

TJ, had sweat dripping from his brow, his body glistened with sweat as well. “Jeesus, bitch, your still so fuck’n tight!” Despite the moisture which seemed to flow freely from my ravaged cunt, I could see his point I still felt incredibly tight in places. “Uugh don’t worry slut, you’ll be tight first time but ye’ll cum alright!” TJ grunted almost laughing.

TJ grabbed my hips and held on firmly as he fucked the living daylights out of me. TJ laughed as he then spoke in gasps, “Hope Ian wasn’t looking to fuck you tonight, your pussy’s going to be no good to him for a while.”

I knew he was right I would need to keep Ian away for a while until my aching pussy returned to its normal proportions, after this big cock had abused, used and ravaged it. I felt TJ adjust my position slightly, which seemed to add to the penetration he was getting, and the pleasure I was receiving. “Oh Fuck T’J… fuck my brains out…fuck me, fuck me!” I cried out as his cock found previously untouched areas inside my intimate parts.

“Okay Bitch…you asked for it!” he grunted. He began hammering my pussy so fucking hard the sofa was moving across the floor. I was crying out in both pain and pleasure as TJ pleasured his slut wife with his huge pussy pleaser. My head was laid on the sofa my arms flopping around uselessly and my legs were like jelly as he fucked me senseless. “You like that slut…You like that don’t you?

I could only moan in the affirmative. ” You fucking little whore, I’m going to fuck you so you can’t walk straight!”

“Oh Fuck, Fuck me good…fuck me with that big black cock you bastard!” I managed to grunt. “Give it to me hard… harder…harder you cunt… fill me with that monster cock big boy!”

By now I was well gone, I had cum so many times I had lost count, they seemed to be never-ending, every thrust into my ravaged cunt, set another one off. Then Tj thrust extra hard, held himself deep inside my womb and emptied his ball into me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhh Yeeeesss” TJ grunted. “That’s it bitch take it all every last fuckin drop… Ohhhh Yeeeah take it you slut!”

TJ knew there was no way he could knock up Lucy, but that didn’t stop him filling her womb with his young load of cum. “That’s it TJ, ..Shoot you’re cum into my belly. Fill me up baby, fill me up!” I groaned. “So deep, so deep…God I feel so full of cock!”

I had started to cum as TJ shot his load into me, then he started to fuck me again, it took me right over the edge, I was screaming like a stuck pig. The pleasure that was flowing through me was nothing I had experienced before. Usually when Ian and I make love it’s cum, cuddle sleep! Here was totally different, TJ was taking me to places I had never even imagined. I soared into my state of pleasure, arousal and ecstasy. I haven’t a clue what I was shouting but I could make out various words which I assume were coming from me, ” Fuck…slut…cock…cum…baby…spunk…shoot!”

Weekend in San Franciso

In life that we have plans, dreams, ambitions, and goals. Some of us get married, start new careers, families, and develop new friendships. I have fulfilled most of my goals, but maybe not all of my dreams or fantasies…in no particular order. I am 25, and married with one child. I reside in Orlando, Florida…the heat capital of the nation. I haven’t lived here all my life, but most of it. Being an African American female has its perks. For one, we were born with good genes (well, most of us), common sense, and natural curves.

I have never cheated on my husband and have always stayed faithful to him, until one particular night…that changed everything. I decided to go online (due to boredom) and enter a chat room. People were talking about this and that online, and I wasn’t paying much attention until one particular person with the screen name of “CaliforniaMan” entered the chat room. I have to admit, I was in a chat room that was designed for older adults, but hey, I am old enough. For some particular reason, I clicked on his screen name and read his profile.

To my surprise, he had a picture to view. I clicked on the link, and boy was I surprised! This man was absolutely gorgeous! He from what I could tell, he looked about 6”. He has short brown hair (I love dark haired men), nice physique, and a killer smile. Though he was a white man, that didn’t bother me all. I am in the Generation X category, so anything goes. Race has never been an issue for me…ever. I have always been attracted to white men, although I have never made love to one. I saw him exit the chat room, but I followed him and decided to send him an instant message.

We chatted online for hours! He was from California, and was a very successful software engineer for a large Engineering firm in San Francisco. He being wealthy didn’t faze me; it was his personality. Of course being online, anyone can lie, and make up whatever they wish about themselves, but I truly believed this man. He told me his name was Mark, and I told him my name was Kelly. With me being a married Christian woman, I knew this was a sin to even be chatting online with him, even having explicit conversations with him as well.

I was feeling so guilty about talking with him, but I could not control myself. He had dated a few black women, but never in a serious relationship or sexual. We were in the same situation seemingly, but I was married, and he was not. I asked him his age, and he told me he was 33. Perfect! I love older men. Always have. Over the next couple of weeks, we talked online as often as we could. I knew I had responsibilities at home: a husband and a child to tend to, so I couldn’t make Mark my focus.

But something deep inside of me yearned for him. It could have been the fact that he was an attractive older white man, and my number one fantasy was to see what it was like to make love to one. Each conversation that we had was better than the last. Our main topic was not sex all the time, but we talked about worldly issues as well.

One particular night, close to the holiday season, Mark and I were up for our usual late night online chat. This particular evening changed everything. Mark and I were discussing the possibility of meeting someday.

“I am not too sure about this Mark”, I said.

“Why?” he typed back.

“Because I am married, and this is wrong.” I replied.

“You always say that, yet you continue or friendship. We can just be friends you know? But I really like you Kelly and I would never force you to do something that you wouldn’t want to do…ever. Please know that”, he said.

“Ok”, I agreed.

“But you and I both know that we are on other sides of the country, so a serious relationship would never work….and you are married, so it makes it difficult on the both of us. Y’know?”

“Yes, I know”, I replied.

But every time I thought of this man, he made me wet just thinking about him. I tried to fight my feelings and my desires. My heart was telling me no, but my vagina was saying something else.

“I don’t use women. I was not brought up to not hurt and use people. But I am not perfect either. I will be very honest with you Kelly. I want you. I want you bad. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to your husband and child. But I promise you, I would never intentionally hurt you.”

I replied, “I know. You tell me all the time. I know I may never hear from you again, and that bothers me. I am afraid of falling in love with you…that’s the thing, and that would be a disaster. I know my husband is supposed to fulfill my fantasies and desires, but I want you too, and I feel very selfish…and it’s not right…”

Before I could finish my sentence, quickly typed with an interruption: “I know how you feel. If you are concerned about those things, we shouldn’t be sexually involved then. I’d rather not do this, and of us gets hurt. I really like you, but I don’t want to hurt you either. But I promise you this…I will treat you like a lady, respect you in every way, and bring you into total ecstasy.”

Ecstasy? Mark made me quiver when he said that. I was afraid to ask him what he would do to me, but I just had to know. My vagina began to become wet again…just by thinking about it. So, I asked:

“Ecstasy? What would you do?” I asked.

“Anything you want me too”, he replied.


“Yes. Just say the word”.

“Be we are so far away”.

“I know!” he exclaimed. “But I can fix that”, he suggested.

“How?” I asked.

“I will send you a first class ticket to San Francisco. You can come whenever you want. Surprise me”.

By this point, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to tell Josh about me going to San Francisco. I knew I had to make up a lie…which I didn’t like to do. But I wanted him so badly. More than ever before. Finally, I told him: “Go ahead and send the ticket”.

“Ok” he answered. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure”.

“Ok, I will send one next week. You have about 3 months to use it before it expires. Just thinking about you getting on that plane to see me is making me so hard! I wish you could see me now. I wish you could touch me…feel me…put your mouth on me…”

I was getting so hot by him telling me this. And at the same time, I wondered if he was running game to get some pussy. There was only one way to find out, but I sensed gentleness about Mark…and he was super sensitive. I put my hand down into my soaked panties and felt my wetness. This was unreal, and the man hadn’t even touched me yet!

Before he could finish his sentence, I replied: “Don’t tease me…please. My pussy is so wet right now, and it aches just thinking about you. Mark…..I would let you do anything to me that you want me too. Except the anal stuff. Nothing goes up my ass. Sorry.”

“Ok. No worries”, he replied. “I wish I could be there with you now. I could come to Florida too you know? I just don’t want your husband to kill me. But Kelly, I do like you…a lot. You are a very sincere person. But, I do want to make love to you.”

I couldn’t bring myself to tell him I wanted the same thing, but I knew I wanted him bad. I begin to fantasize about us renting an expensive hotel here in downtown Orlando, and just making love for hours. I thought about him eating my pussy until I came (which has never happened to me before). I thought and wondered how he moved his hips when he made love, if he used protection, and if he would be gentle with me. I had to explain to him that I rarely have sex with my spouse (for unspecified reasons), and that my vagina was always tight.

His reply sent me into a loop: “It’s ok. I will be gentle with you. I promise. I will make sure I eat you out enough to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. That’s what my tongue is for. Kelly, I have always dreamed of making love to a black woman. You would be my first. If you ever change your mind and couldn’t go through with it…I’d understand. I would still like you anyway. You understand?”

I quickly typed, “Yes….and thanks you”.

“Can we talk on the phone for a minute before you go to bed?” he asked.

“Sure. Call me on my cell”, I answered.

I quickly signed of, grabbed my cell phone, and stepped outside, making sure not to wake my husband. About 5 minutes later, Mark called. I felt so relieved! His voice was strong and masculine…and I liked that. We discussed our potential rendezvous, and other issues as well. I felt so at home with this man and I have to keep from falling in love with him. He knew all the right words to say.

Before our conversation ended, he said the unspeakable.

“Kelly, I know this may sound a bit cliché, but…if your man won’t take care of you…I will. I will take care of you and your son”.

I was shocked and pissed at the same time. I mean, I am an independent woman, and didn’t need any man taking care of me! But, I knew he was serious. I didn’t reply to his statement, but just said: “Ok. Goodnight Mark. Dream about me”.

“Ditto”, he replied. And the conversation was over.

Our phone and online conversations concluded at their normal pace. 2 weeks later my boss came to me and told me that they are going to be opening up a new mortgage branch in California. I asked him what part of California, and he said “San Francisco”.

My heart nearly dropped! He then told me that he wanted me to go to San Fran for a few days to scope out new marketing and location potential. This would be the perfect opportunity to meet Mark! Yes! I agreed to go, and 1 week later, I was on a plane to San Francisco.

Chapter 2

I debated on whether or not I should meet Mark, as I knew I was a Christian woman….and married. Those thoughts flooded my mind. But sinful me kept thinking about Mark…and him being inside of me made me want to jump out the plane. I never told Mark I was in San Francisco. I decided to surprise him. On Saturday, we were online as usual, and I asked him what he was doing that day.

“Nothing”, he said. I have a free day.

“Well then reserve a time to be home around 2 pm”, I said.

“Why?” he questioned.

“Because I have to ask you something. PLEASE be home Mark. It’s important”.

He agreed and we ended our conversation. I took a nice warm shower, and put on some tight dark denim jeans, and a light blue cashmere sweater. I made sure that I “clipped” my pubic hair, as I knew us black women get a bit bushy sometimes. I applied a little makeup, sprayed my perfume packed a small vinyl back of clothes (which looked like a briefcase), called a cab, and was out the door. I decided to have the cabbie to take me to a wine store and pick up a bottle of Chianti. Mark and I both didn’t drink, but I decided to set the mood anyway.

As I pulled up to Mark’s house, I was in awe. He lived very well! He lived in a beautiful townhouse outside the Presidio. I paid the cabbie, and nervously went up to the door and rang the doorbell. I looked at my watch, “Shit” I thought. “Its only 1:45pm. I am early. I told him 2”. But it was too late. I could see a tall figure looking through the iced windows at the doorway.

It was Mark. He opened the door with a look of shock on his face, yet he smiled anyway.

“Kelly….what are you doing here?” he asked.

No hello, no nothing. I was a bit offended.

“Umm, I am on business. My boss sent me here. Hello. How are you?” I said sarcastically.

Mark quickly replied embarrassed: “Oh, I’m sorry. No, I am so glad you are here. You surprised me is all. Wow…you look great, come on in”. He then gave me a quick hug and kiss on the check, which kind of turned me on.

I was glad that he invited me in because it was very cold in San Fran. He took my coat and I followed him into the living room. “Nice house”, I thought. Mark looked so fine with what he had on. He had one a pair of dark blue Old Navy jeans, and a black v neck Old Navy sweater. I could still see his muscles through his sweater. He looked so gorgeous. “This white man is so fine”, I thought, trying to control myself. I gave him the bottle of wine, and he thanked me and put it on the kitchen counter.

We talked for about an hour, and then he offered to take me out. He then took me around the town and I did my work and took notes along the way for my boss. We had a great time. He showed me where the old military base was, and where Robin Williams lived! We ate, went to parks, museums…we did it all.

By 9:00, it was getting late and we headed back to his place. He kept asking me what I had in my bag, and I told him “paperwork”, completely lying. Once inside his home I took off my shoes and he told me to make myself comfortable. I sat on his couch and watched him as he lit candles throughout his home. He asked me if I wanted some wine, and I told him yes.

My eyes were fixated on him. I could not stop looking at him. Every time he would look at me, I would shyly look away, and I think that turned him on. He turned on some music (soft R & B to my surprised) and handed me a glass of wine.

He sat down next to me and just stared at me what seem like hours. There was an uncomfortable silent. I was extremely nervous. I couldn’t look him in the eye (though he has dark beautiful eyes), and I shyly kept looking away from him. We began to talk about this and that. After about 2 glasses of wine, I felt very relaxed. I asked him where the bathroom was and he showed me. I quickly freshened up (and everywhere else). I took off my bra and underwear and put them in my bag, but kept the rest if my clothes on, and returned to the living room.

I knew I wanted to make love to him that night. My body ached for him. When I returned to the living room he stood there in amazement. H looked at my full breasts and noticed that they moved a little “too freely” through my sweater… I could tell he was aroused. He asked me if I wanted to slow danced and I replied:

“Hell no. This isn’t Soul Train”.

We both laughed nervously, and he asked me to “come here”. I did without hesitation, and he begin to hold me close. I could feel his stiff erection through those Old Navy jeans, and it felt soooo good. He worked his hands through my hair, and laid me on the couch.

I was so horny, that I almost begged him to fuck me and get it over with, but I knew we both wanted to take our time and enjoy it. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about my husband, my son, and what the church (not to mention God) would think. The overflow of passion rushed to my brain and interrupted my thought. My head began to pound…my pussy was very wet by this point, and I was on fire.

