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She Pays to be Fucked by BBC

nsi-55Sipping at her second glass of white wine in under half an hour and chain smoking her Marlboros, Christina paced around the living room of her suite in the Plaza Hotel in uptown New York.

It was always like this. Every time she had the same feelings. The worry that the arrangements may have been screwed up, the anticipation of what would happen over the next few hours, the concern as to whether what she had ordered would be matched by what turned up, the expectancy and the nervousness as to how things would go. Yes every time she used a male hooker she felt the same.

Chrissy, as most people called her, had a pragmatic view on love and relationships. She didn’t believe in the former and hadn’t got time for the latter. But she needed sex, plenty of it and often.

So this was her answer. Booking male escorts from high class agencies and spending time with them in her hotels or at her apartment in the Docklands area of London where she lived.

It was the only practical way she could get the sex she needed and maintain her incredibly successful job. There just wasn’t the time for relationships and her career. She had tried. Even to the point in her mid-twenties of getting married. That lasted only three years. Men found it hard to live in her shadow and be second fiddle to her job. As a Head of Copywriting for Europe and the Middle East for one of the world’s leading advertising agencies she regularly worked a twelve hour day, usually six and not infrequently seven days a week. She was based in London but travelled frequently in Europe and had to visit New York at least once a month.

So there just wasn’t the time for relationships. Sure she had opportunities for casual sex and sure she took some up. But they were usually a dinner in a grand restaurant with a colleague or contact. A dinner or, occasionally, a lunch, followed by sex in a hotel. Rarely, even if they wanted was there the chance for a follow up. Both Chrissy and those types of contacts had such busy work schedules that finding the time to arrange a follow up was as good as impossible even if they tried hard and really they didn’t. In the sophisticated, fast moving business of marketing things moved at such a pace that people lived for the present. That suited Chrissy. She didn’t want the encumbrances of having to think of others for that could affect her career and to her that was paramount.

Since joining a UK agency straight from London University with a 1st Class Honours degree in English and Psychology she had been on a fast track. She had moved up the organisation spectacularly rapidly. She was smart, very smart and cunning. In addition to her superb writing skills and highly creative approach, she had an analytical mind and a determination to succeed that precluded all other considerations. That included leaving the UK agency after a few years when she was headhunted and joined one of the largest agency groups in the world where she became Copy Chief for the UK. Her bosses recognised her potential and quickly had given her more and more responsibility until now she was one of their most senior managers. But there was still further for her to go for she had the ambition to become the first female Managing Director of a sizeable agency and was totally determined that nothing was going to get in the way of that.

The rewards, though, were as spectacular as the hours were long and the workload was murderous. Chrissy earned well in excess of £300,000 a year with that being topped up by bonuses and profit shares. The perks were equally outstanding. In addition to all the usual health care, pension and other benefits she had a Porsche for her personal use and a chauffer driven car at her disposal whenever she wanted it to ferry her to meetings and the airports. She flew everywhere first class and stayed in absolutely the best hotels and ate at only the top restaurants. After all when you are handling accounts with billings and fees well into the hundreds of millions of pounds why travel business or stay in Marriotts was the agency attitude?

It had taken Chrissy some time to adjust her attitudes towards relationships from how young girls are taught. It had taken even longer for her to come to terms with buying sex. But her pragmatic and analytical mind had enabled her to take on board what one of her female colleagues in New York had told her a couple of years ago.

“Just buy it Chrissy, what’s the fucking difference,” she’d said handing her a phone number. “It’s the best male escort agency in town, fucking expensive but they have the best stud around. Anything you want, young, old, pretty, aggressive you name it they’ll have it I promise.”

Feeling a little sorry for herself being alone in New York nearly two years ago on her twenty eighth birthday and knowing that her meetings were going to finish early, by her standards that is, around nine, she’d recalled what her friend had told her and had called the agency.

It worked out so well she could hardly believe it.

The girl that took the booking treated her just as well if not better than the receptionists at the top hotels and after discretely asking a few personal details such as age and physical details enquired whether she had any preferences for the type of man.

“Or maybe I could e-mail you our questionnaire we’ll then have everything on file for the next time won’t we?”

Chrissy completed the questionnaire. She had to answer a host of questions on herself truthfully inserting her height at five feet six inches, her weight at 125 pounds, blonde, shoulder-length hair and green eyes. She chose her bodily description as slim and her figure as curvy with small to average sized breasts.

