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10 Inches Of Black Man Power

My name is Gregory Karl Hinds. Friends call me G.K. I’m a six-foot-three, good-looking young black man living in the city of Boston. I attend Boston Metropolitan College ( also known as BMC ) on a student-athlete scholarship for football. It’s a lot less fun than it sounds. To the casual observer, Boston Metropolitan College seems like a dream come true. That’s only because they haven’t lived there. Trust me, the place sucks. Big-time. When I first came along, it seemed like a dream given form.

Boston Metropolitan College is an imposing institution. A large public school with thirty five thousand students. An athletic powerhouse offering full scholarships to student athletes who compete in men’s baseball, women’s softball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s ice hockey, men’s wrestling, women’s field hockey, men’s football, women’s equestrian, women’s rifle, men’s pistol, women’s water polo, men’s track & field, women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s gymnastics, men’s and women’s fencing, men’s and women’s volleyball and men’s and women’s swimming. The schools of the NCAA Division One are so rigid, especially when dealing with male student-athletes. They make us walk on eggshells out of political correctness. I’m just a poor guy from Brockton trying to get ahead in life. So, that’s why I decided to violate school rules and get myself a J.O.B.

The only place I found work was the budding amateur porn industry of Boston. I got hired by Crystal Parker, the CEO of Black Amateur Motion Pictures Inc. A tall, good-looking black woman in her early forties. She was a multi-millionaire and world-famous porn star and best-selling author who interviewed me personally. I had to show her what I got. I unzipped my pants and out came my cock. Ten inches long, quite thick and uncut. She was surprised by the sheer size of it. Even in the modern-day porn industry, a ten-inch dick is quite a sight to behold. It got me noticed but it’s not what got me hired.

A big dick doesn’t guarantee you a job in the porn industry. It will get you in the door but whether you stay or not, that’s the complicated part. I had to get myself an agent, and find myself some work. I got myself tested for every STD known to man, and my tests came back clean. I also did a full physical for just about everything else you could think of. Then the studio ran a background check on me, for security reasons. Believe it or not, the porn industry doesn’t hire people with criminal records. I was clean and ready for work, and thus took the porn plunge.

My first scene was in a movie titled Black Men Rock. The storyline involved three masked black male college athletes going around in a van, picking up young white women on the streets of the city and having sex with them in their dormitories. Typical interracial porn flick fan fare. Lots of sites on the Internet were doing the exact same thing. The studio took a big chance by putting an untested actor like me on this new movie. Lots of other black male porn performers wanted the part but they weren’t right for it. I got the job because I looked the part and also happened to be well-endowed. Now I had to pass the acid test. Would I be able to perform on camera? Folks, I was very nervous.

During my first scene, I worked with an Irish-American porn starlet named Monica O’Shea. She was six feet tall, busty, voluptuous and big-bottomed, with milky white skin and blonde-white hair. She looked really hot. I like big beautiful women. They’re alright. Later, I learned that Monica was a relative newcomer to the industry. She could tell that I was nervous and told me to relax. I had to get over my nervousness and do it quick because the cameras were rolling. When you’re watching a porn video, you never notice that there are lots of crew people around. A porn movie set is a busy place, folks. Lots of crewmen and crewwomen around, doing their thing. The camera people. The lights people. The sound crew. And of course, the director and his or her flunkies and assistants.

Monica made me forget all that the moment she stripped before me. Hot damn, the woman had it all. She had a pretty face, big tits, wide hips and a big booty. Yes, white females got booty! The sight of her made my dick hard as hell. Monica smiled, then knelt before me. Man, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, getting my dick sucked by a white woman on a porn movie set. Wow. Monica was quite the expert, folks. She took my cock in her mouth like a professional and sucked it good. She stroked my balls while sucking my dick. I closed my eyes and relaxed as the big-booty white mama worked her magic on this brother’s pecker. Wow. And to think that earlier, I was in a politically correct classroom, being told what to do by some feminist teacher who was questioning my opinions before the entire class. And now I was getting paid to have my dick sucked by some woman. Is life funny or what?

Monica sucked my dick until I came, then she drank my seed. Afterwards, I gave her oral sex. I’ve never gone down on a woman before. Monica guided me through it. I licked and fingered her pussy and she made all the appropriate noises and sounds. Yeah, women were really good at faking it but I wasn’t faking any of it. I was into this, and I think it showed on camera. Afterwards, we took a ten-minute break during which I got myself a sandwich. Monica drank a sports shake and we talked about the scene while the crew people did their thing and the director berated his flunky about something in the script. Then the break was over and everyone went back to work. In the next part of the scene, I put Monica on all fours and spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I took some lube and smeared it all over my cock. I also applied it all over Monica’s ass crack. I asked her if she was ready and she said yes. Houston, we have a go.

Slowly, I pushed my cock into Monica’s ass. Her ass felt really tight, even with the lube. This was my first time trying anything of the kind. None of the gals I knew at BMC would try anything like this. Monica was really into it. She screamed and begged me to fuck her harder and faster. I did exactly that. After all, that’s what the scene called for. Still, I could tell when she was a bit uncomfortable. Seasoned porn starlet or not, taking ten inches of hard dick up her ass was not exactly easy. Monica was a team player, though. She worked with me and we got through it. I pumped my cock up her ass like it was nothing and she screamed in daylight like she was having the time of her life. Later, I found out that she was well-known in the adult film industry for being totally wild. Anal sex in interracial movies were a specialty of hers. Folks, I didn’t think women like that existed. I was impressed. We rocked together. The crew and director congratulated us on a job well done, then we went over next week’s shooting schedule

After all was said and done, I picked up a check for nine hundred and eighty dollars and left the set. Monica was getting paid eleven hundred bucks for the scene. In the straight side of the adult film industry, women tend to make a bit more money than men. Men who worked in gay and bisexual films made more money than those working in the straight ones. Something to consider someday, I think. Whatever. All I cared about was my money. I was tired of being a broke-ass black student at a rich white school. I went right back to my dorm and showered before catching some Z’s. You see, I had a class later that day. And I couldn’t afford to skip it. And after class, I had football practice. BMC was taking on the Northeastern University football team next Friday and if we won, we’d take on the University of New Hampshire. When I returned to campus, I felt like a secret spy or something. Looking at all these prim and proper young men and women who acted like they were all that yet led such conventional and normal lives. I had crossed a threshold they didn’t even know existed. I had gone from meek student and average football player to top-secret porn star. And nobody knew. I’m making out like a bandit, getting paid to do a job that most men would do for free if they could. Lucky me! As long as nobody finds out, I should be fine. Can you keep a secret?

Southern Heritage

“Nigger lover!”

The sound of my father’s voice echoes up out the past to me as I drive past the state line for the first time in forty-three years.

I can still hear my mom crying after the slamming of the door, the loud shattering of glass from the other side of the closed door. I never found out just what was broken in such fury.

Fury I caused.

The miles roll past like the memories. Signpost after signpost. Everyone of them bringing me closer to the home I left.

Was sent from.


The year it began was 1962. I was a fifteen-year-old with dreams of following my family’s footsteps and going off to war. My father and uncles had fought in World War II and Korea. My older brother was already part of the US deployment to Vietnam and there I was playing Army with my friends in the woods near the house with our B.B guns, eager to go.

I was such a fool.

In so many ways.

You see I had a secret. One I could tell no one.

I was in love.


“Huh. At fifteen what the hell did you know about love? About as much as you knew about war!” I tell myself as I drive past the green road sign showing me it’s forty more miles to the house I was born in.


It was in October when I came to realize it. I had known her for most of my life. She was my nanny. My family’s maid. A twenty five-year-old black woman named Maryloo. Maryloo… Post? No Potter! Maryloo Potter.

She had the most beautiful eyes. Not that a fifteen year old was aware of things like eyes. At that age my own eyes never went that far up her.

It was in October. We were watching the new TV that Dad had bought, gathered in the “TV room” watching as the President told us of the end of the world.

There were nukes in Cuba!

My younger brother and two sisters were sent out the room when they started to cry. Hell my sisters were both too young to even know what a nuclear bomb was. They were crying cause my brother started to.

I could understand how they felt though.

I wanted to cry as well.

After she got them up to their rooms and occupied with toys or schoolwork I saw Maryloo come back to by the door. Our eyes met as I watched her listening to the TV with us. She was as scared as I was. Hell by itself that made me more scared. Here was the woman I had seen stand down a rabid dog with a stick, catch snakes barehanded and carry them out the yard.

And she was afraid.

A desire to go to her and protect her came over me then. I had never felt it’s like before in my life. Not like that anyway.

Whenever I had gotten into the scrapes that all boys do it had always been Maryloo who patched me back up. A bit of Mercurochrome, a Band-Aid, a cold Coke Cola and a slice of pie could cure anything this world could throw at me. That and a hug from my nanny. And now here she was. The one with tears at her eyes.

For some reason I didn’t think a slice of pie was what she needed to help her get through this. Maybe a man’s strong arms around her to give her some comfort. To make her feel protected. For some reason… maybe the memories of all those patched up scraped knees,… I felt that I should be the one to give her that.


At the time I didn’t know why I felt that way. Now looking back I know. Know as well as I know the river under the bridge I’m driving across. It’s because that was the day when I put the boy I had been away, and took my first true steps to becoming the man that I am.


Dad saw her standing there then and sent her to go make coffee. He disapproved of the nigra getting any kind of access to public news. Said it made them uppity. He would say it in front of them like they couldn’t understand English.

Kind of like the way you would talk around a dog, or a small child. Like they wouldn’t understand if you didn’t say the words they knew.

He hated black people…hell the only reason Maryloo worked for us was Moma. She had grown up with a black maid and demanded one when she got married.

Leaving my family to listen to the news being repeated I got up and headed first I the direction of the bathroom then circled around and into the kitchen. I watched her bustling around the room making the coffee. I could tell with maturity beyond my years that she was putting her fear into her work so she didn’t have to think of it.


She looked up from filling the coffeepot at the sink, and seeing it’s me, smiled.

“You okay, Willy boy?” she asked me, her throat tight. Her fear’s only outlet.

I crossed to her side. Taking a glass down off the shelf, I held it under the water when she moved the pot out the way. I felt the warmth of her arm against mine. Something I never noticed like this before.

“Are you alright Maryloo?”

She gave me a nod of her head and went to get the coffee from the cabinet. I watched her spooning it into the percolator’s basket.

Watching her moving about the simple task with the awareness of a man growing in me second by second, I saw a thousand little things I had never noticed about her come to light then.

Finishing my water, I rinsed out the glass and put it on the towel by the sink. As she plugged in the pot I moved over behind her.

She turned startled to find me that close.

I was holding her in my arms before she can protest.

“Willy boy?”

“Shu…It’s okay,” I told her as I held her tighter.

I felt things then I hadn’t known before. Feelings I had no words for. Not then. Now…I know them to be love. The love of a man for a woman. The desire to keep her safe.

Hell at that time I was just surprised to know that I was so much taller than her.

I felt her relax into my arms after a moment for a number of heartbeats. My chin came to rest on the top of her head. Her thick hair a soft wiry pillow to my cheek.

She gave me a pat on my arm after a bit and I slowly turned her loose. She looked up at my face with a strange look in her eyes. It’s then that I noticed just how beautiful her eyes were.

She gave me a slow smile.”It’ll be alright Willy b…” she looked me over again. Then shook her head a little. “William. All that bad news? Ain’t gonna amount to nothing.” She glances over at the coffeepot as it bubbled to a stop. “Now you go on and get you a piece of that pie over there while I take your Daddy this coffee.”

I watched her fill a pot and put the cups on the tray. She turned to look at me watching her…gave me a smile and nodded towards the pie.

As I cut me a slice, it occurred to me that I was not afraid anymore. I chuckle as I thought about the fact I came in here to comfort her and she ended up doing that for me. And with a piece of pie at that.


I chuckle at the memory as I take the turn towards the old house.

1965? I was eighteen. Had my draft card in hand. The war in Vietnam had just exploded and they were calling up anyone who wanted to go and some who didn’t. I was of the first type. That proves I was still a fool.

And I was still in love.

Oh, I had never even told her. Kept what I felt for her to myself. Safer that way. Sometimes though I would catch the hint of a smile that led me to believe she knew. Kind of a shared grin every once and awhile.

My high school years were like any other young white boy in Alabama at that time I guess. I had a steady gal for a while. Can’t remember her name now. That ought to tell you about what I felt for her.

That was also the year my brother Jimmy came home from the war. Under a flag.

It was also my first battle with my father and his racist feelings towards colored people. Hell, he hated hearing me even use that word. To him they were niggers and always would be.

But the day of my brother Jimmy’s funeral I was in my father’s face like a man grown. One who would not back down no matter what came of it. You see my daddy didn’t want Maryloo going to the funeral.

But Maryloo had raised Jimmy, just as much as she had raised me and was just as torn apart by his death as any of our family. I would be damned if even he was going to tell her she couldn’t be there!

The memories of the rifles sound out to me as I drive past the white marble wall of the cemetery. I can still see the trees I stood under that day. I know my brother’s marker isn’t far from them but I’m past it before I can make it out. I plan on coming back before I leave to put flowers on his grave. And Moma’s. Hell even Daddy’s I guess, though the old racist son of a bitch doesn’t really deserve them.

There’s also another…who I need to place flowers for.

My tear-filled eyes go to the courthouse building as I drive past it. I can still see the place where I got on the bus to go to boot camp. I can’t see the little alcove. I don’t have to though. Memories tell me what happened there. Good memories.


My head already near shaved by the family barber I got out the cab next to a small alleyway that goes to no where. I had only a small bag of personals with me. The government was going to see to my needs for the next few years.

I made Momma not come. The loss of Jimmy over there and my going had been too hard on her. Her health had been in decline for the last few months since the funeral.

Daddy had to work. He told me to take care and kill a few of those yellow bastards to avenge Jimmy. He and I haven’t really been on good terms since the funeral.

I looked over to the bus stop. The bus wasn’t here yet but then I was early. I saw a few others that I knew. Boys I went to school with. I was about to walk over to join them when I heard my name. Looking up the alleyway I saw Maryloo standing by the place where it turned into a dead end.

I glanced around. Not seeing anyone watching me, I walked into the alley and around the corner.

I could tell she’d been crying. She had a smile for me though.

“You going to be careful over there now, William? You know your Moma can’t take another one of them gun funerals.” I saw her breathe in deep and look down. “I can’t either.”

“I’m going to be alright, Maryloo. You’ll see. This things going to blow over in no time. Hell we beat Japan and Germany… this ain’t nothing but a little pimple of a county. I’ll be back home before y’all know I’ve been gone.”

She smiled and held out her hand to me. When I took it, I noticed again the sharp contrast in color between her skin and mine. I wished it wasn’t there. I wished it with all my heart.

“I’m going to be praying to God every night for that very thing, William.” She looked up at me and blinked away tears. I could see the fear in her. Like those nights years ago when we were so worried about bombs falling out the sky to burn us all to death.

Like then, the need to offer her comfort came to me.

Maybe it’s the fact I was going off to a war that’s already killed one member of my family. Maybe it was the verbal battles I’ve been in with my father lately. Maybe it was the years of love I’d felt for this woman but never been able to express them. I don’t know for sure even now just what it was that gave me that moment of courage.

I pulled her into me even as I stepped forward. I saw the started look in her eyes for only a second then she was tight in my arms.

And my lips were pressed into hers.

She felt like a startled bird in my arms for a second,first afraid to move, then trying to flutter away. But slowly, ever so very slowly, I began to feel her kissing me back.


How long I kissed her for I don’t know. Memory tells me it was a very long time but those kinds of memories can’t be trusted at my age.


I think it was the sound of the bus’ brakes that broke the kiss. As I slowly leaned back away from her, I saw her eyes open, then look around us in terror. After a second when she saw there isn’t anyone who could have seen us she looked back to my face. Her eyes softened, that slow smile came back and I saw her start to softly chuckle.

“You a fool. Gonna get us both in trouble,” she told me, smiling. “You know you can’t go kissing on no colored woman in this state.”

I smiled and nodded. Before she could stop me, I leaned in and kissed her again. Her lips parted this time and I breathed in her breath as I kiss her. I felt her push against my chest after a few seconds. Our lips slowly parted.

“Now stop that for we get caught.” She shook her head, looking up at me. “Your bus is here, William,” she reminded me.

I nodded and with a lot of reluctance turned her lose. She looked at me for a second, then she was back in my arms, pressed hard against my chest.

“Don’t you damn well get your fool self killed over there. You hear me, my Willy boy? Don’t you damn well die on me.”

I held her to me as she cried herself out. Then with my own eyes not dry, I left her standing there in that alleyway and walked to my bus.

One of the guys I went to school with must have seen me leave the alley and made a joke about me getting a last minute piece of pussy. He doesn’t know how I wish he was right.


As I turn the car down the long parkway, my mind shies away from the memories of the war. The things I did and that were done to me. I have enough nights waking up to those evil memories. I don’t need to consciously relive them. Though I’ll never forget even a single second.

Instead I think of the cab ride from the airport.


It was 1968 and the last leaves were falling all red and golden. I felt lost and had come full circle all at the same time.

My uniform hung loose on me. I had lost a lot of weight in the two months I was hospitalized after the battle of Khe Sanh. but I looked at the little purple ribbon on my chest. It sat with the other one, showing my bravery at a battle I can barely remember. I just remember the mortar and the rockets falling like rain for days on end, then I was waking up in an army hospital with people telling me it was almost a month later.

I used my cane to get out the cab while the driver held open the door for me. I smiled and thanked him.

“No… thank you.”

I nodded. It was a much better feeling than the one that I gotten when I flew into California. The people there. The signs.

I shook away the memories and walked with a heavy limp towards the front door of the house.

It opened before I could get to it and I was nearly bowled over by the love of my family. My younger sisters all but tackled me, my Momma hearty hugged me to death. Dad about broke my hand.


It was the tears in those beautiful dark eyes and her smiling face that told me I was home.

I saw my younger brother, Tommy, take my duffel from the cab driver. I could see the same desire to go fight in his eyes when he looked at me in my uniform. I knew I didn’t have it anymore.

I stretched out my leg and eased into the dining room chair. They tried to guide me to the TV room but I knew that soft chairs and couches would be beyond me at that moment.

Running my hand across my leg I caught my dad’s eyes. He was rubbing at his left arm with the same half-aware gesture, then he noticed what I was doing.

“Its bad over there ain’t it?” he asked, pulling up the seat at the end of the table.

I gave a slow nod.

“We been watching the news. Looks like a whole different type of war from what I fought. Y’all seem to be doing a lot of hunting through those jungles.”


I looked down and noticed I was spinning the salt shaker in my hands. I made myself stop.

I could tell dad wanted to sit and swap war stories but for me the war is not something I did twenty years ago it was what I was doing just the other day.

“Yea seen all them flower painted fools? Those long-haired faggots with their signs. Government ought to round up every one of those hippie traitors. Lock them all up for the duration. That’s what we did for them Jap spies we had here back in my war. Put them flower kissers in a camp somewhere out in the desert till this thing blows over.”

I looked up and smiled when Maryloo brought me a glass of ice tea.

“This one isn’t going to blow over, Dad. Hell, if anything, it’s just reaching a point where it’s beginning to drag out more.” I wet my mouth with a sip of the tea. I knew this was going to be a long argument. I could feel the first signs of it already.

“Well, that’s a load of crap! All you boys need to do is get a little more initiative going over there! Like we did back in the big one.” He thumped the table with a fist. “Hell, if you would just go out and shoot all those black pajama wearing rice eaters this thing would be over in no time.”

I took a deep breath.

“Dad, this isn’t your war. It’s nothing like it. There are no front lines” I shook my head. I took a sip of the tea, then tried to explain. “We followed a group of VC for three days through thick as hell jungle. We had to stop maybe every hundred and twenty feet to clear sharpened bamboo stakes out of our way. Every mile or so, one of those ‘rice eaters’ will jump up out of a grass-covered hole and unload a full clip of AK right in the middle of us. Sometimes they will kill or wound five of us to every one of them. Oh, we blow that one to hell sure enough. But then we have to tend to our wounded, call in a hog chopper to fly them out. By the time we get back on their trail they have more than likely gone into a village. They just take off their uniforms, hide their guns and they blend right in. Of course they do. Half of them are probably from that village. Now before we can enter that village we have to call back to headquarters and have them call and see if the village is a fire zone. If it’s not we can’t do shit unless we are fired on.”

“Well, that’s stupid!”

“Oh yeah. Well, let’s say they can’t find a village to hide in. Then they make for the Cambodia border. They cross that and we can’t follow without orders from on high. Even when we get that miracle of miracles it doesn’t help. They go a few more dozen miles north and they are in Laos. Were we can’t go no matter what. Half the people over there who are supposed to be our allies are really working for both sides. Taking money from both sides, while they smile in the faces of both.”

“Well, you need to shoot all them fuckers then! That’s what I’m talking about. Initiative! You boys over there know who those assholes are. Just take them off in the deep woods and don’t bring them back.”

“When we do that the press is all over it within days. I know you have seen those kinds of news reports.”

Dad slowly nodded.

“Yea. Bunch of milksops! Reporting everything you boys are doing over there like it’s never been done before. Damn, it this is a war! You can’t kill the enemy politely.”

“Dad, half the time we never even see the enemy. Other than the flashes of their guns from the cover of the jungle.”

“Well, you need to…”

The argument went on well into the night. My little brother sat big eyed, drawn to every word. Dad began to get mad with me that I didn’t agree with him on how the President should just nuke those commies back into the Stone Age.

“It worked for Japan! Look at them slant-eyed bastards now. They fall over themselves to help us.”

Momma moved into the room and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Daddy, let him be. Can’t you see your son’s about to fall asleep where he’s sitting.”

My dad looked at me and after a second blew a loud harrumph out his nose. He got up and left the dining room to go eat dinner in front of the TV.

Maryloo placed a plate of food plus a bowl with large portion of peach cobbler next to it in front of me.

“We need to be getting some weight back on him,” she told my Momma.

My mother nodded and headed into the TV room to eat with dad. I soon heard Mike Wallace reporting on the Apollo program.

“Waste of good money I tell ya!” I heard Dad call out from the other room.

I felt almost to tired to eat but the food was so good I was soon eating with an energy I didn’t know I had. I looked up to see Maryloo’s dark eyes on me. I gave her a tired smile.

“Told you I would make it back. Almost in one piece.”

I saw tears start at her eyes. She dabbed at them with her apron then nodded.

“My Willy boy,” she said in a low voice. “I’ve done been so worried about you.”

I looked towards the door, and hearing dad talking to mom in the next room I held out my hand to her. She took the few steps after a second and took my hand. I felt the strength of her fingers as they tightened around mine.

I gestured for her to come closer.

She looked towards the door and shook her head.

I pulled her hand towards me. Glancing at the doorway fearfully, she slowly moved over next to me. I noticed she wouldn’t lean down.

I looked up into her dark eyes.

“I love you.”

My words were soft. They carried no more than the few feet between us.

“Remembering how you said goodbye to me… kept me going over there,” I told her softly.

I saw her look up towards the door then back down at me. She slowly smiled. Her eyes fluttered away tears.

“I love you too, Willy boy,” she said in a soft whisper. She looked up, then I saw her bend down in a rush.

Her lips touched mine for only a second but in that second I felt heaven open around me. I wanted to pull her down next to me. To taste her lips for long hours. To taste the rest of her in a thousand slow kisses.

“You finish your supper now, Willy boy,” she said out loud. She patted my hand and walked away from me towards the kitchen. She stopped, looked back after a second. When our eyes catch and hold the others I watched her take a step to move back to me.

“Maryloo, put on some coffee!”

I hated the sound of my father’s voice at that moment. It takes her away from me.


I start to laugh as a nearly lost memory comes floating back up to me as I pass a sign for a small restaurant. The sign says ‘Best Fried Chicken in the South’. I’m chuckling thinking about my old friend for the next few miles.


“But why can’t you just invite your friend here for dinner?” asked Momma. “I don’t understand why you are meeting him in town for a meal at a restaurant.”

My limp was a bit less as I put on nice civilian clothes for the first time in a long time. They felt strange. They actually fit better than my uniform did though. I wasn’t as big in the chest when I left for basic.

“I just can’t, Momma. I’ll explain it later. Now love you, got to go.”

“But William…?”

The old car ran kind of rough. It hadn’t had my hands at it in a few years. I drove into town enjoying the feeling of going to go do something just because I wanted to. It had been a long time. I knew it was a fleeting feeling.

I was due back in twenty days. My medical leave could have been spent in Hawaii but I had a reason for coming back here. Well, a couple of them. Maryloo was the biggest of them of course.

Curtis Jackson was the other.

I pulled my car into the parking lot across the street and using my cane as little as I could, I crossed to the brick building. I could smell the food cooking.

When I stepped inside, the eyes that were on me were enough to set the hair on the back of my neck on end. That feeling of danger I picked up in my first days in Nam settled around me. My hands slid to where my gun’s safety would be if I was carrying it.


I looked towards the sound of my name and saw Curtis sitting at a small round table. His black wood cane sat on the red checkerboard tablecloth. I hobble over to him and he gets up with equal effort.

It must have been a rare sight in this place a white and black man hugging each other.

I can’t say either of us cared. It was several long breaths before either of us even thought of turning loose.

He grinned at me, that familiar smile that always told me the fun was about to start was now comforting.

I pointed with a tilt of my head to the faded sign nearby that said ‘Colored only.’

Curtis chuckled.

“I talked to the owner. He says if a white boy’s willing to eat in here, he sure enough is willing to serve him.”

A young colored girl came to the table after we sat down. Curtis ordered for us both.

“Darlin, would you get us two big old glasses of sweet tea. Then you just keep chicken and biscuit coming here to this table till we get full. Shouldn’t take more than ten, twelve hours.” Curtis watched her walk away. “Thank Lordy my boy, I’m back home. Those little gook girls sure could suck a cock but not a one of them got an ass like brown sugar there.”

I chuckled. He hadn’t changed a bit in the six months since I saw him last. That memory tried to surface but I drove it back into the past where it belonged.

The girl brought us our tea and after a minute a huge basket of biscuits and a platter full of fried chicken.

“Curtis, how the hell have you been?” I asked after finishing my first big bite.

“Willy boy, I’ve been so deep in pussy my black ass hasn’t seen the light of day in months.” He looked up at me and I saw a sly smile cross his face. “How about you? You learned if you prefer chocolate to vanilla yet?”

I grinned back at him… then slowly shook my head.

“You letting way too much time pass you by. You already said that she’s older than you. If you don’t get after that thing soon she’s gonna find her someone who will. How long you got left back here?”

“Twenty days. Well really about seventeen then I got to go get my plane back.” I picked out my second piece of chicken and grabbed a biscuit that dripped butter. My eyes went to his cane hanging now on the back of the spare chair. “How about you? How you coping?”

Curtis sat back and grinned.