Mark then lay on top of me and we lightly kissed.

“We can stop anytime you want to”, he said.

Wow! He was such a gentleman. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted him inside me now.

“Ok”, I agreed.

We stared at each other for a few seconds and he said:

“Kelly, you are so beautiful to me. I am serious. You are gorgeous. I love everything about you. I mean that. What would you like me to do?” he asked.

I was speechless at this point. Finally I said, “Well, I…”

Before I could get the words out, he slipped his tongue in my mouth and we began passionate French kissing. He tasted so good. I could hear soft moans coming from him and he kissed each other. His cock was so hard. My goodness. He began grinding on me slowly and I followed with slow movement from my hips. My pussy was so wet that each time he would grind on me; I felt it almost run down my leg.

“Are you wet now?” Mark asked.

“Yes…very”, I replied.

“Good”, he said.

Without hesitation, he unbuttoned my jeans, and took them off. I almost fell off the couch when he saw I had no panties on. He smiled a huge grin, and then propped my right leg up on the couch. He then inserted 2 fingers into my moist vagina.

“Ouch” I softly exclaimed.

“Kelly, your pussy is so tight…and wet. I love it”, he said.

And he did it. Mark put his head between my legs and began eating my pussy. I let out a short gasp, and arched my back. “This white man knows what he is doing”, I thought.

He would slowly put his tongue in and out my slit and would suck gently on my clit. He was rubbing his entire face in my pussy, and kept licking, sucking, and drinking my juices. I was on hellfire. This shit felt so good too me. He began to speed up his pace a bit. I started moaning and softly calling out: “Mark that feels soooooo goooooodd. What are you doing to me.?”

Mark ignored my question and continued to eat my pussy. By this point, I was gripping on the couch as tight as I could. I felt the blood rush to my head and my vagina. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

Chapter 3

Mark then looked up at me, smiled and said, “You taste so damn good, girl. I never knew black pussy was this good. I’m serious.” We both laughed.

Mark then took off my sweater and exposed my naked breasts. I slowly took off his sweater, and worked my way to his jeans, and took those off too. Now, we were both naked. I looked at his stiff cock and was very excited at how hard it was. We stood up and he took me to his well furnished bedroom. He took out a condom from is drawer and placed it on the nightstand.

Mark then looked into my eyes and said: “Kelly, you look so damn beautiful. I’m not just saying that either.”

“Thank you”, I shyly replied. I then got on my knees and put his full erect penis in my mouth. It felt so good against my tongue. I began gently licking and kissing it whilst stroking it too. He began to moan and gently touch my hair. I began to speed up the paced as he yelled out: “Oh yeah baby…just like that…that feels so good.”

I stopped after about 2 minutes, and he stood me up and laid me on his bed. My body was in a completely frenzy, but I remained calm, while heavily breathing. He began kissing my ear lobes, my neck, and my breasts. He sucked on my nipples until they were sore. My body began to move and I began to let out moans, and sighs. My pussy was throbbing very hard now. I wanted Mark inside of me, but I just let him to his job.

He ate my pussy a little more, and then grabbed the condom on the nightstand. He asked me if I want to put it on, and I told him no. He took it out of the package and gently put it on his erect penis. Man, the veins on his penis popped out like chicken wire. I was completely nervous, but felt comfortable around him. He slowly opened my legs, and positioned himself between them. He put the head of his penis in my already quivering wet vagina. I flinched a bit in pain

I asked, “Will you please take it slow?”

He replied, “Sure baby, of course”.

My pussy was very tight. He ever so slowly glided his penis into my vagina (which was very wet), and began moving in soft gentle strokes. It hurt for a moment, but I was so wet, that it made it a lot easier for insertion. I ignored the pain and he began gently moving his pelvis. I wrapped my legs around his back, and begin to move my hips along with his.

H continued to kiss me all over while gently thrusting in and out of my vagina. Man, he was so good! He would thrust in and out at a different pace while I tried to keep up. He then grabbed both of my legs and put them over his shoulders and began to pound the crap out of my pussy. It felt so damn good!!! I began to wildly gyrate my hips in circular motions as Mark continued at his pace.

We were both moan and grunting in ecstasy. I loved every moment of this. I straddled him and begin to ride his stiff dick. I would move in circular and back and forth motions. It kind of hurt, but of course I ignored the pain.

He gently put me on all fours with my ass in the air and began to fuck me from behind….doggy style. He was hitting my G-Spot, and I tried to keep from coming. Pound after pound, shocks went through my body like lightning. Mark was doing everything so right!

He put me back in missionary position, and began to fuck the hell out my pussy. He would call out my name several times, and I would call out his. With a few more strokes, I yelled, “Mark, I am going to come”.

He replied, “Me too. Hold on baby.”

With 3 final deep strokes of his pelvis, we both climaxed, and all I could hear was ringing in my ears. I yelled out, “Shit…that feels so good”. I clinched my vaginal walls around his stiff penis and dug my nails into his back…making him bleed!

He flinched a bit in pain, and after our orgasm, he just laid there on top of me…both of us sweating and barely breathing.

This white man tore my shit up. He was everything I thought he would be. Mark then looked into my eyes, while stroking my hair and said, “That was the best sex I have ever had. You sisters sure know how to work it”.

I had to laugh at that one. He asked if I was ok, and I told him yes. We cleaned up and laid there in bed still naked, holding one another and fell asleep.

Walmart BBW Tale

“You’re not at all what I expected,” Steele said to Alexandra, and the tall, plump, blonde-haired young Caucasian woman smiled, causing her sky-blue eyes to sparkle. Not for the first time, Steele noticed that Alexandra had a nice smile, and it seemed genuine. Walmart was one hell of a place, full of backstabbing and treachery underneath the veneer of friendliness and customer service.

For the past year or so, Steele had been working at Walmart as part of the security team. The place was certainly complex, to say the least. Mean managers, passive-aggressive employees, tons of backstabbing and treachery. Oh, and a ton of rude clients, especially at this Walmart, which was located in a moneyed area of the Canadian Capital. Steele tried his best not to let the bozos get to him, but he was only human…

“Those rude customers had no right to speak to you this way, just because you’re security doesn’t mean you should put up with their bullshit, trust me, I’m a CSM, I know,” Alexandra retorted, somewhat haughtily, and Steele smiled and nodded. He was about to reply when he saw Moll, the tall, burly assistant manager coming their way, and he wished Alexandra a good day, and returned to his post at the door.

“Thanks again, and enjoy your break,” Steele said, and Alexandra smiled and walked away, looking oh-so damn lovely in that dark, flowery summer dress that she had on. Steele resumed his post, and a white family exiting the store looked him up and down. He knew what they saw. A big and tall young black man in a security uniform, definitely something out of the ordinary as far as white folks in the Canadian Capital were concerned.

“May I see your receipt, please?” Steele said, and the family patriarch, a balding middle-aged white guy, paused and stared at him, seemingly angry. Steele locked eyes with the dude, and after a brief moment, he parked his cart and pulled the receipt out of his pocket. Steele read the receipt…slowly, and then handed it back to the old white dude, who left with his wife and daughter in tow.

“I saw what you did there,” Alexandra said, smiling, as she walked back into the store, and Steele blinked, a bit surprised to see her back so soon. Alexandra grinned, flashing that fearless smile of hers, and Steele returned her smile. Usually, when facing the unexpected, the young Black man kept his face carefully blank. If you let them get to you, you’re done…

“Ma’am, I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about,” Steele said casually, and Alexandra rolled her eyes. She could sense that Steele was not like the others. Walmart attracted a ton of short-term employees who couldn’t handle its tricky, weird way of doing things. Cashiers, backroom workers, customer service personnel, they all just came and went. Steele on the other hand had stuck around for over a year…

“Steele, don’t play coy with me, that middle-aged dude looked at you funny and that’s why you stopped him,” Alexandra said with a wry grin, and Steele smiled and shrugged. Damn, this Alexandra gal was definitely not like the others. In Steele’s experience, most people working in retail were dull, boring, insecure and mean, but not particularly smart or remarkable. He’d seen enough of them betray each other for petty reasons to learn never to trust them.

“Alright, that guy has given me a hard time recently, told me I didn’t have a real job and that I ought to go back to Africa, I remembered his bullshit, and I wanted to stop him, just because,” Steele said, his ire rising, and Alexandra smiled, not with sympathy but with empathy. Gently she touched his arm, a gesture which surprised the hell out of Steele. What game was Alexandra playing?

“I just wanted to let you know, I know how you feel,” Alexandra said, and then she walked away, and practically sashayed that big butt of hers in that flowery dark summer dress. If Steele had a weakness, it was a cute, curvy gal with a big butt but he tended to avoid the white ones because they were quite often too much trouble. Way too much trouble for a brother just trying to earn a few bucks to complete his final year at Canada’s Capital University.

Canada’s Capital region is full of immigrants, especially from places like Africa, Asia, the Arab world and Latin America. Officially, multiculturalism was the order of the day. Unofficially, a lot of white Canadians resented the fact that their world was changing and distrusted newcomers, especially the ones hailing from outside European nations, and there was a lot of xenophobia. Of course, one had to really be careful in order to see it, and recognize it for what it is.

Canadian xenophobia is often hidden behind a fake smile, a veneer of politeness and a ton of passive aggression and social micro-aggressions. It’s not as blatant as, say American xenophobia, as embodied by Donald Trump. In Canada, white guys who date Asian women and Black women quite often hate minorities and vote Conservative, in order to keep out said minorities. And the same white gal one sees date minority men can turn around and say racist things about minorities while in all-white company. Surprised? Don’t be. Welcome to Canada. At least, that was Steele’s experience.

“You’re full of surprises, good to meet you,” Steele said to Alexandra, a few hours later, as she exited the store for good. The young woman paused, a coy smile on her face, and then she pulled out her cell phone for some reason. Steele’s heart skipped a beat, for he knew what this meant. Ida, the tall, Russian-looking customer service manager stood in the distance, glaring at him and Alexandra as they spoke. Steele’s eyes were focused on the pretty, mysterious young woman standing in front of him, and NOT the customers…

“Let’s keep in touch, I think you might need a witness if those bozos decide to file a complaint,” Alexandra said, and a smiling Steele dictated his number to her, and the young woman punched them into her cell phone. With a wink and smile, Alexandra wished Steele a good day and walked away. A wry grin spread across Steele’s dark, handsome face as Alexandra walked away. What a woman, he thought.

“Stop grinning like a psycho and focus on the job, you have to stop people exiting the store with big items and ask to see their receipts,” Ida said, her dark eyes narrowed like dark marbles, her lip curled in distaste. Steele looked at the manager, and shrugged, then nodded. Part of him wanted to tell the tall Russian bitch to shove it, but Steele held his tongue.

“I know how to do the job,” Steele said, and then, without waiting for Ida’s reply, he stopped a skinny, red-haired young white dude who was exiting the store with a microwave. The guy looked annoyed when Steele asked him for a receipt, and then pulled it out of his pocket. Steele looked at the receipt, well aware of Ida standing nearby, hovering like a bird of prey, only deadlier since she was one of the store’s customer service managers.

“Have a good day,” Steele said to the young white dude as he gave him his receipt. The young white dude walked away, shaking his head. Seemingly satisfied, Ida walked away as well. The next customer, an old black lady with a cane, produced her receipt for the oranges she bought, but Steele waved her through without checking it. Small items, he told himself, and smiled. The old black lady smiled at him and exited the store without incident. Steele’s cell phone buzzed and he looked around, saw no managers nearby, and pulled it out.

“Save the number, handsome, and try to loosen up a little,” read the text message from Alexandra, and Steele smiled and saved the number, then sent her a smiley face. Working eight hour shifts on his feet at the Walmart entrance was definitely not easy, but Steele felt better all of a sudden. It was five o’clock and he had six hours to go. Another family came to the door with a cart full of stuff. A chubby brat with his father, who looked Jamaican, and his mother, who was white. Interesting, Steele thought.

“Have a nice day,” Steele said, smiling at the Jamaican man who walked out of Walmart with his blonde-haired white wife and their mixed-race son. The tall, well-dressed and dreadlocked brother nodded at the security guard, and Steele returned the nod. Another group of people came to the door, a trio of young white guys, who looked in the direction of the departing interracial family with disgust on their faces.

“Gentlemen, may I see your receipts, please?” Steele asked, much to their consternation. Slowly, painfully, Steele checked all of their receipts and sent them on their way. They weren’t happy about being checked. Typically, security people overlook white customers and practice racial profiling by mainly checking minority customers. A firm believer in justice and fairness, Steele checked customers of all shades, including the almighty white males. Smiling, he got through his work day and told himself he’d call the lovely Alexandra tomorrow. That dame had a butt Steele wanted to bite…

Virgin’s Paradise

It had been a month since my husband went to the Middle East. He was an incorrigible workaholic and the only time we ever had physical intimacy was on the night of my marriage. The whole thing was like a paper tickling my pussy. He was a virgin. You’d think, for a virgin, he’d at least be enthused to do the whole thing. Turns out he just wanted to get out with it. And he did, literally. In 2 minutes. Two. Freaking. Minutes. I knew my marriage was over. He flew off to Riyadh the next week. Although he never put it verbally, I knew all he wanted was to be promoted to the “Manager” position. Sometimes, I pity him for being such an asexual being. The only time he talked to me was the small talk he made before his folks. “Take care of yourself.” Yeah, I’ll take care of myself, asshole! I’ve been doing it for at least 15 years now.

Honestly, I’d been banged better. My ex-boyfriend Justin Bharath was a stud-stallion. He’d just fuck the shit out of me. Well, he wasn’t so much of a boyfriend, though he teased the whole idea of having a relationship with me for quite some time. I’d as well say I was the glue holding us together, because the guy just couldn’t keep his pants on. Not too much of his fault either. He was one of those incorrigible fucking machines. He was very upfront about it when we started on this “relationship” journey, but you couldn’t blame me for trying. Now, more than ever, I feel I should have married him. But that’s just a whole daydream, considering all the horrendous bullshit we’d have to go through in our families. I was a Brahmin girl and he was a non-practicing Protestant. There you go. The word “non-practicing” is good enough for my family to win their debate.