She mailed it back and was amazed when within ten minutes or so she had a reply with the details and photos of a dozen or so men who met the criteria she had stipulated. The mail asked her to nominate her 1, 2 and 3 just in case some were unavailable. After she’d done that she got another mail advising that her first choice wouldn’t be available until after midnight but that her second choice was ready right now.

“Hi it’s Ken,” the voice said on the phone after Chrissy had conducted the credit card details with the agency and had agreed a time for him to visit her.

Chrissy had been a bag of nerves waiting the hour or so for Ken and had several times thought of cancelling. At last, though, he was downstairs in the lobby of the Pierre hotel. That was before the Trump organisation had retained the agencies services meaning that they transferred their allegiance to the Plaza.

He was as good looking as his photo and right from the moment when she’d opened the door he did everything to relax her and make her feel as if it was a date. There was no rush and with all the financial stuff already taken care of it was not long before Chrissy almost began to believe it was a date.

He did not make any overt or pushy actions or gestures to her and quite tenderly made it appear as if it was a seduction. And that was how it had felt to Chrissy as gradually he had undressed her while kissing her, after enquiring if that was ok? It still felt like a seduction as, when she was down to her bra and pants and he had removed his shirt and trousers, he had romantically picked her up and taken her to her bed in the room. It still felt like a seduction when he completed it by fucking her three times over the next few hours.

So that had started her on the use of escorts to satisfy her needs. Clean, quick, no strings and usually bloody good was how she felt about it. No baggage afterwards, just fuck and walk away, perfect for her needs and life-style.

Things were a little different in London where she lived. If anything her hours were even more murderous there for usually she didn’t get home until around ten and often, especially when working on a new business presentation, not until the early hours. So opportunities even with escorts were less easy to arrange.

But her friend Gill had helped her there.

“I’ve found this amazing physiotherapist,” she’d told her.

“Oh yeah, big deal. What do I want a physio for?”

“Actually luv to get your rocks off with in the most incredible way.” Gill explained for Chrissy had told her about her use of male escorts.

Gill had gone on to tell her how when she’d gone to the physio practice not far from where they both lived in Docklands with a pain in her legs she had the most incredible experience for he had made her cum on his massage table.

“What you mean he just did it, cheeky sod,” Chrissy said surprised but interested in what her friend was telling her.

“No it wasn’t like that. What happened, or so it seemed to me, was that he hinted that something more was available than just the electronic treatment and the massage. And that by itself was great.”

“What’s he like?”

“Really hunky, about twenty four or five, well built, good looking and oh he’s an Oz.”

“Mmmm sounds a good package. What do you mean hinted at?”

“Well as I was lying on my front on the table.”

“What did you have on?” Chrissy interrupted.”

“My panties and a towel covering my bum.”

“OK, so what happened?”

“Well as he massaged the back of my legs he went nearer and nearer to my panties, often so it seemed, as though he was going to touch me there. It was incredibly arousing.”

“So did he?”

“Eventually yes but not until I sort of made it obvious I wanted him to.”

“And when you did that, what happened?”

“He made me cum.”


“But that’s not all.”

“No there’s more?”

“Yes I wanted him to fuck me but he wouldn’t or couldn’t there.”

“But somewhere else?”

“Yes he came to the house and we had it several times.”

“Was he good?” Chrissy asked her interest now fully perked.

“He was bloody good. He’s hung like a fucking donkey and fucks like a rabbit. I haven’t had sex like that for years.”

“Hmmmm what a catch.”

“I think so and I’m seeing him again tomorrow like me to mention you to him?”

Tom had suggested to Gill that her friend make an appointment at the clinic. Chrissy did, and she went along a few days later. Gill wasn’t wrong about him. He was a gorgeous young hunk and everything her friend had described about him and the massage was true.

The massage was superb both from a technical body toning point of view and from arousing her. As Gill had said the ever increasing closeness of his hands to her pussy, which she had covered in the minutest of thongs, was outstandingly erotic. The orgasm those hands then gave her was strong and satisfying. And, just as Gill had explained, no matter how hard she tried, and she did try very hard he wouldn’t fuck her there in his massage room. But no more than two hours later when he came to her flat he did. And that was every bit as good as Gill had said it would be and in Chrissy’s view a snip at the two hundred pounds she’d given him.