“I’m home. I’m home with no chance of going back to that hell.” He took a biscuit and dipped it into the gray bowl. “Rest of my life’s gonna go down as easy as this.” He took a large bit. Gravy dripped off his chin.

“And the leg?” I asked not looking up for a second.

“So I fucking limp.” He shrugged. “I’m better than Franky.”

I picked up my tea and nodded at the truth of that. I took a small sip then I slowly took a deep breath, determined to get out what has needed to have been said for half a year.

“I don’t really know how to… I want to thank…”

“Hush your head. You don’t have no need to be thanking me. I need to be thanking you Willy boy. Them gooks would have done me for sure had you left me.”

“Curtis, I’m alive because of you.” I tried to explain what I felt.

“You still a dumb white fucker though.”

I chuckled and then we were both laughing loud enough to attract a lot of attention. Curtis waved them off.

I grew silent.

“Curtis. I don’t know how to deal with the world back here now. I mean…” I looked up at him It was hard to keep the tears out my eyes. “Curt, I think of you as my brother. I would have walked into fire for you and would do it again in a heartbeat. I’d give my life for you without a thought, and yet I couldn’t invite you to my house for dinner. That’s so fucked up.”

He takes a big sigh.

“Nobody ever promised the world wasn’t fucked up, Willy. The only promise you got when you breathed your first breath was that one day you would breathe your last. Till that day all you got to do is one thing.”

I smiled at him knowing what he was about to say. We said it together, grinning.

“Keep your dick wet.”

I laughed with my brother and went back to eating.


A single tear rolls unnoticed down my cheek as the memory of Curtis flashes past. Dead ten years… no, more than that. Damn, closer to fifteen.

I turn the car up the last road and see the old house. It sits amid a cluster of newer homes. The old family property was sold off to developers. I look to my left and see the old oak tree is still standing down on what was our bottom field.

My god, the memories under that tree.


Sixteen days went by in a flash. I spent most of it trying to sneak a hidden kiss from the woman I loved. No real luck there. The looks she gave me at times told me that the chance would come before I left though.

My limp had begun to fade till it only appeared towards the end of the day.

I was standing in front of the sink finishing a second piece of pecan pie when Maryloo walked into the kitchen carrying the dinner dishes. She smiled to see me.

“You looking a lot better my Willy boy. A lot better.”

I let the empty plate and fork slip into the sink and walked past her towards the TV room. I turned my head just as I passed her. I felt her hip against my leg, her hand brushed mine.

“Come back and meet me down by the big oak. Tonight,” I said in a whisper.

I saw her eyes go towards the door, then I saw her smile slowly “You going to get us in so much trouble,” she said.

I shrugged and went to sit and watch the news. Things back in the Nam didn’t sound good at all.

When everything was finished for the night Maryloo came into the TV room with her coat and purse on her arm. “I’m heading home now Missus,” she says softly to my mother.

Mom gave her hand a pat. “You be careful on the way home now Maryloo.” Mom turned back to the news.

I watched the woman I loved leave without another word spoken to her. Her eyes caught mine for a second and I saw a slight nod to tell me she would meet me. Knowing she would soon be standing down there in the dark waiting for me to come to her lent haste to me. I soon complained that my leg was hurting and headed up to bed.

In about an hour, I heard the TV turn off and everyone head to bed.

As the last sound grew quiet in the house, I eased out the bed and walked down the hall. My cane made a tap I couldn’t hide but the sounds of dad snoring gave me comfort. I paused at the bathroom, then headed down to the kitchen. I ran a glass full of water at the sink and sipped it, listening to the house.

The silence was broken only by the distant sounds of dad’s sonorous breathing.

I noticed my hand was shaking as I went to sit the glass by the sink. I smiled at that. I’d been under fire and dead calm, and here the idea of getting to spend a bit of unwatched time with Maryloo had me shaking.

The back door opened with a squeak. I flinched and slowly eased it shut. The door closed without its customary slap.

The grass was high as I walked beyond the edges of the yard and into the fields. For a moment I felt a growing sense of unease, then realized it was because I was walking in the open under a bright moon.

“It’s alright Willy,” I said to myself softly as the tall grass brushed my pants. “No one here to shoot at you.” That knowledge didn’t help. I was trembling by the time I got to the other side of the field.

My heart nearly stopped when a shadow moved by the big tree. I caught myself before I could dive to the ground and I made my breathing slow down. I took a deep breath and walked over to join the woman I loved.

Her lips came to meet mine without a word spoken between us. I wrapped her into my arms and felt her soft breasts push against my chest.

My hands moved from the ample curves of her hips up her back and I pulled her closer into me. Her lips left mine then and I felt her breathe warm by the side of my neck.

“Oh my god, Willy boy. Oh my god, I love you!”

I breathed in the scent of her as I pressed the side of my face into her hair. Her body shook for a second. I held her tighter as I felt her start to cry.

“Shush now… Hush now… it’s okay. I love you just as much.”

She gave a laugh that was half tears.

“I know you do. That’s not why I’m crying. You’re going back to that foul place. I can see what it’s already done to you!”

My lips found hers in the dark and I tasted the salt of her tears as I kissed her with a fierce passion.

I tasted her breath as she gasped when my hand found her breast. It sat soft and warm in my hand. I gave it a gentle squeeze, feeling the hardening point through her bra and shirt.

Her fingers dug into my hair, pulling me into her harder! I ran my hand down her side then back up to where it was but under her shirt. The soft cotton of her bra under my fingers was warmth I thought I would never get to feel. I found the hard tip of her nipple and tightened my fingers on it slightly.

She moaned into my mouth as we kissed.

I hesitantly let my tongue pass between my parted lips. Her’s was there to greet it as her fingers dug into the back of my shirt.

Then she stopped. She pulled back from my mouth till the kiss was broken.

“Willy Boy?” I heard her take a deep breath. “I want to give you a better memory to take back with you this time. If me kissing you kept you going before I want you to have a better…. a better memory.”

Her arms turned me lose and I opened my arms as she stepped back.

As I watched her in the dim moonlight, my heart beating at a furious rhythm she slowly began to unbutton her shirt. As it opened, the white cotton stood out against her dark skin brilliantly. She turned and placed her shirt by the trunk of the tree. Then I made out her arms going behind her back.

The white bra slipped away and down to join the shirt.

I cursed the lack of light that hid the beauty of her dark skin from me, but then she was back in my arms and the soft warm bare skin under my fingers more than made up for the loss.

“Oh my god, Maryloo.”

I ran my hands across her bare back reveling in the contact. She moaned and pressed her body harder up against mine. In that second, I wanted more. The contact of my hands wasn’t enough. I brought my hands back around and started undoing my buttons with frantic haste. Soon my shirt had fallen, forgotten to the ground by my feet.

Our skin came together with a feeling that was indescribable. I pulled her into my chest, kissing the side of her neck, the tender place just under her ear. Then I followed the vein that throbbed under my lips.

Her arms wrapped around my head tight as I sucked a nipple into my mouth. My face pressed into the heavy scented warmth of her breast. I felt the hard nub tighten as I sucked and licked around it. I tested it gently with my teeth and I groaned as I feel her fingernails claw at the back of my neck and shoulder.

“Oh Willy…Oh yes.”

My hands caressed the small of her back, feeling the gentle curve out and down. I followed it and her soft ass cheek was soon filling my hand. My other hand joined it and I gave her a little lift.

My knee buckled under me and with a gasp we tumbled into the tall grass.

After a second I heard her start to chuckle. I couldn’t help but join her. I lay back and she moved a bit till she was laying on top of me her legs on either side of one of my legs.

“That was a fool thing to try, you could have hurt yourself,” she told me, her lips just above mine. “Oh, my Willy Boy, you are going to be forever getting scrapes for me to have to patch up.”

I laughed and pulled her down to me. Her lips joined mine and then she was moving herself on my chest. Her breasts slid across my skin and back, the nipples running through the hairs.

I ran a hand back down her side and catch the side of her skirt. It easily slid up her leg. My hand slipped under it and I felt the thin cotton of her panties move under my fingers. I moved my hand till the fingers slid under the edge and gave her bare ass a tight squeeze. I felt her lips smile against mine.

“You like my ass? I’ve caught you looking at it so many times over the years. You got a hand full of it now… so what you think?” she asked me teasingly.

“I think it’s wonderful.” I tightened my fingers. “I love every part of you.”

“So I can tell.”

I caught my breath as I felt her hand come to rest on top of me. Her fingers ran across the bulge.

“It’s been a lot of years since I last gave you a bath and saw this thing. I can see it’s gotten a lot bigger since then,” she said with a giggle. I felt her hand move till she had the zipper between her fingers. I shifted a bit as she slid it down. Freeing up a hand, I reached down and undid the snap

Her hand was wrapped around me in a second.

“What happen to your underwear?” she asked me, laughing. “Did you forget to put it on?”

“Got use to not wearing it over there. It rains so damn much there the whole place is just a wet mess. You go wading down a creek and then you’re soaked for the rest of the day. By night fall you’re chaffed to the bone. That and the blessed leeches! The last thing you want is a place for some of them to get caught.”

I looked up at her face as she sat up off me a bit. I felt her other hand come around to my chest and her fingers run through the hairs, across the muscles. Her hand caressed me up the side of my neck, then across the beginnings of stubble on my chin.

Her fingers tightened around me!

“My little Willy boys so grown up. I think it’s time I done something I wanted to do to you before you ever left here.”

As I watched her sit up and then she was moving aside her skirt. I felt the warmth of her thighs on either side of my hips. Her fingers still held onto me firmly though. Then I felt the tip of myself brushing soft cotton. Her fingers turned me loose for just a few seconds.

Then the cotton was gone.

I moaned as I felt a warm, tight, wet feeling slowly engulfing me from the tip all the way down. Her weight came to rest against me.

I looked up as I heard a gasp from her.

“Oh yea…much bigger!”

I was about to chuckle, then it became a gasp as I felt her hips start to move against me.

I ran my hands up the sides of her bare thighs, pushing the skirt higher out the way. She leaned down onto my chest and I felt the heavy weight of her breast come to rest against me. The hard points of her nipples brushed teasingly around my own.

A soft whimper came from her when I bucked upwards into her. Then a breathy gasp when I did it again.

“Oh my god yes. Oh just like that.”

My arms came up and pulled her tight against me as I began to pump up into her. I kept one hand at the middle of her back then let the other go back to her hip. I slid around and back under her panties to the warm plump softness of her ass cheek; I clutched her to me and listened to the sounds of passion rising with her.

“Oh my, Willy boy… oh my. Oh yes.”

Her arms encircled my head again and I listened with a growing sense of pride to her panting breath as she started to rock against me even harder.

“Are you going to cum for me, Maryloo?” I asked in a whisper up to her. My own breath was a soft pant. I felt a slight twinge of pain from my leg but I ignored it, as the pleasure of her against me was too incredible to stop.

“Oh yes…,” she said in a soft breath by my ear. I heard a building moan start in her, then it slowly rose and rose. Just as it could peek I felt one of her hands leave my neck and go up to cover her mouth. I smiled as I heard the muffled moan from my wonderful lover. Her other hand dug into my shoulder and the nails bit into the skin.

I feel a surge of pleasure start to grow in me then. I tried to fight it but her grinding herself against me made it build to quickly.

“Damn it,” I said in a soft whisper.

I saw her eyes pop open and focus on my face.

“What’s the matter? Is your leg hurting?” she asked me in concern.

I chuckled a bit.

“No…I’m about to cum. I wanted this to go on forever.”

Maryloo giggled on top of me. Her lips came down to mine and she placed a soft kiss on my lips.

She stopped moving.

“Willy… I can’t let you cum in me. You get me pregnant and I give birth to a white baby…”

I could hear a tinge of fear come into her words. She went to move off of me but I caught her. My strong arms pulled her back down against my chest. I hugged her too me as I lifted her just enough to let me slip out.

“I understand,” I whispered into her ear as I placed feathery kisses on her neck.

Her hand closed around me again and I moaned as she started to pump the wet length of me.

“I want you to cum for me though, my Willy boy. I want to hear it. I want to see your beautiful face as you cum for me.”

I clutched her to me as her soft hand ran the length of me in a tight embrace. I lowered my head a bit and kissed at the softer skin of her breast. She lifted up and I found the nipple. I tasted her skin in my mouth then I was moaning around her as I felt the almost painful surge up me.

Maryloo’s fingers tightened and loosened around me as I came in her hand. She stroked the whole of me and I felt the wet release running down from off her fingers onto my lower stomach.

As I tried to catch my breath, I felt her slowly lower herself against me. She lay herself fully down next to me and I moved my arm as she tucked in up against the side of me. Her head pillowed into the crook of my arm.

Still panting a bit, I turned just enough to bury my face into the soft sponge like hair. I placed soft kisses into it.

“I love you so much,” I said in a soft whisper.

I felt her start to cry against the side of my neck.

“I love you too, my Willy boy.” I heard her say through her tears.

I tried to give her comfort but I knew that no words of mine at that time would do it. The world was what it was. It would never accept us or our love.

And it was time for me to leave.


The last years of the war were not as harrowing for me as the first years had been. The slight limp didn’t really go completely away. They kept me to the back for the first six months or so then I seemed to spend a lot of time in base camp. The older officers knew that someone who had been in for as long as I had was a gold mine to the morale of the new guys coming in.

And then there were no new guys coming in. It seemed like I turned around twice and people I had known for years were being rotated back home.

It was 1970 when my papers came in.

As I pulled the car into the driveway of the old house I saw faces at some of the windows. Faces that had the family look to them but that I didn’t know.

1970…. that was a year I’ll never forget.

I don’t know if I’ve dried out completely even now.


As I walked down off the plane, I looked up at the blue sky with wonder. It had been weeks since I’d seen it.

I looked around and then smiled when I saw my sisters Jenny and Cora running across the tarmac towards me. I dropped my duffel and scooped both of them up and into my arms. Their arms were tight around me as we all three both laughed and cry. I felt kisses all over my neck and ears. I gave them both a shake, then set them down. I laughed when they wouldn’t turn me loose.

I looked around for my brother Tommy but then remembered Momma said he was off to boot camp. I smiled when I saw her coming towards me. I finally convinced the girls to turn me loose enough so I could hug mom.

“Oh thank God you’re home!” she said, crying against the side of my cheek.

The familiar scent of my mom’s perfume and the loving warmth of my family filled me to the very edge of my heart. There was only a single place that was not filled.

I looked around for her, but she was not there. My father again no doubt. Mom had said in her last letter to me that dad had been getting if anything more and more racial as the growing news across the country infuriated him.

Then a man moved and I saw her!

Maryloo started forward towards me in a slow walk, that became a quick walk, then a run.

I turned my mom and sisters loose just in time to catch her in my arms. It took all the will I had to turn my head so that our mouths didn’t connect in a full on kiss. I heard whispering by my ear as I kissed the side of her cheek and hugged her tight to me.

“Oh, my beautiful man. Oh, thank you for coming back to me. Oh, I love you so much…”

Her soft words heard only by me filled that last void in my heart.

As I slowly and reluctantly turned her loose, I was again engulfed by my sisters.

I chuckled as the five of us tried to move out the way of other family greetings going on around us. The ride home was a constant question-filled time that has passed from my memory with the passage of the years. All I remember was the look in those beautiful eyes when I turned and looked into the back seat. She and I shared a smile that the others didn’t see.

Dad came forward to shake my hand from the front porch. I noticed he had a black leather-covered bible in his left hand. In the hours that followed, I began to wonder if he’d had some sort of accident with glue and no one wanted to talk about it. He only put it down for dinner and even then his hand went to it every few moments.

I was talking to Cora about the rain that brought a halt to all the fighting in Vietnam and helped me to leave early so that I got here in time for Thanksgiving. Looking past her I could see Momma and Maryloo both at work in the kitchen. I could smell the sourdough bread starter already at work when I entered the house.

“First time I’ve ever heard of a war halted by a little rain,” my father says dismissively. He lifted his left hand and pointed the black book at me. “You mark my word, those damn slant-eyed bastards y’all been pussyfooting around with over there didn’t let a little rain stop them. Your brother will have his hands full trying to wrap up that mess y’all have made of this war.”

I swallowed down the words that came rising up like bile. I had no wish to argue with my father about that damn war. The images of it were still just right behind my eyes. I had only to close them to see it as clear as day.

“Just another sign it’s the end of days!” he said giving the bible in his hand a shake at me. “This sick worlds falling faster and faster into the hands of the Devil himself!”

I looked over at Cora and lifted an eyebrow while dad took a sip of his tea. She kind of rolled her eyes back.

“Look at the mess things have fallen into! All those drug smoking hippies and sign toting faggots have made a mockery of this great country. That’s what! It all started with those Nigger preachers. Them getting up and talking like they had a right to speak the word of God before white people. I thought it would settle down once that one got shot up in Memphis but then this Jesse Jackson got his black ass going. Someone need to do to him what they did to that other one! You mark my word, his day’s coming. Every ones day’s coming.” He gave the bible in his hand a good shake again. “The hand of Lucifer himself is upon them all and their moment to burn is already given.”

I pushed my chair back and without a word to him took my plate into the kitchen. I shook my head at the look Maryloo gave me as I walked past her and placed the plate into the sink.

She was worried about what I would say.

She shouldn’t have been. I had no wish to talk to my father at all.

Walking out the back door, I went to the old shed out back and unhooked the door. Field dust had settle in a thick gray coat over the top of the old car. My older brother Jimmy driven it till his death, then it had been mine for two years, then sat there pretty much ever since. I was kind of surprised. I had figured Tommy would have taken it out.

Opening the door, I reach down and pop the hood. I needed to see about charging up the battery. Was gonna need this old car soon.

When I opened up the hood I saw the letter. My name was written on the outside of the envelope.

What it said chilled me to the core.

“William. The last time you were home I watched you in the middle of the night sneak out the house. I followed you and saw what you did. How could you? I cannot begin to express the level of disgust I feel for you now. I’ve kept my knowledge to myself but I swear if I ever see even a hint that you are still doing what you did that night I will go to our father and tell him just what he has for a son. I left this here because I know you will come here to get Jimmy’s car running again. I truly wish you had never driven it. I would have liked to have had it to remember my only real brother by but after you’ve touched it I want nothing to do with it.



My brother’s bitter words come back to tear at me again. The four decades plus since I first read them…they feel like nothing. I can see those words in my brother’s scribbly hand like they’re still in front of me.

A single tear rolls down my face as I see the front door opening.

That front door… the one that was slammed in my face.


I awakened to the smell of pumpkin pie and a mixture of a dozen other scents that set my mouth to watering. Sitting up, I rubbed at the mass of scar tissue that sat just under my left knee. The ache hadn’t left it since the rains had started in October back in the Nam. The slight chill to the November morning just added to it.

The kitchen was a bustle with women that morning! My Mom, Maryloo, Cora, and Jenny were all in a flurry of motion. I saw a monster of a turkey getting tied up.

I was given a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and butter and sent out the back door. A few moments after I sat down on the back porch swing Maryloo came out with me a glass of milk.

She gave me a smile as she handed it to me.

I wished I could return it.

“What’s the matter, my Willy boy?” she asked me when I didn’t smile back.

I told her quietly about the letter.

Her hand went to cover her mouth for a second then she slowly started to nod.

“I wondered what his problem had been these last few years. He wouldn’t talk to me after you left for weeks… then all he would do is just tell me to do things. Like clean the floors… bring him this or that. I tried to ask him what was the mater but he just gave me a foul look and walked off.” She squeezed her eyes shut. “Oh my Willy boy…what are we going to do? He’s going to be here for dinner.”

I nodded.

“I’m going to try to talk to him. See if he will listen to me. I’m sorry he’s been an ass to you, my love.”

Maryloo gave a slight shrug and looked down at her hands. I reached over to take them but she pulled away just before mine would have touched hers.

“Not here,” she said in a whisper.

“Where then?” I asked just as softly. “Where will we ever be able to?”

Her beautiful eyes came up and looked deep into mine. I saw a dozen emotions cross her face.

“Maybe nowhere around here… but I would like to find that place,” she told me after a moment.

“I would like that too,” I told her back. My eyes went to her left hand and the idea of me slipping a gold ring over her dark skin came to me then. By the word of the law, I could do that now… here. I knew what would happen if I tried to though.

“Well, enjoy your family dinner, my Willy boy. I’s got to be getting. All the family is on the way to my place for our dinner. Was up half the night cooking for them then been here since just after dawn cooking for yours.”

My eyes went up from her hands to her face. I could see that she was tired.

“You deserve better than what you’re getting.” I told her softly as I stood up. I looked down at her dark eyes. “I want to…”

“I know what you want to do,” she told me with a quaver to her voice. Then I saw her eyes twinkle. “I surely know what you want.”

I smiled back at her, and nodded.

“I won’t be having it!”

My heart thundered as my father’s voice came spilling out the open back door.

Cora came out the back door at a run. I could make out Dad yelling at nearly the top of his lungs from somewhere around the living room.

“Willy, there is a black man on the front porch asking for you!”

My eyebrows knitted together as I thought about the few possibilities. I handed her the empty bowl and walked around the side of the house towards the front porch.

A grin split my face as I saw it was Curtis. It slowly started to fade as I saw his expression. As I stepped onto the side of the porch, he heard me and turned to look. I could see the Marine I fought beside. Always checking his tail. He nodded, seeing me, and limped heavily towards me.

I could still hear father storming inside. One word seemed to be dominating his every sentence. It was a word I try to never use now.


“Willy….” I saw tears start to fall. He wiped them away angrily. He went to try and tell me again. Then unable to do it, he reached into his pocket and handed me a letter.

I recognized the return address.

Slowly my world fell to pieces around me as I read.

Calvin… oh god, Calvin.

He was my Top Sargent from the first day I landed in Vietnam. The image of his shit-eating grin came to me. That constant cigar stub held in his teeth. For some reason that stupid dog that followed him around for half a year came to mind.

My left hand clutched my right elbow as I covered my eyes with my hand. I couldn’t stop the tears or the racking pain that tore at me. I felt Curtis’ hand come to rest on my shoulder.

“I’m there bro, I’m right there with ya.” I heard him whisper.

Then a smaller hand was on my arm. Under my hand, I saw the slim dark fingers that rested lightly on my arm. The comforting presence that I’d had for most of my life to chase away my tears.

A piece of pie was not going to do it this time… but her arms might. I turned and brought her into my arms and held her against my chest as I cried.

“I’ll get my shotgun and blow that nigger the hell off my porch!”

The tears stopped.

My eyes were cold and my breathing steadied as I turned the love of my life slowly loose.

“Willy?” I heard her words only barely.

It was three long strides to the front door. Seven more after that to where Dad was trying to unlock his gun case. I saw mom and Jenny standing in his way.

My sister’s eyes going wide were his only warning as I crossed the living room. He was only half turned towards me when I reached him.

The whole end of the house shook as I grabbed my father and slammed him into the side of the wall next to the gun case. My hands were clutching his shirt as I held him hard into the wood paneling. My nose was just inches from his.

“Your son is alive because of that nigger! That man on your porch saved my life more times than I can count, you son of a bitch! He will limp for the rest of his life because he pushed me off the trip wipe I had just snagged!”

My hands under his throat, I lifted the racist son of a bitch up! I know my mouth was a snarl. “I carried him miles through that damn hell to a chopper thinking I was carrying a dead man. Now that man… a man I love like my brothers comes here to tell me my C.E.O. back in the war got killed last week and you want to get a gun after him!”

I noticed then that hands were pulling at my arms. Female and of all colors. I tried to stand against them but then a stronger male hand came to rest on my shoulder.

“Willy… it’s okay. I’m used to it.”

Turning him loose slowly, I let Curtis pull me back from my father.

I could see in my father’s face he was furious at me but at the same time I could see something I never saw on my old man’s face before. Fear. I watched Mom and Jenny take him towards the TV room as Maryloo, Cora and Curtis pulled me towards the front porch.

Once outside, I turned to look at Curtis. “I’m sorry…”

He shook his head. That grin of his appeared slowly. “I’m a Tennessee black man in Alabama. An angry white dude isn’t nothin’ new to me bro.”

I just looked at him and my own face split into a grin. I reached over and took his hand.

After a second he looked over at Maryloo and smiled at her. Then looked back at me. “So this is the lovely lady you were telling me about so many times. You were right, she is beautiful.” He looked back to her. “I would try to steal you but this man I think got his heart set on you.”

Maryloo smiled at him.

“I’m not easy to steal.” She looked down then back up. “You a long way from home? You got a meal waiting on you?”

Curtis turned my hand loose and shook his head. I handed him back his letter when I saw his eyes go to it.

“I told Mama to keep it warm that I would be late getting home.”

I sighed. “I would invite you in Curt but…”

He chuckled and nodded.

Maryloo spoke up. “You come with me. I got a whole house full of folks and a ton of food done made up. One more won’t make no-one go hungry there. Willy, tell your Momma I’ll see her tomorrow to just leave what she can. I’ll get it taken care of when I get here.”

“Curt… when will I see you again?” I asked after he nodded. “I mean, I can drive up to Tennessee but…”

“Yea.” He gave me a nod that carried a lot of meaning. I knew from long talks with him back in the Nam that his father felt about white people like mine did about black people. “We’ll work something out.”

Maryloo’s hand tightened on my arm. I realized then she hadn’t turned me loose for the whole time we had been standing there.

“Willy boy, when you get done eating with your family, you come round the house. I’ll find one of my cousins to keep him from getting bored till you get there.” Maryloo smiled at me, then him. “Come on. Food’s getting cold why we standing here.”

I watched as Curtis limped along with her down the front sidewalk. They headed down towards the bus stop.

When I turned, Cora was just looking at me. She slowly glanced towards Maryloo, then looked back at me. Her eyebrows rose.

I gave a slow nod.

After a second, she just silently whistled.

She was about to turn and go inside when a cab pulled up behind us out on the street. I felt a grin edging my mouth as I saw Tommy get out, his hair high and tight. Twenty feet away and he smelled like boot camp.

The smile faded away at two memories. The letter he wrote and just how many times I saw fresh from the island guys looking just like Tommy dead a week after they hit the Nam. They come at me from two directions.

Cora gave a squeal and dashed off the porch and out to meet him. I grinned as I saw him stagger under her weight as she all but tackled him. They talked for a bit as they made their way up the side walk.

Over their shoulder, I saw the buss pull away from the bus stop. I could just make out Maryloo as it went past. Her looking out the window at me.

Cora rushed past me as they reached the steps to go tell everyone.

I smiled at my brother as he stepped up onto the porch. I looked at the sharp BDU’s he was wearing, and pulled myself up, I snapped my hand to my brow.

Tommy looked at me with a slowly growing look of…

Then he turned his back and walked towards the door.


The word was out my mouth with a snap my Top would have been proud of.

Tommy’s training stops him in his tracks. I walked around till I was standing nose to nose with him.