Though I entered my college as a timid freshman, at the end of my first day I was tired of having many boys ogle at me. Not at my face. I was fairly proud of my big, soft mounds of 32D bosom I was endowed with. And I was not wearing conservative clothes. Tank tops and a pair of jeans had put my curvilinear form on show. I was 5’6″, decently tall and had the fair, clear flawless skin of a refined young woman. Nevertheless, I didn’t have any difficulty coping with the spectators because the boys looked at almost every girl in the college like a pack of rabid wolves ready to lunge on their prey, but were restrained by a leash. I’ve never dressed conservatively since 15. I never felt comfortable in conservative clothing. Don’t get me started on the double standard in women’s “dress code”.

On the fifth day of college, for our Mechanical Workshop practice, we had the senior guys demonstrating and helping us out on our carpentry chores. Why women had to do workshop practice is a whole other debate, but my life took a different turn on that day. I was assigned Vinoth, who happens to be Justin’s friend (just like every other jock in the department, considering the department was very small, with about 20-25 students, all male. Hypersexual, aggressive and sporting tough masculine faces).

They were all alike: Vinoth, Bala, Karthi, Michael and Justin. All third-years. This was the clique anyway – the tight-knit group which knew of all of their combined exploits. Other guys were friendly with this clique, but they exercised their preset limits.

On the other end of the long worktable, stood the muscular, firm frame of the “Man of the College”. The first impression one would get on seeing him was completely obvious: rude, foul-mouthed, drunken reveler who had sex romps for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was already aware of his exploits from our bathroom gossip. Turns out, I was half-right.

He had banged the whole college. Freshmen girls, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and the faculty (only the attractive ones, though). He had the reputation of doing every virgin girl as soon as one joined the college. Kind of like taking the label off the girl and planting his flag. Pun intended. He was a beastly machine. All he ever did was fuck. Needless to say, he was a mechanical engineering student.

Some boys were very jealous of him. It was usually the nerdy guys, like my husband. He was a shot put champion and won every major athletic event in college. He wasn’t a fitness freak, as in he never tried too hard. He was a natural jock. He was not so bright in his studies, but he wasn’t dumb like “Flash” Thompson from Spider-Man. He was an average student. He was an able jock who handles the grades and women well.

6’2″, having the complexion of a dark chocolate, and built like a linebacker, he cut an intimidating figure as he walked the college hallways. The circumference of his upper arm was roughly the same as the circumference of my neck. I wondered which girl, let alone the outside world, had the stamina to match his prowess, which was evident from the moment I saw him. For a moment, I pitied them as I visualized them writhing and convulsing in pleasure and pain as he plunged his manhood into their clits. A tinge of jealousy tried to surmount my pity.

I’d wonder how never got tired of doing the same thing again and again. Physically, it’s possible for a guy like him to bang three times a day and keep his libido alive till 45 or 50, but I never understood how he never got bored. The difference, I heard, between him and the other douchebags that rape women is he never forces anyone. He seduces them (with his eyes of course!) and he waits till they’re receptive of his endeavor. He never pursues a girl unless she shows an interest in him. There has never been a complaint of harassment against him. (Although the girls complained of sore pussies and weak legs to each other.) Sex with Justin was like a rite of passage for all the girls in the college. You get better in sexual life after that. Even his friends’ girlfriends were initiated by him before they went on to become their girlfriends. I know I am overly descriptive of him, but he really was the sensational guy in college.

Vinoth snapped me out of my reverie, saying “Hello!” in a singsong, but nonetheless macho voice.

“Shall we get started?” he said.

“Of course, I was just..”

“I know, even the professors couldn’t take their eyes off him.” he finished.

“Listen, don’t presume to know or tell what I am thinking.” I snapped.

“I’ve heard that a lot before. The next thing that’ll happen is you losing your virginity to him. Tonight or tomorrow.” he said. “Oh, Justin. Yeahhhh, fuck me hard”, he feigned a female voice.

“What if I’m not a virgin?” I retorted.

“PUH-leezz. Your face screams ‘Bang me! I’m a virgin’. He likes his muffins fresh. He holds the record of planting his flagpole on all first-years around here, almost all of them virgins. He’d do you even if you’re not a virgin.” he said and sniggered, gesturing ‘big boobs’ with his hands.

“You are disgusting! And so is your friend.” I said, contempt rising in my voice and face.

“Thanks!” his eyes twinkled. “You need to hoist those trunks on the table so I can drill the hole.”

“Will you stop it with the gestures and innuendos?”

“I mean the trunks of wood”, he pointed to the large fresh piece of wood that lay on the end of the table.


I was a bit embarrassed. No wonder these guys get laid every day.

“I’m Vinoth, by the way.”


“Cute name.”

“Thanks,” I said without any expression.

I was eyeing Justin the whole period; now that Vinoth already knew, I kind of felt uninhibited. Not once, was this reciprocated. He was busy with Neha showing her the marvels of carpentry. They had a few laughs and his voice fell like a thud in a room filled with sounds of grating and chopping of wood.

The bell tolled and we all dashed out like school children relieved to end the school day. I could see Neha flirting with Justin, but he didn’t look very interested in her. He was non-committal and barely responsive. As soon as I walked past him, he sneaked a quick glance at me. When I caught him looking, he waved and smiled at me as if he had known me for long. I feigned a grimace and scuttled to the entrance of my dormitory.

That night, before I went to bed I received a text from an unidentified sender. “Hey there.”

I ignored the call that came almost immediately from the same number.

A text followed, “Meet me tomorrow at the cafeteria at 4. – Justin Bharath”.

Of course, he got my number. I knew that second I was gonna be one of his “scores”. I felt a confusion of feelings. Horny, afraid and helpless. Not in that order, though. One way or the other, I knew I’m gonna say goodbye to my virginity. I didn’t know what to reply. I threw my phone on the nightstand and went to bed.

It was at 3 pm that I finally made up my mind to go ahead and meet him. I might as well tell him I’m not that easy. But God, how wrong was I.

I felt a surge of desire as I saw him in the cafeteria, slurping his Redbull, his eyes instantly spotting me as I went inside.

He surprisingly, brusquely approached the subject without any awkwardness. This man was the embodiment of smug self-confidence. No pleasantries. No “Do you want something to eat or drink?”.

“Listen, Vanshika. I knew you were looking at me and longing to be my partner in the workshop class yesterday. So I’ll say it upfront: I’ve never fucked a cute Brahmin girl before. I wanna bang you hard till I rip that cute little pussy of yours.” His voice matched his macho, rough, rugged physique. He oozed an attitude that screamed “I’m the best banger around here”.

“Will you keep it down? This isn’t your dorm room.” I sneered at him, panicking and looking around.

“Don’t worry. This is just a proposition. It’s entirely up to you.” he said, matter-of-factly.

“Don’t you ever think of anything else? I’ve heard about your reputation here. I’m not your fuck-and-forget whore. Besides, how do you conclude I longed for you?” I said, trying my best.

“Well, are you now?”

Yes. I am longing. I wonder what musky odor he emanates from his body. I couldn’t help it.

“No!” I scoff and lie.

“Either your lips are lying or your eyes are telling the truth.”

“Where do you get these clichéd pick-up lines? You watch too many movies.”

“Yeah. You need to see my porn collection. I’ve tried each and every one of those roleplays.”

I faltered.

“My offer stands. Meet me at 8 pm tomorrow night after gym class. We’ll drive to the Happy Gorilla Inn. Oh, and by the way, cute name, Vanshika.”

I grimaced and scurried to leave.

Great. Gym class. This guy had made his mind on fucking me after a vigorous workout.

Happy Gorilla was the unofficial name of the local fuckhouse owned by the gym trainer. He disguised it as a motel where students can “study” in groups. No wonder Justin got a free pass every time he went there. No charges.

I knew I’d give in to my desire someday. But I didn’t plan on it this soon. “Tomorrow night” was looming and it was very soon. I was OK with him taking off my virginity. But I was mentally unprepared.

I spent the night with disturbed sleep. I sent him a text: “Don’t forget to buy condoms”.

He texted back: “So you ARE coming.”

“I’m not sure. I want you to buy condoms, just in case I do come.”

“I don’t do condoms, babe. It’s not my style.”.


“Are you kidding me? Screw your style. I don’t wanna be pregnant! I am so not coming if you don’t get condoms. No compromise.”

“Chill. I’ve got some morning-after pills for you. Don’t worry.”

I never knew that morning-after pills made their way into the college sex life. Condoms were still the norm. It looked like I had dodged a bullet. But I vacillated.

“Good night. Bang you tomorrow. LOL :)” he texted.

I hated the gut of that son-of-a-bitch. How could he be so frivolous? The answer presented itself. He had banged so many girls, this was never a problem for him. Besides, it’s easy for a guy to say “Don’t worry”. I considered for a moment. This would be a big step for me.

I’ve watched loads of porn: hardcore, soft-core, roleplay, whatever. I’ve fantasized loads. I’ve come loads. But this would be the first time a man would invade my femininity. A frisson of erotic excitement made its way from my stomach to my throat. I quivered with sexual desire and forced myself half-heartedly to sleep, questions arising in my mind like hundreds of balloons launched up in the air.

I didn’t see him on campus the next day. I returned to my dorm and hit the shower. I had put some makeup on and I dolled myself. I threw on a beige satin nightwear and added an overcoat to disguise my sheer outfit. At 7:30, I received a text: “Waiting for you. Gym entrance.” I didn’t text him back.

It was a sultry night with unrelenting humidity, but fortunately I don’t sweat very much. I walked my way to the gym and the road lamps had illuminated the whole ground surrounding the gym. At the entrance, I saw three hooded figures. He was standing there bumming his cigarette with Vinoth and Michael. They were all completely drenched with sweat from the workout and their t-shirts had turned a darker shade of their original color. He watched me coming toward them with faltering, slow steps and he waved. He gestured with his fingers: “Come on.”

I didn’t know his friends would be there. This added tremendously to the awkwardness. What a jerk!

Vinoth sported an I-told-you-so look on his face as I approached them. He stood there basking in his trivial victory. Michael looked dazed and uncomfortable. I stopped near where they stood.

“So, where are you guys off to? The movies? Beach?” teased Vinoth. Michael let out a snigger, vainly trying to suppress it.

Yeah right. The beach. A bunch of unadulterated jerks.

“Dude, cut it out. She’s embarrassed” said Justin.

“I’m not embarrassed” I retorted.

“I thought you said you were thinking about this” said Justin.

Now I am embarrassed. How dare he?

“I knew you’d say this. God, you’re so predictable.” I said, unfazed.

“Hmm. You have a smart mouth. Will it be of good use tonight?” countered Vinoth and he chuckled with Michael.

Before I could think of what to say, Justin threw a sharp, cutting look at Vinoth which silenced them both.

“Don’t mind them. Let’s go. Hop on.” he said, as climbed on his Yamaha Fazer and started the kick started the vehicle. He motioned for me to climb and I hopped on.

He gave Vinoth and Michael a few directions (man talk!) and bid them bye.

They shouted and cheered, like fans encouraging a football player to score a goal.

“Call me tomorrow morning, Justin” said Vinoth. He gestured a “call-me” with his hands and sniggered, winking at me.

We left the ground and Justin dashed past the buildings in his Fazer, leading us out of the campus.

“Am I riding too fast?” he shouted as the rowdy winds muffled his voice.

“No, it’s fine.” I said.


“It’s fine” I shouted.

“Don’t mind them. They forgot they were in the presence of a girl. That’s the kind of talk you hear in our dorm rooms.”

“Yeah, no kidding.”

It was a very short ride. We were at the Happy Gorilla Inn in 2 minutes.

At the lobby, Justin collected his key from Gautam, the gym trainer who owned the place.

He eyed me for a while and eyed Justin immediately. He was subtle and smiled at Justin, comprehending the whole situation. He handed the keys, saying “Have fun!”.

We entered the dingy motel room which surprisingly had a neat cot with a clean double bed, and clean white sheets. The room reeked of dampness and humidity.

I stood near the corner of a wall as Justin gulped a glass of water. There was no light in the room, except for a small table lamp which was half-dead.

He walked toward me slowly, his eyes gleaming with lust. The tension was tangible. At least for me. My heart was pacing rapidly and I felt a rush of apprehension and stimulation.

He removed his t-shirt to reveal his sculpted masculine physique gleaming in the dim light. His body emanated a mixture of musky fragrance and sweat. Even though he had worked out, there was not a trace of foul odor. The masculine smell filled the room and the Chanel N5 that I wore was dwarfed to the level of non-existence.

Drops of fresh sweat made their way from his pecs to his flat stomach. He wore a silver-colored chain with a Cross pendant around his neck. His upper arms, now in full naked view, were intimidatingly large. I suddenly realized why all the girls wanted to sleep with him. You could never say no to such masculinity. He was a black Greek god.

He threw his drenched t-shirt on the floor and stood very close to me. There was only an inch of separation between us. My face was aligned to his chest area immediately below his neck. He slowly tilted my face upward and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I let out a gasp and shuddered.

I smiled with great difficulty as he withdrew his raw, rough lips from their soft counterparts. He didn’t smile. He unbuttoned by coat jacket and threw it over his t-shirt. He took his time to take in the view of my body shape. He imbibed it with earnestness and put his rough man-hands on my rising mounds over my sheer night-gown. He started to caress my breasts in a circular fashion and I started to moan lightly.

Just then, he whispered into my ears, “I’m not usually this gentle, you know. I don’t do much foreplay. I slurp on boobs, get some head and then I fuck the shit outta the girl. But with you, I feel like having soft fun for some time and then gradually show how rough I can be. I want this to be special for both of us.”

These words came as smooth as butter. It looked like he had rehearsed it before, but there was the uncanny sense of candor in his speech. He had really given some thought about this. I was relieved to be treated specially.

He unhooked my night gown and my breasts fell free as they heaved. He eyed them for a moment and commented, “Hell yeah! That’s how I like it bitch! Big, white and perky.” He played ball with my boobs by shaking each one in opposite directions.

He began to squeeze my breasts slowly and then doubled the speed. His black beastly hand mashed my soft spongy right boob, as he started to push his rabid lips on the left boob. His tongue made its way through my mouth, swaying and pushing mine from right toward the left. He was French-kissing me as he pinched my nipples hard. My supple breasts suddenly turned rock-hard with stimulation.

As they hardened even more, he put his mouth on my left breast and sucked it hard. His trimmed mustache and stubbly beard tickled my breast and I began to moan softly. I wrapped my hands around his slippery, sweaty back of his neck as he feasted on my left bosom, then right. He took turns changing from one breast to another. He increased his pace and sucked my large round mounds very hard and bit them with his teeth. He knew how to do it without inflicting pain.

