How can I download?

All the files listed here are available for free downloads on reliable file-hosters such as Keep2Share.cc and more. All you have to do is clicking on the link of your choice and follow the instructions for “Free download”.

  • Are there any tools to speed-up the download?

Of course there are. The first step if you don’t want to wait and you need more speed is buying a premium account on Keep2Share.cc and then you could download the whole internet!

We also suggest programs like JDownloader to automatize the download process, very useful for both premium and free users.


  • How can i handle these .rar files?

RAR is an archive file format, widely used on internet not only for its compression’s properties but also because allows the uploader to split large files in smaller parts or to protect sensitive files inside an archive. There are several programs able to decompress RAR files, but the most common one is WinRAR.

  • I want to post here, am I allowed?

We are currently not looking for any uploader, but we always keep eyes open for active and trusted people. If you have what it takes, contact us providing a sample list of your posts and we will reply back soon. And no, we won’t offer any money for now.

  • Links are dead, what happened?

Due to the nature of the contents listed on this site, it could happen that some of them are reported for copyright infringement. All we can suggest is to come back visiting us often to follow our daily updates.

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