“Soldier… the next time a Gunnery Sergeant does your PFC ass the honor of a salute, you better snap it back like God just told you to! Do you understand me, Johnson?”

“Sir! Aye, aye, Sir.”

I looked him up and down. The look of disgust that he had begun to give to me, I gave back to him in full.

“When you get back to the Island, tell your Drill about this. You tell him an honorably discharged Gunnery Sergeant with the Second Battalion, Third Marines did you the honor of a salute and you failed to return it because of your personal feeling about that person. Do you hear me… soldier?”

I saw him swallow before he answered.

“Sir. Aye, aye, Sir.”

I gave my brother one last look up and down that conveyed my full disgust at him for the dishonor he just did to the uniform he was wearing.

I heard my sisters coming through the house at a run.

“As you were,” I told him in a whisper.

I moved out the way as they pounced him.

Dinner was a rather quiet affair between my brother, father, and I. I ate lightly, having no desire for what I was tasting. It might as well have been ashes in my mouth. I was cranking the old car and pulling it out the barn while everyone else was settling down to watch ‘Oklahoma’ on CBS.

I could hear the music as I pulled down into neighborhoods most white people wouldn’t go into. A blending of blues, jazz, and the new sounds coming out of the big cites. It seemed to come from every doorway. I heard laughter and the sounds of children and adults having fun.

When I parked in front of Maryloo’s house, I stepped out into what felt like another world. A place where everyone was friendly to one another. Where a neighbor would help you just because he was your neighbor. Looking over, I saw a card table under a big tree and dozens of kitchen chairs under it. The old men looked up from their game of Dominoes and I saw looks on a few faces that weren’t nice, but most just seem to be curious as to who I was.

The front door to Maryloo’s opened and the screen door closed with a loud slap. I smiled when I saw LuAnn, her younger cousin, walking towards me. She had come to the house a couple of times to help Maryloo when Mom wanted to do some major redecorating. She was about Tommy’s age.

“Ohhhwoo! Would you look at this? Someone done gone and gotten me a white boy for Christmas. But damn it, they done deliver you early. I’m gonna have to put you up somewhere or everyone’s going to want to play with you,” she said with a sassy wink.

I grinned at her.

“Wouldn’t want me worn out before Christmas even gets here,” I said grinning and shaking my head.

“That’s just what I’m talk about. I got to hide you somewhere. Maybe once I get you unwrapped I can hide you under the bed. Take you out and only play with you at night.” She lifted her hand like she was about to start undoing the top button on her shirt.

“LuAnn, I’m going to bust your black ass in a second!”

I looked up from the young flirt to see Maryloo coming out her front door. She had a glass bottle of beer in her hand as she walks over to meet me. “This is my present,” she told her cousin in a whisper as she handed me the beer.

The young girl pouted. “It’s not fair. No one ever gets me a white boy for Christmas.”

“Maybe next year,” I told her after taking a sip. It was not the brand I would normally have bought, but it was ice cold.

“Go get a plate of food and take it out to your uncle Harles. That fools gonna starve to death playing dominoes one day.” She looked back up to me and I saw a slow smile cross her lips. “Come on in. We been keeping your friend company.” Maryloo took my hand and pulled me to the house.

“Willy, my boy!” I was suddenly wrapped up in strong arms as I stepped inside. Curtis’ face was right in front of my nose and I could smell the malt beer on his breath. “You done landed me in Heaven my boy. These women can cook better than my Momma and…” he leaned in to me a bit more. He must have been thinking he was whispering but I could probably have heard him back out at the car. “…God damn that ass on some of these girls!”

I wrapped my arm around Curtis and he led me, or I support him, over to the table. I saw Maryloo hold out a plate to me. As Curtis took a seat between two of Maryloo’s cousins and started flirting with the pair of giggling women, I smiled at the woman I loved.

“You just help yourself to anything you want now, Willy Boy,” she told me.

I leaned towards her a bit. “I need a bed for that not a plate,” I said in a whisper.

She smiled, shook her head and gave my arm a pop. “Get you some food. We’ll see about desert once you get something else in you.” She grinned at me and disappeared off towards the kitchen. I heard what sounded like a large Marine division at work in there.

The dinner table was loaded with things to eat. I didn’t see a turkey like we had but the ham was huge. There was a monstrous tray of fried chicken and a small mountain of potato salad. The big blue bowl full of black-eyed peas and the red checkered cloth covered plate of cornbread next to it drew my attention.

One of the giggling cousins got up to go get something. Curtis wrapped himself around her chubby sister and pulled me down into the empty seat.

“Willy Boy, I think I’m gonna marry me this one,” he told me, looking at her smiling face.

“Do you even know her name?” I asked taking a sip of my beer. I looked at the girl and winked. She smiled back at me

I saw Curtis trying to puzzle it out.

“It was W something, wasn’t it?”

“Wilhelmina,” she said laying her hand on his arm. “I’ve told you twice now. You forget it again and you can sleep out under the tree by the fire barrel.” She nodded her head off towards where the older men are playing dominoes.

“Damn, Willy boy, this one seems to have a mean streak. Maybe I should marry her sister.”

I grinned at Willow, she smiled back.

“I wouldn’t do that, Curt. Her sister’s got an even meaner streak,” I warned him jokingly.

A hand popped me in the back of the head.

“I heard that. Get your white ass out my chair.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I told Mimmy as I got up with my plate and my beer.

She gave me a smile, a wink and plopped back down next to Curtis.

Taking my plate, I wandered over to by the kitchen door. I looked in on a scene that any base commander would have been proud of.

Maryloo was directing her family around the kitchen like a master sergeant. They moved when and where she points. I saw even more food just beginning to be prepared. I looked over to the oven and saw Maryloo bent over pulling out loaves of bread. I watched her youngest sister spreading butter on them just out the oven.

“She loves you.”

I turned and had to look way down to the tiny woman standing next to me. She looked not a day under two hundred. I gave her a smile. She just barely returned it.


“I said she loves you. I’ve heard her talking with some of the others when it’s quiet at night. I’ve heard her talking about you. She’s worried herself sick over you for the last five years. Now she’s if anything even more worried. She’s afraid you’re going to give up your life to try and be with her. That what you gonna do?” the little old lady asked me. I realized then that Maryloo was looking over at me from where she was slicing the hot bread.

When our eyes met, I knew I had the old woman’s answer.

“I couldn’t give up my life to be with her. She is my life. I wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world.”

The little lady just looked at me for a second then started cackling. I could see she only had about three teeth in her head. She reached up a thin bony arm and caught my neck. With surprising strength, she pulled me down and placed a kiss on my cheek that smelled of beechnut.

“You treat my granddaughter right, you hear me? The whole damn world is going to try to treat you both wrong, but so long as you treat her right it will be okay.”

I nodded.

I looked up as Maryloo stepped up next to me and layed a thick slice of buttered bread on my plate.

“Granna, you trying to steal this young man too? You about as bad as LuAnn,” she told her grandmother in a low voice.

The old lady cackled.

“If I was ten years younger and my hip wasn’t hurting I would make his toes curl.” She smiled as I felt her hand pat my ass. I watched, chuckling, as she tottered off toward a radio I heard playing.

Maryloo smiled at me. “Come on, lets find you a place to sit.”

Bellies full, the relatives moved out the house one by one. Looking out the front door, I saw a large fire was going in an old oil drum under a large tree near the card table. Laughter rang out from it every few seconds.

I knew one of the giggling sisters had taken Curtis off in that general direction earlier. I gave thought to going to find him when I felt a soft hand run up my back and onto my shoulder.

Maryloo looked up at me smiling. She handed me an open beer and she nodded towards the fire. “That will go on till after midnight.”

I nodded and took a sip. The cold brew helped the overfull feeling in my stomach a bit. I looked at her beautiful eyes.

“I want you to come with me,” she said to me after a second’s pause.

The dim lamp with it’s yellowed glass shade gave the room a soft feel. Her scent was all around me as she closed the door behind me. She turned and looked up at me, her hands behind her back. I heard her turn the lock.

“William… I love you.” I saw her swallow. “I have loved you for many a long days, though many a long nights, wondering if you were still alive. I don’t know what to do about that love, Willy boy.”

I stepped over to her and put my arms around her. I rested my head in her soft hair.

“I love you too.” I made the decision I had truly made years ago. “I want you to marry me. I want you to be my wife.” I felt her shoulders shake under my hands.

“Oh Willy boy, I want that. I want that so badly. But it can’t be.” She looked up at me. “The laws may have changed. They may say we can but you know as well as I do how little things have really changed. If I marry you, your family’s going to fire me. Your father will disown you. Where will we live? Here? That won’t be a fire barrel that’s burning out front if we try that.”

I felt it then, the fear that she and all her relatives must had. I knew from having seen the card that father was in the K.K.K. What that really meat to a …person of color came home to me then.

“My family will protect me from as much as they can, but if I stand myself out there like that?” she said softly.

I pulled her to me tighter as I felt the tears. I knew then what I would do for her.



She slowly looked up at me.

“Be my wife. Whatever happens… happens, but for a short time or for a long, we at least will be together as we should have been for years now. I don’t have a ring on me… I’ve planned this out terribly… but would you please marry me?”

I watched the twin lines of tears run down her dark skin. I saw them reach her chin and hang there. I saw them fall into her open cleavage as she looked down.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said softly.

I pulled her into me then. To comfort, to protect… to love.

Holding Maryloo in my arms, I felt her heart beating against my chest. I looked down into her eyes and she looked up at me as our faces closed. Our lips met, soft at first, then with a growing need for more. I kissed her upturned mouth reveling in the silky feel of her lips against mine.

Turning my head, I smiled as she kissed her way across my cheek to my jaw line. I shivered a bit as her lips touched my neck. Her breath was hot against my skin as her mouth descended to the hollow by my collar. I opened the top button of my shirt allowing her more access. Her hands closed on mine, pushing them out the way. I grinned as her fingers went to work with a frantic pace on my shirt.

I tilted my head back and just reveled in the feeling of her lips kissing my chest, her mouth hot and wet moving around my upper body. Hunting for the places that make me respond.

I looked down when her hand went to my belt. I watched in a state of total surrealism as she undid the belt and then unhooked my pants. I stepped on my heels and pushed my shoes off as she knelt down and pushed my pants lower. I watched her face as she looked me over. She looked up at me from her knees and smiled.

“You are a beautiful man, my Wiley boy.” She smiled at me, then grinned. Her finger nails ran up the back of my legs, scratching the skin in away that tickled. I tried to pull back a bit, but her hands were on the cheeks of my ass, holding me in place.

My eyes went wide when she leaned in and placed a kiss on the head of my cock.

“Oh my god,” I said in a soft whisper as I disappeared into her mouth

. Those warm soft lips ran down the length of me in a tight, caressing massage. I felt a soft suction that seemed to pull me from hard to harder. I looked down and watched her head bobbing on me, then she was pulling me deeper. Her fingers wrapped around the base, her lips tight, her tongue working fast and wet.

I brought my hand up to rest on her hair. Her soft hair, like a warm curly sponge under my fingers. So very different from the slick straight strands of the Asian girl who did this for me once years ago for the first and last time.

I could tell after a few moments that Maryloo didn’t have the other woman’s skill at this but I enjoyed it all the more for that.

Slowly her mouth moved off me. I watched, silent, as she stood up in front of me. Her hands went to the dark black buttons down her front and then they were opened one by one. In a puddle of cloth, the dress fell to the floor. The white bra and panties all but glowed against her skin.

She reached behind her but I stepped forwards and wrapped my arms around her pinning her arms at her sides. My lips found her and caught her gasp of surprise. I let my fingers wander up her back till it found the strap and I unhook the little clasp. I felt the shoulder straps slip down, then the front falls as she moved her arms back to the front. Her hand found my cock and her fingers took it in a tight grasp.

I leaned down and sucked in the dark nipple. The taste of her so different, but all that I remembered from the last time we were together. The hard suck at the hardening nub, the taste of her. Turning her back loose, I cup her breast and pushed her deeper into my mouth as I suckled.

Her fingers tightened in my hair, and then ever so slowly she pulled me back. Her nipple left my mouth with a pop.

“Not quite so hard Willy. A little more gently.” She told me softly. She smiled as I nodded. “Don’t worry. I taught you how to tie your shoes I can teach you this.”

I grinned up at her and leaning back in I gave the tip a lick. I smiled when she shivered. I placed soft kisses on her skin making my way back up to her lips. I looked into her beautiful eyes and smile.

“There is something I want you to teach me. Something I’ve never done.” I let my eyes slowly look down then back up. I smiled as I saw her eyebrows rise. She let out a giggle.

“Willy boy, that is such a naughty thing to be asking me to teach you.” She shook her finger in front of me. Then smiled. “I would love to teach you how to do that… but not tonight. I have been running around all day sweating it wouldn’t be a pleasant thing right now. I’ll let you try that after I get me a shower one night. Sound fair?”

I looked her in the eyes and slowly nodded.

“Does that means you’re going to be mine? Forever?” I asked after a seconds thought.

I saw the feelings cross her face. The worry, the desperate fear… for me. For what a life with her would mean for me.

She closed her eyes and looked down. Slowly she nodded.


I grabbed her under her hip and lifted her up into my arms. I spun us around and together we collapsed laughing onto her bed. The springs gave an almighty squeak of protest then settled as she moved to lay on her back next to me. I rolled over till I was looking down at her. There were tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Make love to me,” she said softly. Her hands brushed my face, caressing the skin by my eyes. “Make me yours.”

Leaning in, I kissed her lips feeling her passion building as I shifted myself up and over her. I settled my weight down as she opened her legs and wiggled down a bit. I felt her hand slip between us then, I closed my eyes as I felt the most wonderful tightness in the world surround the head of me. I smiled as she moaned, the whole length of me slowly slipped into her. Warm… wet… tight. Mere words lend so much less to what I was feeling. Her hands came around to my back and her fingers dug into my shoulder as I pushed deeper.

“Oh, my Willy boy… oh that feels so good now. Oh yea, just like that.”

I started a slow rocking thrust that took me almost out of her then all the way back in. Her hand closed on the back of my neck and I felt her lips rise up to meet mine in a hot kiss, filled with all the words we had never gotten to speak to one another.

Her legs opened a bit wider, her thighs rubbing against the sides of my hip, then she was even more open and I felt her legs come further up my side. Leaning back I caught the underside of her knees and pushed her even more open.

Sounds came at me then, distant ones at first, the people out by the fire barrel laughing. I couldn’t make out the words but every once and awhile they burst into laughter. I wondered for a second what had happened to Curtis but that thought was lost in the next thrust.

I listened now with a total focus on this wonderful woman, that I had known for my whole life. The one woman that had always been there for me. I looked at her face, shiny with a growing sweat. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, soft moans coming out with each thrust. I saw the tip of her tongue come out to lick her lips then her eyes open and she saw me looking at her. She smiled softly.

“Feel good?” she asked me, running a hand across my chest, to my neck, then to the side of my neck.

I slowly let her pull me back down. Her knees push against my arms as she pulls me down. I felt my foot find the metal rail at the foot of the bed. I pushed off against it driving into her a bit deeper. I got a grunt then a moan that sent shivers through me.

“This feels wonderful. I wish we could stay like this forever.” I told her in a soft whisper that was all the breath I could muster for speech.

She laughed under me, sending wonderful pulses along the length of me.

“We would get damn all hungry and mighty sore before long,” she said. “Oh damn.”

I started to push harder . Try though I might to make this last I could tell I was getting closer every second. I drove myself in, hearing the bed squeaking in an even rhythm under us. Her breath left in a grunt with every push.

“Cum in me,” I heard her say under me.

The words stop me in mid thrust. I look into her eyes not believing I heard her right.

“You…sure Maryloo?”

I see her take a deep breath then nod.

“Cum in me my Willy boy. I’m your woman now. I want to feel you… I want to feel… it.” She pulled me deeper, using her hands on my waist.

I moved my arms and her legs come down my sides as I rested my weight on her and moved across her body. Our skin, wet with sweat, moved like white satin on dark silk. I pulled myself up into her by the headboard while pushing off the footboard.

I listen to her with wonder under me as I felt it begin. The rush up through me was sudden and powerful. I wasn’t sure I could have stopped had I wanted to. As it is, I release into her with a flood of passion driven need. I clutched her too me as I emptied myself into the warm depths of her. I listened to her moaning my name as she shuddered under me. Her fingers clawed at my back as I heard her begin to cry out louder then louder still. She turned her head at the last second and I felt her more than heard her as she screamed out her lust into the pillows.

I rolled off the top of her and pulled her to me as she shivered and twitched against me. I felt her legs jerk every few seconds. Her breath was a wet heat against the side of my neck.

“Oh…my Willy boy. Oh my god. You can do that to me for the rest of my life.”

I pull her to me holding her tight to my side. “I will. I promise you that. I will.”

Holding each other in the dark we listened to the sounds from outside. The laughter of her family. I wondered about my family, if there ever was laughter like this. So free of constraint.

I turned my head and let it rest on her soft hair as I hear her breathing slow to a soft rhythm. I smiled and placed a kiss against her skin not really caring where it landed. Sleep took me into a dark embrace.

Twice in the night we awakened to satisfy the needs of the other or of us both with soft moans of pleasure that we laughingly tried to hide from a now sleeping neighborhood.

“You sure?’ I asked as I pulled the car over to the curb a block from the house. “I mean we’re going to tell them today anyway, what difference does it make?”

“A lot of difference. We pull up at your house together we may not get to have our say. Now you go on. I’ll be there just as quick.”

I pulled away from the curb hating to see her in the mirror, but I also knew she was right.

I saw the front door is open as I pulled into the driveway and took the car around back. I could almost envision Moma going to look out the screen every few minutes to see if I had gotten home. Years spent away fighting in the war, yet she still worried if I stayed out all night like I was a little kid.

I entered the house through the kitchen door; I could hear the front screen opening as I crossed the white and black tiles.

“You Nigger Whore!” My father’s voice nearly shook the windows out the frames.

As I quickly stepped into the hall I saw Maryloo backing away from my father as he was screaming at her.

I saw several things then in a very few seconds. It was a way of looking at things that I had not felt settle over me since leaving Vietnam.

My Mom was by the door to the TV room, leaning on the door frame. I could hear the TV playing behind her. I saw her face was splotchy from crying.

My beautiful sister Cora was sitting on the steps. Her hand was on the rail as she was about to pull herself up to her feet. Her mouth was a perfect ‘O’ of surprise as she saw me.

My Father was advancing towards Maryloo. He was my true focus point, all the rest was set to one side. Noticed but dismissed. The thunder of his hate-filled words as he screams at her. The white-knuckled grip of his hands around the black leather bible in his left hand, it’s little tassel swinging wildly. The metal blue of his service revolver in his right hand. The gun he carried into Germany and to the Pacific…pointed at the woman I loved!

“You whore of Babylon, seducer of Satan! I gave your filthy kind a good paying job and you do this! You…”

My father and I crashed together, tearing through the metal screen and wood door frame. We spilled out onto the front porch. I have no memory of crossing the living room; I must have done it at a full run. The force of that carried the two of us past Maryloo across the porch and down in a tumbled pile by the steps. I heard my mother and sister screaming as I felt my elbow dig into the gravel.

I turned enough to catch my fathers right arm and pushed it to the ground but even as I did I saw it was empty. I was noticing this even as he was starting to try and turn himself under me.

My breath left me a second later as Tommy slammed into my side, and he and I tumbled off our father.

Attacked from my blind side, my reactions were instinctive. I felt his arm closing around my neck and I began to lose it a bit. His weeks of boot camp training had kicked in. I could tell in a rational part of my mind that he was doing what his drill sergeant taught him, things that can be very lethal!

But my training was from a place a whole lot more lethal.

I heard Tommy’s scream of pain before I was even aware I was doing anything to him. One second he was holding me around my throat the next he’s clutching at his face and screaming while I had rolled over onto him.

“Get off him! Get off him god damn it!”

My fathers work boot caught me in the ribs with a force that belittled his age. I rolled with it as much as I could but I still felt the snap of a bone. I made myself go from the ground to my knees to my feet without pause. I’m in a half crouch when Tommy started to get up.

He was clawing at his left side even as he came up onto his feet. Dad’s hand was helping him up. I watched the both of them and tried not to clutch my side and give away the injury.

The flash of metal from Tommy’s side, the dark flat blade of his marine K-bar brought my thought into instant focus.

I felt it settle over me then, like an old worn jacket. My eyes slid from the blade to his chest. Part of me was following his feet as well. I was watching for the step. That one balancing step that would signal he was about to move towards me with the knife.

The step that would be my brother’s last.

My breath calmed…. my hands steadied…my heart beat slowed.

The sound of Dad’s 45 was as loud as thunder!

Out the corner of my eye, I could not look away from the bare knife, I saw Maryloo walking down the front steps. The gun, it’s barrel smoking, looked ridiculously large in her delicate hands. She slowly moved till she was standing next to me. She pointed with her left hand towards the front porch. That hand shook but the one with the gun was steady.

The rabid dog with a stick comes to mind.

My father moves forward a step or two till he is standing between Tommy and Maryloo.

“You can’t shoot me, bitch. You kill a white man in this state…. they will electrocute your black ass!”

He started to step forwards some more but stopped when Maryloo’s off hand came around to help steady the big gun between his eyes.

“Your…. white ass…. won’t be there to see it,” she said with a dreadful coldness to her voice.

Cora and Moma came off the porch at that moment and took father’s arms. I watched them pulling on him till he lets himself be led away.

Tommy was looking at me with blood running freely down the side of his head from his left ear. He slowly lifted the K-bar till it pointed at my face.

Jenny had him then, pulling him up the porch and through the door ahead of father.

My father shrugged off the women’s hands at the door and looked away from Maryloo for the first time. His eyes settled on me.

The look of loathing disgust on his face will live in my memories forever.

The door slammed shut on his last words to me… they echo up out the past alone with the sound of glass breaking.


My aged hand turns off the car, as my eyes go to my left hand still on the wheel. The worn gold band, scratched and dull from a lifetime of hard work catches my attention easily. I take a deep breath and turn to the passenger seat. My hand moves over and my fingers curl around her darker ones. The metal of her ring is a cool feeling under my fingers.

“Maryloo? We’re here.” I give her hand a squeeze.

Those beautiful eyes open slowly in their nest of tiny wrinkles. She looks around and then freeing her hand, lifts her glasses up off her chest on their little gold chain.

“Oh…we’re home.”

I look at the familiar yet unknown faces that look out the window towards us.

“Yeah,” I say with a sigh.

I open the door and fish out my cane. The old knee gives me the familiar pain as I push my way out and to my feet.

When I open Maryloo’s door, her hand takes mine. Her eyes look up at me through those gold frame glasses. I see the twinkle in her eyes.

“Don’t you be fretting now, Willy boy. It gonna be just fine.”

I smile as I help her out. It troubles me to see her getting so frail, but I know that those ten years between us that meant so little once will come to soon mean a lot more.


Turning towards the porch I see my sister Cora coming towards us in a hurry. She doesn’t quite skip down the steps like she once did but she moves well for a woman in her fifties.

As my sister and Maryloo hug I walk around to the back of the car and open the trunk. The towels on top of the pie boxes are still warm.

I’m about to lift out the first box when I stop. My pulse jumps to a heavy thunder and my hands start to shake as I watch my brother’s ghost step out the front door. I slowly calm myself as he crosses the porch and comes down the steps. I realize as my pulse slows that I’m looking at my brother’s youngest son. The one named for my father.

He crosses the yard to stand in front of me. His actions direct and purposeful.

The crisp BDU’s he’s wearing carry old remembered smells, old memory triggers that threaten to bring tears to my eyes. I lick my lips as his eyes settle on my face.

“So you’re Uncle William. Dad told me about you.”

My eyes are on level with his as his hand moves from his waist quickly towards me.

“He said to give you this.”

I look down blinking at the white envelope he’s holding out before me. I take it with hands that shake a bit.

“I’ll help you with that, Aunt Cora.”

I watch him take the pie boxes from my sister and start towards the porch with them. Cora has Maryloo’s arm and doesn’t look like she’s going to turn it loose any time soon.

When I open the envelope I pull out a piece of notebook paper, the side a ragged mess from being torn out a spiral. My bother’s scrawl covers half the page.

“Dear William.”

I blink and look again to be sure I read that right.

“Dear William, It feels strange for a former Marine to be saying this but I am a coward. Truly a coward. I spent many long years of my life following what others had to say, without ever having the courage to do what I felt was right and needed done.”

I swallow back tears as my eyes jump ahead.

“I was wrong. I could never in this life find the courage to look you in the face and tell you this. If this letter comes to you by my son’s hand you know I never did. I’m sorry, brother. I am sorry for the words I have used about you. Both to your face and behind it. I regret now what I called Maryloo for so long. Please ask her if she will forgive me for being stupid, she always did when I was a child. I know from our sister that you have had a good life. That you have sons grown to manhood, and a daughter you gave away in marriage. I never met them or the grandson I hear you have. I wish I had. The Lord blessed you my brother. He did, his eyes and hand were upon you the whole of your life, and for one reason. You saw beyond the color of skin to the beauty he placed in the warmth of her heart.”

Silent tears roll unchecked down my cheeks as my hands tremble.

“You were always braver than me. I ask you now to use a bit of that courage. Use it to forgive me. To please forgive a fool for foolish words, my brother. Love Tommy.”

I slowly lower the letter to my side. It doesn’t mater; I can no longer read the words. I can’t see my brother’s writing through the tears that cloud my eyes.

“Willy boy!”

Swallowing, I wipe my face and close the trunk of the car.

Maryloo stands on the front porch wiping her hands on a towel. The years fall away from her as I look.

“Willy boy, you’re letting Thanksgiving dinner get cold in here.” She smiles and waves me towards the porch. “Time to come home.”

I smile and wave to show her I heard. Leaning on my cane, I walk up the sidewalk towards the house. Towards the door.

“Yeah it is.”

Sex in My Car

This is my second attempt at a story on this site. My name is Tina; I am 28 years old Blonde hair blue eyes chubby but not really big, size 18 roughly. My bra is an overflowing 38F. I LOVE SEX. Especially with black men, they tend to be more dominating and really know how to get me going!

Let me give you a little back round on my friend. For this story, we will call him Rick. He is someone that started talking to me on one of the social networking sites. At the time, I was not looking for any side action but as we got talking, I could not resist temptation! He is 30 years old, broad and almost a foot taller then me. (I am only 5’2″) he keeps his hair as a buzz cut and no facial hair. His lips are nice and full and his cock… damn! I would say 8 inches and…Thick. He does not know I have other “friends” as he tends to get a little bent out of shape if I do not jump up to see him when he is free!

It had been a year from the last time I got to See Rick. He spent the entire night with me when I was house sitting for a friend. Then with his wife having a baby and my other half always being around we could never make it work. I was getting out of work one night and decided to text him

Me: Hey can you get out tonight?