He couldn’t resist opening the zipper on his pants. He threw off his pants and slid his boxer briefs off for the ultimate revelation: the humongous snake of his nether region. I let out an audible gasp and he laughed it off, in an I-get-that-a-lot kinda way. This guy had it all. And his sexual appetite is insatiable. That much was given.

His dark, 9 inch black cut cock stood fully erect. It was not like one of his organs. It looked like it had its own life, own food and own mind. The glans glistened with shiny pre-cum. That’s the start of a whole new side of Justin.

He grabbed the back of my head by my ponytail and motioned my head and mouth to his monstrous shaft. I didn’t open my mouth. He teased my lips with his glans and smeared the pre-cum on my lips. I reluctantly opened my mouth and that was all I did. He shoved his 9 incher into my mouth and swayed his hips back and forth. He didn’t give me time to adjust to his dick. In fact I’ve never sucked before. I tried to hold my grip on his upper thighs as he fucked my mouth, but my hands kept slipping with the sweat on his body. He was only half inside my mouth when he began to squeeze my ponytail and slid his dick even farther in. As his thrusts became violently rapid, I began to choke on his dick and struggled for breath. I forcefully removed my mouth from his dick and begged him to stop for a minute. He was impatient and resumed his ramming in 30 seconds. I continued to slurp his dick like the common slut. My sexual self was in full control. His head was tilted upward facing the ceiling as swung my head back and forth by grabbing my ponytail. He was biting his teeth hard from the sudden increase in his libido and began expressing it in the sexual vernacular.

“That’s right, bitch. Suck that big black dick hard. Suck it hard and nice.”

“You fuckin’ slut, do you like it? Huh? Do you like it?”

“Take that, bitch! Come on. Suck it nice and hard. Oooooooohhhh hell yeah.”

Great. Standard porn vernacular. But you can’t blame the guy for using it. When he continued uttering the phrases, I started to leak in my pussy. It was surreal, horny and exciting. I had only seen this on my laptop before. Now, I’m living it.

He kept ramming his dick in my mouth for around 35 to 40 minutes. My mouth ached and this weird taste on my mouth did not make it any better. But the rest of my body felt differently. The worst part is, he didn’t even ask me if he can come in my mouth. His ramming was so vigorous that he forgot

“I’m gonna come in your fucking mouth, bitch!”, he warned.

“Ohhh yeahh. Ohh yeahhh. Aaaahhh. Hell yeahh.. Fuckk yeaah..”.

And the next second, a very warm, thick, pasty liquid filled the section from my throat to the middle of my tongue. It was a tad salty and bitter, probably from all his smoking. He kept coming for 10 seconds. This guy produces the ejaculate of three guys in one go. He withdrew his dick slowly, moaning and breathing heavily.

My impulse forced me to spit it all out, but it was one of those moments where your mouth betrays you. In an attempt to spit it out, I adjusted my throat and it all went in. I could feel the thick man seed trickling down my foodpipe. Damn. But I felt like a good slut. The slutty side of me was definitely in charge and owned me whenever Justin was around. I washed down the trickling semen with some water.

He lifted me in his hands and placed me on the bed, his body dripping with lines and lines of sweat dribbling down his abs.

“Ok. Now for the real thing! Spread those legs, bitch.” his eyes glimmered with lust. It had only been 2 minutes since he came.

This guy is fucking unbelievable. I wasn’t ready for the “real thing” yet.

“What? Are you kidding me? You need to slow down. I’m still reeling from that weird taste in my mouth.”

“I’m the one who should be exhausted, having come once. But I can come thrice in an hour without exerting myself. I know from your eyes that you had fun. Now spread ’em.”

Oh yes. He brags. A lot. Just like every able jock.

He abruptly scampered across the room and fished a pack of Players cigarettes from his wallet. Every damn thing he owns and does screams STUD. He drew out one cigarette, pushed it into his mouth and lit it.

“I can’t keep up to your speed. You do know that I’m a virgin, right?” I said.

“Of course.” he said, removing the cigarette from his mouth and puffing out a large cloud of smoke. “I knew it from the look on your face on the first day. Vinoth confirmed it.” he said laughed his smug laugh.

The smug prick. I was not in the mood to rebut. He sure does have the equipment to gratify the endless array of virgins and experienced women alike.

He continued, “And you know what else? There is nothing amazing like deflowering a virgin. I like the fresh, untouched smell of the pussy. I like inaugurating a virgin hole more than anything. I couldn’t take my mind off you. I wanted to do you the moment I saw you.”

Weirdly, I could relate to these words, though I didn’t express them verbally. Guys blurt out everything.

“Did you know that I kept looking at you at the carpentry workshop? I sneaked a peek every time you turned your glance from me.”

“I didn’t know you made small talk.” I said quickly.

“I’m just letting you warm up.” he said. “Lube or dry?”


It took a moment to sink in. Dry humping scared the shit out of me. Its gonna be painful with this big a cock as it is. I definitely didn’t wanna take chances on dry. Besides, with the speed he banged my mouth, I decided there was no way this bastard was gonna go slow. I won’t be able to walk for a few days. He flicked the half-spent cigarette stub onto the trash can. The room was now filled with an intoxicating waft of his sweat, his musky deodorant, my Chanel N5 and the cigarette smoke.

“Lube! Of course.” I shouted. I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Cool. I gotta warn you though, babe. I can’t go slow on you. That’s not my style. Nor my dick’s. So you’re in for some rough pounding ahead.”


“Whatever happened to ‘With you, I wanna take it soft and slow?’ ” I snapped.

“Seriously, you’ve gotta learn a lot. All that talk was to get you in the mood. You’re perfect for some very hard pounding. It’s been a week since I banged. I’ve been saving it all for you. There’s no way I’m letting all that pent-up energy go waste. I like it fast. And soft is for sissies. Tell you what: I’m gonna slide my dick in that pussy of yours slowly for the first 10 seconds. How does that sound?”

Slick bastard. I am so gonna be dead.

I considered what to say. There is no way I can talk him out of his passion for speed. I grabbed the best deal.

“Ok..” I said, half-feigning reluctance. “You do know that you used ‘Am I riding too fast?’ at the wrong time, don’t you?”

He smoothed the back of his head with his right hand, sporting the expression and smile of a kid that gets caught stealing from a jar of cookies.

“I know. I never use such phrases when I fuck. Kind of a huge turn-off.”

His dick was completely erect now. I slid my panties across my knees and removed them. Bye bye panties. I’m gonna miss you for some time. I took the Vaseline from my purse and rubbed it on my vulva and fingered in a circular motion for a minute till it loosened a bit.

“Daaaaammmn. Look at that fresh hot pussy. I’m gonna have some real fun tonight.” he said, rubbing his dick back and forth. That meant he’s gonna tear it apart.

“Yeah, wet that pussy real nice. Fuck.”

I lay myself on the bed and continued fingering my pussy.

“Spread those legs. I’m comin’ in.” he said. His voice quivered a little with his riled up desire. He spit out some saliva and smeared his cock with it.

He clambered on the bed and it made a creaking sound as it struggled to withstand his weight.

“The cot’s probably gonna break tonight. I’m gonna have to pay Gautam or he won’t let me have my free pass.” he joked.

It wasn’t a joke to me. I was afraid it would really happen.

His thighs were as sturdy as a hard metal and his long pole held its head high in all its glory as it approached the entrance of my femininity. The thick black pole was in stark contrast to my off-white complexion. He teased my vulva with his glans for a few seconds and began to slide his meaty monster into my pussy, holding my legs in the air with his hands in a “V”.

“Ffffuckkk”. I emitted a high-pitched cry of pain as his dick stretched my tight hole, fighting its way to the dark nether worlds of my femininity. My eyes erupted with fresh drops of tear as I bit my teeth in the pleasurably painful preamble to my sexual inauguration. Tingles erupted all over my erogenous zones and I started to breathe rapidly. My cry turned him on even more and he began to push his cock inward my virgin(?!) pussy in a long, slow push. I continued to wail in pleasure and pain as he made forward thrusts into my vagina.

As his dick went halfway through, my pussy could not manage the stretch and I put my hand on his sweaty chest, signaling him to stop. His throbbing, thick pole felt very warm in my pulsating pussy.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll take it slow.”

Yeah right! What is this guy’s definition of slow?

I applied more lube onto my pussy and on his dick. He resumed his thrusting, making a big, long push into my pussy. He timed the gap between each thrust to 2 seconds. The pre-ejaculate on his dick fused with the lube on my pussy and formed a gel His drenched palms struggled to hold my soft legs as they slipped from his grip. My slutty side won again as I wanted him to fuck me like he’d never fucked anyone before. I started moaning wildly as he pounded me harder, rougher and faster.

He was profusely sweating with all the anticipation and sexual energy waiting to burst out. The cross pendant on his neck dangled excitedly, washed in his sweat, as his hips swayed in the wild motion.

“Take that, bitch! Yeah, take that.”, he said excitedly.

“Like that, bitch? Huh? Like that? You like that?” he continued as he banged me like a mad gorilla.

“Unhhhhhh. Hunnhhhhh. Ohh yeahhh. Justinnnnn.. yeaahhh.. fuck me harderrrrr… yeaaahhhh.. ohh my Goooodddd.. ohhhh.. ohh yeahhh… harderrrrrr.. harderrrr…” I screamed, as I bit my teeth.

“Helll yeaaahhh.. Daaaaaaammn.. You fucking bodacious bitch.. Who owns you now? Huh? Who owns your pussy huh? That’s right.. I do and you take it like a fucking slut… Yeahhh..”.

He sweat even more as his doubled his speed. After a while, he lay on me in the missionary style, his perspiring chest lying on my spongy breasts, drenching my body with his sweat. This new position gave him even better leverage as he rammed his dick hard into my pussy. He disregarded all my wails.

His dick was now slapping my pussy very hard and it made audible slurping noises as it pushed back and forth. I wrapped by legs around his iron-hard tushy and bit my lips as I cried in pleasure and pain, as he continued uttering his brand of sexual vernacular.

My body vibrated with his savage thrusts and my moans had a concomitant vibration in their cadence. His energy tripled and his thrusts became more and more powerful. His rough, pubic man-hair was brushing hard against my soft vulva. The headboard of the cot made the heavy rattling noise as his dick kept pounding my pussy. My hands were wrapped tight around his slippery back and I cried wildly.

The pleasure had overcome my pain as my vulva pulsated with each and every slap. He kept ramming me for half-an-hour with very short (20 sec.) pauses every ten minutes. After a while, he sped even more as he turned into a automatic machine that had no brain of its own and doesn’t stop. I cried wildly and he moaned as he mashed my breasts with his hand in rapid, rough squeezes. I couldn’t think of anything else. My body charged up with a pang of sexual desire that I’ve never experienced before.

“Ohhh yeahhh Vanshika, you bitchh.. You hear that dick slapping your sweet little Brahmin pussy? Huh?? Hear that? You like that? Huh? You like that, bitch?”

“Ohhhh Justin.. omigoddddd… omigodddd.. harderrr. yeaahh fuck me harderrr.. fuck me like the fucking beast that you are.. ohh yeahhh.. yeahhhh..” I moaned.

Seconds later, he hit my womb and took the sudden, final plunge into my cervix and touched the uterus with his pole. My pleasure had reached its sweet climax as we both came simultaneously. A frisson of electric shock traveled across my body as my eyes twitched and my body writhed in the incredible denouement of my sexual inauguration. I felt an intense sense of euphoria being initiated by a strong, thuggish, handsome man.

Our moans receded to short, relieved sighs punctuated by long draws of breath. Our bodies reeked of sexual odor and our hearts beat rapidly. He drew out his cock and slapped the glans on my labia a few times as his hard cock throbbed in his hands. He crashed on the bed, lying adjacent to me, both his arms placed above his head, as the sweat from his armpits tricked down to the sheets.

My pussy was sore from all the beating and the pain began to rise in my genitalia.

“The cot didn’t break.” he said, half-disappointed.

“You broke my pussy. Isn’t that enough? God knows how long it’d be before I’d be able to walk.”

“You’re welcome.” he said, his smugness back in play. “Damn. I gotta tell ya. You got some really fancy tight pussy. And you’re fucking freaky in bed. Cute virgin Brahmin girl, check.” he finished, as he gestured a check mark in the air.

He lunged himself out of the bed with great energy and ran to fish another cigarette. He lit his Players and blew out some smoke. I gotta admit, I don’t think any other guy would have ever deflowered me the way he did. He delivered on his words. Bang me hard, he did, till he ripped that cute little pussy of mine. God, I can’t even move my legs and this guy regains his stamina in just 10 seconds. I lay there afraid to move and tired from all the banging. Just then, a slow creaking sound stemmed and in the flick of a second, the left leg of the cot creaked heavily and broke into two pieces, and I fell on the floor with a soft thud.


Taste of Brown Sugar

Like most typical white boys growing up in suburbia, I’d never had a black girlfriend. (If African American is the correct phrase, forgive me – it’s too long to write.) I’d had friends who were black, both guys and girls, but the few girls I did date were white.

In college, I’d gone out with the same girl for nearly four years, so – same situation. There was always something about black girls though. Light skinned, dark skinned, it didn’t matter.

First, of course, many black girls are blessed with gorgeously full and sensual lips. Coupled with dark brown eyes and that marvelous skin tone, there was always something so mysteriously erotic to me, something forbidden. But something I’d never had.

At work, a new girl came to work in my department. Black or white, Dawn was the sweetest girl I’d ever known – sweet as sugar. She was a black girl, and her skin was light brown I’d say, like cocoa. She wore her hair long and wavy, and treated it with blonde highlights.

Her face was so sensual. Perfect complexion, smooth and beautiful. Her eyes were almond shaped, dark and exotic. Her lips were impossibly full and soft looking. If you kissed her you’d probably never want to stop.

Unfortunately for Dawn, she was quite overweight. On her 5’5″ frame, she probably packed 170 pounds. It was a matter of eating and heredity I suppose. I learned that she was an athlete when she was a student, and in great shape. But years of inactivity had changed all that. She carried her weight well and was a superb dresser, but still gave the impression of a heavy girl. Superb tits, though, which she kept well hidden beneath layers of clothes.

As a result, she didn’t date much, which was a loss for a lot of guys. The other people in our department were pleasant to Dawn, as they were to everyone. But she and I had a special relationship. I didn’t care what she looked like, I was just crazy about her, and she appreciated the attention.