That had been the start of a business relationship with Tom that had gone on for over a year now. Not every week and not, sometimes, even every month, but always she came back to him and they had great sex. They even continued doing it after Tom stopped being a physio and set himself up as a full time escort. And even now when he was running a very successful escort agency of his own, based on young Aussie masseurs that he trained himself, he still serviced Christina from time to time for the same two hundred pounds they had started at.

“Hi it’s Carl from the agency,” the rich, velvety voice oozed into Chrissy’s ear as she grabbed the phone in her suite. “Is that Chrissy?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“How are you ma’am?”

“I’m fine thanks. Can you wait a few minutes?”

“Sure of course I can.”

“Look stay right where you are and I’ll either meet you there, you’re by the house phones right? Or if I haven’t inside ten minutes call me again. OK?”

“Ok, sure that’ll be just fine.”

Although the agency that Chrissy used in New York was ultra-dependable she still liked to check out “the goods” before final purchase. So she’d developed this way that in a busy hotel, as the Plaza certainly was, she would get her escort to wait downstairs while she took a surreptitious peek at him.

She whizzed down the twenty five floors in the newly installed high speed elevators that had been put in for the occupiers of suites and wandered past the showcases of Cartier watches and Bulgari jewellery. Closing in on the area behind reception where the house phones were located she saw what she guessed was her man for the night.

He fitted the agencies description and the e-mailed photo perfectly. Tall, around 6 4, muscular but lean and with a taught build, about 190 pounds. Smartly dressed in a black suit and gleaming open necked white shirt he looked to Chrissy not only to be precisely what she had ordered, but also to be almost perfect. Ruggedly handsome with sparkling eyes, a square chin and the most lustrous, black skin she had ever seen on a man.

Chrissy had never been with a black guy. Not through any prejudice or anything for she had fucked a couple of Arabs and had been with two Pakistanis. No it was just lack of opportunity. After all in the rarefied air of upper organisation advertising life not too many blacks are around are they?

It had been girl-friend in New York who had said to her about black men being all they’re rumoured to be. Her friend Amanda had divorced her husband and had become very involved in chat rooms. In them she had met a number of black guys who had sent her photos of their gigantic dicks.

“It’s hard to believe Chrissy but there really is something awesome about being stretched to the limit by one of them,” Amanda had explained.

“Oh you met someone from on there then I thought you always said you wouldn’t?”

“No not from on there, when I was on holiday in Jamaica. But it’s not just the sheer size, although looking at, say, ten inches of thick, hard, black cock and imagining it up you is an incredible feeling, that’s so amazing about sex with black guys. They’re also considerate, imaginative, adventurous and by God can they cum and cum and again. But mostly I guess it is also how they make it fun.” Amanda had told her just before Chrissy had left for this trip to New York.

On the British Air flight on the Sunday when Chrissy flew over she found her mind frequently slipping away from the briefing documents about the fast-growing electronic business to who she was preparing a pitch. Instead of reading about their P/E ratios. ROCE, EBITDA and all the other financial, market share and growth criteria she found her mind thinking, ten inches long, seven inches diameter. So after checking into her suite at The Plaza she called the agency she now used.

“Oh hi Christina, yes this is Marie. How can we help you today?”

“I’d like to schedule a booking for Tuesday evening if I can?” Christina had learned to plan ahead for the classy guys on this agency’s books were in high demand.

“Of course what did you have in mind?”

“Er well do you have any black guys at all?”

“Of course how many would you like?” Marie joked.

“Just the one please,” Chrissy replied a little coldly not taking easily to making the selection of a sexual partner a light-hearted matter.

“I see from the records Christina that you’ve never booked a black guy from us before.”

“Er no, no I haven’t, in fact I’ve never been with one.”

“I see may I ask if there is any special reason you now wish for one and whether you’re looking for anything particular from him.”

Even Christina with all her balls and confidence found it difficult to say that she just wanted a great big cock. This wasn’t though a new situation for the agency.

“We’ve just started a new feature Christina I don’t know whether you’re aware of it?”

“Oh what’s that”?

“We now include the size of their penises both flaccid and erect on their details.”

They agreed that Marie would e-mail a few over and even before Chrissy had unpacked she had chosen her ‘date’ for Tuesday.

The newly installed high speed elevators “for the exclusive use of the mid-level suite occupants” were not all they were supposed to be for it seemed to take Chrissy an age to get back. She was hardly inside the door when the phone was ringing.

She gave him the suite number and waited nervously for his arrival.