Rick: Maybe. Why what’s up?

Me: I was thinking we should meet up.

Rick: I am game what you got in mind.

Me: LOL You know what is always on my mind.

Rick: Then tell me where and when. Me: I will pick you up at the corner store at 7:00.

Rick: ‘k Hope u ready for it again.

Me: LOL Half the fun it trying.

So I go home jump in the shower and tell my husband that I am going out to see a friend. I leave and go meet Rick. He gets in the car and I am instantly wet, something about him always has that effect on me.

“Hey been to damn long,” Rick says as he closes the door. I start to pull away from the curb. “Do you have a place in mind?”

“My girl has a store in town we can park behind it. My back windows are tinted.” I reply I smile at him and slide my hand into his lap stroking his cock through the front of his pants.

“You have no idea how much I miss you and miss this” he gives me this devilish smile he has.

“You’re the one to busy to meet up, figured I wore you out to much the last time you got scared.” Rick said in his deep voice. He really has on of them sex operator voices! We pull into the shop parking lot and there are no cars around and it is very dark. I lean over and start kissing him as he slides his hands on to my chest and starts squeezing them. He always goes straight for my chest he is a tit man!

“Let’s get in back before we get going too much to stop!” I say as I unlock the doors and get into the back. He does the same. We barely close the doors and we are kissing again. I love sucking his bottom lip into my mouth when we kiss. My hand stroking his hardening cock through the front of his sweat pants. It feels so much thicker then I remember from last time. I slide my hands into his pants and finally feel his hard cock in my hand flesh to flesh.

“Take them off,” I say as I still am stoking his cock. He slides his pants off and I take the tip of his cock to my mouth. I love feeling the head of a cock in my lips. I slowly lick the slit already dripping with pre cum. Then I take as much of his cock in my mouth as I can. My hand still stroking the shaft when the shaft is not in my mouth. He has one hand on my head holding my hair as the other one is playing with my nipple.

“Damn Tina I miss the way you do that. You know how to make it feel fucking good.” Rick starts to thrust a little to meet my down ward motion as I suck his cock. Nothing gets me wetter then sucking a nice hard cock and having the guy making noise or talking letting me know how much they like it.

“I want that pussy on it, ride this cock for me!” Rick commands. I stop sucking his cock and take my pants off. He slides in to the center of the back seat and I put one leg on each side of his lap as I rub my dripping wet pussy on his hard cock. He pulls my shirt over my head and starts sucking on my tits. Nibbling on my nipples making me moan. I take my hand and line his cock up with my pussy and slowly slide it into me. His cock feels so thick and long.

“Damn Tina your pussy still tight you must not be messing around or not with anyone good.” He pulls me tight to his body making me moan louder. “Ride that cock, you know you miss it, take all of me in that pussy. This is Rick’s pussy now ain’t it. Tell me how much you love riding my cock!” I am grinding on his cock seconds from Cumming. He won’t let my pussy let even and inch of his cock out as he keeps his hands on my hips bucking up rocking me body back and forth really grinding my clit on his body.

“Oh Rick you know I miss this cock, I am going to cum all over it” I feel my orgasm start building up as he picks his pace up of thrusting into me. “Fuck! Oh Fuck!” I scream as I get closer and closer to climax, my pussy is dripping and my heart is beating out of my chest.

“Cum for me cum all over this cock for me! I want to feel my pussy cum.” My body let loose as I cover his cock with my orgasm. My pussy spasming around his hard cock. “That’s right baby, cum all over this cock!” My body goes limp. I feel as if I am going to faint as I finish my orgasm. He always makes me cum so hard. His cock still pumping inside me as Rick holds me tight on him thrusting so hard my head keeps hitting the roof of the car. He slows down.

“I ain’t done yet baby lay your ass down.” I get off his cock and lay on my back seat. He gets in between my legs resting one of my feet on the headrest of the passenger seat and the other on his shoulder as he lines his cock up. “I love this pussy, the way your lips wrap nicely around my cock” and then all at once he thrusts his cock into.

I moan in pain and pleasure. I can almost feel him in my stomach as he keeps pumping it deep in me. “Whose cock do you love huh? You miss getting fucked like this don’t cha!” All I can do is moan in responses he feels so good in me. “Tell me you love this cock, I want to hear you say it”

“I love your cock! Aaaaah! Fuck me Rick! God damn, your cock feels so good!” I scream. I am seconds from orgasm again as he really pounds my pussy. Both of us dripping in sweat. He leans down and we start kissing as he keeps fucking me. I break from our kiss, as I can’t handle any more! “Shit I am Cumming again! Oh yeah! Rick! AAAAH! Rick your amazing!” My body let loose as I orgasm again. Rick slows down and then pulls out. His cock still hard. He doesn’t have to say a word I know what he wanted. So I changed positions and starting sucking his cock. He started to moan as I took him as deep as I can into my throat and tried to keep a fast pace. I stroked his shaft and then started sucking on his balls. Then I went back to sucking his shaft.

“That’s my girl! Suck that cock clean for me. This is your cock baby make it cum”

I start sucking him fast and deep. Rotating my hand as I stroke the shaft as. Stopping every few strokes to roll my tongue all over the tip and really getting his cock wet. I start to feel his body tense up, as his breathing gets much deeper. “That’s it baby, I am going to cum you ready for it.” I moan as I pick up speed again I can taste the pre cum on his cock.

“Oh yes Tina suck it! ERRRRRRR! Ahhhhh! Here it comes!” with that he stiffens up and he starts shooting a thick load into my throat. I take his cock as deep as I can stroke the rest of it as it shoots down my throat. Rick sinks into the seat and lets out a sigh.

“Damn Tina lets not wait so long next time!” he pulls me up to his face and kisses me. He looks in my eyes and says. “We got time to keep this going or do we need to split?” I look at the time and frown.

“I think we need to split. Cause my man or your girl is going to start calling.” He pulls me on to his lap and we start deep kissing again. “Don’t start this again! You know I hate to stop but we have to!” He laughs and starts to open his door. And I start kissing him again. His hand leaves the door handle and goes back to my chest. My pants are still off, so is his and my shirt. I put my arm around his neck and my hand on his face, as I get lost in his kiss again. Something about them juicy lips and lust full lock of our lips gets me every time. Before I know what is happening he takes his hand and lines his cock back up and pushes it into me.

“By the time you go home you will need another year to recover” His tone so arrogant and arousing. He keeps his grip tight on me and keeps thrusting hard and deep. I am screaming in pleasure. I forget we are in a car and that we don’t want to get caught!

“Take this Tina, Take it again! You know no man makes it feel like this!” My pussy aching as the orgasm builds again. He starts to really dig his hands into my hips as he tosses me around like his rag doll. “Ride that cock girl! Whose pussy is this? I want to hear you say it!”

“Oh My God! It is your Pussy Rick! No one fucks me like you do!” I start to get light headed and super wet as my orgasm starts.

“Oh Shit! I am Cumming! Rick! Fuck! OHHHH! Yes! Yes!” My body lets go and I start to latterly pass out. He holds my body tight to his and keeps fucking me.

“That’s it baby. I love feeling your pussy cum all over me! I am going to cum baby! Right now!” He starts thrusting slower but harder and deeper. I can feel his cock spasming as he shoots another huge load. We both collapse. The car windows are completely fogged and neither of us can breathe.. I slowly get off his lap and get dressed. He does the same we stand out side the car letting it air out and us cool down. We road the whole way back to the corner store with all the windows open… that sex smell is hot but I don’t want to explain it!!

A Bisexual Somali Prince

Lying in bed, Mona Ismail cried herself to sleep. In her parents plush suburban townhouse in affluent Barrhaven, the young Lebanese Canadian Muslim woman bit her lip, thinking about what she lost. Every time Ismail Mona thought about her Somali Muslim ex-boyfriend Rashid Ali, her heart winced. In all her life, no one had ever loved Mona or made her feel the way Rashid did. The Somali brother was like an angel, seriously.

The tall, handsome Somali stud from Alberta treated Mona like a queen. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for her conservative Lebanese Muslim parents, Mohammed and Mariam Ismail. To them, Rashid Ali’s skin being black was unacceptable. There’s a lot of racism in the Muslim community of Ontario, Canada. Even though Arabs and Somalis were both newcomers to Canada, the old prejudices many Arabs held against the Africans continued to perpetuate themselves. The Arabs continued to treat the Africans like shit, leading to lasting animosity between both communities.

When Mona Ismail, the daughter of a middle-class Lebanese Muslim family residing in Ottawa began publicly dating Rashid Ismail, a handsome Somali brother from Alberta, people definitely talked. At Carleton University, Arab male students glared angrily at Rashid Ali every time they saw him, for he was the one African Muslim male daring enough to go after one of their precious Arab ladies. Many Arab guys date and even marry African women but Arab ladies are considered off-limits to African men, that’s like an unwritten rule in the Islamic world. Rashid Ali and Mona Ismail broke the rule, with devastating consequences.

Mona rose from bed, and went to the nearby washroom. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, the tall, dark-haired and brown-eyed young woman sighed profoundly. There were dark circles in her eyes from lack of sleep. Exactly three days ago, Mona would have celebrated the anniversary of her first meeting with Rashid, but it was not to be. For Mona’s cowardice in the face of her parents racism doomed her fledgling romance with Rashid, the man who loved her.

Arab racism against blacks predates the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and it’s really nothing new. For centuries, from Mauritania to Morocco, from Ethiopia to Yemen, Arab men have availed themselves of African women and forbade African men from even looking at Arab women too long. By dating Rashid, Mona was breaking all the rules and her family was not about to let that go unpunished. Mona chose to listen to her parents, and dumped Rashid. Now he was lost to her forever. Or was he?

Mona splashed water on her face, and forced a smile. The sadness never left her eyes. Sighing, Mona returned to her bed. Earlier, Mona sat at the computer and looked at her ex-boyfriend Rashid’s online profile. Nothing unusual on Rashid’s Facebook. A video linked to a Linkin Park music video, a meme about Somali politics, and nothing else. On Rashid’s profile there was someone else. Rashid was smiling, standing next to a tall, handsome young white guy.

Peering at the picture, Mona read the description. Rashid Ali and Dylan Stiles, the Dynamic Duo. Mona allowed herself a smile. It had been months since their split and Rashid still didn’t have a new girlfriend. Good. Mona remembered how friendly Rashid’s parents, Yusuf and Nadia Ali, were, when she met them during one of their visits to Carleton. The Ali clan came to the campus to visit their son Rashid, and were delighted to meet his Lebanese girlfriend.

If only Mona’s parents had been as open-minded or friendly. The young Lebanese woman sighed. This would never happen. Mona knew her father would kill her if she ever broke with tradition again. And her mother would probably let him. Her parents racism was indeed that strong. Mona smiled sadly as she remembered the first time she met Rashid Ali. A few months after her Saudi ex-boyfriend Mahmoud left Ottawa to return to his wife Afaf in Dammam, Mona went to the Silver City movie theater by herself, to catch a movie.

While waiting in line at the box office, Mona Ismail saw a tall, handsome young black man walk into the theater. When her turn came, Mona took out her wallet from her purse, and suddenly realized she’d left her credit cards at home. The only cash she had on her was ten dollars, and the 3-D movie she wanted to see cost eleven dollars. Frustrated, Mona tried to explain her plight to the impassive white chick behind the counter, who shrugged. Despairing, Mona wondered what she could do. Out of the blue, the handsome brother who walked in earlier pulled a toonie out of his pocket and handed it to the box office chick, who shrugged and handed Mona her movie ticket.

Mona looked at the ticket, then at the handsome young black man who helped her. The brother smiled, and shrugged. Mona looked into his eyes, and her heart skipped a beat. Most people wouldn’t have bothered to help a woman in need, especially an Arabian woman wearing the Hijab, but Mona could tell this guy wasn’t like everyone else. Smiling, Mona extended her hand at her savior and thus they were introduced. As it happens, Rashid was seeing the same movie she was, and they went in and sat together. It was simply fate.

That’s how it all began, ladies and gentlemen. Mona Ismail and Rashid Ali began hanging out, became friends, and eventually their friendship turned into more. What a pair they made. A tall, handsome black man of Somali descent and an equally tall, attractive, raven-haired and dark-eyed, Hijab-wearing and bronze-skinned Muslim beauty from Lebanon. People stared at Rashid Ali and Mona Ismail everywhere they went, for they made for a most unique couple. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Mona Ismail smiled to herself as she remembered the first time she and Rashid made love. They had a wonderful weekend getaway which ended in the best way possible. Mona’s parents were visiting her grandmother Noor in Nabatieh, Lebanon, and they had the house to themselves. Nevertheless, not wanting to have anyone find out about their affair, Mona went to Rashid’s apartment in the east end of Ottawa. For three days, they had wanton sex, ate ice cream, ordered Chinese food, watched TV, cuddled, and had some more sex.

Rashid Ali was a truly passionate lover, and he pleased Mona Ismail in every way. The Somali stud laid her on his bed, and proceeded to worship her voluptuous body. Mona took off her T-shirt, bra and panties, and even her socks. When she began removing her hijab, a smiling Rashid stopped her. Grinning wickedly, Mona kept her Hijab on as Rashid kissed her on the lips, then caressed her breasts. Rashid kissed a path from Mona’s tits to her belly, and spread her thighs wide open. Rashid began licking Mona’s sweet pussy, and the young Lebanese woman moaned in pleasure.

Rashid ate Mona’s pussy, licking her cunt and teasing her clitoris with his tongue. Mona squealed in delight as Rashid fingered her pussy. Later, the Somali stud put her on all fours, spread her big Arabian ass cheeks wide open and ate her booty like groceries. Mona giggled as Rashid stuck his tongue in her asshole. No man had ever done that to her before. Rashid slapped Mona’s big butt and ate her ass, and her cunt ended up oozing cum from what he did to her. Afterwards, Mona thanked Rashid by grabbing his long and thick Somali dick and sucking the living hell out of it.

Once Mona had Rashid’s dick nice and hard, the Lebanese cutie climbed on top of her man and impaled herself on his manhood. Rashid put his hands on Mona’s hips and thrust his dick into her pussy. Hard and fast he began fucking her. Mona wrapped her arms around Rashid’s neck and kissed him passionately as he fucked her. Rashid slapped Mona’s big butt and fucked her with gusto, slamming his dick into her cunt. They fucked and sucked until exhaustion claimed them.

Mona sighed happily, and felt a wetness begin between her legs as she remembered Rashid’s passion. The young Lebanese woman smiled to herself, and swore to herself that by hook or by crook, she would get her man Rashid Ali back. Never mind that her conservative Lebanese Muslim family was racist as can be. Mona Ismail swore to herself that she would stand up to them. After all, Mona was a Canadian citizen, not some hapless submissive twit living in the Middle East, subject to Arab male authority. In Canada, a woman can choose who she wants to love. A plan began forming in Mona’s mind. With a smile on her face and determination in her heart, Mona went to sleep.


A few nights ago my wife asked me if it was alright if she stopped after work to meet some of the girls to play trivia at a local sports bar. Kelly is a nurse so I figured after a 12 hour shift it wouldn’t be a long night out and said that it was up to her. After all even though she would be there with a bunch of younger nurses chance were that they would be too tired to get into any trouble. I waited up for her until about ten that night before boredom and my days activities finally overtook me and I fell asleep.

The next day I asked Kelly what time she finally got home last night and she said just before midnight. I thought that was late for someone who had been up since 4:30am but when she explained that they were complaining about work all night I accepted the possibility. She was acting strangely though but I let it lie for now.

Two days later we getting ready for bed when my wife mentioned to me that her friend from work needed a place to stay for a couple of days. She said Linda and her husband had been fighting and she had left him and need a place to stay. I told her that was stranger because her husband had left me a voicemail but I had never really talked to him before so I couldn’t understand why he would be calling me for. Kelly asked me what the voicemail said nervously. He had only said that he needed to talk to me and give him a call back but I never got around to it since we weren’t close and not friends at all. My wife’s demeanor immediately changed. She said we needed to talk about something and that she wanted me to hear the truth. I got a pit in my stomach as soon as she said that.

“So the other night at trivia when it got over me and Linda went out to our cars to leave and ended up talking for a few hours. While we were standing out there a car pulled up right next to us and rolled the window down. It was this black guy that had been talking to all of us inside the bar. When we were sitting inside and it was obvious we were all nurses he was joking around and said can someone check something out for him because he was afraid he was half man and half horse. Well we all laughed and told him this was the wrong group for that and that we had seen it all and we were sure he was fine.” My wife explained. By this time I was really getting worried. I knew how mouthy she got when she drank and how she might piss someone off.

“Well, he said are you sure you ladies can’t check me out so I can be reassured I’m alright and when we looked in the car he had his dick out and was stroking it. It was pretty big and thick. I don’t know if I had seen one that big and it wasn’t hard all the way. Linda gasped a little bit but then she said you better get out so we can have a closer look. I was shocked because she’s pretty quiet normally. I will admit that I wanted to see it again too but just to see if it was really as big as it looked.” She said this nervously or excitedly at the time I wasn’t real sure. “So he opened the door and stepped out the whole time his dick and balls were hanging over his athletic shorts. It was dark where we had parked in the lot and most of the cars had gone but now we were between Linda’s SUV and this guy’s car.”

“Linda said well you sir are half man and half horse. We all laughed and she asked if I could take a picture with her and the “horse” and she moved over next to him and pointed at his dick. So I took a picture using her phone. She said it was my turn so I posed pretty much the same but on his other side pointing at his dick which was still half hard and hanging over his gym shorts.” Kelly looked at me as she told the last sentence expecting something from my expression.

“Is that it or does this story go on?” I asked.

“Yes it goes on.” She said shamefully. “He said that the clinical term for what he had was BBC and I laughed but Linda looked confused. I knew BBC stood for Big Black Cock and I told him he was right. Linda asked him how big he was and he said about 10 inches when hard but she squatted down and took her phone and placed it at the base of his dick. His dick was at least an inch longer than her phone and it still was hanging. Linda announced that he was 7 inches soft. Then she said and it’s heavy. She took his penis in her hand again and stuck it on the top of her forearm to measure it and it seemed to grow harder and longer. She said to take another picture, so I did and he did too which surprised me.”

“Then Linda suggested I do the same.” Kelly said.

“Did you? You touched a strangers dick?” I had raised my voice a little but was trying to keep calm.

“Not really, I kneelt down and I was facing him so that my face wouldn’t be in the picture but he stepped forward and took his dick and rested it on top of my head. His balls were hanging down from my forehead to my lips. Linda was laughing and I kept waiting for here to take a picture because I could smell his cock and balls and feel his balls on my lips. I said take the picture already and he laughed and said I blew on his balls.”

I was shocked. What the fuck was she thinking?

“I got up and said that wasn’t funny but smelling his dick and the sight of how long it was kind of made me horny if I’m being honest.” She seemed to tear up a little as she told me that.

“I asked Linda to see the picture and his dick was past my head and if I didn’t know it it looked like I was licking his ball sack. We all laughed at that and he said that a cool picture would be if we both got on either side of him and grabbed is dick with alternating hands and see if we could get all four hands on it. Between the alcohol and our horniness I guess we just complied. We both squatted down and Linda put her hand at the base, then me and then hers and then my hand left just a little bit of the tip of his cock showing. He took a picture with his phone and the Linda’s phone. He laughed about never having a four hand handjob and we teased him by pumping his huge dick a couple times with all our hands.” She said almost gleefully until she looked up at me.

“I’m sorry I got carried away. We were just teasing him but that made his dick rock hard. Then he asked us to suck his cock and he said it just like that. You know I don’t like doing that but I almost just obeyed him but I said no. Linda said no too but she said she would act like it so he could take a picture and go home and jerk off. He said fine so she got on her knees in the parking lot in front of his big black dick and he stuck it right on her lips and took a picture. The she grabbed the base and stuck it against her face and he took a picture. She opened her mouth and he stuck his dick in about an inch and took a picture. Then Linda lifted his dick up and actually licked one of his balls and he took a picture.”

“As she got up she kissed the tip of his dick and I could see a string of precum from her lips to his dick and it excited me a little. When he said it was my turn I told Linda to stand behind me and so it looked l was doing something but my face wouldn’t be in any picture. So I did the same thing as Linda I put my coat down and got on my knees and held his dick close to my mouth until I heard Linda take a picture. Then I held his cock up and lightly kissed one of his balls and I heard a couple of pictures go off. Then I did something stupid, I opened my mouth wide and tried to put as much of him inside my mouth as I could without touching it but when it was only a few inches in I closed my mouth around him and they both took a picture.”

“What the hell were you thinking? You sucked a guy off in a parking lot? I can’t believe this.” I said to her defeated.

“No I didn’t suck on him I opened my mouth and took him out. It wasn’t a blowjob. It was just a tease.” She tried to calm me. ” Linda laughed and said we better go but he said he need to cum. So we wanted to see that just to see if he shot a bigger load than normal sized dicks. So he started jacking off real hard. I had never watch a man jerk himself before and it seemed like it would not feel good to do it that hard. Linda asked if she could try and she took over but he started filming her with his camera. He said if I could just get down there and act like I was going to blow him that it might speed up the processes. It was getting late so I squatted down and pretended like I was going to put my mouth on him. Every once in a while the tip of his cock would bump my tongue but I didn’t put him in my mouth. Then all of a sudden without warning he shot his cum all over my face and some went in my mouth. I tried to turn my head but then he came in my hair so I turned back towards him and stuck his tip in my mouth, catching the last two full squirts. When I was sure he was done I licked the tip and let it fall from my mouth. I told him he was an asshole for not warning me and used my coat to wipe my face and Linda got the cum out of my hair.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? How stupid could you two be and you let him film it?” I yelled.

“I know, I shouldn’t have been drinking, I don’t think clearly when I drink. Somehow this guy got Linda’s number when he was taking pictures and has been texting her pictures from that night and her husband found them. I didn’t want him to tell you because they look worse than the real story.” Kelly tried to explain to me through teary eyes.

“Worse than the real story? The real story is pretty bad. How could they look any worse?”

“Well if you didn’t know the real story it would appear that we took turns giving this guy a blowjob and then he gave me a facial, but that’s not what happened really.” She said.

“That is almost exactly what happened. Plus where is the video? Have you heard from him again?” Now I was wondering if this was going to be an ongoing problem.

“No I don’t even know his name and I’m sorry. I just had never seen a penis that big and even though some of my patients have been rather large it’s different when the guy is not lying in a hospital bed. I swear it won’t happen again.” She begged me and seemed sincere so I tried to be as rational as possible.

Two weeks later I was watching a football game when I received a text message. It was from Linda’s husband and though she had stayed at our house for 3 days she had found other arrangements and left with no trouble at all. I opened the text which read click on the link and enjoy. So I clicked and a video started up. It was dark but I could make out Linda standing next to a large black man stroking his huge cock. It was quite obvious that the black man was filming the action and he panned down to the enormous dick being stroked and then back up to the blonde short haired Linda who had her tongue down his throat. Then he panned over to my wife who was touching her pussy through her scrub bottoms. When he instructed her to act like she was going to suck him off. She fell to her knees and opened her mouth near his dick. True to her word she did exactly as she said and once in a while his dick touched her tongue and lips. The black man kept panning back and forth between the two women when I heard my wife say “shoot your big cock load on my face,” that lying bitch. He did just that, hitting her in the mouth, nose forehead and chin. She then took him in her mouth and sucked his cock clean for about thirty seconds as deep as she could. My wife then stood up and the three of them tongue kissed each other before the video shut off.

I couldn’t believe it she most definitely lied about some of the circumstances. I don’t know what to believe anymore and now question all the times she has gone out. I still haven’t confronted her with what I know but a few days later I got another text message from Linda’s husband. It shows my wife kneeling in front of the black guy with her beautiful auburn hair pulled up and I would swear she is licking his nut sack. She told me that those pictures looked bad but fuck, I think she is really doing it.

Quebec Women Love Black Men

There is most certainly a relationship between power and eroticism in our society. And I think we all play our part in this continuity. How else do you explain some of the disturbingly erotic yet politically incorrect situations I keep getting into? My name is Monique Mont Coeur. I am a French Canadian woman born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, curvy, big-bottomed and quite fit, with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. I am deeply conservative, intolerant and quite mean. And my sexy Black men come to me because I am who I am. How cool is that?

I have a love-hate relationship with the handsome, deliciously cocky Black men I run into in the City of Montreal. I am attracted to them and they are attracted to me. Yet my political views are often at odds with my desires. I’m not in favour of lots of immigrants coming to Canada. I don’t care if they’re from Ireland, the Caribbean, China, Spain, Brazil, Portugal or the Republic of South Africa. I don’t care if they’re Black, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, White or anything in between. I think immigration to Canada should be restricted. Too many bozos from everywhere are coming to our shores. I’ve met lazy Irishmen, lazy Jamaicans and lazy Russians who come to the Confederation of Canada because of our generous social programs. They don’t want to work. They just want to live off the rest of us hard-working Canadians. And I don’t like it one bit. Such people are dragging down Canada. They’re no good to us. Please understand my views. It’s about nationalism and culture rather than race or linguistics.

I don’t like immigrants, yet I find immigrant guys really hot. Far hotter and more confident than the average Canadian guy. I really like Black men from the Republic of Haiti. Take Jacques Rosier for example. This six-foot-one, lean and muscular, dark-skinned Haitian stud hails from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. He’s currently studying business administration at Concordia University right here in the City of Montreal. He’s already a permanent resident of Canada and he’s on his way to becoming a Canadian citizen. He is in Canada to do big things. I am both attracted and repelled by the relentless drive and energy of immigrant men like him. They’re so much tougher, manlier and more resilient than the average Canadian male. Partly because of where they’re from and what they endure in our kind of conservative Canadian society.

I’ve been seeing Jacques Rosier for the past few months. He’s twenty three and I’m thirty seven. I work as a Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Montreal and we met while he was visiting his then-girlfriend Darlene Pierre, some Haitian chick who’s actually one of my former students. They broke up a few months ago. The first time I laid eyes on Jacques I simply knew I had to have him. I really like tall, dark-skinned Black men. A lot of them are into mature White women. Especially since a lot of Black females in the Confederation of Canada are developing “White guy fever”. I see quite a few young Black women walking around with White guys in the big cities of Canada and I couldn’t care less. They can have the White guys. I’ll take the Black studs, thank you very much. I’ve been sleeping with Black men exclusively ever since I was a University student. Twenty years later, I still crave my chocolate studs. And they still crave me, thank Heaven!

Jacques and I have been seeing each other and this is quite different from my usual relationships with Black men. Usually we just hook up and then split. They go their way and I go mine. Jacques is changing me and I can’t say that I truly mind. The gorgeous Haitian stud loves to read French Literature. He knows about great French writers like DesCartes and Voltaire. He also knows the Fables of LaFontaine. I’ve known dozens of Frenchmen in the Province of Quebec who don’t know Jack about classical French literature. Man, those Haitian studs in the City of Montreal are really something else. Educated, manly, smart, friendly and amazingly sensual. And I really like that about them. I surprised myself by going dancing in Haitian nightclubs of Montreal-Nord with my sexy Jacques. I don’t mind being seen in public with him. I enjoy holding his hand. And yes, I’ve kissed him in public.