Dawn’s personality was wonderful, a breath of sunshine to me. Smart, soft-spoken and very witty. So sexy, too, in her own way. Her voice was low and soothing. She took meticulous care of herself, always looking well arranged. Dawn even smelled great. I loved working on any project with her, we got along so well. And she felt the same way about me, I could tell. But as I said, she was too overweight to be attractive to me as a lover, I had a girlfriend, and that’s the way it went. For almost a year.

When I broke up with my girlfriend Debbi, Dawn was a compassionate friend, very supportive. Not that I was planning to marry Debbi, or was head over heels in love with her. But being alone suddenly is never easy. Dawn and I would sometimes go for a drink after work and talk about our romantic misfortunes.

I told her that there was one lucky guy who would find her and treat her right. I was sure of it, and she deserved it. She told me that Debbi was out of her mind to let me go. There was no one in the world easier to talk to than Dawn.

Dawn was a dedicated and loyal employee, too. So when she was sick for a week, I was quite concerned, knowing it was real. She had a virus, and it turned into severe pneumonia. Dawn needed to be in the hospital for nearly two weeks, with another few weeks of recovery at home. I really missed her. The doctors had her on the treadmill every day to increase her lung capacity, and she had to stay off the sweet carbohydrates and eat more protein to make her system more robust.

Finally, she was scheduled to come back to work part time for two weeks, then back to a full schedule. But an incredible thing happened.

Not being able to eat the way she had, and steadily doing aerobic workouts, Dawn had begun to lose weight rapidly as she got stronger and fitter than she’d been in ten years. She even started lifting light weights to increase the muscle tone she lost being bedridden.

When she came back to work, Dawn had lost over 50 pounds. Everyone complimented her on her appearance, and welcomed her back in good health. I was thrilled to have my dear friend and colleague back.

At the time of her return, we were embroiled in a complicated project that kept us working late. Dawn and I decided to grab a bite to eat and finish the night’s work at her place. We had a pleasant ‘reunion’ meal. We were so happy to see each other again, we just laughed and gabbed.

Back at her place, Dawn took of her jacket to reveal a shimmering black blouse and knee length short skirt. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. Her body was . . . voluptuous. Toned arms and shoulders, large shapely calves and breasts that were at least a D-cup. She was just gorgeous. I’m sure she noticed me staring, and smiled at the compliment.

We finished our work over a glass of wine, then a second glass. We felt a bit tipsy, and were actually getting touchy-feely a little, when she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She came back, still wearing the black shirt, black heels and g-string underpants.

Parking her newly fine body next to me on her wicker couch, Dawn looked at me seriously and said, “Timmy, I have to tell you something and I hope you don’t stop me. You’ve been more than just a good friend to me. When other people treated me like wallpaper because I was fat, you were kind to me. You saw the good things in me, not just the looks. You talked to me as a person. You were so sweet. You made me feel like my prince would come one day and I believed you. But there’s more.

“I have had dreams of you, Timmy. Erotic dreams. Some nights I would rub my pussy so much thinking about you and cumming on myself, that it would hurt the next day. I would dream of kissing your lips. Of sucking your beautiful cock. I would dream of you licking me and fucking me and making me feel like a woman. I hope . . . you can make my dreams come true tonight.”

What Dawn said nearly brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t believe she felt that way, too. Looking at her – she finally had the outward beauty to match her inner elegance. I reached for her and kissed her. She swirled her tongue around mine. Her lips were just as soft as I’d always imagined. Her perfume made my head swim and my cock grow.

Dawn kissed my neck and ears, leaving no area unkissed. I rubbed her shoulders and slowly unbuttoned her shirt to see the treasure underneath. And what a treasure it was. She was wearing a yellow lace bra, which barely contained her straining tits. I unhooked it and they popped out, firm and perfect.

My God, I had ever seen more ravishing tits. They were so firm, with huge dark nipples that sat right in the center. I touched them and Dawn shivered, as though an electric shock had rippled through her.

“Mmm, honey, “she purred. “My tits love your touch. Touch them more. Squeeze them, baby.”

I grabbed her tits and squeezed the nipples. Then I alternately licked one nipple and squeezed the other one. Her breasts were so big and firm – I loved them. I wanted to stick my cock between them.

I took as much of each tit in my mouth as I could fit and sucked hard on each nipple. Dawn was going nuts, breathing in spurts. I guess that after so long with nothing but her vibrator for company, she was hornier than she could bear.

“Oh my God, Timmy,” she panted, “I’m going to cum . . . I . . .already? mmmm . . . . going to cum now, baby.”

I noticed then that Dawn was massaging her pussy under her panties, which were literally sopping wet with her pussy juices. After no more than a minute, she threw her head back and arched her back as she surrendered to a feeling that she was powerless to stop. Dawn came – hard.

“Ohhhh . . . ohhh . . . my pussy feels . . . mmmmm” she panted.

Once her body stopped shaking, she looked at me with a broad grin and we started kissing even more urgently than before, bringing us both to the edge of arousal. Then she stood up and stripped for me. A slow seductive strip that left me breathless. She had recreated her body into a tight, magnificent shape. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous.

She bent over for me and spread her pussy with her fingers, giving me a good view. I had never seen a black girl’s pussy before, and it was magnificent. Beautiful, full lips, tight thick black hair where she hadn’t shaved it, all leading to a light pink tunnel.

“You like my pussy, Timmy?” she asked coyly. Would you like a taste of it? It tastes as good as it looks, baby. I’d just love it if you licked my pussy for me. I’ve . . .I’ve dreamed about you licking my pussy for me.”

I walked behind Dawn and spread her ass cheeks wide. She gasped in excitement. I licked the bottom of her pussy first, wiggling my tongue back and forth. With the tip of my tongue, I quickly licked her exposed clit, sending shivers through her. Then it sucked it between my lips, holding it there while licking it with my tongue.

“Oh YES, Timmy,” she cried, “oh YES!”

Her pussy gave off a strong smell of passion. It was a mixture of her flowing pussy juices, and the slightly coconut smell of the moisturizer she used. It was wonderful. Moving my tongue back down her pussy, I licked the taint area between her pussy and her asshole. Her breathing become more ragged, and I knew I was on the right track, so I went for it.

Sticking my thumb into her pussy, I used my tongue to lick back and forth over her asshole, listening to her moan her approval softly. Then when I got good it good and wet, I replaced my tongue with my index finger, sticking it in about an inch while the thumb of the same hand was still in her pussy. Dawn exploded.

“Oh, God . . Oh my God . . . that’s all I can take Timmy . . . You knew I loved it in my ass? . . . You knew? . . . I thought you’d know what I like . . . I thought . . . oh wait . . . here it . . . I’m gonna cum . . . I’m gonna . . . here . . . ooooh, mmm . . . . ”

And cum she did, bucking so hard that I almost lost my grip, though I held on.

Dawn took a moment to catch her breath, but she didn’t want the intimacy to end and she was still so desperately horny. She slid her body down mine and went to work on my throbbing, aching cock.

Now, I make no silly clichés about the size of a black man’s cock as opposed to the size of a white man’s. I’ve seen enough adult videos to know that either color can be well hung. I’m also mature enough to know that most men are the average 51 to 6 inches long and 5 inches in diameter. I myself am slightly above average, about 61 inches long, but nearly 6 inches in diameter. A big sausage!

Dawn was thrilled to have a hard, warm cock in her hand. She treated it like her long lost beloved stuffed animal. She showered my cock with attention. Kissing it, fondling it, rubbing it against her lips and face. Talking to it.

“You’re gonna make me feel so good, aren’t you? You like my body don’t you? It makes you nice and hard, right? Well, Dawn’s gonna treat you right too, baby.” Then she got into a serious relation with my pole.

She licked up and down the shaft with her thick, soft lips, driving me crazy. Then she licked down to the bottom.

While holding my cock up in the air with one hand, Dawn licked around my balls until they were soaking wet. Next, she began to lick further down around my clean asshole. She licked this area too, until it was good and wet, while she lightly caressed my balls and alternately pumped my shaft. I could tell that she knew how good it felt, and that she was purposely not concentrating on any one spot long enough for me to feel like cuming. Smart girl.

“Tell me when you are just about to cum, but before it’s too late, OK Timmy?” she asked.

I nodded. It felt so good, but Dawn knew just what to do to prolong our loving. I was lying on the couch and she was sitting in front of me. She had her hands on my thighs, while her head traveled up and down my shaft, leading her lips on a fantastic journey.

While her mouth went slowly up and down, her lips made a serpentine journey around the underside of my pole. When her tongue reached the sensitive underside of my cock head, I gasped, and Dawn could tell to stop now, or I would blast her –which I would have been happy to do.

Instead, she climbed on top of me, and we kissed for a good half-hour.

Now, I’ll tell you, you probably think this was a let-down after the oral sex we’d just had, but you’d be wrong. We kissed, and had our hands all over each other’s bodies. I squeezed and caressed her tits and nipples, which made her breathe heavily and kiss furiously. Dawn, in turn, rubbed my chest, arms and stomach. She licked my neck and nipples, making me moan. It was the hottest non-genital sex I’d ever had, and it was only going to get better.

Ultimately, we both reached the brink, where we just could not wait another minute. Dawn got on her knees and, facing me, placed her pussy over my cock. With a mischievous gleam in her eye, she sat down on my cock and slowly moved up and down. She talked to me the whole time.

“I just love fucking you, Timmy – – I’m gonna fuck your brains out – – would you like that, baby? Do you like the way it feels to have me on your cock? – – cause I sure do. I’m gonna wiggle around a little here – – make your cock feel really nice – – watch this now . . .”

Dawn gently lifted herself off of me and with my cock still in her just a little, spun around so that her back was to me. The she leaned back on me and put her feet on my thighs. I was so very deep in her pussy from this position. Holding her around the waist, I started to slam into her.

“Yes baby – – that’s it” she said, her voice undulating because of the heavy pounding I was giving her. “Give me all – – you’ve got . . . Give me all . . .”

Her generous tits were bouncing about as she pistoned up and down on my cock like a spring. She ultimately had to cup them in her hands to hold them. But again, she never stopped talking, breathlessly commentating.

“Oohh yes – – I can feel you – – deep inside me, so deep inside – – you’re hitting the bottom of me – – I feel you all the way to the bottom – – I’m gonna – – gonna cum real soon, Timmy.”

Dawn had done me a favor and shown me a new trick. By arousing me just to the edge of cumming and then stopping, she had increased my staying power. My cock felt so good inside her warm, tight pussy – yes I knew I could keep going for a little while longer. I wanted to return the favor and prolonged her pleasure.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy. It gave a sucking sound – that’s how tight the seal was. She groaned a moment in disappointment, but not for long. Because I took my juice-covered cock and placed it at the entrance to her gorgeous asshole.

“Yes Timmy – yes – – put it in there – stick your cock in my ass baby – – that’s just what I want you to do.”

Not yet love, I thought. I rubbed the head of my cock around her asshole, getting it wet. I used my hands to taunt and play with her nipples again.

“Oh no, baby,” she laughed urgently. “You’re not going to play me like that, are you? You know what I want – you know what I need!” – – She turned her sultry face around to look me in the eyes, her lids half closed with lust. I squeezed her nipples harder.

“Don’t make me – beg you – baby. OK — OK – – I’m begging you – – please, put it in my ass – – put it in there – – put it in there!

Fun is fun, but I didn’t want to torture her. Besides, I wanted to cum sometime today, too. So I finally obliged, sticking only the head of my cock in her ass.

“That’s it – – right,” she sighed. “Just give me – – just give it a second to get used – – oh baby, that feels so damn good – – now – – now’s the time – – put it in my asshole all the way – – let me feel your cock all the way in.”

I held Dawn by the bottom of her ass while I let my cock slowly slide all the way into her ass. We stayed there for a second that way, perhaps relishing the moment. Then she lifted herself up a bit, then more, then more – then lowered herself down again.

My cock felt like it was encased in a soft, tight velvet pouch – which it was. I let Dawn do the work while I hugged her tightly.

She was breathing heavily, her body dripping sweat onto me. I decided to up the ante. I reached around to her pussy and rubbed her clit with one hand while sticking my other index finger into her pussy. Dawn was becoming uncontrollable.

“Fuck me – – fuck my ass — fuck me – – fuck my ass – fuck me – – fuck my ass –” she chanted, over and over again. “Timmy – Timmy?– can you hear me baby? This is what I dreamed about – – you fucking me in my ass. Yes baby, that’s it – – let Dawn sit all the way on your – – on your – – oh no – – I don’t want it – – to end but – – I’m gonna – – yes, I’m gonna – – I’m – – AHHHH . . . ”

Dawn dropped her head forward as she came in a torrent – juices flowing out of her pussy and her body shaking like a vibrator. I wish you could have witnessed the sight of my white cock entering her exquisite ebony ass – it was just a beautiful contrast.

She clenched her ass muscles so that they held my cock like a vise, still moving up and down. It was more than I could finally take. I felt the inexorable feeling of cum rushing up the shaft of my cock like oil through an oil well that was about to gush.

My body quivered as my cock blasted streams of cum into her ass. So much cum that it dribbled out onto my legs.

When it was all over, we lay together spent, sometimes kissing, and decided to spend the night together there in her apartment.

In the morning we woke up and took a shower together, where we got into more kissing and fondling, and finally ended up on the bathroom floor. That time, she sucked my cock until I came splashing down her throat, and she managed to swallow it all. Then I returned the favor, eating her pussy with reckless abandon, my finger tickling her asshole until she screamed in orgasm.

That was 18 months ago. We’ve kept our relationship a secret so far. We don’t know what the future holds. She still looks phenomenal, and the sex in just incredible!

Taste for Hot Chocolate

Bruce Garrison dashed inside the burning office building and gave little to no regard for his own safety. His 6ft 4inch frame darted about glow of the inferno. He kicked down doors, peeked inside, and called out; “Hello…is anybody here!” Even if someone answered he could barely hear it because of the crackling wood, flickering flames and shattering glass. Nevertheless he persisted until he kicked down a broom closet door and discovered three people huddled and sitting on the floor with their arms wrapped around their knees.

“Oh thank god…thank god you found us,” an elderly man cried.

“Come on people; thank me when you’re out of here,” Bruce shouted.

The heroic firefighter calmly guided the three people down the burning staircase, however a small frame woman collapsed in the lobby. He lifted her into his arms and carried her out into the cool night air, just as the sound of the roof caved in and several floors crashed down to the lobby.