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked after they’d made their introductions.

“May I ask what you’re drinking Chrissy?” Carl asked very politely.

“Probably white wine.”

“Then that’ll be perfect for me too.”

Sitting in the enormous luxury of the suite chatting about a wide range of topics the situation, as it usually did, seemed unreal and so incongruous to Chrissy. It seemed hardly possible that this was purely a sexual encounter for as always they danced around that subject building the pretence that it was more than that. More than Chrissy just wanting to get her rocks off. More than Carl being a male hooker. And more than the fact that Chrissy had ordered a ‘seven inch soft, ten inch erect’ black man to fuck her tonight.

Sitting in her smart, white trouser suit her long slim legs crossed as they chatted about world affairs, movies and the latest TV programmes, Chrissy’s mind kept focusing on what lie between Carl’s legs.

“Could it really be almost a foot long? Could she really take the thickness of its girth? How much of it would actually go up her for her insides surely weren’t a foot deep?”

“Would you like another or…” Chrissy asked letting the sentence hang unfinished.

Carl stood up and walked over to her. He slid his arm around her narrow waist and put his face close to hers as he replied softly with an appealingly mischievous glint in his eyes. “How about another and an or…” he said quietly as his mouth closed over hers.

Most escorts waited for the client’s permission to kiss. It was an odd etiquette and some escorts didn’t like to do it at all. As equally, Chrissy assumed, some clients didn’t like the added intimacy and tenderness brought about by kissing preferring merely straightforward sex.

Not Chrissy though. Although she was a hard-nosed businesswoman with a very pragmatic attitude towards relationships she still liked her time with her escorts to be as special as possible. It was as though they became an oasis of loving, erotic tenderness in her arid desert of loveless rushing through life. During the two or three hours she was with a man he became the most important thing in her life and it was almost as if they were real partners.

As Carl’s lips pressed against hers and as his arm slid round her waist so Chrissy responded. Her mouth opened to his probing, her tongue pushed back against his and her arms went round his neck. They kissed for some time. They weighed each other up, probed and researched each other’s mouth, tested out each other’s lips and teeth and gums. He was a great kisser. He knew it and prided himself on it and Chrissy rapidly learned it. She had never been kissed like it before. Alternating between almost filling her mouth with his tongue and licking, sucking and kissing her lips and cheeks he pulled her body hard against his as he varied the intensity. One moment he was grinding and squirming their lips together the next he was licking along her lower gum so gently and softly. And then he would start to pump his tongue in and out of her mouth simulating the rhythm and movement of a fuck.

He clearly had a long tongue and he sort of folded it so that it was more like a tube. He then used that tube to simulate fucking her mouth. Having a surrogate cock coming from his mouth into hers created an almost surreal experience for Chrissy, as Carl had known it would from previous experience. She just couldn’t understand the effect it had on her. It was as if she was sucking his cock in some ways but in others, as her eyes were closed it, was more as if her mind was imagining that she was really being fucked. He would slither the tube of his tongue across hers, running it along the roof of her mouth until the tip was right at the back of her mouth. After a brief moment when he just left it there he would then start thrusting in and out of her opening and closing the tube as he did. Chrissy found herself responding to this. She found this amazing tonguefest becoming the entire focus of their lovemaking. Nothing else seemed to matter as Carl fucked her mouth so acutely with his tongue. She sucked on it, she held it between her lips and then bit gently on it between her teeth. She pushed the point of her tongue into the orifice created by Carl curling his and then started pushing in and out of that. Her mind was reeling a little from this odd and unique oral sex. She felt as though she was being fucked, but at the same time she felt as though she was also fucking him and that she just could not get her mind round.

When Carl had first kissed Chrissy she had been leaning against the wall so when she was in his arms she was slightly side onto him. Her leg that was nearest to him was in front of her other one. This meant that as they kissed the base of Carl’s stomach was pressed firmly against the curve of her tight bum. And of course as he’d fucked her mouth with his tongue so he’d thrust his stomach against that lovely round mound. It was the combination of the amazing things he did with his tongue and mouth and the more obvious, but nevertheless exciting, movements of his loins that had given Chrissy this new experience.

“Phew,” she muttered looking right into his eyes when they broke for breath.

He smiled his eyes sparkling as he whispered, “I assume it’s Ok to kiss.”

Chrissy laughed back. “That’s what that was was it, a kiss?”