This is definitely not my usual plan of action when dealing with a sexy Black man. I respect him for his mind, instead of merely lusting after him for his body. There is more to a Black man than just a strong body and a big Black dick. Jacques Rosier taught me that. He’s much smarter than half the faculty at the University of Montreal. The school where I teach is full of old white guys and fading white women who take themselves way too seriously. Pontificating and stifling old academics. If it weren’t for the rejuvenating influence of Jacques, I might have turned out exactly like half my colleagues. This gorgeous, brilliant Haitian stud has taken me on many trips to heaven yet he keeps my sexy feet planted firmly on Earth. It’s a rare man who can do that to a woman.

Tonight, Jacques and I are spending the evening together. We’ve watched one of my favourite movies, Some Kind of Wonderful. I’m a former tomboy so that kind of scenario’s totally up my alley. Jacques and I curled up on the sofa and watched the movie. There we were, just a couple at home watching a movie. Jacques has fallen asleep on the couch next to me. I watch him. Lord he’s beautiful. I trace my fingers over his brow, and gently kiss his sexy lips. Black men are so amazingly sexy it’s not even funny. He’s so hot. Hotter than Black studs from Hollywood like Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Tyson Beckford. And the cutest thing is that he doesn’t even know it.

My stud looks delicious when he’s asleep. Awake he’s something else. When we make love, he’s all manly passion. Making me kneel before him and suck his cock. Putting me on all fours and spanking my big White butt while slamming his dick into my pussy. Making me lie on my back with my legs in the air as he works his cock into my ass. Yes, I do love the feel of his dick in my ass. It’s absolutely frigging awesome. My sexy Haitian stud knows how to rock my world. When he’s asleep, he looks so wonderfully vulnerable. Like an Angel or something. My gorgeous Black male Angel. I gently kiss his forehead and lower the volume on the flat screen TV. I wrap a heavy blanket over the both of us and cradle him into my arms. And we fell asleep like that. Just a woman and a man together. Race, gender and age differences be damned. I think I’ve fallen in love with my favourite Haitian stud. I’m still a member of the Bloc Quebecois. What in hell am I going to do?

Back to School

The traffic in Miami is impossible. There is no other word for it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 7:00 am on a Monday or 3:00 pm on Sunday; the streets are always crowded. It wasn’t a Sunday, it was a Tuesday and it was 5:30 pm and she was late. She hated being late. And she was nervous, so nervous that her hands were clammy even though the AC in the car was cranked as high as it could go.

She maneuvered through the back streets as she made her way back to the campus that she had first attended 20 years earlier. She must be crazy and this was a bad idea, she thought to herself, but she didn’t turn back to the safety of her home and her family. She wanted to write and she wanted to learn how to do it properly, if for no one else, for herself.

The class started at 6:00 and ended at 10:00 every Tuesday and Thursday night. That was a long time to be in a classroom after so many years away from academia. She tried to see it as some kind of adventure and as the campus loomed before her. Suddenly her brain kicked into some long forgotten ritual and she parked her car where she had always parked so long ago.

6:05, damn. She was late. Great, and the first day too. As she made her way to the English building the September South Florida humidity weighed her down like an unseen blanket, shrouding everything in a stifling heat that made it difficult to breath. She reached the classroom practically panting, opened the door and was greeted by a rush of cool air and the raised eyebrow of a lovely older woman whom she guessed to be her teacher. She made her way to the back of the room and took a chair. Flustered, she took out a paper and pen, dropping her backpack with a loud thud on the floor.

Suddenly she felt a hand touch hers and a voice like dark molasses softly say, “It’s okay, you made it. Relax.” She looked over to see where the voice came from and was greeted with a smile that could melt snow (she had never really seen snow, but she was sure this smile could melt it.) The smile belonged to a caramel colored face with slanted, sexy eyes and an incredible chin with a sexy little cleft. This was a very handsome face. She smiled back, “Thanks, I needed to hear a friendly voice.”

“No, problem. I just came from that war zone myself. I beat you here by about 2 minutes.”

He was nice. She glanced down at the rest of his body. Although he was sitting she could see that he was tall and built. Tall, dark and handsome; eye candy for her, this just brought her adventure up a notch.

At 8:00 pm the teacher called a 30-minute break. So she walked out into the oppressive heat to stretch her legs and maybe get something to eat. She walked towards to vending machines but her eyes roamed over the short fence to the left of the class door. He stood there, watching her. He reminded of her of a panther at rest; his legs were crossed at the ankles as he leaned into the fence, arms resting lightly against the cool stone. He looked so sleek and poised but also ready to strike at any moment if need be.

She walked over to him, drawn to his gaze. “Hey, would you like something from the vending machine? I was just making my way there.”

“Sure, it is okay if I walk with you?” He bought her a candy bar and they both sat in a little table and talked.

This became their routine for the next few weeks. He bought her candy bars and they discovered each other as friends do. He found out that she was married, had children, and was happy. He was wildly attracted to her. He was drawn to her humor and her sparkling eyes, her great legs and those incredible luscious breasts. She looked great and she knew it.

She found out that he was a graduate student, single, with a burning desire to write that matched hers. She was wildly attracted to him. She was drawn to his sexuality and intelligence, his quiet strength and that amazing smile. He was gorgeous and he knew it.

After 4 weeks of school the dreaded research project was presented to them. They talked about it at break, should they do it together? The teacher was giving them 2 days to jump-start it where they would not need to come to class. They could meet at his place and work on it there.

Oh, but she was so tempted! She knew that going to his place would be like playing with fire. There is no denying the chemistry between a man and a woman when it’s there. The best thing to do is not get in compromising situations. She knew that. She’d been there before many times. But not with him. Sometimes when they talked she would imagine what it would be like to taste his skin, to smell his neck and lick the outer part of his ear. Insane really, she was happy. She didn’t want to complicate her life.

She told him no. She told him that she would just go to school where she could quietly work. He told her he understood but gave her his address anyway and told her to just stop by if she wanted. That they would work great together.

She had every intention of going to the school to do her project. She kissed her family goodbye and hopped into her car. But she didn’t go directly to school. She started driving in the direction of his place. Her heart was beating wildly; she thought it would burst within her. She wanted to turn around, but she didn’t. She parked in front of his apartment building and found the stairs to the second floor. Her hands were sweaty, her knees were shaking and all those butterflies in her stomach were threatening to make her sick.

He opened the door with a huge smile, held out his hand and took hers and led her inside. When she stepped inside she couldn’t believe it; he had set the table for two. Fresh flowers, candles, the strains of reggae in the background all set an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

“I’m sorry, but how could you possibly know that I would come here? I didn’t know myself until a few minutes ago!” She stared around the place, amazed.

“Of course you would come baby. I’ve known it since the first day I saw you.” There was a lot more left unsaid than said but she understood completely what he meant. “May I have this dance?” He asked with that mind-blowing smile.

She walked silently into his arms as they moved together to the slow, sensuous music. Oh but he could dance exactly how she loved it. Slowly, stopping every once in awhile in the middle of the song to just feel her. So incredibly sexy, no one slow dances like a black man, she thought. And at that moment, she knew that he could ask her for anything and she would do it. It was just that simple. Damn the consequences, she was going to worship this man tonight.

He moved his hand lower and lower down her back until it rested on her tight, rounded butt. She felt the heat of his breath on her face and looked up to see his eyes. He captured her mouth in a slow, hot kiss. He kissed her bottom lip and then he gently sucked on it, teasing her with his lips. Oh, it felt so good. He deepened the kiss when he had explored her lips and she responded. Licking him and tasting him and feeling the heat pool between her legs. He obviously liked kissing as much as she did and didn’t feel any pressure to end the kiss and move on to whatever else he was going to do to her.

Oh, but she did love slow dancing and kissing and he was doing both very well. Her hands moved down his back until she was cupping his muscular cheeks in her palms. Now both of their hands were in the same place on each other’s body’s pressing against each other, she could feel his cock through his pants and all of the sudden the kissing would need to be finished later. She let go of his mouth and moved down his neck, planting kisses and licking the smooth skin. God, he tasted like cologne and man. What a sweet treat, his caramel skin was.

Her hands moved up to his shirt and as each button was opened; her lips sought that space. When his shirt was unbuttoned and off his body she ran her hands around the smooth skin. Mmmmmmm, no hair on his chest, just smooth skin, her husband was so hairy. She touched the muscles on his arm, and the ones in his stomach; exploring him with such intensity that it almost hurt. She hadn’t touched another man in 15 years and he was a treat to be savored. She looked up at his eyes as she started to unbuckle and unzip his pants. Without taking her eyes off his she knelt before him, taking the pants and boxers with her.

She had never knelt in front of anyone before but she knew if she didn’t immediately taste his cock she was going to chicken out and run for the door. He went to pull her up but something in her gaze must have made him reconsider. He stood there, just watching her as she got her first look at his manhood. His cock was long, fat, and thick, with smooth velvet skin and a full swollen head. He was already hard and getting harder under her scrutiny. She looked so sexy, fully dressed, looking at his cock as if she had just won the lottery, the lust in her eyes making him harder still.

She had never seen a black cock before and this one was gorgeous. There was a great vein running down the underside that she knew would hold big wads of yummy, gooey, salty, sticky cum. And she wanted it. She wanted it in her mouth.

She reached out and touched it with her soft, manicured fingers. Running her fingers softly over the fat head, down the long vein to the full, round balls. He softly moaned from above and she placed her mouth over the head. God, he tasted so good, he smelled so good. She ran her tongue down the length of him and then back up. She knew she was torturing him, but she needed to make this last, she wanted to explore him at her own pace. He seemed to know that and was patient with her. Letting her take her time.

Her mouth found his swollen head again and this time she did suck. Taking more and more of him into her mouth. She could feel his controlled urgency deep down in her own pussy, the wetness seeping into her panties. She wanted this man to fuck her face, she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth and she wanted it swallow every last drop of it. She took his balls in one hand and the other she used as an extension of her mouth. She started a rhythm with her mouth and hand and soon felt him expand even more.

“I’m going to cum baby. Are you sure you want it in your mouth?”

Her answer was to suck harder, and in mere moments he was cumming, her red lips wrapped around him. She pulled back to let him see his cum inside her mouth and then swallowed it all. She rose and put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, letting him taste his own juices.

“You taste so good baby. Thank you for cumming in my mouth.”

“Come into my bedroom girl, it’s your turn.”

She held his hand as he led her into his bedroom. The king sized bed took up most of the small space; it looked like heaven to her. He started unbuttoning her dress, kissing her as he did so, down her body, licking and biting and sucking on her exposed skin. It felt so weird to have another man’s hands and mouth on her body. And he was not being sweet and patient about it, he was taking her, claiming her for himself. The weeks of pent up sexual energy and his very vivid fantasies of her finally taking their toll. He was so hungry for her.

He ravished her body. Kissing every exposed part and finally, finally he was between her legs. Licking her, sucking on her engorged clit. Fucking her warm, wet cunt with his long tongue. Then further down, to the puckered pink asshole, licking it, sucking on it. She knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. As it was she was moaning his name over and over. He worked one finger into her awaiting pussy and one inside her tight asshole, his mouth licking and sucking on her clit.

“Come for me baby, cum all over my mouth. It’s my turn to taste you.”

She felt her orgasm begin and explode in her head. She could not breath, it felt so good. Her whole body one giant pussy, throbbing.

“Mmmmm girl you taste so sweet,” he said as he moved up the length of her body and kissed her face full of her own juices. She did taste sweet and the taste of him and her combined made her wild.

“I want that cock inside me baby. I want it so bad it hurts. Please, please, please darling, don’t make me wait any longer.”

She settled himself above her; parting her thighs with his knees and in one swift motion he was inside her. He momentarily took her breath away, he was so big. Bigger than her husband and she felt herself being stretched. She knew it would feel like this, she knew it would feel this good from the moment she had laid eyes on him.

He rocked above her, in a slow and steady rhythm, building them up slowly. Like slow dancing she thought and at that moment, he stopped and just breathed while her cunt throbbed around him. And he started again, faster now, a little harder. Then slow and steady. He was making her crazy. She started to moan as he grabbed one breast and pulled on the erect nipple. “Sit up a little baby, watch this with me. This is so sexy, my black cock in your pink pussy. You feel so good girl. It feels so good…”

She sat up enough to watch him work his cock in and out of her. The sight is what finally put her over the edge. “Oh god, lover, I’m going to cum…oh yesssssssss.” She clamped her pussy around him as she came. He started pistoning out of her then. Harder, faster.

“Cum again baby. Cum for me again.” He was ramming her now. Giving it all to her, no rhythm, no dancing. Just hard fucking. She screamed his name out as she came again, shaking from the intensity of it. He joined her with his climax, pouring his seed deep inside her. He fell on top of her, holding her close.

“Let’s go eat girl, I’ve got a whole culinary feast for you. And afterwards, we’re coming right back in here for round two.”

She knew she’d be sore. But she couldn’t wait….

Falling in Love with Black Pussy

I walked into work one morning and there sat a new receptionist. She was a young black woman who was very attractive. I introduced myself as Rob and she told me her name was Darla. I went back to my cubicle and I was thinking about the new hire. I soon would repeat the same talk each morning. Darla seemed so friendly.

I like to eat my lunch out behind the building. There are benches there and I can usually eat in peace. As I was sitting there, up walked Darla. She asked if she could join me. I pointed to the bench and she sat down. Darla asked if she could ask me something.

“Is everyone so unfriendly around here?”

I told her that people weren’t unfriendly. They just didn’t welcome strangers into their arms. It was a closed knit community. Darla said she was thinking about quitting. No one would talk to her.

“Don’t quit,” I said. “People will come around. It may take some time. There’s no sense in throwing away a good job.”

Darla said she would give it some thought and then she went back inside. A couple days passed and when I walked in one morning, Darla said she would like to ask me something.

“Would you like to come to my place? I will cook you dinner.”

I guess I was a little surprised. I said sure, I could come by. I was free Friday evening if that was good for her. Darla got out a piece of paper and she wrote down her phone number and her address. She said she would see me Friday. Things seemed to be shaping up. I had broken up with my girlfriend and I hadn’t been on a date in many months.

Friday arrived and I drove to Darla’s place. She lived in a small apartment community. I rang the doorbell and Darla answered. I was greeted by Darla wearing this revealing dress. My eyes roved over her body quickly. Darla invited me in and I handed her a bottle of wine. Darla asked me if I liked Chinese food. I said sure. She said she had burnt the meal she had been preparing.

Out came the containers and we spooned up a sweet and sour chicken meal. We ate our food and we finished off the bottle of wine. Darla said that her aunt had suggested she find a job in the area. Darla took her up on that idea. She was was able to get a position at the company where I worked. Darla also said she was going to stick it out. I said I was glad to hear it.

It started to get late. I said I should be going. Darla walked me to the door.

“Can I ask you something?” She said.

I said sure, ask me whatever you like.

“Would you like to stay with me tonight?”

That was a little shocking to me. I wasn’t expecting that question. She said she was lonely and she was attracted to me. She didn’t need to ask me twice. I walked back inside and Darla led me to her bedroom. I watched as Darla removed all her clothing. It was better than I anticipated. I was looking at her chocolate breasts and her pubic mound was all trimmed up. Darla got onto the bed and I undressed.

“I knew you had a big one,” she told me.

I guess I am around eight inches in length. I joined Darla and the first order of business was tasting her pussy. I had never been with a black woman before. I had never even entertained the idea. I lowered my face and I slid my tongue up and down her black gash. I found something out right then. Darla was very vocal. She was practically screaming as I fingered and licked her slit.

We went at it for some minutes. Darla had her hands on the back of my head urging me on. When I finally pulled back my face was covered with Darla’s juices. She reached over for some tissues and I wiped my face off. I was kneeling in front of Darla. She was staring at my now erect cock.

“Please Rob, I need you bad.”

I took my cock in my hand and I guided my cock head to her gaping hole. I fitting my mushroom to her opening and I entered Darla’s pussy. She was tight, that much was for sure. I went slow and fed Darla an inch at a time. I finally had my cock inside her the whole way. Our pubic bones were touching. I withdrew my cock and then pushed in the whole way. That got Darla’s attention.

Darla strapped her legs around my back and I gave her the cock she desired. We were going at it hard. Darla needed my cock, that much was for sure. My balls were bouncing off her firm bottom. I looked down to see Darla panting for air.

God Rob, your cock is so thick!” she told me.

I was glad I was able to satisfy Darla’s needs. And oh was she needy. I lowered my face and I took a hard nipple into my mouth. I started sucking and chewing one then the other. Darla’s pussy was gripping me hard. I was trying to hold back and fuck her longer. It got to the point where I was close. I told Darla I was getting ready.

“Don’t pull out Rob! I want you to cum inside me.”

I normally use a condom but I was caught unawares this time. I drove my prick into Darla as hard as I could and in a few minutes I shot my load. Darla screamed out loud once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I sent hot ropes of my loving into her belly. I was quite sure Darla was having some orgasms. Her pussy muscles were going into convulsions. All I know is that I had a big load I deposited into Darla’s belly.

We must have continued to fuck for some minutes. I finally felt empty and I left my cock in Darla’s pussy so she could milk me dry. I soon pulled my dick out and looked to see my white spunk dripping from Darla’s black hole.

“That was fantastic,” she told me.

We kissed and then Darla went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“I guess I can’t go back home after all,” she told me.

I sure didn’t want her leaving now. I ended up spending the night in Darla’s bed. I awoke to find Darla’s lips wrapped around my dick. She was working to get me hard once more. It was working. Darla pulled away and she held my erect member in her hand. Darla didn’t waste any time. She climbed over top of me. I felt her pussy lips brushing my knob. She worked her way down and I had my cock buried inside Darla once more.

I gripped her ass cheeks as Darla rode me hard. There was more moaning and screaming as Darla took my cock for her herself. As Darla squeezed my rod with her muscles I reached up and found her large melons. I rubbed the palms of my hands over her ripe nipples. That got Darla worked up for sure. She slammed her ass down on my groin and we fucked like two wild animals.

We did it much longer this time around. Darla asked me if I had any cum left in me. I had no idea. I figured this time around was for her. I brought my ass up and I filled Darla completely with cock. I could tell she was close. Her body was shaking from the fucking she was taking. I figured that this was it. I did manage to squirt some seed into Darla’s belly. You guessed it. She screamed her bloody head off when she felt me explode.

That woman sure knew how to arouse a man. She had more orgasms as she squeezed my bone dry. After we finished Darla collapsed onto my chest.

“I hope you want me around,” she said.

I wasn’t going to trade Darla for any reason.

That weekend was one big fucking session. My cock was so sore by Sunday I didn’t think I could go much more. We did have one final fuck. Darla got onto all fours. She lifted her ass up and she said she wanted me to put my cock into her bottom. I guess I was surprised she wanted it that way. I did as she asked. I knew my dick was really going to be sore now. Darla’s ass was so damn tight.

I managed to get all the way inside her. My hands went to her hips and I drilled her butt. I could look down and see her big tits swaying as I pushed my dick in. The results were the same that morning. Darla squeezed my prick until I unloaded in her bowels. I finished and then reached around and squeezed her low hanging tits. That seemed to push Darla over the edge for the last time that weekend.

I left that afternoon and went back to my apartment. I looked at my cock and it was red and screaming at me. I only hoped I could have a breather from all that fucking. On Monday, Darla was all smiles. She joined me at lunch and she asked if she did alright. I told her my cock hurt so much from all that sex we had together.

“You’re going to be able to go again, I hope?”

I said I would make an except for her. I think some of our co-workers were catching on that we were seeing each other. A few guys told me I was one lucky dog. One guy told me he was half pissed. I had gotten to Darla before he did. His loss was my gain. Darla and I see each other most evenings. It isn’t all fucking but we do quite a bit of that as well.

Things are going so well that Darla will soon be moving in with me. I only hope I can satisfy her as much as she needs.

The Black Power Virus: Cabin Fever

“Holy shit! We won the trip!” Daniel waved the congratulatory letter to all his friends.

“No way!” Jacob yelled and high-fived his buddy.

The college where they went to school posted flyers advertising a medical research project studying the effects of technology on the brain and body. The chosen applicants each got $1000 cash and got to spend Spring Break in a cabin with its own lake. They simply had to give up any technology and submit to 20-30 minutes of medical examinations per day. Students had to apply in groups of 6 with couples getting priority.

Jacob and Daniel were two white juniors and applied with their girlfriends. To round out the 6, Jacob invited his black study partner Chris and the girls agreed to bring their single friend Laurel.

Dr. Leblanc knew that a little money and a free place to party would go a long way on a college campus. She looked through all the applications and picked her preferred test subjects. She felt lucky that a bunch of white kids invited their ‘one black friend’.

SATURDAY – Chris the Student

The group took two cars to drive to the remote camping grounds. They split up by gender to get a little bit of guy/girl time before the weeklong stay in the woods.

Jacob and Daniel rode in the front and happily talked about their plans for the trip, while Chris stayed a little quiet in the back.

“This week is going to be great. No school, no stress, no bullshit instagram for Courtney to be distracted by. Just gotta keep her occupied some other way if you know what I mean.” Jacob nudged his buddy Daniel.

Daniel nodded “Totally. I just hope Bree doesn’t party TOO hard every single night. I plan on being out in the woods. These medical tests better not be super intrusive.”

“It’s supposed to be less than half an hour. I think it will be fine. What about you, Chris? What are you looking forward to… Are you studying right now, Bro?!” Jacob asked incredulously.

Chris looked up from his engineering textbook “I’m sorry, I just gotta get it in whenever I can.”

“That’s what HE said.” Jacob joked and fist bumped Daniel.

“Speaking of which, the girls brought their single friend Laurel. When do you think you’ll hit that? First night?… Second night?” Daniel smiled.

Chris honestly couldn’t tell if he were joking or serious. “She goes to school in a different State. There’s no way we could be in a real relationship.”

Jacob and Daniel started laughing “Dude, no one said anything about a relationship. We gotta loosen you up on this trip.”

Courtney, Bree (Jacob and Daniel’s girlfriends respectively) and their friend Laurel traveled in a car right behind the boys.

Bree sat in the passenger seat on her phone “Ughhh! Stupid boys can’t even text back!” She yelled in frustration.

“Isn’t Daniel driving?” Laurel asked.

“That’s not the point!” Bree pouted.

Laurel scooted closer to her friends in the front seats “Speaking of stupid boys, tell me more about this guy, Chris.”

Courtney smiled nervously “He’s a total sweetheart. Really… Smart and…”

“He’s a total nerd isn’t he?” Laurel delivered in perfect deadpan.

Together, Courtney and Bree insisted “No! No, we swear!”

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Bree commented “Maybe a little.” The girls all started laughing “He’s black, so he’s gotta have SOME swagger. I guess.”

“Oh God, my Dad would kill me.” Laurel sighed.

“Is that a turn on or turn off?” Courtney asked tongue in cheek.

Aside from a creepy old man telling them not to go near Chester’s Lake, the road trip was generally uneventful. The mountain roads were long and winding. The beautiful scenery distracted from the fact that there were no other humans for at least 20 miles from their cabin.

When they arrived, they were greeted by Dana, a research assistant in charge of conducting the daily medical exams. Dana was easily the least attractive woman of the group. She was above average height, rail thin, flat chested and had some lingering acne problems underneath some thick black glasses. She thought it was a bit strange to have never met the sponsor of the experiment in person. She only interacted through e-mail and received funding/instructions the same way.

Dr. Leblanc watched the group gather for the first time over one of the many hidden cameras planted in and around the cabin. She smiled at how easy it was to manipulate Dana and everyone else.

“OK everyone, gather around really quick. My name is Dana and I’ll be doing the medical exams, while you’re here. I promise it won’t be too intrusive. First thing’s first, I need everyone to deposit their cell phones, car keys, gadgets etc into this box. I have a hardline internet connection in case of an emergency.” Dana held up a green lock box.

Everyone turned off their phones and placed them inside. Bree looked like she was being asked to rip off her own arm “Do we really have to?”

“There’s no reception out here anyway, so they won’t do you much good. The experiment requires no electronics, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to or leave.” Dana remained firm.

Bree pouted and placed her cell phone inside.

Dana gave Bree an extra-long accusing look.

Bree blushed “Oh right… My Ipad.” She slipped the contraband into the lockbox.

Dana smiled “Alright then. I assure you, this is going to be a fun week and you probably won’t even miss them by the end. Next, I’m going to go over a few forms that will insure informed consent.” The group read and signed all the normal forms involved with a legitimate experiment. They detailed how there would be a daily 15-30 minute exam to measure neurological and medical changes in the absence of electronics. Of course the forms left out Dr. Leblanc’s true intentions.

One by one, Dana took each member of the group into an isolated office and asked them standard medical questions, had them fill out a questionnaire and strapped them to various medical devices. Once everyone had a turn, Dana announced “You guys are good to go until 10AM tomorrow morning, enjoy the cabin!”

Everyone celebrated and explored their surroundings. The cabin had four huge bedrooms, a fully stoked kitchen, living room with a fireplace and most importantly to the college kids a wet bar.

Right away, the couples cranked up the music and set up a game of beer pong. On one side of the table stood Jacob and Courtney. Friends often joked that they were the stereotypical jock/cheerleader couple, but Courtney only looked the part. The sociology major was 5’10”, Had blue eyes, C cups, high cheek bones and long, straight, bright blonde hair. She was never an actual cheerleader, but never missed a pep rally for Jacob. Jacob on the other hand played the part. He was the popular athlete with a competitive streak. He was 5’11”, fit and had a mop of dirty blond surfer hair.

On the other side of the table, the ping pong ball landed in a red cup and Bree gulped it down without hesitation. Bree was shorter at 5’8″, a brunette and had a slightly rounder face with hazel eyes. Though not as traditionally attractive as Courtney, Bree was curvier and her small frame emphasized it to great effect. Her full lips, and a cherubic face that lighted up when she smiled made her irresistible to guys. Bree loved to drink and her friends often had to take care of her at parties. She and Daniel were definitely an odd couple. Daniel was much more disciplined and preferred the outdoors to the party scene. He was the tallest at 6’1″ and had dark black hair.

While the beer pong game intensified, the introverts of the group sat on the couch uncomfortably wondering what to do. Laurel had dark chestnut hair tied back with bangs. She had a spattering of freckles on the ridge of her cute button nose. She was 5’9″, had B cup breasts and a slim body that tended to get covered up by the loose clothing she wore. Her eyes were dark brown pools that were her best attribute. She silently hoped that Chris would break the ice.