“Good job Garrison, that was a close call,” Captain Barrios cried as Bruce lowered the unconscious woman down on to ambulance cot. “Hey kid, that was fantastic timing.” Barrios exclaimed as he slapped his hand down on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it looks like we just go out in time.”

“Excuse me…excuse me captain, but I think someone’s still in there,” the elderly man cried who Bruce just led out the building.

“Say what,” Bruce fired back.

“I think Gina Roman might still be in there,” the man cried.

“Where,” the captain questioned.

“One of the secretaries said she went down to the basement supply room.”

“Are you sure,” Garrison asked.

“No one’s seen her. I guess she might’ve got out but I don’t think she’d have gone home.”

“Damn,” Bruce snapped under his breath.

At that moment, a large explosion occurred and literally rocked the ground beneath them. Witnesses dashed and darted about as small fiery ambers, glass, and debris rained down upon them.

Barrios turned toward the young firefighter and exclaimed, “Don’t back in there kid. That basement is filled with flammable chemicals. That explosion tells me that the fire’s reached the storage area and if that’s the case, then I expect a lot bigger blasts than that.”

Garrison…Garrison don’t go back in there kid, not this time,” Barrios sighed and shook his head.

“Hey chief…what’s Garrison doing,” two firefighters shout and point to their friend as they saw him rush back into the burning building.

“What Garrison does, being bull-headed.”

“But they said the place was clear,’ the man asked.

“One of the supervisors said there was someone else still inside.”

“Damn, you didn’t tell him about the explosive chemicals?”

“Like that’s gonna stop him; come on Davis, you two know better than I do. That boy’s got the heart of a lion and the persistence of a pit-bull. Captain Barrios shook his head once again. This wasn’t the first time the young man rushed in to a dangerous situation foolishly. He only hoped that this time it wouldn’t be his last.

With nerves of steel, the powerful firefighter marched through the inferno. He never blinked as a large burning beam fell down and blocked his path. Without hesitation, he raised his large axe and spit the wooden beam in half, then kicked it away. As he reached the stairwell door, he noticed the steel doorknob dripped and melted under the extreme heat of the fire. Once again he raised his axe, and brought it down the center of the door and in one swift motion he kicked the door and turned away as the air rushed from the downstairs area and turned the upstairs area into a blow torch.

Bruce took a long deep sigh, shook his head, gritted his teeth and made his way down to the basement. Half way down one of the steps cracked under his weight and he struggled to maintain his balance. He reached the basement floor with a wall of flames literally in hot pursuit.

“Hey…is anyone down here…Gina…are you down here!”

He titled his head and listened carefully, and when he didn’t hear a response he attempted to shout louder, however the heavy smoke quickly filled his lungs and instead of a shout, he began to cough.

As he moved down a long, dark corridor, the light from the fire at a distance, he needed his flashlight to guide him along the way. Upon reaching the end of the corridor he heard a faint whimper.

“Hey…Gina…Gina Roman, are you in there?”

Once again he listened carefully but when no answer came, he turned and began to leave when he heard the whimpering sound again. He jump-hopped and kicked open the door. The sight of the young woman pended cattycorner at the far end of the room almost startled him.

“Hey come on; we gotta go and quickly.” He extended his hand but the woman refused to move. “Hey lady let’s get a move on huh, we don’t have time for milk and cookies.”

Finally it hit the gallant fireman that the woman was in shock. Quickly he made his way over to her; took her by the hand and attempted to lead her out when suddenly she began to scream at the top of her lungs.

“No…no…we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die!”

“Hey lady, take it easy, we’ll be okay but we must leave now,” Bruce shouted. Unfortunately the woman couldn’t hear him in her panicky state.

“Gina please calm down, we need to get out of here.” He extended his hand only to have the frantic woman lash out and scratch his face.

“Damnit woman, we don’t have time for this!”

The woman lashed out once more, however this time the powerfully built firefighter, caught her hand and delivered a slap to the woman’s face which caused her to crumble to her knees.

In one swift motion, Bruce flipped the woman over his shoulder and rushed back into the corridor.

He made it a few feet before the flames which had now totally engulfed the path ahead of him. “Oh shit…this looks bad, really bad!”

Bruce glanced around and had to come to grips that there was no other exit. At that moment the woman broke free and fell to the floor. She screamed in terror and dashed back inside the room and closed the door behind her.

“Hey…hey Gina open up, Gina open the damn door,” Bruce shouted. He examined the heavy metal door and discovered there was a second lock. Aiming his axe he slammed it forward, effectively slicing open the lock. He stepped inside the room and slammed the door behind him. “Lady get a grip, oh shit,” he shouted as he ducked away from a glass thrown toward him.

“Alright goddamnit…that’s it,” Bruce took a long stride across the room, took the woman into his arms and slammed against the wall. “Alright you looney bitch, the courtesy gloves are off. Now either you come to your senses or I’m gonna take this axe handle and shove it down your goddamn throat.”

“We’re gonna die…don’t you understand…we are both going to die!”

“Hold together lady, we’re not gonna die, not if we…”

The sound of the explosion rocked the building and sent the roof down on the unsuspecting firefighter.

Bruce was unable to recall how long he lost his conscious but as he opened his eyes, he was greeted with a throbbing pain in his legs and a pounding pain in his head.

“What…what’s happening?”

“Lay still, don’t try to move.”

“Aarrggh…shit, I can’t move even if I wanted to, my legs feel so…heavy.”

“That’s because there’s a giant beam on your legs.”

“There was an explosion…right, awww damn, I feel like shit. I thought I was dead.”

“It seems like someone decided to give a pass, at least for now,” the woman calmly stated.

“Wow, did I miss something, last time I checked you were the acting like a bird from cereal commercial I loved as a kid .”

“Yeah…I know. I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

“So did it take a roof crashing down on your head to get you to focus?”

“You saved me; if you hadn’t pushed me out of the way, I’d be dead.”

“Great, too bad I’m unable to celebrate with you but as you can see, I’m a bit indisposed at the moment.”

“Well at least you’ve managed to maintain your sense of humor,” Gina laughed gingerly.

“If you can help me to get out from beneath this damn beam, I’d be absolutely giddy.”

“I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried but it’s too heavy.”

“I got an idea; bring me that pole over by the door.”

Gina staggered over the debris on the floor, and struggled to bring the long object by the fallen man.

Gina assisted Bruce to work his way from beneath the large beam but it came at a painful price. “Awww fuck, shit my legs are fucking throbbing!”

Over the next several minutes Gina worked diligently to massage the legs of her gallant rescuer. “Is that any better?”

“Fuck no…damn it hurts like hell.”

“Well give it some time…wait, this might help.”

Gina rushed to the other side of the room. She returned with a large container of water and promptly poured it down on Bruce’s legs.

“Hey what the hell are you doing?”

“I figured the water might relieve some of the pain in your legs.”

“Hey you’re right, it does feel a little better. Thank you Gina, if we ever get out of here, I owe you big time.”

“Yeah right, ever is an awfully big word right now.”

“Well, what’s going on. I thought we’d be extra crispy by now.”

“I don’t know; after the explosion, everything just got quiet.”

“Hmm, maybe the blast blew out most of the fire, or at least I hope so. Hey where’d you find the lanterns?”

“This is a storage room and it’s one of best places in this building to get away from all the crap going on upstairs. I sneak down here ever so often just to relax, that’s why I know my way around. You really think the fire went out from the explosion?”

“That’s the best explanation I can think of, but there’s a better way to be sure, help me get on my feet.”

Gina struggled to assist the rugged man to stand up but he crumbled back down on his buttocks.

“Damn…ssss…wooo the pain’s back and my head’s spinning.”

“Maybe it’s best you relax a bit more before moving again and here…let me help you take off some of these clothes.

As she removed his coat, Gina asked; what’s your name mister.”

“My name’s Bruce Garrison.”

“How’d you know my name?”

“Some old guy outside told me.”

“Probably Mister Alderman…oh dear god, this is not a good thing!”

“What, what holy shit,” Bruce exclaimed loudly upon seeing the large wooden stake protruding from his chest.”

“You think I should pull it out?”

“You’re gonna have to.”

“It’s jammed it there pretty deep.”

“Yeah but we gotta try. Tell you what, I’ll grab it and you grab my hand and when I say go, we pull together.

Gina merely nodded her head in agreement, then gently placed her hand over the firefighter’s.

“Oh wow, you’re hands are huge.”

“Normally I consider that a complement, but big hands are not the idea thing for ripping a stake out your chest.”

“Just be glad your not a vampire,” Gina fired back and the couple both laughed gingerly. At that light moment of hilarity, both and Gina and her rescuer’s eyes locked and from that point on, not another word was said between them, as the conversation turned inwardly.

Gina could feel the warmth and strength in his hands and as she stared into his eyes her heart seemed to melt. She took note of his ruggedly handsome features, his deep blue eyes, jet black curly hair with matching mustache and full-beard. His deep bronze skin gave him an ancient Greek-like warrior appeal and before she knew it, instead of gripping his hand, she was gently stroking her fingers across his smooth firm skin and veins of his hands and wrist.

Bruce stared at this beautiful woman; giving her his full attention as she did for him. Her deep dark chocolate brown skin, so creamy smooth, and rich, doe-like eyes, full lips seemed to bore into him like one of Cupid’s arrows. Her dark brown hair although a bit frayed after the ordeal she’d been through, draped over her shoulders and hung far down her back. His breath went shallow as he watched the cleavage between her large full breasts, so round and inviting. As he sat there staring he knew he had to break the tension before his semi-hard on went full throttle up.

“Are you ready”

“Yeah…uh…I mean yes,” she stammered as she fought to regain control of her raging lust.

“Okay then, on the count of three we’re gonna pull.”

“Start the count down…Bruce,” she answered softly.

“Okay here we go…one…two…three…awww shit…aarrgghh…aww shit…it hurts…it fucking hurts…goddamn it hurts!”

Gina recoiled as she watched the man withering and whining in pain. It wasn’t a look becoming of a man of his seemingly strength and stature. For nearly a minute she looked on and then suddenly extended her hand and slapped his face sharply.

“Hey what the fuck was that about,” he barked in a strong powerful and irate voice.

“Get a grip dude, you were starting to lose it.”

“You just pulled a goddamn stake from my chest. I think I have the right to cry out in pain.”

“Sure, but you were really starting to loose it.”

“Maybe, but how’s slapping me gonna help?”

“Hey it worked for me; I was just returning the favor.”

Slowly the menacing look on his face subsided and grew in to a humble smile. He chuckled and shook his head. I guess I was a little out of control.”

“Baby I thought I was gonna have to give you a tranquilizer,” Gina giggled.

Now her smile quickly disappeared as she noticed the blood soaking his shirt. “Oh wow, you’re losing a lot of blood.”

“Say wha…holy shit, you think you could find something in here to stop the bleeding?”

Gina stood up and glanced about the room. “Sure, there’s a first aid kit on the other side of the room, in fact if we can make it to that bench, I can treat that wound better, besides we need get out from all of this debris.

Gina assisted the wounded firefighter across the room to a less congested area of the large room and on to the padded bench. She worked to remove his shirt and gasped as she saw his massively large, hard, muscular chest.

“Dayamn mister, I’m surprise that stake didn’t bounce off considering how hard your chest is,” Gina exclaimed.

“Well apparently it wasn’t hard enough.”

Gina rushed about treating the blood ozzing hole, close to the center of the man’s chest. Each time she felt his steel hard plate-like pectorals a faint and muffled gasp escaped her full lips. Once again their eyes met and their hearts began to flutter.

“Tell me something Bruce, did you come down here all by yourself?”


“But why didn’t anyone come with you?”

“I didn’t have time to pick a team. Once I learned that someone was down here and considering the dire conditions, I knew I didn’t have time to waste.”

“You mean to say that you knew there could be an explosion, what it would take to get down here and especially the possibility that you might not be able to get out, and you came down here anyway. What’s up with you, do you have some kind of death wish?”

Bruce gripped the edge of the bench, closed his eyes, gritted his teeth as he felt the peroxide pad pressed against his chest wound. He managed to chuckle, “I guess it does sound a little crazy. I understand how it might be hard for a civilian to relate to the mentality of a firefighter or any rescue worker for that matter. I mean after all, we’re the guys running toward things that most normal people are running away from.”

The sight of her silver painted fingernails contrasted beautifully to that of her dark brown skin but looked even better as they gently slid along his skin. His body shivered slightly as hot lustful images flashed through his mind.

“You’re still in a lot of pain huh?”

“Yeah…a lot of pain,” he lied.

Gina worked vigorously to treat and cover the chest wound with gauze, bandages and finally she wrapped his shirt across his chest. “Okay that should do it. I’m pretty sure it’ll stop bleeding soon if you don’t move about to much. At any rate, you need to get out of here.”

“Well let’s explore that possibility.”

Gina assisted her rescuer to his feet and over to the door. Bruce gently touched the door, then quickly withdrew his hand, only to place it again to the door, this time leaving it there. “Hmm, the door’s warm. The fire’s probably out, that’s the good news, the bad news is, the door’s sealed shut by the heat of the fire, so unless we can climb up from that hole.” He pointed to the hole in the high ceiling, “we’re gonna be here for a while.”

“Well what’s the problem, why can’t we find something to pull us up?”

“That’s a pretty high ceiling and we can’t be sure that it’s entirely stable.”

“So what are we going to do, just sit here and wait for someone to come to our rescue,” Gina challenged.

“I guess so, at least for now.”

“No way Bruce we need to get out of here; suppose the fire’s burning around all those chemicals. This place could explode at any minute.”

“Listen Gina I’ve had a lot of experience and training for this situations and in times like this, it’s best to relax and lay low. The longer we survive, the greater our chances of surviving.”

“That might work for you baby, that’s a no go for me.” Gina snapped.

“Unless you can grow wings, I don’t see what you can do to get out of here. Believe me Gina, you can be sure that my people along with every other rescue worker in this city are upstairs and trying to get us out of here…we have to…”

“Bullshit, I can’t, I can’t stay here not knowing what might happen. Don’t you understand, I need to feel safe, that’s why I used to hangout here because it felt safe, it felt secure, and now you’re trying to tell me that that roof could come down on us any second. Bruce you have to get me out of here, I have to get out of here!”

Bruce’s head recoiled subtly as he began to notice tale-tale signs that Gina was regressing back to the frantic panicky woman he found earlier. He decided to see if he could distract her attention. “Come on Gina, stay with me now.”

“You don’t understand, you don’t know what I’ve been through in my life. This place isn’t secure. I…I need to feel secure. I need to feel safe.”

