Interracial Adult Story

Interracial adult story hardcore

Edward & Sophia Interracial adult story

Edward is a busy man but not on weekends. He often goes to the bar or the casino to hang out with his office buddies – Simon and Paul. Edward is an only child and works in a real estate company in Arizona. He had a few girlfriends from the past (what happened with them find out at our other interracial adult story HERE)– all of them are blacks. His longest relationship was Irene, a secretary who works at a private firm. It’s been five years until Irene said “It’s enough.”

That’s it. No explanations. Irene walk away and never told Edward the reason for the breakup. Edward didn’t seem to care anyway. He stared at the coffee blankly that afternoon and didn’t say a word. But his friends know Edward was shocked but couldn’t admit it.

For the past three months, Edward keeps himself busy. He works more than 8 hours every day, every week. Simon joked on one of their hangouts:

“Hey Ed, you’re like a rock. You’re too strong to work for more than eight hours a day”.

“Give Ed a broken man. He had a tough time,” says Paul.

Edward didn’t reply but only smiled. His mind isn’t in the conversation. He’s thinking about moving on, and it’s for the best. But it’s hard to do.

Five years isn’t a joke for him. He loved Irene more than his life. He praises and adores her every day. But, now, it’s no more.

Ed feels that a black cloud hangs over his head. He wants to keep busy without telling his friends the truth of his silence.

But that would change. Soon, Simon invited to go to the club to hang out.

“I always go to this club when I was in high school,” Simon said while handing Edward a drink.

“This place is nice. I love the music and the drinks,”, Edward replied.

“Let’s give a cheer to that!” Simon said happily.

The music continues to play. Now, it’s pop-jazz and the people at the club are in the middle of a dance fever. Simon is at the center of the dance floor holding hands with a skinny but beautiful redhead.

She’s nice. Perhaps an American, Edward thought.

Then, his eyes fell to the approaching young blonde at the next table. She’s wearing a red dress, and her hair is combed backward. The woman’s smile is angelic, but there’s something about her that’s fierce and independent.

Yes, fierce, Edward like a woman who had a gentle but fierce attitude. No doubt. The beautiful blonde passed his criteria for this interracial adult story.

But, one question pops up in his mind:

Will she like a black guy?

Maybe or perhaps not.

But Edward seems attracted to the lady, so he followed her when she’s about to order drink.

“Another tequila, please,” said the white woman.

“Brandy for me and I’ll pay for her drink,” said Edward while smiling at the beautiful stranger.

“You’re a gentleman to buy me drink. You are?”

“My name is Edward. Nice to meet you,”, said Edward extending his hand.

“My pleasure. I’m Sophia, a bank teller”, replied the lady.

“You’re too gorgeous for a bank teller. I thought you’re a model or something”, Edward said.

Thank you for the compliment, but I’m not. You know what, you’re too cute for a black guy”, Sophia said teasingly.

“Wow! Not really! Only half cute”.

They both laughed, and their eyes met. Edward feels a sudden urge of lust. Sophia is a hot and young woman. Her cute face makes her look innocent, but her sexy body makes her seductive. So, Edward decided to go the bar during weekends hoping to see Sophia again.

The Opportunity

One Sunday evening, the opportunity came by surprise. He was just about to leave the bar when he bumped into Sophia. She’s quite drunk and needed help.

“I lost my car keys,” she said frantically.

I’ll help you look for it,” Edward said holding Sophia’s hand.

They found the key, and as a thank you, Sophia invited him to her apartment.  They engage a few conversations until the topic became hot.

Before Ed knew it, Sophia was touching his cock and kissing him. Her kisses were sweet and passionate, so he let out his urge. He kissed back and touched Sophia’s large breasts. That made the woman hornier, so she undressed in front of Edward.

Sophia bit her lips teasingly, and another kiss followed. But now, it’s intense and wild. Edward is on top of Sophia and ready to enter her wet pussy. The lovely blonde pulled him closer and whispered in his ear.

Do it, please.

Edward began to point his erect penis in front of the juicy hole, and the moans are heard in the room. Sophia closed her eyes as she feels every moment of pleasure. Edward thrusts continuously until he finally reached climax.

Sophia licked the seeping liquid away from Ed’s big black cock.

“Let’s do this again. I crave for that yummy cock of yours”, Sophia said while embracing Edward.