Chris had a slightly scrawny body for a black young man and didn’t really bother playing sports like the others. He had next to no experience with women, but felt optimistic sitting next to Laurel. If only he could think of something clever or cool to say “So I guess we’ve been paired up.” He blurted out of nowhere. Internally, he facepalmed.

Laurel laughed nervously “I guess… Hope I’m not a disappointment.” She half joked.

Chris responded immediately “No, no, if anything I’m the…” Chris was interrupted/rescued when a ping pong hit him in the head.

Jacob had tossed it to put an end to the painfully awkward conversation “Chris, Laurel, you two are up.”

Jacob and Courtney moved over so that Chris and Laurel could take their place. The two had never played beer pong before, but got the hang of it after a few missed swipes. Soon they got into it and made a good team. Laurel put her hand on his shoulder “Good game.” She said smiling.

Chris’ heart fluttered as it always did with practically any positive female attention.

Dana had a hardline internet connection set up in a separate, makeshift office. She transmitted the collected data to her unseen benefactor.

Dr. Leblanc received the data and examined each test subject’s natural state. She gave them all code names to avoid thinking of them as people.

Dana = The Trained Monkey.

Courtney = The Slut

Jacob = The Jock

Kimberly = The Drunk

Daniel = The Outdoorsman

Laurel = The Virgin

Chris = The Student

Vanessa waited for everyone to fall asleep. Her stomach was in knots thinking about the line she was about to cross. The virus she created was in no way a finished product and only meant to confirm whether or not she could alter subjects at a DNA level. Much of her research was based off flawed past experiments that she had discovered, while studying abroad in Europe. Her test virus was designed to work a lot faster than her intended final product. It was also non-contagious to avoid unauthorized infection in the future.

She shut her eyes and pushed the button. As everyone in the cabin slept, a mist started to pump into the rooms and gently landed on all of the unsuspecting test subjects.

Vanessa sat down and let the weight of her actions sink in. Now it was REAL. There wasn’t much for her to do, but wait for morning.

SUNDAY – Bree The Drunk

Bree was NOT a morning person. She couldn’t even remember the night before, which wasn’t unusual since she usually blacked out when binge drinking. She sprung out of bed and stood there for a moment wondering how she could be so spry. Normally, she’d be in pain and ‘swearing off drinking’.

Bree stretched out and felt the sun on her skin. The next surprise came when she saw it wasn’t even 7AM. She woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed before Daniel. She never thought she’d rise before her enthusiastic, outdoorsy boyfriend on a camping trip. She walked barefooted to the bathroom in cotton panties and a flimsy tank top. The face that greeted her in the mirror clearly wasn’t up drinking all night; possibly never had a drink in her life. Bree’s skin had a healthy glow. Her cheeks were rosy, hair fuller and her lips pouted more than usual. She hefted her tits up. They sometimes swelled up a little, but this was definitely on the ‘big’ side for her. ‘Maybe instead of drinking, we went to the salon, I bumped my head and fell unconscious…’ Bree thought to herself jokingly. She still felt the back of her head to make sure.

About an hour later, everyone sat down for breakfast and the girls were unusually quiet. Courtney could not pull herself away from her make-up mirror. Bree looked at the boys to see if they noticed. Laurel finally spoke up “Is it me, or are we all looking… different?”

“It’s probably the getting some sun and fresh air. The outdoors can do wonders.” Daniel proposed ignorantly.

Jacob pulled Courtney in tight and kissed her neck “I don’t know, but whatever it is you girls should ask for seconds.” He joked.

Right when the girls thought it had no effect on the men, Chris walked into the room. He was still half asleep and stretched his arms out over his head. The shirt he wore to bed now threatened to rip in several places.

Courtney was making out with Jacob, but her eyes wandered to Chris as his tiny shirt now pulled upward to reveal defined muscle. The three girls at the table practically inhaled in unison as they watched.

As Chris walked, Bree noticed his semi-hard pipe bouncing in his sweat pants ‘Holy shit!..’ She thought to herself.

Chris sat down and for once noticed all the eyes on him. He felt a bit self-conscious, but then noticed his ill-fitting shirt “This was fairly loose last night.” He said in confusion.

Jacob and Daniel then inspected their own bodies and found nothing different.

Vanessa watched the scene on her monitors and was ecstatic. “It worked!” She cried out to no one in particular. She would watch the footage dozens of times and took extensive notes. The Slut practically eye raped the Student. The Drunk kept grooming herself and messing with her hair. The Virgin clearly blushed and squeezed her legs together tight at the sight of the new and improved Student.

Dana came in late. It was obvious that she’d been distracted by her own small transformations. The acne on her face seemed to have cleared up by at least 50% overnight “I see I’m not the only one having a ‘good hair day’. I don’t know what is going on, but I’ll interview every single one of you and try to get in contact with the program running the experiment. At least no one seems to be in any pain or discomfort.”

Chris blushed; his morning wood had never been so painfully hard in his life. Every pair of female eyeballs were on him, so he couldn’t even stand up from the kitchen table.

Bree watched as Dana took her boyfriend Daniel away to be interviewed and tested. She bit her lip and in the back of her mind thought ‘now I can ogle openly’. She looked to see if anyone else were looking before sneaking a glance. The glance turned into a prolonged stare as she looked at the hunk of meat in Chris’ loose pants. Her brain fogged and all she could dream about was riding that monster. Bree bit her lip. She heard a cough and looked up to make awkward eye contact with Chris as he tried to get her attention away from his crotch.

The other girls giggled and Bree was mortified, so she went to her room. She paced back and forth, but her embarrassment didn’t last long. With the image of Chris’ cock firmly in her mind, she slipped her hand in her panties. Bree shut her eyes to visualize it as her fingers moved faster and faster. The wet smacking noises of her fingers filled the room and only stopped when Daniel shut the door when entering.

“Holy shit, never thought I’d walk in on a girl totally jerking off.” Daniel said in an amused way.

Bree looked at the clock realized that she spaced out for at least 10 minutes. Her fingers and thighs felt soaked and she looked up to Daniel for possible relief “Take your clothes off… NOW.”

As Daniel chucked off his clothes to get some from his unusually aggressive girlfriend, Bree opened up a mini bottle of booze that she had stashed in her bag. She took a big gulp, but didn’t really feel it. She gulped down the entire bottle. Her old coping mechanism seemed to be weakened in favor of a much stronger sex drive. She had an itch that she hoped Daniel could scratch.

This time, Dr. Leblanc observed the white couple much more closely. The Outdoorsman’s gentle style, that worked effectively the night before, now seemed to frustrate more than please. The Drunk obviously wanted to break routine and beckoned him to be more forceful. The male subject found no obstacle to climaxing (‘quickly’ Vanessa thought with a smirk), while the female struggled with her heightened appetite. The virus also limited the effectiveness of non-sexual stimuli, so alcohol would not be an effective replacement for her sexual needs. Vanessa hypothesized that it’s only a matter of time before she seeks new partners that can satisfy her.

Bree rolled over in a huff. Daniel was proud of himself for lasting 10 minutes, but Bree was far from done. She scowled as he went off to take a shower and punched a pillow. While she contemplated what was going wrong with her, she heard a knock at the door “Bree, you have to do the medical exam now.” Laurel reminded her through the door.

“Ahhh shit… I’ll be right out!” Bree responded and hastily got ready.

Bree entered Dana’s makeshift exam room looking a bit disheveled compared to the professional young medical student. The exam started off in much the same way as the previous day’s test. She had to put the silly stickers on her head to analyze her brain activity, measure her blood pressure, heart rate etc… She answered the same questions, but Dana interviewed her afterwards “I wanted to ask you about any physical changes you may be feeling. Most of the others seem to be going through some unusual shifts, but I want your take on it.” Dana inquired.

Bree finally had someone to vent to “Like the other girls, I feel like my skin is clearer, hair is thicker, tits are a bit swollen up. I had a little alcohol today and it didn’t seem to have as much of an effect.”

Dana took notes “OK, are you feeling numb to other stuff too?”

Bree blushed “Promise not to tell anyone?”

“Consider this conversation privileged.” Dana said confidently.

“I was maybe a little randier this morning, but then I saw Chris’ BIG.. FUCKING.. COCK!” Bree could barely control the enthusiasm in her voice “I swear to God it flipped a switch and my sex drive went into overdrive.”

Dana was a little stunned by Bree’s intensity, but not terribly surprised. One of the main things she gathered from the interviews (as well as herself personally) is that everyone, except Jacob and Daniel, are feeling much hornier than the day before. Now the young researcher had black cock on the brain “You… saw it?”

Bree smiled and did an exaggerated nod and mimicked the size with her outstretched hands “I was sitting next to him and the thing looked like it could rip through his pants. I practically drooled while staring. Even when Daniel fucked me I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Dana tried to act professional, but she was getting worked up faster than she would have liked “Did intercourse with Daniel relieve your… urges?”

“Pfffft, if anything it only made things worse. It frustrated the Hell out of me and it was over.” Bree sighed.

The shy researcher prided herself on helping others and didn’t think before asking “Is there anything I could do?”

The two girls laughed at the inadvertent offer, but Bree gave Dana a reassessment. The beanpole with scraggly red hair and acne changed pretty significantly from the night before. Her boyish figure definitely put on some curves, her face cleared up and the chaos of her hair seemed to have been tamed. Bree smiled and leaned in “What did you have in mind?”

Dana was clearly flustered and tried to steer the conversation towards any other direction.

Bree just interrupted her with a kiss ‘What am I doing?? I wasn’t into girls before…’ She asked herself. Another part of her answered ‘Who cares? Maybe she can get you off.’

Despite her earlier hesitation, Dana received the kiss without protest and even slipped her tongue into Bree’s mouth.

The make out session intensified and Bree gripped Dana’s hair to break the kiss “You wanted to help?” She growled before pulling Dana’s inexperienced mouth to her pussy.

Dr. Leblanc observed the somewhat unexpected liaison. She watched the Drunk use and grind against her Trained Monkey’s mouth and wondered why the virus affected her more than the others. The other subjects showed much more mild effects in their first day. The Slut had slightly more frequent and energetic sex with her established partner, the Jock. The Student seemed embarrassed about his physical changes and kept to himself. The Virgin actually pulled a toy from her luggage and went to town (Dr. Leblanc started to question her initial code naming of the subjects) Vanessa pondered the question as she watched the bi-curious coupling and played with her own clit. The interview came rushing back and it hit Vanessa “She saw Chris’ Big Fucking Cock!”

Dr. Leblanc did not think very highly of psychology and didn’t consider it a ‘real’ science. However, her only plausible theory was that the visual stimuli of Chris’ cock set off an acceleration of the virus’ physical effects on the host. Even second hand conversation about Chris’ cock elicited a clear response from the mousy researcher. Their bodies know what they need even if their conscious minds don’t.

This flaw in her design could be a blessing in disguise, so she decided to continue the trials. However, Dr. Leblanc got a sinking feeling at the idea of any element being out of her control.

Bree gritted her teeth in frustration. She pulled the confused girl away and delivered a harsh SMACK to her face “Fuckin’ Slut! Get in there already!” She pulled the confused Dana back between her legs and felt a renewed effort. Bree’s mouth hung open and eyes glazed “Yes… Yes… Yes, Yes, YES, YESSSSS!!” She cried out and clamped her thighs down on Dana’s head as she got her first real orgasm of the day.

Dana almost choked by the time she finally relaxed the death grip of her legs. Dana gasped for air and couldn’t believe that such an intense experience could happen to her.

Bree felt a little better, but she knew that she needed more than Dana could give. She got dressed to leave.

Dana got her attention “Ummm… What about me?” She asked expecting fair turnabout.

“Sorry deary, I’m no rug muncher.” Bree spat back with a little venom.

Dana took a deep breath, ‘Something is definitely wrong with this research assignment.’ She thought to herself.

Bree walked away and started feeling a little guilty ‘What got into me? I can’t believe I slapped her and acted like such a bitch… It was kinda hot’ She smiled and looked for Daniel.

She passed by Courtney’s room and could clearly hear her getting it on with Jacob.

“Baby, we’ve been at it for a while… I can’t go any more.” Jacob whined.

“God Damn it, Jacob! Stop being a pussy and take care of me!” Courtney said angrily.

Bree giggled a little bit and continued on. She entered her room and to her horror found Daniel getting ready to leave “Where the Hell are you going?!”

“Sweetie, Don’t you remember? I’m going to go spend the night in the woods. I’m going to go with no supplies and set up a campsite. I’ll come back tomorrow morning for the stupid research exam and I’ll take you to the site.” Daniel explained.

Bree rolled her eyes “You and your stupid woodland survival fetish… I need you here, REALLY bad.”

“We talked about this. I’ll just be gone tonight. I don’t get to go in the woods very often and I need some alone time in nature. You’ll be fine.” He kissed and passed through the door “We’ll have a cool makeshift campsite, it will be romantic.”

The last thing Bree wanted was romance and she kicked the door once he was out of earshot.

Hours later, the mood at dinner was much more tense than the night before. Courtney and Jacob sat on one side while Chris was flanked by Laurel and Bree on the other side.

Courtney’s hands remained unconsciously on Jacob, but Chris seemed to be the center of attention.

“Hey Chris, I made you a BLT.” Bree arched her back to accentuate her mysteriously enlarged breasts.

“I made some mashed potatoes; did it all by hand. Bree, did you make sure to pack one of those for your Boyfriend?” Laurel couldn’t resist adding a dig at her competition.

“Daniel wouldn’t let me. He’s doing a wilderness survival thing. He’s very independent… We’re BOTH very independent.” Her voice purred with hidden promise.

Chris was fairly introverted and not used to all the attention. To make matters worse, he was dealing with the World’s longest-lasting and insatiable erection. All day, he has locked himself away and no amount of masturbation seemed to be enough. He was scared to death that the girls would see it again and their smiling faces/close proximity made his hard-on that much more uncomfortable “Thanks, I appreciate it.” He then awkwardly slumped over to eat.

The bickering and sniping between Laurel and Bree only escalated. Chris finished eating quickly and decided to remove himself from the equation.

Chris made it to his room and was thankful to escape any further embarrassment. He pulled down his pants and looked in the mirror. He considered himself pretty well endowed, but he grew at least an inch or two since the night before. He was getting concerned when he heard a knock at the door. Before he could even pull up his pants and tell whoever it was to wait, Bree walked in.

“Hey Chris, I wanted to talk to you for a second.” She smirked as Chris tried awkwardly to hide his insane erection.

“Bree, you shouldn’t be here…” Chris trailed off when he saw what Kimberly was wearing.

Bree wore cut-off jean short shorts that took way longer to put on than she expected ‘Maybe I’m gaining some junk in the trunk’ She thought. They were skin tight and perfectly showed off her tanned shapely legs. She had no bra on to keep her tits from bouncing under her flimsy top “I wanted to apologize for staring this morning and making you feel uncomfortable. I get objectified all the time by guys, who just want to stare at my tits and it…”

Chris’ demeanor changed as if flipping a light switch. He cut her off by gripping a handful of her hair and giving her a tug. The intense look on his face scared Bree for a moment until his hand slipped under her shirt to grip one of her tits. Bree gasped in pleasure as he gripped it possessively.

“What about Daniel?” Bree asked as if it were his responsibility to stay faithful.

Chris yanked his underwear down to give her an unobstructed view “You came to do more than stare… Didn’t you?!” He growled almost angrily and gave her hair a hard tug that brought her face closer to his cock.

Bree responded truthfully in her fear/excitement “Yes! Yes! I did!”

Chris let go of her hair and tit. He leaned back as his black cock engorged between the two of them.

Bree watched the missing piece of her strange sex fever fall into place and she knew she NEEDED it inside of her.

Chris slipped his hand into her soaked denim short shorts and amazingly ripped them off in one strong pull. Bree shrieked in surprise, but was incredibly turned on by the display of force. He easily lifted the white girl onto his bed and pushed deep inside.

Chris was ravenously horny and had to deal with every girl staring at him all day. He needed relief, but never thought he’d act so aggressively. He pushed the thoughts out of his mind and continued doing what his body had been screaming at him to do all day long ‘Fuck every white whore that you can get your hands on!’

Vanessa celebrated by breaking out ‘Tyrone Jr.’; her favorite black dildo and vibrator. She wished she could have brought the real Tyrone, but her research had to stay secret and he’d be too much of a distraction. “Less than 24 hours and Student already claims his first prize.” Vanessa giggled to herself and sawed Tyrone Jr. in and out. She took a red marker to cross out “The Drunk” on her list of targets. She also looked at his code name on the blackboard and licked her finger. She erased the last few letters “STUD is progressing nicely, but all test subjects are showing signs of increased aggression; naturally primal sexual behavior in response to stimuli or adverse effect of the virus?” Dr. Leblanc spoke into her tape recorder.

She set her scientific questions aside to enjoy the show. She pinched her nipple as she watched the once awkward black stud plow into the college drunk girl. He made her scream out and it was obvious from the other monitors that all the other test subjects noticed. Part of her thought she should be concerned about the aggression on display and potentially shut the experiment down, but it was too damned hot to watch.

As Vanessa got drunk off of her own power, Chris got closer to his release. His movements grew faster and more powerful and he went into a frenzy. Dr. Leblanc was concerned for her safety, but soon had a much bigger reason to worry. On the video, Chris’ body underwent visible changes. Various muscle groups would expand and almost double in size before reverting back to normal. The changes came more and more frequently until his orgasm flooded the white girl and splattered all over the bed.

Both subjects seemed to go right to sleep without any harm, but Dr. Leblanc reviewed the tape. She paused it and observed a still frame of Chris with a monstrously engorged right arm. No ethical doctor would allow the experiment to continue, but Dr. Leblanc came too far to let ethics stop her.

MONDAY – Dana the Trained Monkey

Dana had a restless sleep thinking about her incredibly inappropriate encounter with Bree. She felt guilty about potentially ruining her relationship with Daniel until she heard Chris fucking the daylights out of her from across the cabin. The girl MUST want to get caught cheating. Dana was at first horrified by the sounds, then curious and then completely embarrassed when she couldn’t stop listening and touching herself.

Dana was first to wake up and once again marveled at the physical changes that occurred overnight. The bras she packed certainly couldn’t fit anymore. Her wild mop of red curled hair seemed to somehow be straighter, silky and richer in color. The skin problems that plagued her for the last decade and a half seemed like a bad dream. She didn’t believe her face could be so smooth until she touched it herself. She put on her glasses, but her vision got blurry. She miraculously didn’t need them anymore.

As happy as she was with her appearance, she knew something was wrong. She hoped to get contacted back by the sponsor of the experiment soon.

Dana made herself a cup of coffee when Bree walked in on very shaky legs. She wore one of Chris’ shirts and nothing else. The girl had the happiest dumbest smile on her face and leaked thick cum wherever she went. “Bree?? What happened?” Dana asked with serious concern.

“Doc… THAT is what I needed SOOO bad yesterday. It was perfect!” Bree had the dreamiest look.

“You look like a complete mess.” Dana cleaned up the black cum and led her back to Chris’ room. She could have brought her back to Bree’s own room, but Dana let her own curiosity get the better of her.

Chris slept peacefully. The covers were discarded during their wild fucking, so Dana got to see the ‘new and improved’ Chris. Just like the girls, Chris was obviously going through a remarkable physical transformation. Dana soaked in the sight, especially his pussy drenched cock.

Out of nowhere, Bree giggled and pulled down Dana’s pajama pants.

“What the Hell?!” Dana gasped.

“I feel bad about not returning the favor yesterday.” Bree said on her knees. Her mouth attacked Dana’s unsuspecting fire crotch.

Dana almost fell over, but she luckily braced herself in time. Her own need for release became much more apparent as Bree unleashed a tongue lashing. Relief didn’t come, since Bree only teased her.

“I want you to strip and get on one side of the bed, so we can both kiss him awake.” Bree proposed mischievously.

“Are you sure?..” Dana was hesitant, but deeply craved seeing that black cock in action.

“He doesn’t act it, but he’s an ANIMAL.” Bree smiled so wide that Dana couldn’t doubt her.

The two laid down to his right and left. They simultaneously kissed him on each cheek “Time to wake up.” They said together.

Chris woke up and stretched a little before noticing not one, but two naked girls “Holy crap! What are you two doing here?!” He couldn’t find covers, so he used his pillow to hide his cock, which of course had morning wood.

“Relax… I just brought Dana in to get a taste of what I got.” Bree winked.

“What did you get?!” Chris was genuinely stunned and had no idea what was going on. He soon wagered a guess “Did… Did we sleep together? What about Daniel??”

Bree couldn’t believe he didn’t remember “You really didn’t seem too concerned last night. It’s too late to worry about him and he won’t be back for hours. You’re not going to let a good three-way go to waste are you?” She then motioned to Dana “Suck his dick.”

Chris watched as Dana timidly lowered her head to start sucking his cock. He had no attraction for the ugly researcher when they all arrived, but now the girl was looking more like a bombshell. Chris was worried that he seemingly blacked out, but a threesome was always a secret life goal of his and it literally fell in his lap. He decided to relax and go with it.

Bree petted Dana’s hair as she sucked a growing black dick “I’m pretty great to you, aren’t I? You fuck me so good that I brought help. Don’t we white girls look good together?”

Dana was never very attractive and at best was used as a ‘practice girl’ by boys in school. It got to the point that she swore off dating and buried herself in her education. Things were different now and she sorta wished she had more ‘practice girl’ experience to help suck the biggest dick she’d ever seen. She looked up and could definitely tell that he liked it. Then Bree lifted Dana’s face up momentarily to deliver a hot kiss for Chris’ viewing pleasure and spun her around and put her on her back.

“Why don’t you fuck her, while I have fun with her mouth?” Bree took charge of the situation. Chris was acting like the shy guy that she was familiar with and Dana had no idea what Bree was talking about earlier.

Chris moved his rod in between her pale thighs and sunk his wet cock deep. Dana gripped the mattress tight and cried out. She barely noticed Bree’s pussy hovering about a foot over her mouth.

Bree gripped her cheeks “Open wide!” The huge load that Chris deposited in her the night before started to pour out and drip into Dana’s open mouth.

All three people were shocked to see the sheer volume.

Chris watched the vulgar scene, but couldn’t help loving Dana for taking it and gulping it down. A familiar feeling came over him, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He didn’t have long to wonder. His higher brain functions shut down and he felt a surge of testosterone. His slower, considerate thrusts sped up rapidly.

The flurry completely took Dana off guard. She couldn’t see, since Bree smothered her mouth with her needy pussy. Chris’ wild fucking made it impossible for Dana to even focus on licking Bree.

Suddenly, Bree’s body flew off of Dana’s face and Dana saw Chris lifting her into the air. She wasn’t sure, but he looked even more muscular than he did moments before. For a moment, Chris flashed an inhuman look and Dana was certain he’d throw the poor girl across the room or out a window in rage. Luckily, he put her on her hands and knees and lifted Dana onto Bree’s back. His powerful arms squeezed them together like bread on a sandwich. With astonishing speed and accuracy, Chris fucked in and out of both girls. Each of his hands gripped a handful of hair from each girl and the three lost themselves to their deep seeded urges.



“Hey Buddy…”

“Have you seen Bree?”

Chris was nudged awake. He was calm until he realized who was waking him up “Oh shit!”

“I didn’t mean to startle you, have you seen Bree?” Daniel asked.

The commotion woke up the random shape under the covers. To Chris’ relief, it was Dana who emerged from under the covers. She saw Daniel, screamed and quickly pulled a blanket to cover her tits and run out of the room.

“Oh crap, Man! I had no idea. Good job, Bro!” Daniel gave him a fist bump. “What were we telling you in the car?”

It was surreal to be accepting praise from the man whose girlfriend he recently slapped in the face with his dick; who could pop out at any moment and get them both caught “Yeah, it just sorta… Happened. I can’t say that I’ve seen Bree.”

Bree appeared in the entryway to save the day “I was just taking a shower. Ready to go?” She was dressed and packed to camp in the woods with no hint that anything was wrong.

“There you are. Sorry to disturb you Chris.” He went to Bree and kissed her sweetly.

As Daniel kissed Bree, the image of her mouth overflowing with his hot, sticky cum flashed in his mind. When Daniel passed her by, Bree shot Chris a sultry smile that promised much more debauchery to come.

Dr. Leblanc smiled and crossed out ‘Trained Monkey’ on her whiteboard with her red marker.

Dana quickly got herself together. She never thought she’d be in such an incredibly inappropriate position with regards to her work. The embarrassment of the morning only got compounded when she had to examine the man who just accidentally saw her run out of bed naked. If that wasn’t enough, she then had to examine that man’s girlfriend, who she joined in a threesome mere hours earlier. Dana thought the tryst would satisfy her invigorated sex drive, but she could feel that it was only the beginning.

Jacob was next and didn’t seem to notice all the commotion. Thankfully he slept like the dead after Courtney had her way with him and didn’t notice his best friend’s girl cheating. Dana wondered why Jacob and Daniel were the only ones not affected. It’s as if the cabin magically worked against fidelity.

Courtney was next and used the opportunity to vent about Jacob. The blonde spoke a mile a minute about how frustrated she was “I throw myself at him over and over and over again and all I hear is whining… ‘I’m tired, Courtney’… ‘Can’t we just chill?’ ” Courtney started using a really annoying tone of voice to mock Jacob “He’s supposed to be in God Damned shape!”

Dana just listened intently and jotted down notes. She was tempted to tell her to go see Chris. As agitated as Dana was, she could see that Courtney had it much worse.

Next came Laurel; the only person NOT to have sex so far on the trip. Her condition seemed to be deteriorating. The girl’s hands shook slightly and the color was drained from her face. As bad as Courtney had it, Laurel DEFINITELY had it the worst. Laurel looked like she was going through withdrawal “There is something VERY wrong with this place!” She said in a conspiratorial tone.

“I understand your concern. I’m still waiting to hear back from…” Dana started before being interrupted.

“NO! I’m seriously afraid of what this place is doing to us all. I packed a toy with me and actually broke it. I didn’t know that you could break them from overuse! Last night, I was going to fuck a nearly complete stranger. I was going to bust into Chris’ room, but fucking BREE beat me to it. I decided to wait until morning, but then I see you dashing out of his room half naked. This isn’t natural. None of this makes sense. I want to go home.” Laurel laid out her case.

“I see, so you want to quit the experiment? I’ll drive you out of the campsite when I finish my work tonight. Sound like a plan?” Dana had no intention of keeping anyone around against their will.

Laurel looked relieved “Thanks, I appreciate it. I just can’t handle this anymore.” The two went through the motions of doing the medical exam even though the experiment seemed to be falling apart.

Last, but not least, was Chris. He didn’t just look bigger and stronger from when she first met him, but carried himself differently. His posture improved and he looked much more confident. ‘It’s astonishing what a three-way can do for a man’s self-esteem.’ Dana thought to herself. She started the exam with her typical question “So… Tell me about the changes that you’ve been experiencing.”