“Don’t worry Gina, I will protect you. Trust me; I won’t let anything happen…”

“How can you say that; look at you. You’re injured and that wound’s probably still bleeding, how can you make me feel safe. Shit you’re not even safe yourself.”

Bruce could clearly see the woman was rapidly becoming frantic, but he could also feel his passion rising as he sensed her vulnerability which appealed to his manly and fatherly instincts. In one swift motion he snatched her with his powerfully muscular arms, planted her firmly into his hairy chest and planted his lips just as firmly against her luscious lips and kissed her.

Gina fought to push herself away, but the strong man’s grip was too tight and his desire for her overwhelmed her. Suddenly a wave of passion swept over her and her hands slowly slid over his hard muscular shoulders and she gave into the mounting passion she felt for him while at the same time she released the fear and panic that threatened to consume her.

By the time the handsome 3rd generation Greek firefighter released her from his grip, they both gasped for air.

Gina’s hand slowly stroked his full-beard cheek. Are you going to make me feel secure Bruce, promise me you won’t let anything happen to me…please Bruce promise that you’ll protect me,” she cried.

He planted gentle kisses on her eyelids and nose, then he slid his large fingers across her lips and stated; “Woman I’m gonna make you feel safer than you’ve ever felt before.”

He palmed and cradled her face within his large hands, smooched and kissed her lips. “I’m going to make you feel safe and secure, come with me.”

The blue eyed firefighter led her over and laid her gently down on the padded bench and then climbed on top of her.
Over the next several minutes the couple performed an erotic lust filled dance of sensual exploration. Bruce slowly removed Gina’s blue blouse, however his patience faded quickly as he fumbled with her bra. He snarled and suddenly snapped in two. He watched anxiously as the sight of her large dark chocolate brown mounds shook and jittered before him. He easily palmed her tits in his extra large hands and then leaned down and began to kiss, lick and gently bite each nipple which resembled chocolate gum drops. He moaned deeply each time he felt the tender but firm flesh between his teeth.

As his blood pressure surged, Bruce literally yanked off her sky blue skirt. His hands shivered as he gently removed her baby-blue panties.

“Ooh…oooh Bru…Bruce you got me so hot!”

“Well if you’re think you’re hot now, I got news for you lady, you better hold on cause I plan to set this pussy on fire,” he replied in a menacing tone of voice.

“Oh…oh god…oh god Bruce, oooh your tongue feels…it feels so good,” Gina whined lustfully.

No stranger in the art of pleasing a vagina, Bruce stroked and licked about Gina’s love center masterfully and quickly set her body aflame with his relentless oral assault.

“Bruce…ssss…Bruce eat my pussy…eat it raw…yes…yes…yessss!”

“You like that Gina?”

“Yesssss, it feels so good!”

“Really, well how about this,” with that said, the hot firefighter increased his attack on Gina’s pussy by sliding one of his large fingers inside her pretty pink center while forcing another into her unsuspecting anus.

Suddenly the beautiful Nubian goddess began to squirm and shake violently.

“Ok…okay…oooh shit daddy…you got me on fire, my pussy feels like a volcano!”

“Good then let me taste all that sweet hot lava.”

As if on cue, Gina’s pussy erupted and literally sprayed her love lava right into her lover’s face. She kicked and screamed as the walls of her yearning love center erupted again and again.

By the time Bruce lifted up, his face was coated with Gina’s wet, sticky, liquid love juice. Bruce wiped his mouth and beard with the back of hand, never taking his eyes off the lusciously hot woman squirming below him. Like a professional exotic dancer, Bruce slow but deliberately slid down and removed his pants, boxers and then slid back on his boots to keep the debris off his feet.

Gina glanced up at her powerful Greek lover. The sight of his Mister Olympian body, rippling with hard, shredded muscle and a huge, heavy cock that dangled down his legs, caused her love box to jolt with hot anticipation.

“I’m gonna fuck you woman, I’m gonna put all this hot dick right inside your tight little pussy.”

Gina bit her thumb to keep her composure, but then quickly moved into action. “Nah daddy, you ain’t getting away that easy. That cock’s not getting inside this pussy before I give it a great…big…kiss.”

She firmly grasped the powerful sex tool with both her hands and slowly guided it inside her mouth. Bruce felt his body rock violently as he felt the warm velvety soft mouth tightly around his man-club. Equal to the task literally at hand, she sucked the enormously hard bronze tower with unbridled passion. She attempted several times to swallow the entire thing but each time she tried, she gagged.

She pulled it from her mouth, stared into the eyes of her lover, and exclaimed, “If this thing were any longer, I could probably shimmy up it and climb through that hole in the ceiling.”

“I like the way it looks in your dark hands,” Bruce exclaimed.

“I like the way it looks and feels in my hands, but you know what,” she giggled.


“Most of all, I like the way it feels in the back of my throat.”

“Really, then show me, show me how much you like it,” Bruce challenged.

Gina stretched her mouth and lips open as wide as she could and slid down the brick hard flesh member.

“Awww…fuck baby…oooo that feels good,” Bruce shouted as he felt her soft, full lips brush against his pubic hairs. Gina sucked the huge cock with a powerful urgency.

Suddenly she felt his massive cock grow stiffer and loner. She withdrew the tool and felt it throb in her hands and the stated with heavy breath; “You’re about to cum aren’t you, I can feel it, you’re about to cum…right?”

“Yeah hang on I need to cool down before I explode.”

“You don’t have a choice daddy, I’m kind of hungry.” With that said, the beautiful black woman increased her efforts until she felt the huge cock begin to twitch and throb in her mouth.

“Awww shit…awwwshit baby…Goddamnit!” Bruce threw his hands over and behind his head and clutched the edge of the bench as he rotated his lower body and felt his love hose as it gushed with hot liquid love.

Gina continued to suck and pump her head down on the cock as it spewed a copious load of hot, sticky sperm.

“Oh shit baby, I can’t remember ever cuming so much.”

“Well I hope I didn’t drain you so much that you can’t put out the fire in here,” she slowly slid her hand between the center of her legs.

“You’re about to find out,” he barked.

The sexually crazed firefighter leaped up from the bench, forgot all about his pain, forced his lover down on her back, gripped and spread her legs apart by her small ankles to expose her soft pink center, and then he growled.

“I hope you’re ready cause when I’m finished with this pussy, I’m gonna disprove all that shit you’ve heard about white guys.”

“Oh my god…you already have Bruce…ooooh shit Bruce…dayam it’s…it’s stretching me open…oooo,” Gina screamed as she felt her tender pussy lips pulled apart.

The sight of the huge bodybuilder type hovering over her and invading her tight love box sent poor Gina right over the edge into erotic orgasm.

By the time he made his way to the bottom of her love nest, the ebony woman’s body rocked wildly with waves of orgasmic delight.

The brutish like civil servant pounded Gina’s pussy relentlessly. He stretched, tugged, pulled, and otherwise battered her tender insides until it literally stole her breath away.

Please Bru…Bruce please go slow, I can’t take you like this!”

“You can and you will baby, I’m going to tear this pretty chocolate pussy up,” he roared as he increased the intensity of his stroke. He lifted one of her legs up, kissed, and licked her ankles, feet, and toes as he lost himself in the lust filled moment.

He saw the tears falling from her eyes and took pity on his overmatched lover. He pulled her to her feet, bent her over the bench and shoved his man meat in from behind literally lifting her off the floor as he performed this act.

At one point Bruce covered Gina’s mouth with his large hands to muffle her screams which would surely sound as if he were rapping her to the ears of the ignorant.

Feeling his woman’s knees buckle, Bruce snatched Gina by her hair, twisted her head around to meet his waiting lips for a kiss of urgent passion.

Gina rose up on her toes as if to escape the manimalistic pounding from the monster cock behind.

He never removed his cock from the overstretched pink chamber, took at seat and allowed his woman to ride on top of his massive bronze tower, while facing him.

Gina was beside herself with unbridled passion. Each time she descended down the length of the erect sex hose of the firefighter, it struck her bottom which caused her to spring back up. She could easily feel every wrinkle, every curve and vein of his love handle and she knew if this continued it wouldn’t be long before she released another load of love juice. She wrapped her arms around and over her head as she drifted into the realm of ecstasy.

Bruce gently deployed his hands to massage the area between Gina’s legs and occasionally rubbed her erect clit. Once again Gina’s began another intense buildup to imminent orgasm.

“Oh…my…god…I’m cumin again…oooo…I’m gonna cum…again!”

And cum she did, this time Gina’s love canal released a massive load of hot love lava which drenched the hard tool inside her, ran down the shaft and covered his pubic hair.

Bruce flipped Gina on her back, spread her legs and forcefully thrust his tool back inside her welcoming love nest.

“Oh baby…baby…baby…you got me open like 7 Eleven, ooh dayam…dayam, I’m gonna cum again, please Bruce I wanna feel your cock shoot that load inside me, come on daddy, spray that load out your hose and put out this fire!”

“Don’t worry baby, you’re gonna get this jizz, but I wanna know something. Tell me— your brothers ain’t got shit on this white boy…huh…tell me!”

“No baby, no one black or white…ever…ever…rocked this pussy like you…this pussy is yours Bruce…all…yours!”

“Goddamn right, I’m gonna fuck the hell outta you woman, you hear me,” he shouted in cadence with each and every stroke. “I’m gonna fuck the…living shit outta…yoooo…oooh shit baby, gonna cum inside you…gonna cum like crazzzzzy!”

Bruce’s rock hard body slapped and slammed down on his cock drunk lover, as the sweat poured and dripped down into her eyes and blinded her.

All Gina could do at this point was to wrap her arms and legs around her raging lover’s broad back and shoulders as she held on for dear life, in a desperate attempt to keep from losing her mind.

“AAAAARRRGGGHHH,” Bruce screamed as his cock began fire long, thick streams of cum in to the hot pink pussy walls as it quivered, and shivered and began to squeeze and convulsed around the hard flesh tool.

Bruce withdrew his cock and still his ejaculations were so powerful that he still fired shots up to splatter on her breasts.

He marveled as he saw the chocolaty pink center of Gina’s love entrance expanding and contracting from the trauma and began to drip with his white love nectar.

Several minutes later, Gina lay tightly against her lover’s body. She tenderly stroked and gently planted loving kisses on his muscular hairy chest. Her leg stroked about his quadriceps and her hands and body continued to shiver from the experience she’d just undergone.

“Bruce, tell me something, I know we fucked because we wanted each other, but I also know we fucked because it took our minds off the situation, but now that you own this pussy, what now?”

“I guess you’re wondering if this was just a one time thing. Here’s your answer,” Bruce leaned over, pulled his woman into his body and gave her a kiss that truly represented his love and passion for her.

An hour later, a group of firefighters strolled carefully through the debris on the ground floor of the virtually destroyed building until they reached a large hole in the center of the floor.

Fire Chief Barrios stared about the rumble and shook his head. “It looks like a lost cost, even if they survived the fire; the blast probably took them out.”

A young firefighter named O’keith acknowledged his leader’s pessimistic outlook and exclaimed, “Yeah nothing short of a miracle could’ve saved them.”

However Davis peeked into the large hole and his head jerked back in surprise and then a large smile grew on his face, “You wouldn’t want to take a bet on that miracle would you O’Keith?”

“Huh,” the handsome young fireman exclaimed as he joined the group of firefighters to stare down into the hole and discovered Bruce and Gina locked together in a deep sleep.

“Well I’ll be damed,” the captain shouted.

“I guess miracles do happen,” O’Keith declared. “Here we are worried this guy might be injured or dead, and he’s down there having a better time than any of us.”

“You think we should wake them up Cap,” Davis asked.

“Nah, let them rest, looks like they could use it.”

“Hmm, I wonder,” Davis stated in a whisper as if contemplating a thought.

“What’s that Davis,” the captain asked.

“What was hotter, the fire out here, or the fire down there,” he laughed.


To all who have enjoyed my stories, I thank you, and to the critics, RELAX it’s not Shakespeare!


Study In Contrast

I was home from my NROTC summer term between my sophomore and junior year of college. At the time seemed like it sucked, because as my friends from college were all at home hitting the beach and claiming to get laid while I was on some Navy base or on a ship. Of course one needs to take their claims with a grain of salt. However, given that my folks live (to this day) in a fairly sleepy town north of NYC, and not having wheels, it was boring. Hence I kept my self busy with yard work, running, biking and generally hanging around. And of course this was pre-internet so I was really bored.

There was one nice thing. That was my next door neighbor – Deena. Deena was a very good looking young black woman about my age who went to the local community college and worked in town. She was put together nice, (for any gal not just a black woman) but she had nice legs from playing volleyball and basketball and a nice rack. She had the coloring of the Williams sisters of tennis. I used to see her around after high school but I kept my distance as she was dating someone.

One Saturday during my break and with my folks out of town, I was doing some work in the yard and I hear a loud crash followed by a “Oh Shit’ from her house. As I knew Deena and her family well enough, I approached her house, not knowing who was home or not and called out ‘Hello?’.

Deena was standing there in a pair of spandex work out shorts, loose fitting t shirt and in bare feet with a pile of broken glass at her feet, she says ‘Hey Chris you startled me and watch your feet’. She looked like she just got back from the gym, but I think already had her sports bra off as her rather large tits were hanging free under the t-shirt. I tried not to stare but could not help a lingering look.

“Don’t move” I said, “Where is your broom or dustpan and a pair of your shoes’.

She tells me where those things were, and I hand her the shoes, and start to sweep up. She gives a quick thanks and then says, ‘I see you have done enough work outside, I can clean this up’. It was nice that she noticed me.

“Yeah, I have been doing yard work but then again, there is nothing to do around here at all.’ I added, “Plus many hands make light work, so let me help you finish.’

After a few minutes of cleaning up, and me stealing a peak at her ass and tits, we finish. A passing thought of her and I on the floor right there crossed my mind more than once, but thought better of it.

“Wow, that made a mess,’ she said and added, ‘Thanks alot. I know James would not have helped like that and I guess that is why we never got past where we ended up.’ I thought, ‘ended up’, sounds like they broke up.

“Oh, ended up?’ I said with a faked quizzical/concerned look on my face.

“Yeah we broke up a few months ago.’ She stated. “But, for me it is a good thing, as we dated for a long time, and there are so many nice guys out there that I would have never have met.’ And she smiled at me, ‘Like you Jack, you seem like a nice guy and I don’t meet enough guys like you.’