Chris leaned back in his chair “Well, there’s the obvious.” He motioned over his whole body “Sex drive is off the charts.”

Dana felt his eyes roaming all over her new body. No man ever looked at her like that in her life. As if she were a steak and he were a hungry tiger. She was unknowingly guilty of the same thing. She looked over his body that was trapped in ill-fitting clothes. She could clearly see the outline of his thick cock through the denim of his jeans.

“I honestly couldn’t remember fucking Bree. It was as if it were a dream that I had forgotten about. When she came back with you and things got heated, it started coming back. I even remember feeling like I changed into another person when things got heated. It was an out of body experience.” Chris explained.

Dana remembered witnessing some of what Chris was talking about, but she wasn’t sure if it were real “Would you say arousal brought this ‘other person’ out?” Dana inquired.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure.” Chris nodded.

Dana got up and went about with the usual medical exam. She stuck sensors to Chris’ head and took his vitals. Once she established a baseline, she turned around and pulled down her skirt while bending at the waist. She added a little wiggle to her butt, while revealing a lack of panties.

The machine showed Chris’ surprise by beeping with the sudden uptick in his heart rate “What… What are you doing?”

“I’m testing our theory. Don’t you want to know more about what is happening?” Dana explained while bending over and displaying her pale white ass. She knew she should have felt shame when she grinded on Chris like a cheap stripper, but her desires and science intersected. Her wet pussy drooled over the bulge in Chris’ pants… for Science.

Chris moved to get out of the chair, but Dana pressed her hand to his chest “Don’t move. You’ll rip off the sensors.” She unzipped his pants and licked her lips “Let me do the work.”

Dana felt a chill move down her spine. After getting bossed around by both Bree and Chris, it was Dana’s turn to be in control. She slipped her top off and whipped her long red hair out of the way. She slowly straddled Chris in his chair and kissed him. After a few minutes of playing with Chris’ tongue, Dana leaned up to bury his face in her mysteriously enlarged tits “I thought fucking this morning would calm me down, but now I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Her grinding pussy felt a jolt from Chris’ restrained cock. Dana smiled and got up to pull his pants down. Despite seeing it hours earlier, the size took her by surprise and nearly blinded her in one eye when it sprung at her face. She stroke it and got a close look “Jesus, it might be my imagination, but it seems bigger than earlier.” She gave it a few laps with her tongue before getting up in the chair to ride him. While lining herself up she snickered “Laurel doesn’t know what she’s missing. She wants me to drive her out of here tonight.”

As Dana attempted to lower herself onto his shaft, a strong hand painfully gripped her wrist and Chris gave her an icy look “Laurel STAYS…”

The smile drained from Dana’s face and she paused for a moment. Her body rebelled and tried to sink down, but Chris stopped her. It didn’t take long for her to betray her promise to Laurel “Ok, she stays.”

Chris released Dana and allowed her to get what her body craved. As she lowered herself into his lap, her face went through escalating levels of painful gasps and rapture. Halfway down, her hands shot to his chest to keep herself from descending too quickly and her eyes were shut tight. She took a break “Are you feeling that ‘other’ you?” Dana asked hopefully.

Chris looked at the beautiful, half-impaled redhead and a tiny snarl flashed on his face “Maybe.” A hand came down on her ass and made a sharp SLAP that made her shriek “But you don’t have Bree’s whore mouth.” Chris firmly gripped her hips and pushed her down the rest of his pole.

Dana’s eyes rolled into her head and her powerful orgasm made her look possessed for almost a minute. As if her subconscious absorbed Chris’ criticism, her mouth started rambling off every obscenity that she’d ever heard of in her life. During her bliss, Chris even spun her around to sit reverse cowgirl in his lap.

Little by little, she noticed herself moving higher off the ground. When she came down off her orgasmic high, she almost chided Chris for standing up and ruining her experiment. A hand gripped her waist and it took Dana a few moments to realize that it was impossibly big. She felt the thumb at her spine and the tips of his fingers past her belly button. Dana looked behind and gasped in shock. Chris had indeed ‘transformed’ and grew larger by the second. Chris became nearly unrecognizable as his body mass doubled and tripled.

Dana’s awe over his newly bulging muscle was interrupted as she realized his most powerful muscle was growing as well. She clenched her teeth as she felt his cock thicken inside her already stuffed pussy. Her hand shot defensively to her pussy and her rational-self told her to get out of the room and run. Her body wouldn’t allow that and she simply rubbed her clit to set off yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

As Chris transformed, it was an out of body experience, but he now remained conscious. His body acted on instinct and he observed everything. Before the trip, Chris’ overthinking always made it hard to date and relate to others. Being the intelligent gentleman got him nowhere. Dana’s look of pure pleasure confirmed his suspicions. No matter how strange it was, the aggressive monster brought sex and made him feel powerful.

Dana panted hard after the relentless fucking. Chris pulled her down hard and Dana could actually feel herself get propelled off of him with the force of his orgasm. The pressure built up, Dana popped off his dick, fell to the floor and passed out.

She woke up with her face in a small puddle. The scent of cum was powerful. Dana got up, but quickly fell over. Her legs were so weak that she almost had to crawl to the bathroom. Chris was long gone. Dana washed up and tried to make some sense of what was going on. All she knew was that she was hooked. Dana heard splashing and saw that everyone went to the lake for a cookout. She even saw Chris looking back to normal and hanging out as if he hadn’t transformed into a big angry, sex monster.

After a strange 36 hours, the group finally put on their bathing suits and made their way to the lake. Jacob flipped some burgers on the grill. The normally energetic young man seemed drained from the intense workout that Courtney put him through.

Courtney had easily outgrown her bikini and keeping herself covered was a constant struggle, especially with her arm draped on Chris’ shoulder. The obscene noises that she overheard coming from Chris’ room the previous night led her to believe she’d outgrown Jacob too “So things moved pretty quick with that Dana. See any kind of future there?” She probed.

“I don’t know about that.” Chris replied confidently, checked to make sure Jacob wasn’t looking and snuck a hand to firmly grab Courtney’s ass “Can’t be tying me to just one.” He said cooly. The look he gave her made her want to swoon.

Laurel sat further away and had no desire to party with the others. She couldn’t believe that Courtney would actively hit on Chris, especially with Jacob so close. She was the only one with real clothes on, since she hoped to leave as soon as possible. She expected Dana to come get her, but was in for another disappointment “Dana? What the Hell are you doing?”

The new swagger Chris was using on Courtney disappeared for a moment as he feared Dana would reveal his ‘condition’.

Dana walked over in her own vastly inadequate bikini with a cooler full of beers “What? I’m in college and this is my Spring break too; just wanted to join the party.”

Jacob, Courtney and Chris all said that she was welcome, but Laurel stood up “You told me you’d drive me out of here!”

Dana popped a beer open “I will, I just wanted to hang a bit. Just chill, bitch.”

Everyone Oooooed as if an elementary school fight were about to break out.

Laurel got so angry and frustrated that she just stormed back to the cabin.

Once she was out of earshot, the others vented.

“Thanks for getting her to leave, she’s been SUCH a drag.” Courtney complained.

“For real, she was trying to get us all to leave. Such a quitter and a cry baby.” Jacob chimed in.

Dana felt like she had defeated a rival and taken her social position. A sly smile creeped across her face “There is SO much here. Why would anyone want to leave?” She spoke, while looking Chris straight in the eye. She showed no jealousy towards Courtney and her eyes gave Chris all the permission in the World.

Chris only had one obstacle now. He got up and spent a little time with Jacob. He steered the conversation towards sports and how black men are better at all of them.

“Totally not true, there are plenty that black people aren’t good at.” Jacob argued.

“Name one.” Chris replied defiantly.

Jacob took a moment and looked at the water “Swimming! You guys totally can’t swim.”

Chris smiled as Jacob walked right into his trap “I bet I can beat you.”

Jacob visibly perked up. Nothing got him revved up like competition “Across the lake and back?”

“If you want to be a pussy. Let’s go all the way around the lake. I’ll even give you a 5 minute head start.” Chris taunted.

Jacob looked over at the huge body of water. He never turned down a challenge, especially coming from a non-athlete like Chris “Fine, but I’m going to rag on you all week if I win.” He got ready to start “Courtney Babe, time us will ya?”

Courtney looked very bored with the idea “OK, I guess…” Jacob dived in and started the grueling swim.

Chris waited about a minute and then turned towards Courtney to take her hand “We got at least half an hour until that dumb fuck comes back.”

Chris pulled her along for a second, but Courtney stopped in her tracks “Wait, wait, wait… We may have been flirting, but I’m not just going to cheat on Jake like that.”

Chris thought about it for a moment and then pulled her hand to the front of his pants.

Her hand felt his thickness and curiosity led it inside his pants. Courtney’s eyes widened and her hand gripped and slid down the length of his pipe “Holy shit…”Suddenly, the last few days came into perspective as she grasped exactly what her body needed. She pulled her hand out and looked back at Chris “Let’s go!”

Before they ran off, they remembered that Dana saw everything. The three shared eye contact and Dana broke the silence “I’ll keep a lookout.”

Courtney smiled “Thanks!”

Chris grabbed a blanket and led Courtney into the woods. He laid it out and pressed his new conquest against a tree to make out.

The blonde bombshell yanked at her bikini bottom and removed it with a snap. She moaned as Chris squeezed her tits possessively. She loved the foreplay, but she was too eager “Just fuck me like the others!” She urged through clenched teeth. She bit her lower lip and watched as Chris aimed his shaft at her. A quick push officially made her a cheater, but her relationship with Jacob was the last thing on her mind.

Courtney was so wet that Chris had no trouble pushing in his thick, black cock. He shoved in deep and started pounding her. He expected the transformation to take hold, but it never did. He soon realized that he was in control and claimed the sexy blonde as his own prize.

Chris could cross off a second life goal from his list today. He loved watching Courtney’s blonde pussy hug his shaft every time he pulled out. Her desperate, horny whimpering got him harder. He decided to yank back her blonde ponytail, lick her lily white neck and slam fuck her unconscious.

An exhausted Jacob climbed out of the water. He took a minute to catch his breath and checked to see if Chris had arrived yet. He pumped his fist in celebration before Dana walked up.

“I hate to break this to you, but everyone just went back to the cabin. Chris left you this note.” Dana handed him the short piece of paper.


Jacob was still panting for air, but couldn’t help, but laugh at the prank. He felt pretty stupid “Damn, I gotta get him good.” He shook his head and walked off to dry himself.

Dana obviously left out the part about Chris using the time to fuck his girlfriend. ‘I wonder if he’d laugh that part of the prank off.’ Dana thought to herself and snickered. She stood on the dock and pulled the key to her safe out of her pocket. Without it, no one could get into the safe to get the car keys and phones. Without thinking, she threw them into the lake.

Dana got back to the cabin and got some work done. She finally got a message back from the program sponsor. It barely acknowledged the highly unusual circumstances and simply delivered new interview questions. The questions seemed designed to gage everyone’s sex lives. Dana now believed that the experiment was really all about the sexual phenomenon and had nothing to do with electronics.

Chris walked in and kissed Dana “I don’t get it… Nothing happened when I was with Courtney. No transformation or anything.” He really hated using that word, but had no other way of describing it “It was all normal.”

Dana nuzzled into his neck “Maybe it’s because I drained you less than an hour beforehand. Maybe it’s something that happens when you’re pent up.” She smiled and slid her hand down his pants “How about we test out the theory?”

Within seconds, Dana was right back to riding Chris. Her body was accustomed to him now, which allowed her slide up and down with ease. The transformation never came, but Dana noticed Chris attacking her with more aggression. The ‘Mr. Hyde’ personality seemed to be taking over even when the physical changes didn’t manifest.

Dana worked herself up to a big orgasm when she heard footsteps and the door knob twisting “Dana, I’m ready to go…” Laurel stopped in her tracks when she saw Dana’s tits bouncing up and down.

Dana locked eyes with the source of her irritation. Laurel had never seen more hate on someone’s face in her life. “GET… the FUCK OUT!!” Dana screeched at the terrified girl. Laurel simply turned tail and ran.

Even Chris was intimidated by the bouncing, snarling demon in his lap. Maybe he wasn’t the only one transforming.

Dana came hard and gripped his cock like a vice as her body twitched and her eyes rolled back into her head (adding to her demonic look). When Chris came, she got off of him and immediately sucked the cum out of his heavy balls. She smiled drunkenly when she got her fill “I think my theory is correct. I should keep you from transforming ALL night.”

Dr. Leblanc officially considered her prototype virus a failure. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the monstrosity that Chris became. Her virus mostly accomplished her goals, but took things too far. She crossed out ‘The Slut’ on her board. The Virgin was the last female to succumb. Vanessa wanted to pull the plug on the experiment, before someone got seriously hurt, but she just couldn’t resist seeing that last name crossed out. “She can’t possibly last long against my work.” She mumbled to herself.

TUESDAY – Jacob the Jock

Jacob felt the sunlight and woke from a deep sleep. For the first time, he got to go to bed without Courtney fucking him into a coma. He loved it, but was thankful to get a break. Courtney seemed a bit off ever since he made a fool of himself swimming around the entire lake. Maybe he embarrassed her or something?? He looked over and her side of the bed was empty. He got up and could hear her in the shower. Jacob snuck in. From behind the curtain, Courtney spoke “Mmmmm hey sexy, want some mo… Oh shit, Jacob!” She was clearly startled.

“I’m sorry, Babe. Who were you expecting?” Jacob joked.

Courtney covered her tits a little “Sorry, I’m still waking up. Brainfart, I guess.” She looked visibly uncomfortable. She snuck into Chris’ room in the middle of the night and showed up right as Dana got worn out.

“That must be it.” Jacob moved to get undressed and join Courtney, but she stopped him.

“I’m really done here, Sweetie.” Courtney shut the water off and moved past her boyfriend to get to the towels.

Jacob tried to be cool and propose something else, but she was already out the door. He shrugged his shoulders and took his own shower.

Upon exiting, Jacob saw that Daniel and Bree had returned. They were both covered in dirt and looked visibly upset. “Hey man, something up?” Jacob asked.

Daniel looked pained “She broke up with me. We went out to my makeshift shelter and it was a complete disaster. Maybe it’s just temporary, I can’t tell.”

Jacob gave him a hug “You’ll be fine, don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll cool down.”

Laurel called for everyone, except Dana and Chris, to meet up in the kitchen. “This experiment is bullshit. I don’t know what it is, but something is very wrong and I’m getting out of this cabin. I told Dana that I wanted to go, but she just happened to ‘lose’ her keys to the safe. She can’t seem to pull away from Chris long enough to do her job.

Bree spoke up first “I just got back from being cold and miserable in the woods. I’m staying!” She stormed off and seriously debated going for a shower or to Chris’ room.

“I don’t think I should be anywhere near Bree for a while, so I’ll go with you, Laurel.” Daniel decided.

Before Jacob could choose for her, Courtney spoke up “I need to be here for my girl, Bree.” She chased after Bree, secretly hoping that her stupid boyfriend would leave the cabin with the other losers.

Jacob was now in the awkward position of having to choose between his best friend and his girlfriend. Daniel looked like he could use some support, but Jacob rationalized that alone time with Laurel might work out. She seemed like a nicer girl than Bree. Daniel could even come out ahead in the end “I’ll stay here and keep an eye on everything.”

Daniel nodded “Ok, bro. The camp I set up is about a mile and a half north. You can’t miss it if you stick to the trail.” They said their goodbyes and left.

Jacob spent some time working out in the living room. Occasionally, Dana, Courtney and Bree would walk through the room. They all seemed to give him the same look; mild disgust or irritation. The energy of the house had changed and he got the impression that he was an unwelcome presence.

Courtney sat on the couch and Jacob jogged up to plop down next to her “It doesn’t seem like we’re doing Dana’s little experiment anymore.” He put his arm around her.

“She canceled the rest of the screenings , since we’re not all together.” Courtney replied in an irritated tone.

“Hope we still get paid, am I right?” Jacob tried to make conversation, but the look on her face let him know something was off. “OK… What did I do?” He looked at her.

Courtney sighed “You know what us girls are going through. I’m just frustrated.”

Jacob smiled and scooted closer “I think I can help again.”

Courtney scoffed “I don’t think you can.” She said and walked back to her room.

Jacob felt completely emasculated and had no idea what to do. ‘This whole sex frenzy thing is actually starting to bum all of us guys out. Maybe I should have a guy’s day with Chris.’ He thought to himself.

From across the cabin, Jacob yelled “Hey Chris, wanna go fishing?” He heard no response and went to go find him. The door to his room was cracked and Jacob snuck a peek inside. He assumed Chris was fucking Dana again.

Despite his competitiveness, Jacob had to admit that Chris now appeared to be in phenomenal shape. A few days ago, He would have never considered Chris to be a physical rival. He watched him plow into a woman buried underneath him and admired the display of power and stamina. Then he yanked her head back by the hair.

Jacob gasped as he saw Bree’s face reflected in a mirror; still covered in dirt from camping. Her mouth slacked open as if she didn’t have the energy to shout out her pleasure. Her dead eyes eventually woke up from her stupor long enough to make eye contact with Jacob. She showed no sign of caring and continued to let Chris use her. Soon after that, Chris pulled out a cock, that Jacob never thought could exist naturally, and plastered the back of Bree’s head, her back and the mirror that she used to watch herself in.

Jacob nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt hands move over the embarrassingly hard bulge in his pants.

Dana giggled “Someone likes to watch.”

Now all the attention was on him as Chris and Bree turned to the disturbance “I was just shocked to see this bitch in here. Less than a few hours after breaking up with Daniel. What’s wrong with you?!” Jacob shouted.

Bree was still recovering, so Chris answered “She’s a free woman now. She can do what she wants.”

“It’s not cool, man! I was going to take you fishing, but I can see you’re busy. Can’t even look at you people anymore!” Jacob walked off in anger.

The girls waited for Jacob to clear the cabin and go to the lake before stripping and gathering in Chris’ room “Thank God, he’s gone.” Courtney said before swallowing Chris’ cock deep down her throat.

Dana happily lapped up the cum from Bree’s skin “What can we do about it?”

“Kill him.” Bree blurted out. Everyone gave her a raised eyebrow. She looked at everyone “What?!..”

Jacob spent the day fishing. As if things weren’t bad enough, he came back to the cabin without a single catch. Loud music played and he could hear multiple women laughing. For some reason, a deep feeling of dread welled up in his stomach as he put his hand on the doorknob. He twisted it and entered.

Chris sat on the couch with his arms stretched out, while Dana, Bree and Courtney all danced together to the thumping of the dance music.

Jacob was still mad, but his eyes were drawn to the gorgeous sight in front of him. If he had not witnessed their rapid transformations, he wouldn’t have believed that the dancing vixens were the same women he showed up to the cabin with. He felt like they were a tantalizing mirage. A gorgeous illusion, but completely real to Chris. He slowly sat on the couch with Chris and he had to admit to himself ‘If Bree had come on to me, I’d probably hit that.’

All three girls were in skimpy outfits at best. Thankfully, Courtney was the most conservatively dressed with her tank top and blue jeans. Dana’s tits bounced and struggled against her shirt with every movement. Below the waist, her thong did little to cover her anything.

Bree was in a black bra and skin tight short shorts. Her hands rested on the bar and she faced away from Chris. It wasn’t her first time dancing like a slut at a party. Her luscious hips swayed from side to side, advertising her thick, round ass. Bree turned and completely ignored Jacob to walk up to Chris. Her leg stepped on the couch right next to him; giving him a clear view between her legs. Her arms rested on the back of the couch, putting them face to face. Without a word exchanged, Bree delivered a simmering lap dance. Jacob could clearly see the devotion on her face. Without warning, she popped her bra off and her nipple found its way into Chris’ mouth.

Jacob gasped “Ummm… Maybe you should get a room…” He was so uncomfortable that he didn’t know what to do.

Dana moved towards Chris teasingly, but made a sharp turn towards Chris “Stop being such a prude.” She told Jacob before fishing Chris’ dick out to stuff into her mouth.

Jacob couldn’t believe the scene taking place less than 3 feet away. He also couldn’t believe how painfully his erection pressed against the front of his pants. He sat transfixed as the three made out intensely. Without thinking, his hand moved to unzip his pants, but he was startled back to reality by the one person in the room that he forgot all about.

Courtney touched his shoulder “Are you looking at those two sluts and forgetting about your girlfriend?” She spoke in a soft purr.

“Oh shit, sorry sweetie. I don’t know what came over me.” Jacob tried to cover up his lap. He saw that her attention was nowhere near his lap. He looked over and the two semi-naked girls gripped Chris’ giant cock as if they were offering it to his sexy blonde girlfriend.

Courtney’s eyes stared blankly at the hunk of black meat and she calmly started to strip.

Jacob tried to get her attention “Hon… Sweetie… Courtney!”

When she stripped completely, the naked girl moved as if under hypnosis to the threesome on the other side of the couch. Jacob could do nothing, but watch as Courtney walked up like a human sacrifice towards the alter of black cock. She moved into a reverse cowgirl and plugged his cock straight into her soaked pussy. The moans that left her mouth felt like a stab wound to Jacob. She looked at Jacob and her face showed nothing but contempt for her ex before she happily bounced up and down to achieve the greatest orgasm of her life.

Dana and Bree kissed, licked and played with Courtney’s body; officially initiating her into their sisterhood.

Jacob’s shock and humiliation led to astonishment. Before his very eyes, Chris slowly, but surely, doubled in size and muscle mass. He never missed a beat as he continued to fuck Courtney higher and higher into the air. He looked at Bree and his thumb shoved up her ass and two thick fingers plunged into her pussy. He used the bowling ball grip to lift her up one handed and bring her dripping cunt to his hungry mouth.

Dana watched the display of strength with glee. She laughed and clapped her hands. She wished it were her getting filled with 3 fingers and tongue. She decided to fill Jacob in on what was going on. “We found out that Chris here transforms into this hunk if he gets aroused and goes more than 2 and a half hours without fucking someone. We were good and patient the last few hours. We wanted to see him in all his glory.” She spoke like a sycophant.

Jacob looked up at Courtney and her eyes were rolled back into her skull. Her mouth spoke gibberish in whispers. Her cunt was stretched impossibly wide to accommodate the goliath.

Dr. Leblanc was honestly tempted to drop the secrecy and join the ungodly sex party. However, she continued to collect whatever useful data that she could. She was irritated that her monkey stopped gathering information, but she could at least observe things with her hidden cameras. She also wanted a DNA sample from the giant. She picked up her tape recorder “When confronted with overwhelming physical superiority, white male subject ‘Jock’ not only submits peacefully, but is sexually stimulated.” On the screen, Jock stood up and grabbed a chair to smash it on Stud’s back “Oh Shit!” she exclaimed.

Jacob just couldn’t handle the humiliation. He just stood up, grabbed a chair and smashed it into splinters on Chris’ back. He took one of the chair legs and just started wailing on his former friend “You fucking black bastard, let her go, you fuck!” He screamed. He might as well have been hitting a brick wall.

Chris slowly turned and grunted towards the much smaller white man. In a flash, he grabbed the star athlete and lifted him up in the air. Then he threw him straight through a window in a football spiral.

Jacob was lucky. He got away with mostly cuts, bruises and a hurt shoulder. He stood up and saw nothing but screaming women calling for his head. They used to be his friends (and girlfriend), but now resembled an angry mob. He had no choice, but to run.

WEDNESDAY – Courtney the Slut

It had been a few hours and Courtney would have thought she’d feel guilty by now. She cheated on her boyfriend right in front of him and watched him thrown brutally through a window. She never thought she’d run out and throw bottles at him; let alone fail to give first aid. The old her would have been horrified, but her priorities were different now.

She laid in bed with Chris, Dana and Bree. It felt so natural to be tangled naked with the four of them. She lifted her head up and identified the closest person. Dana’s pussy was close by so she buried her face in without warning. Dana groaned as her sore pussy got devoured. Courtney snaked her tongue in to get at the reserve of black cum inside. Dana spread her legs and gripped Courtney’s hair. Courtney took gulp after gulp of thick cum. She feasted and Dana’s pleasure was her secondary goal. Once she got a belly full of cum, she twirled her tongue around Dana’s clitty to reward her with a small orgasm. She plopped her head back down and fell into a deep sleep with the others.

“Wake up… Wake up!” Bree shook Courtney awake “Chris wants to talk to us all.

Courtney stretched out and got up from the extremely messy mattress. She walked into the living room wearing nothing but panties. All three girls looked highly disheveled, but Chris was fresh from the shower and well dressed.

“I want Laurel.” Chris stated plainly.

All three girls looked at each other “But she ran away.” Dana noted.

“I don’t care how it happens, but I want her. Until I get her, I’m cutting you all off.” Chris said resolutely.

An audible gasp left all three girls. Bree practically broke down in tears “Are you kidding me?! The three of us aren’t enough? Why bother with that ice queen?”

“I’ve made my decision. I don’t care how you do it, but the sooner you get her the better.” Chris slapped away Courtney’s hand as she tried to sneak it into his pants.

The girls cleaned up. No amount of casual nudity made Chris change his mind. When they got dressed, the girls gathered outside.

“What the fuck are we going to do?” Courtney looked worried.

“Let’s start with Daniel’s stupid campsite.” Bree offered. She went to a toolshed and grabbed an ax.

“What are you doing with that??” Dana asked with a look of horror.

“You think they’re going to come willingly? We also have Jacob and Daniel to deal with. We’ll just scare them a bit.” Bree explained matter of factly.

Courtney and Dana looked at each other. They waited to see if the other would agree or disagree. Courtney hoped that Dana would put a stop to it, since she still felt like an authority figure.

Dana looked at both girls and walked to the tool shed with trepidation. She grabbed a less intimidating rake.

Courtney caved under peer pressure and grabbed a shovel. The three started moving towards the campsite. Courtney hoped things wouldn’t escalate too much. Despite her reservations, she knew she couldn’t live without fucking Chris for very long.

Bree led the girls to Daniel’s makeshift campsite and Courtney couldn’t blame her for the break up, even if they hadn’t turned into ravenous sex maniacs. It was little more than a fire pit and a small sleeping pit made out of sticks and covered in a mound of forest debris “You had to spend the night here?” Courtney asked in disbelief.

“Daniel is a survivalist wannabe. He couldn’t even get a fire going.” Bree sounded irritated just thinking about it.

The campsite was empty, except for Jacob. He was sitting on a stump recovering from his wounds and saw the three coming “Oh good, you’ve come to apologize. We’re all really ready to go home now… What’s with the ax?” Jacob wondered out loud.

“Where is Laurel?” Courtney asked.

“Out with Daniel trying to find help. Baby, I’ve thought about it and I forgive you. You obviously didn’t know what you were doing.” Jacob tried to appeal to his old girlfriend.

Courtney looked at him coldly “Specifically, where did she go? How long have they been gone? Which direction?”

Jacob looked confused “Why do you keep asking bout Laurel? Aren’t we all leaving and calling the authorities on Chris?”

Bree lost her patience and lifted the ax over her head. Jacob gasped and backed up a little. She swung it down and hit the stump less than 2 inches away from his crotch “ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTIONS!” She screamed at the terrified former friend.

In a panic, he answered and pointed “They went that way! They heard there was a logging facility and left 2 hours ago.”

Bree gave Courtney a nod.

“Sorry, Jacob.” Courtney whacked Jacob in the back of the head to knock him out.

A branch snapped in the distance and the three girls all looked up in unison.

Daniel and Laurel had found the logging facility abandoned and came back to their campsite. They watched in shock as their friends harshly interrogated Jacob. Laurel took a step back in fear, which made the sound that alerted their pursuers.

Both parties made eye contact and froze in place. Daniel and Laurel made the first move to turn and run away. Then the chase began.

Dr. Leblanc lost surveillance on all, but one of her test subjects. Fortunately for her, Chris kept his clothes off to observe the physical changes that continued to take place. As Chris observed every newly toned muscle, Vanessa bit her lower lip and touched herself. She couldn’t help but admire the decision to withhold sex from those enhanced coeds. She smiled and got a naughty idea. Soon after, she put her white lab coat on and went outside.

Chris heard a knock at the door. It seemed out of place, so he put on a shirt and sports shorts. He answered the front door and found a redheaded woman in her early thirties wearing a lab coat, black blouse and skirt.

“Hello, Chris?..” Vanessa pretended not to know his name “My name is Dr. Samuels.” She lied “I got Dana’s emergency message and brought an extra key to the safe. My organization takes pride in having redundant security over the private property of our test subjects.”

Chris snickered at the very idea of security at the experiment “There’s been a lot of weird stuff going on. Maybe you can help us figure it out.”

Vanessa smiled and her eyes ate up the black hunk in front of her “Absolutely, sir.” Her fingers lightly caressed his muscled arm as she passed him to enter the cabin.

“Where did everyone else go?” Vanessa feigned ignorance.

“Camping; Dumb, white people shit.” Chris spat out.

Vanessa laughed a little “Then I guess it’s just us.” She went to the bar and poured two drinks “Care to tell me about everything that you’ve been going through? I read your file and can already tell you put on a little muscle.”

Chris accepted the offered drink and took a big gulp “You know… I’m tired of talking about it.” He finished up his drink and moved towards the older woman. Vanessa backed up until she hit the wall behind her. Chris moved in close “Dana already asked everything.” He looked down on the trembling woman and put his hands on her hips.

Vanessa couldn’t help but get excited and looked into his eyes “Then why don’t you show me?”

Chris didn’t see any fear or outrage on her face. He cornered her less than 3 minutes after meeting her and he saw nothing, but lust. He pulled her in for a deep kiss and Vanessa melted into the strong young man.

Vanessa felt truly deprived after 5 days without sex. She hadn’t gone more than 2 or 3 days without a big black dick in years. Her hands roamed desperately over his firm body. The kiss was sloppy to say the least. Apart from this week, he had little experience and it showed.

The lab coat felt more like a role-play item than something an actual scientist would wear. He pulled it open suddenly and sent buttons and pens flying. Vanessa moaned and frantically unbuttoned her blouse. Once it came off, there was no bra to protect her nipple from Chris’ tongue. She shimmied out of her skirt as he lapped at her breasts. He looked down to see her trimmed red bush “I guess you’ll be the second true redhead that I fuck this week.” He growled. The transformation started to feel imminent.

“I knew that Dana was a fucking slut!” Vanessa practically shouted. She sounded turned on that he had made other conquests. She got on her knees and dropped his loose fitting shorts. When she saw his cock up close, she knew her virus would eventually work. The ‘Mr. Hyde side-effect’ was a small problem she could fix. In the moment, he was PERFECT. The smell and the sight alone set her off and gave her a small orgasm. She shuddered and nestled her face into his huge balls. Their size kept the skin taut. Her tongue enjoyed sliding over the smooth skin. She soaked in the moment of her life’s first true accomplishment.

Chris took off his shirt and Vanessa’s eyes soaked in the beautiful sight “Can you blame her? Or Bree? Or Courtney? She lasted a lot longer than you did, Slut.”

“I certainly never said I wasn’t a dirty, white slut.” She gripped his rock hard cock and smacked her own face with it. She felt the need to show Chris the benefits of experience over youth and swallowed his entire cock down her throat.

Even Chris was shocked to see lips encircle the base. She stayed down there at will and slowly rose up to reveal the slobbery shaft.

Vanessa stood up and never broke eye contact. She smiled, spun around and placed her hands on the wall. She looked back and shook her ass “Please sir…”

Chris was convinced that he was the one being seduced, but didn’t really care. He forced her legs apart and pushed roughly inside the mysterious scientist.

His rough hands pulled her back and forth. The power of his thrusts grew stronger. His hands got bigger. Her feet left the ground. She looked back and got to see the monster up close. She had rough sex before, but she’d never been fucked as much like a rag doll in her life. He spun her around his pole, so she could look at him.

Vanessa did not have the benefit of the virus, so even she had bitten off more than she could chew. She propped her feet on his chest to keep him from going too deep.

Chris watched her sweat-covered face turn red. A low groan built up and she screamed in a mind-melting orgasm. The sight set Chris off and his cum built up pressure to shoot her off his cock. She fell unceremoniously to the floor and was instantly showered in the DNA sample that she required.

The transformed Chris stumbled as the drug Vanessa mixed into his drink took effect. She quickly got a syringe to get a blood sample before he turned back to normal. She took a vial, swiped some cum off her cheek and plugged the top.

Vanessa licked cum off of herself like a cat cleaning itself. She looked at the knocked-out Chris lovingly and gave him a kiss on the cheek “I’ll be seeing you and the others later.” She placed the key to the safe in plain view and left.

THURSDAY – Daniel the Outdoorsman

Daniel and Laurel ran through the woods as fast as they could. They tried to lose Courtney, Dana and Bree, but Laurel was clearly slowing Daniel down. Even before the chase, Laurel had been pale and her hands shook. Whatever affected the other girls seemed to be making her sick. It even looked like withdrawal symptoms.

Laurel was exhausted and tripped over a branch. Daniel looked back and saw the girls hot on their heels “Laurel!” He yelled back.

Laurel looked unconscious, but she just had her eyes shut. As she lay there, her hand moved into her blue jeans.

Daniel was shocked to see Laurel masturbating, while being chased by ax wielding crazy women. She moaned and writhed on the forest floor. She worked so fast that her panting got heavy. In less than a 30 seconds, she was getting close to an orgasm.

Right before she could get off, Daniel scooped her back to her feet “We need to GO!”

Laurel looked very irritated with her ‘rescuer’. They continued to run and attempt to evade.

They made it to a stream “We need to go up the stream to mask our tracks.” Daniel announced.

“Do we have to?” Laurel asked.

“I may… have taught Bree some tracking skills.” Daniel sounded embarrassed.

“Great! You and your crazy wilderness thing. Next you’re going to say I didn’t have to eat those gross wild berries.” Laurel yelled in frustration.

“I do have granola bars in my bag.” He said awkwardly.

Laurel smacked him in the back of the head “Let’s just go…”

Daniel seemed satisfied that they lost the others and circled back to the abandoned logging facility. They decided to take shelter and figure out their next move.

Laurel poured some water on her head and rested “I need you to give me some privacy.”

Daniel stood there for a moment “You know… I could maybe, help?” He sounded hopeful.

“It’s been less than 2 days since you broke up with Bree… And she’s chasing us with an ax! I don’t think so.” Laurel managed to escape the fog of her sex madness to deliver a clear rejection.

Daniel nodded his head “OK, just trying to be helpful.” He promptly left her alone.

Laurel relaxed and decided to take her time. She got comfortable, started massaging her own tits and slipped a couple of fingers into her horribly under-utilized pussy.

She shut her eyes and drifted off.

A door slammed and woke her from her reverie. She had no idea how much time had passed. She heard familiar voices arguing. Laurel peeked to confirm her suspicion.

“Damn it! I thought we would have caught them by now!” Dana lamented.

“We can’t be that far.” Bree commented.

“We’ve been following you all day! What are we supposed to do now?” Courtney sounded like she was going to cry.

“Let’s just relax, and clear our heads.” Dana proposed and pulled Courtney in for a hot kiss. Dana’s tongue quickly pacified the agitated girl. When she broke the kiss, Dana pulled Bree in and kissed her too.

Laurel had no particular bisexual inclinations, but her heightened sex drive made her frig herself faster as she watched the show.

The three girls kissed and didn’t waste time getting down to business.

Laurel played with her clit as she watched her friends undress. A hand on her shoulder almost made her jump out of her skin. Luckily, she didn’t make any noise when Daniel came up behind her.

He whispered “We have to go.”

Laurel shook her head and decided to keep going. She was so close and just wanted to cum. She didn’t really care if she got caught at this point.

Bree unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs. She pulled Dana to her knees and looked at Courtney “You could learn a lot about eating pussy from this skank.” Bree moaned as she forced Dana’s head between her legs.

As if sensing the rank structure, Courtney crawled in between Dana’s legs and started lapping at her slit. The positions alternated back and forth and each woman attacked the others with mouth, tongue, fingers and even fists. The action stopped when all three noticed the sounds of a fourth woman upstairs.

They quickly got dressed and grabbed their weapons. In the rush to get upstairs, Dana tripped and practically face planted. Her sense of balance hadn’t caught up with the weight of her new cleavage. By the time they got upstairs, Daniel had already lowered Laurel out the window. He looked at the three crazy women “You’re not going to make me your sex slave as easily as you did Jacob!”

The tense moment quickly turned to uncontrollable laughter “You… think we want sex from YOU and Jacob?!” Courtney covered her laughing smile.

“Yeah… That’s why you captured Jacob, isn’t it??” Daniel remained clueless as ever as the girls knocked him out.

Laurel stood outside waiting for Daniel, but Bree’s voice came out of the building “LAUREL, IF YOU’RE OUT THERE. BE AT THE CABIN BY SUN UP OR SOMETHING REAL BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOUR BOY!” Laurel shivered in the night air, thinking about what to do.

Chris used the key left by Dr. ‘Samuels’ to get access to one of the cars. He got tired of waiting and drove to the closest standing structure. Lucky for him (and the girls), he found the three carrying Daniel’s heavy, unconscious body. He collected his love slaves and returned to the cabin.

When Daniel woke up, his hands were tied over his head. Across from him, sat Jacob tied up the same way. The two were gagged and had no choice, but to wait for Laurel to decide their fate.

FRIDAY – Laurel the Virgin

Laurel had nothing left. She was depleted physically, mentally and there was no one left to help her. She started the slow march back to the cabin.

Cold, tired, hungry and above all else horny; Laurel approached the cabin. When she walked inside, she found Jacob and Daniel. Before untying them, she was surrounded by her naked girlfriends; followed soon after by Chris.

“OK, I’m here! Going to threaten to kill my friends so you can rape me?! Go ahead! You fucking win!” Laurel got emotional and wiped tears from her eyes.

Chris approached Laurel and gently wiped away the tears “No one said anything about killing or rape.”

Laurel sniffled “She said something bad would happen…”

Bree and Courtney laughed and sat together between their ex-boyfriends “I’d say it’s pretty bad to get completely destroyed by black, monster cock in front of your face… Huh, boys?” Bree asked rhetorically. They both bent at the waist to kiss each other and expose their round asses to their respective exes.

Chris moved between the two. He kissed Courtney and shoved three fingers into Bree.

Dana kissed Laurel’s neck and whispered sweet nothings in her ear “We all struggled with the situation and came to accept things. None of us regretted it for a second.”

Chris developed control over his ‘alternate-self’ and could now call upon him at will. He forced Courtney’s face to the floor and her ass high up in the air. Jacob had a clear view of her pearly white ass. Chris squatted over the much smaller young woman and lined his cock up with her virgin asshole. All spectators watched amazed as he slipped in with surprising ease.

Courtney groaned with discomfort, but never resisted. Jacob had to watch Chris’ heavy swinging balls smash into her pussy as his shaft pistoned in and out of her. When he decided that she had enough, he pulled out and revealed her gaping asshole. Courtney slumped to the floor and passed out.

Next, Chris approached Bree, lifted her and flipped her over into a standing 69 position. Daniel had to watch his ex-girlfriend choking on his filthy black cock. Daniel saw her throat bulge and it got even more extreme when Chris chose to grow into a giant.

Meanwhile, Laurel watched unblinking with jaw gaping. Days of sexual frustration immobilized her. Dana stood behind her and nibbled on her neck. Dana’s hand was in Laurel’s panties and she tenderly rubbed her clit. “Isn’t he gorgeous and raw.” Dana purred in her ear.

They watched breathlessly as Chris yanked Bree upside down on his dick. He suddenly grunted loud and unloaded directly into her belly. Daniel could even see her flat stomach pulse and engorge with the strong cum shots. When he finished with her, he pulled her up and discarded her by tossing her on the couch.

Laurel stepped forward slowly. Clothing fell to her right and left as she stripped. She stood in front of him and expected him to ravish her mercilessly.

Chris walked towards her; the room shaking slightly with each step. He looked down on her from several feet and extended his hand as if to ask for her permission.

Laurel blushed in surprise. He could easily take what he desired, but wanted to let her know that it was her own decision. She took his hand and led him to the floor. He laid down and she got on top of him. None of the girls had ever attempted taking his full grown cock. He had always transformed while fully embedded. She straddled and had to grip him with both hands to guide him into her starving cunt. The head seemed too thick, but she was devoted. She groaned and winced for a long time before plugging him in. Once she got the beasts’ head in, she swirled her hips little by little; a dance that gradually engulfed his massive black cock. She bounced what she could in and out. The drama and the stress of the previous days melted away and she screamed with release. Her body was rocked in rapid succession by orgasms that she didn’t know were possible.

Chris enjoyed his final conquest; the one he secretly wanted all along. She could tell that he was close and got off of him to put her mouth near the fire hose. The first blast literally knocked her on her ass, but she recovered to gulp down his thick jizz. When she got full, she curled up next to him.

In that moment, Laurel felt warm, safe and complete. That perfect moment lasted seconds before a mist filled the room. She watched as everyone breathed in the mist and passed out. She covered her mouth and bolted out the door.

Another curveball.

“What the fuck is going on?!” Laurel screamed at no one in particular, but she got an answer.

“An experimental virus meant to bring mankind back to nature, back to primal urges, back to survival of the fittest.” Dr. Leblanc said as she strolled towards the confused young woman. She pointed a tranquilizer gun at her chest. “I certainly have some kinks to work out. Rest assured, no one will know who you are, but the data I’ve collected this week will plunge the World into a new age. You should be honored. You’re the 1 in 4 that resisted. 25% is far too high, so your data will be the most valuable.”

Laurel looked at Vanessa “You’re fucking CRAZ…” The dart hit her directly in the chest and she slumped to the floor immediately.

“Fortunately, your opinion is irrelevant. No one asked the chimpanzees what they thought when we shot them into Space. ” The Doctor smiled and dragged her back inside. She looked down at Chris and gave him a special injection “I’m sorry Lover, this might not be enough to cure you of your ‘episodes’, but it will limit them significantly. Gotta break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.”

Dr. Leblanc recorded some of her findings as she set about preparing the scene for the authorities “Experiment conclusions: 1)Subjects Jock and Outdoorsman showed that white males will irrationally physically fight a superior male and attempt to hide females from them. The virus must be designed to somehow limit white male resistance. I will not have my virus be the excuse for war and violence.

2)Subjects showed physical changes brought on by psychological factors. These effects could prove homicidal. More research is needed.

3)Physical changes were mostly satisfactory, but Subject Stud’s testosterone spike and subsequent transformation is unacceptable.

4) While the methodology from the ‘Erwachen Initiative’ was wildly flawed, I have proven that the hypothesis is sound. I will succeed where they have failed so miserably. End Remarks” Dr. Leblanc collected the samples she needed and erased any evidence of her presence.



“So what happened after?!” The teenaged camp goer asked.

The young woman camp counselor kept telling her story “The cops showed up and no one could remember anything. They concluded that a gas leak caused everyone to black out and hallucinate, but none of them were ever the same. They say the two white boys faced debilitating erectile dysfunction even before Global infection. The girls could never feel a white man again.” She placed the flashlight under her chin for dramatic effect “And they say Chris never stopped turning into his monstrous hunk of an alter ego. On quiet nights, you can hear him roam the woods claiming victims near the very Chester’s lake that we’re camping at this very night.”

One of the campers scoffed “That wasn’t a very scary story. I hope I get to serve a guy like that when I’m older.” The girls all giggled, but in the distance they heard a rhythmic grunting sound.

Two of the female counselors told the teens to stay, while they checked it out. Outside the camp, they heard their own friend, who’d been looking for firewood, moaning uncontrollably. When they brought the flashlight over the scene, she was getting fucked several feet above the ground and against a tree by a massive 8 foot tall goliath. His angry eyes flashed the disturbance and he roared loud enough for the entire camp to panic.

The counselors tried to back away, but they were surrounded by eyes shimmering in the darkness like predatory cats. Four wild looking women in tattered clothing stepped out. They were all beautiful, but covered in dirt and grime. Their hair was grown out past their asses, tangled and matted with leaves and dried cum. Their dirty hands held the girls in place as they waited for their monstrous new master to claim them.

The screams of fear coming from the counselors soon morphed into uncontrollable lust.


Thanks for reading! As always, send your constructive feedback and let me know if you have any interesting ideas for stories set in this universe. It’s not a guarantee, but I might write your story. This story was fan inspired and a real collaboration.

Secret Lives of Redneck Women

Getting on the bus at Marketplace Station in Barrhaven, I found myself sitting across the most boring people in the cosmos. A pair of nerdy Asian guys with less than masculine voices sitting next to a couple of blonde-haired White chicks whom they tried to impress while talking about organic chemistry. This on a sunny Saturday morning in early November. As a big and tall young Black man reading a book while listening to music, I tried to ignore these bozos but they got awfully loud. Just another day in Ottawa, Ontario. Welcome to my life.

In case you’re wondering who this is, the name is Stephen Quinn, originally from the island of Jamaica, and raised in the City of Montreal, Quebec. I currently live in the City of Ottawa, the most boring place in the universe. I sat there, counting the minutes as the 95 Bus leaving the suburb of Barrhaven headed to the City of Ottawa. Strandherd, Baseline Station, Iris, Westboro, the numerous stops ticked by, and the nerdy Asian dudes continued trying to impress the White chicks with their knowledge of chemistry, with the blondes looking visibly bored.

Sighing deeply, I found myself wishing the Somali-looking bus driver would speed up. Not a lot of cars on the road. Of course, the dude continues driving slow. I turn up the volume on my phone, and the music video I’m listening to on YouTube ends. I really like the dinosaur videos with Linkin Park music playing in the background. The video ends, and the White chicks are laughing at the nerdy Asian dudes who are now talking about metaphysics, and I shake my head.

One of the White chicks, a tall one with a nose ring, looks at me and I look right back. I don’t fear anyone, pale or dark, male or female. The gal holds my gaze, and smiles. Hesitantly, I smile back. This is the City of Ottawa. Land of the Passive Aggressive Bozos. What does this blonde broad want? Sorry, but living in the City of Ottawa has me on edge. In this town, people are so racist it’s eerie, but they hide it and deny it till kingdom come. I don’t like these people and I cannot trust them. What do I mean by that?

I tend to clash with people in Ottawa because we in la belle province are a brutally honest bunch. Ottawa folks pretend to like each other, going along to get along. On the Quebec side, where I was raised, if we don’t like you, we let you know. On the spot. Minorities from the Caribbean tend to clash with the French Canadians and we’ve had everything from block-wide brawls to full-blown riots. We don’t play. Fuck with the person of color in Montreal at your own risk, because they will fight back. In Ottawa? Not so much. In Quebec, we are wolves. We sent all the sheep to Ottawa.

Let me explain what Ottawa people are like, ladies and gentlemen. They hate anyone who isn’t of European descent, and they find passive-aggressive ways of getting at you. From bumping you on the bus with a fake smile of apology to sending you a mile in the wrong direction if you’re new in town, from undermining you at work or in the classroom to bugging you any way they can, Ottawa people are horrible. The White chick on the bus continued staring at me, all but ignoring the nerdy Asian guys attempt of getting her attention. Alright, lady. What do you want?

At last, the OC Transpo bus reaches Bayview Station, and I happily exit. Actually, no. That’s not totally accurate. There’s this Arab-looking dude who kind of sneezed and some of it got on my hand and I looked at the bozo and he didn’t apologize. I “accidentally” kick him pretty hard, somewhat discretely, and then exit the bus. Hey, if everyone in the City of Ottawa is passive aggressive, I might as well do as they do. Only to get back at them, of course. I walk down the hill and head for the O-Train, which is pulling into the station. I break into a run, and enter the train car.

As I sit on the blue seat closest to the door, I catch my breath and smile. I made it! I was still congratulating myself on leaving the annoying Asian bozos on the bus with their annoying talk of metaphysics and their blonde lady friends when guess who walked in? The same blonde chick who was staring at me on the damn bus. I flash her the fake smile that’s pretty much expected of me as a citizen of western society who is feeling uncomfortable in the presence of someone. Imagine my second surprise of the day when the lady came and sat very close to me.

My discomfort grew, but I tried to ignore the blonde chick by looking at my phone. I went on YouTube, which wasn’t easy since internet access is iffy on the damn train. I finally accessed it, and went looking for a video I really like, a tribute to Shaka Zulu the former Emperor of pre-colonial South Africa, with epic music in the background. Seriously, what does this blonde chick want? The train reached the Carling stop, and Miss Blondie did not get off.

Seriously, this chick just kept looking at me. When the train reached Carleton University, I got up along with a lot of the other young people on the train. I walked past the throngs of Carleton University students trying to get on the train, crossed the street and headed for the University Center Building. I hope the Tim Horton’s in the U.C. Building is open, because I really, really need my morning coffee. Got a lengthy criminal justice paper to write. Something about the treatment of Aboriginals by the Canadian justice system. I was halfway through the parking lot when I felt someone brush against me. I turned around, and saw Miss Blondie’s smiling face.

I stood there, wondering what on earth this weird, tall, tattooed and not unattractive White female wanted from me. Oh, and where did her annoying Asian buddies go? Seriously, they traveled together like an annoying pack of pseudo-intellectual annoying weenies. I guess they must have stayed on the bus. I looked at Miss Blondie and she looked at me, a smug smile on her pretty face. I politely asked her what she wanted. Seriously, this was getting a bit creepy.

I stayed calm even though I was quite annoyed and borderline pissed at this lady’s behavior. It’s always a good idea to be careful around White folks, White women in particular, since getting brothers in trouble seems like a hobby for them. Of course, I’m a very smart, adaptable and fairly ruthless brother but I am not taking chances. The lady looked me up and down, smiled and introduced herself as Maureen Delaney. Thus I met one of the most unstable and endearing human beings on the planet.

Maureen Delaney was born in the town of Red Deer, Alberta, and moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to study Journalism at Carleton University. All I know of Alberta is there’s a lot of rednecks there, they’re hostile to minorities, and former Prime Minister Stephen Harper hails from there. The gal was cute, and apparently remembered me from a human rights class I took freshman year. Maureen and I ended up getting coffee together at Tim Horton’s, and we exchanged numbers. Seriously, I’ve got to stop being paranoid. Not every White person in Ottawa is out to get me. I need to chill.

Maureen and I began hanging out as friends, and soon our friendship turned into more. We began dating, and Maureen introduced me to a whole new world. Ottawa is a boring place, but really, it depends on who you’re with and what you’re up to. Even lively and diverse cities like New York and Toronto would seem boring when you’re lonely. Maureen showed me the fun side of Ottawa, which I did not know existed, to be honest with you.

Walking around town hand in hand, Maureen and I get stared at a lot. Remember what I told you about Ottawa being full of covertly racist, passive-aggressive creeps? Man, you should see the hateful look in White guys eyes when they see Maureen and I showing affection to one another. Maureen and I are both tall and attractive people. I’m six-foot-one by two hundred and forty pounds, and Maureen is five-foot-ten, curvy, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Oh, and lots of tattoos…every damn place except her face. Yeah, it’s like that. We made for an interesting pair.

Maureen Delaney and I have a lot of fun together, folks. This broad introduced me to sexual practices I didn’t even know exist. Seriously. I’ve never been fisted before. Maureen laid me down one night, after we had hot, steamy sex in the shower. Donning gloves, Maureen sucked on my dick while fingering my well-lubricated asshole. The more Maureen sucked my dick and digitally stimulated my ass, the harder I got. I was totally relaxed and trusted Maureen, and let me tell you, the foxy blonde mama from Alberta took me to the edge…and then some.

There’s something about a woman having her hand up your ass, folks. Seriously. Maureen smiled as she worked her hand up my ass, and I screamed and squirmed. Now, I am kind of a kinky dude and I’ve been fucked by women wearing strap-on dildos before. Maureen has a nice strap-on dildo which she bought at Pleasures N Treasures, the adult video store downtown, and she loves fucking me with it. Getting a fist up the ass is intense, to say the least.

Maureen smiled at me as she worked her hand up my ass. I screamed. I moaned. I squirmed. I loved it and I hated it. It was fun, but definitely not something I care to try daily. Maureen is definitely something else, folks. Earlier, I bent her over and smacked her big White ass and then fucked her with long, deep strokes. I’m the proud owner of eight and a half inches of thick, uncut Afro-Caribbean man meat and I definitely know how to use it. Maureen sucked my dick and licked my balls before I fucked her nice and good.

Maureen and I always have kinky fun when we’re together. This big-booty redneck mama from Alberta likes to sit on my face. I love having Maureen ride my face while I finger her pussy and lick her asshole. I like Maureen’s ass, and lucky for me, she’s not shy about letting me fuck it. Our butt fucking sessions are awesome. I lick Maureen’s asshole and finger it before lubricating her. Maureen smiles and spreads her ass cheeks for me.

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. I rub my dick against her asshole, and push it inside. I slide my dick into Maureen’s asshole, and just like that, I start fucking her in the ass. Maureen grinds her big White ass against my groin as I fuck her, and this makes for an awesome visual for me to work with. Keeps me hard as a rock, and then some. I fuck Maureen’s ass with gusto, until she tells me to pull my dick out, and I do. I’m an ass man and can’t get enough, you know?

Maureen Delaney and I are together, and people can make what they want of it. We don’t care. My folks in Montreal are cool. What do Maureen’s parents think of her relationship with me? Well, Maureen grew up in foster care, no parents to speak of, so that takes care of that. Look, I don’t mean to sound cruel but as a brother dating a White chick, I dreaded meeting her potentially racist parents, especially some White patriarch type. Now that’s out of the way, I can see smooth sailing from that point forward. Maureen and I are happy together, and I hope we make it as a couple. Peace.