I blushed a bit and thanked her.

“Well I should be getting back to work.’

Deena said, “Would you like a drink, Coke, Sprite, juice? Its the least I can do.’

“Sure, that would be great’

She heads into the kitchen and tells me to sit out on the deck with the most shade. I never noticed but her folks have a hot tub and the cover was off.

Also it is interesting to see your house, while sitting at someone else’s home. Thinking to myself, yard looks good. And I never thought that she had a ‘straight shot’ look into my room from the deck, but she did.

She comes out, bringing a few glasses of coke that are already sweating because of the mid-summer heat, and a bowl full of chips and salsa.

We spend the next hour or so just catching up on what we have done since high school. Her with community school, work and more recently breaking up with James. She was excited about getting ready to go off to college in Albany after two years of the local community school. I told her of my tales of school and being at sea and some girlfriend but did not go into too much detail.

The day was getting later, and I finally said, “Deena, thank you for the snack and I had a great time catching up, but I do need to finish some things around the house and shower off because this grass and sweat is starting to make me feel grubby.’

Deena replied, “Well Jack, I hope you don’t think I am being forward, but do you have plans for dinner? My folks went to visit my grandparents kind of last minute and I enjoyed catching up and truth be told I don’t have any plans’ She continued, “My dad left some steaks out and if you don’t mind, you can grill them and we can eat them together. I have seen you grilling for your folks all the time, so I hope you don’t mind. I have some things for a salad and some veggies’

It did not take long for me to tell her I thought it was a great idea and we agreed on a time, at about 7.

As I headed over, I was feeling good, and of course had a slight hard-on. Damn good looking woman I thought, and was she flirting with me. Nahh…

Never been with a black gal before, mostly blondes and one Asian, but not with a black gal. Could be interesting, or could be she is using me to cook dinner and she gets tired and has to go to bed. Thats the tough thing about being the nice guy, gals can sense it and get what they want but, whatever it is, its better than eating alone.

After finishing some small jobs, showering and paying a little more attention to what I wore, it was just about seven ish so I walked over. I took a look in the mirror, my legs and ass are my best feature as it is a result of tennis, catching in baseball and just being on my feet. I had on a nice pair of black cargo shorts, and a fitted t shirt. Being out on the sea-tour, I was darker than I usually was, and it contrasted nicely to the light blue tee shirt. I have been told that am good looking, but did not know it while I knew her in high school Although since I have been to college, I have gained that confidence. I stand at just under six foot, was then 175 lbs, and I am told a very thick cock and about 7 inches long.

I walk over to her house, and call out to Deena. She answers: “Hey Chris, I left the steaks our on the deck for you, the grill is down there’.

I shouted up: ‘Okay Deena, thanks.’

I soon figured out how to light the grill and get it started. Once the fire was hot, I went up and wanted to see what she was up too.

She was standing there with her back to me barefoot in a yellow sundress Wow, what a contrast. The dark of her skin against the pale yellow of the dress. Her legs look fantastic, and her ass had the right amount of curve to it. James was an idiot.

‘Hey, do you mind if I grab some things for the grill’ I asked her. She showed me where things were, and I went back outside. I tell her it will take about 20 minutes and she said that was great, as she will be ready then as well.

I head down to the grill and in about 20 minutes I am done. I come up to the deck where she is sitting and she smiles at me. She set out some red wine as well as some water.

She says, ‘now that we are 21, it takes the excitement out of drinking, but still, here is some nice wine my folks got as a gift. They don’t drink so I figure we can drink it.’

I agreed and sat across from each other. Dinner was great and so was the company. We continued to make small talk and some small flirtation now and again. Ever so often she would brush up against my leg and leave it there, even just for a few seconds and then slowly pull it away.

Finally, dinner was over and I offered to help clean up. After a few trips to the kitchen, we were done. Then she said, ‘Lets open up bottle number two, we can sit next on the deck near the tub and ill put some music on.’

I said sure, and then some music came on, it was some Al Green. Nice I thought. She called out from the kitchen, “I hope you don’t think I am old fashioned but love Al Green.”

“Not at all” I called back.

She brings out the wine and we sit next to each other. Despite the sun going down and the stars being out, the night was still hot and I noticed she turned the lights and jets on the hot tub on. At the time I did not notice, but when she came out she brought out two towels.

“I hope you don’t mind that I turned this on, thought it would be fun to take a dip if you want, we can still talk but in the tub.’

“Hey that sounds like a good idea and I have no place to go.” As I smile at her taking in her very shapely body as she sat in her chair next to me. She got up and said, “Why don’t you hop in,” she tells me.

Then pausing at the door she smiled, and said ‘Ill be right back’

Well now I am thinking, what to do. I don’t have swim trunks, and am not going to go home, so i figure Ill just get in with my boxer briefs. They are form fitting but oh well. I drop my shorts and take off my t-shirt.

Before I get in, I pour a glass of wine for both her and I, and put them next to the hottub. Then I slide in. I am sitting in the tub and enjoying how good this feels, and then she comes on the deck.

My jaw drops.

She has on a bikini top and kind ‘boy-shorts’ bottom both red, both with white piping along the outside. Her stomach was flat and it complimented the rest of her well toned body. She flashes a big smile at me and says with a devilish grin: “I did not see you bring your swim trunks.’

I confess, ‘No Sherlock I did not, I figure I just have my boxer briefs’

“Well I guess thats okay’ She giggled and slid in across from me.

I hand her a glass and say, “Here is to you and I, and renewed friendships’ She clinks my glass and takes a sip.

We continue to talk a bit, drinking the wine, enjoying the weather, when there was a lull in the conversation. Her leg rests against mine. I just look at her.

She asks, “Can you get me another glass of wine. I would get out but I am getting a chill.’

Shit, I think to myself, I have a raging boner and she is asking me to get out..

“Sure” I stand up and kind of turn away from her as I am a little embarrassed, walking over to the table, get the bottle and slide back in.. I noticed she moved to a position in the tub so that I would sit closer to her and I have no way not to reveal my boner as I slide back in.

“I see you don’t have a problem with the cold’, Deena said. I responded, “No, I don’t, but I can tell you are cold.’ I smile then flash a look at her tits as her nipples were hard.

When I came back in I pour her a glass and this time she is sitting by my side. I put my arm around her, and say: “Will this warm you up?”

She turned to me, “Yes, but I have a better idea” and with that she leans in and kisses me, sliding a bit of her tongue onto mine. I kiss her back a bit deeper than she kissed me and my hand goes on the small of her back, pull her closer. The smell of her perfume combined with the wine was heavenly. After a few moments we break.

“That was nice, I have never kissed a white guy before.’ Deena said. I responded, ‘I have never kissed a white guy either.’ She laughed.

Deena said, “I have a confession: I have been wanting to do this for a while, but as I was dating James I was true to him. He was not so true to me, but that is another story’.

She continued, “Ever since I noticed I can see your room, and see you umm, well naked, I have been wondering what it would be like to kiss you’

Shit thats right. When my folks are away, I walk around my room and house nude.

“Well I guess you liked the show’ I replied.

“I did”

“But I have never got to see you naked.” I coyly protested as my hand moved onto her knee.

“Easy tiger, its only 9 pm’ She replied. With that we kissed again, and this time it was deeper and more aggressive. I held her close. I can feel her tits pressing against my chest. Her hands on ran up and down my arms and then onto my ass. “Feels as good as it looks.’ she cooed.

To my surprise she pushed me back and then sat on my lap and went right back to kissing me. My hands ran along her ass and legs. She slowly gyrated her hips onto my rock hard cock

“MMMMM well its not true what they say about white guys” she giggled.

“And what is that” I ask pretending no to know what she was talking about.

“Well from what ‘they’ say, is that you white guys are all small, not from what I can tell here.’ She said slowly leaning directly into my ear.

My hands wandered up and down her smooth thigh, and caressed her ass over the fabric. Her forehead rested on mine as she slowly grinded her hips on my lap. On the next pass I slipped my hand under the fabric covering her ass and gave a squeeze, then she pushed back and reached behind her and unhooked her bikini. I looked into her eyes, then saw that she had perfected tits. I guessed they were 38d’s and at that age (21) they don’t sag.

I kiss her neck, then worked my way down and Deena cradled my head. I worked my tongue around her nipples, without ever touching her nipples. She groaned.

Then I switched and worked on her left tit, slowly working my tongue around the areola without touching the nipple, putting both of those erect.

“Baby, that is so hot, whatever you are doing feels good’

“I can tell.”

As I slowly switched on and off she slide her hand down my stomach and was slowly stroking my cock through the fabric. She went under the fabric and went low, to cup my balls, which made me groan.

“Lets go inside, Chris, cause you know, some of our neighbors may be nosey.” I laughed and I said, “Well I am looking at a peeping Tom”.

I got out of the tub and at this point my erection was struggling against the briefs, and because of that I can see Deena eyeing me up.

I handed her the towel as she stepped topless out of the pool. I eyed her up just as much.

She led me inside and then into her room.

“You are all wet, why don’t you take off your shorts’ I stood there and dropped my shorts.

“Sit on the bed” she said as she dropped her towel and leaned over, kissed my neck, my hands massaging her ass.

She kissed my nips, teasing me the same way I did to her. She pushed me back and then, looking me in the eyes took off her bottom.

“There,” she said, “Now we are even.’

What a sight. She was beautiful. Her pussy was trimmed but not shaven. Her tits heaved a bit as she was breathing heavy,

She got into bed next to me and started to kiss my chest, then my stomach and then lower. My cock standing at attention as she took one hand and tickled my thigh. Her other hand gripped my shaft, first at the bottom.

She kissed the base first, tongue around the bottom her hands fondled my balls. I let out a groan. She slowly stroked and I can see her tongue working up and down my cock, until finally she got to the head of my cock, and she licked my pee hole.

“Jack, you have a lovely cock” she said looking up at me, and I mumbled, “Thank you” in response. She used her mouth to play with the tip of my cock, then she worked her way lower, taking in my shaft inch by inch. As she did my breathing got heavier, especially as she took almost all of it in.

Jesus, no one has ever done that I thought.

Slowly she worked her way back up the shaft and back down. Her hand worked opposite her mouth, doubling the delight. I groaned with delight, and after a few more passes, she said “You like that Jack?”

“Of course,” I responded

But as she got back to my cock I pulled her hips so she would straddle my face for a full sixty nine.

I kissed her thighs, and worked my way higher. This time it was her that let out a groan as I tasted her juices. I could see the contrast of her pink pussy against her dark lips. I slowly worked my tongue inside of her lips and one hand worked her clit.

“Jack, that feels so good” I could feel her gush a bit as I worked my tongue around her pussy.

At this point she slowed sucking my dick, I must have distracted her.

Then I switched it up, and used my tongue on her cilt and my fingers inside of her.

She felt great as a slid a finger in and with that i curled my finger to try to get to that ‘g’ spot for her, and at the same time I used my tongue to circle her clit.

Her thighs were around my ears and I could feel at this point she stopped sucking my dick. She did have one hand she was slowly jerking me but she was concentrating on what I was doing to her as she straddled me.

I worked my mouth and tongue alternating fast and slow over her clit and in and out of her with my fingers. I could feel her gripping my cock a bit less and holding onto the bed sheets. She was getting close

I am in the zone, trying to make Deena cum. I can hear muffled, ‘yes.. don’t stop.. God.. feels so good’ coming from her…

After a few minutes her breathing gets even faster.

She groans, “thats it, don’t stop,, ug ug ugh’

“oh baby, mmmmmmmmmmmmm’

Her toned legs squeeze my head, I feel her trashing about and feel her pussy squeezing my finger as she cums in waves.

After a few waves she slides off of me and moves up towards me, leans in and kisses me.

“Whatever you did, no one has done before, Jack honey that was fabulous’

Although I had not cum yet, both her and I nodded off for a few minutes.

I was half asleep when I felt her stroking my semi hard dick, and it came back to life right away.

She straddled me. Her perfect tits over me, her pussy just above my cock.

“Deena, I did not bring protection’ I said

She responded. “Its okay sweety, I am still on my pill as I was on it with James and I never came off of it, and you are the first man that I slept with since him.’

That made me grow even harder.

She grabbed my cock and gave it some more strokes, and she took it and pointed it right at her lovely pussy lips.

With one hand on my cock and one on my thigh, she lowered herself onto me. It was a great feeling, only my second time going bare back. I could feel every muscle in her pussy wrap about my thick cock.

I hear her groan a bit.. “Jack baby, let me adjust,” as she lowered herself in by inch.

She let go of my cock as it slid almost all in. I could feel the heat from her pussy. She leans in and kisses me.

“You feel great Deena.”

“Shhh just enjoy.”

I go slow with her at first letting her adjust and so I can savor the moment. We kiss each other as we do this, my hands caressing her ass, and making there way towards her ass.

I start to go a bit faster, and on each stroke I can see her juices covering my dick. Its about to send me over the edge.

I pull her towards me with my cock all the way to the hilt.

ANd let it stay there.

“Deena, do you mind if we switch it up and try something else.’

She grins, “Sure, lead the way’

She slides off of me, and I guide her to get into a doggy style. Her great ass in front of me. She spreads her legs to allow me to get in.

I can see again, her great pink pussy against her dark lips.

I put my cock head right at her opening and slide it in. Slowly inch by inch. She leans back into me.

I slide in and out slowly building up pace and as I do so I lean into her kissing her neck. With my free hand I reach under her and rub her clit.

She groans as I match the pace of me fucking her with me rubbing her clit.

I am fucking her as hard as I can now. Just the sounds of my cock sliding in and out of her is what we hear in the room. I can see my cock grow more white with our cums mixed in.

I stop rubbing her clit. I start to groan and fuck her faster

“Cum baby’, she purrs at me.

“MMM it feels that these are ready.’ she says

I push her hard into the bed. She fondles my sack as I have both hands on her hips.

“Oh shit baby, Im gonna cum’ I say

“thats it Jack’, Deena says, “fill me up”

Fucking harder

Then in a wave, I start to cum

“Uggggggggggggg, fuck fuck fuck”

I push her into the bed. Face down. Fucking as fast as I can as I begin to fill her womb.

After a several hard thrusts I was done and I collapse on her. I was a sweaty mess so was she.

I slide off of her and as I do, I notice my sperm leaking out of her. Her pink lips swollen against her black lips.

I kiss her neck.

We lie there in the silence and drift off to sleep, only a thin sheet to cover up the contrast of our skin.