For a moment she saw his eyes flicker with doubt as he struggled with the British sense of irony in the question. “It was Ok though wasn’t it Chrissy?”

“Yes of course silly it’s just that I’ve never been kissed like that before.”

“Not many women have it’s a particularly Harlem thing.”

They were still standing together with Chrissy pressed into the corner between the bar and the wall her arms around his neck his round her waist. His body felt good against hers. It was firm and muscular where it should be and soft and yielding where appropriate. He was much taller than her five feet six inches and her 120 pound body seemed miniscule against his huge frame.

Chrissy could feel his breath on her cheek and she could smell his aftershave. His arms around her felt strong and reassuring. Where her shoulder and arm were squashed against his broad chest she could feel his taughtness and strength and where his stomach was pressed against her bottom she could feel his bulge. His erection, if he had one, had clearly not straightened out and may, she thought, have been caught up in his boxers and the tail of his shirt. They stayed like that for a few moment merely staring into each other’s eyes as Chrissy took in the amazing kiss they had just had.

“You are very beautiful Chrissy,” Carl whispered as he softly kissed her lips.

“And you are very handsome Carl,” she replied running her fingers through his short crinkly hair.

His hand slid from around her waist and came up her front to the top button of her white trouser suit. Holding the button he looked right into her eyes. She could see a twinkling in them as he whispered.

“Is this Ok Chrissy?”

She smiled back. “Please be my guest.”

Pressed close together they both looked down as Carl slowly, one by one, undid the four buttons of the white, Armani, pure silk jacket. He didn’t pull it apart at first but merely left it in place as they continued looking into each other’s eyes. Somehow this delay made the undressing of her seem so much more exciting.

Chrissy was now totally into the role of a lover and being a client of Carl was the furthest thing from her mind. She took the lapel of the jacket in her hand and pulling gently at it said.

“Is this what you want Carl? Are these what you want?” She muttered as she pulled the coat slowly open.

“Yes,” he murmured, quite thickly, Chrissy thought. “Yes Chrissy, yes they are what I want.”

Chrissy had small breasts. No more than 33 or 34 B on a good day. But they were nicely shaped and she had prominent, dazzlingly pink, very pointed nipples with surprisingly large areola. Her body was pale. Her skin was very white for she hadn’t had a sun holiday for two years and she didn’t believe in using sunbeds.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm that’s exactly what I want and exactly as I imagined them Chrissy,” he said one hand reaching up and cupping her breast. “You have lovely breasts.”

They kissed again as his fingers flittered over the bare skin above the bra before slowly sliding inside it. A new lover’s first touch of her bare breasts was always a very special time for Chrissy as, indeed it is for most women. Her arms went more firmly around his neck as she ground her lips against his. He once again made that shape with his tongue and as he eased both of her breasts out from her bra and pinched her nipples so once more he simulated the fucking movement with his mouth and tongue and the thrusting of his bulge on the cheek of her bottom.

As they kissed Carl slowly slipped the jacket from her. As they kissed deeper and deeper so Chrissy felt his fingers undoing the clasp of her bra. She took her arms from around his shoulders so he could remove it completely.

“You look fantastic Chrissy,” Carl breathed his hand running across her breasts.

She reached up and with fumbling fingers managed to struggle the buttons on his white shirt undone. Pushing that open she gazed at the lightly, haired black skin of his muscular chest. She ran her hands over it feeling little shudders run through her as her fingertips reacted to the magical feelings.

“And so do you Carl, and so do you.”

His shirt fell to the floor to join her Armani jacket and bra.

To an onlooker the vision created by them would have been so erotic. His broad, black chest against the whiteness of her back and pink tipped breasts. His black trousers and her very white tight pants contrasted so keenly. He had one black leg between her white legs. Hers were squeezing his. His was pushing upwards. His thigh was between hers. The top of his thigh was pressing against her pussy. She was pressing down on the muscular leg covered by the thin material. His leg was arousing her lips and were stimulating her clitoris. Their kissing was deeper and more energetic as he slid his thigh muscle in and out of her legs. It was just as though she was being fucked again.

“Oh shit Carl, oh my God,” she moaned as again and again he ran his strong muscles along the soaked lips of her pussy under the crotch of her white Armani trousers.

“Do you want to cum?” He whispered. “Do you want me to make you cum with my leg Chrissy? Make you cum with that as I nearly did with my tongue. Do you”?

“Yes Carl, yes. Make me cum, make me cum,” she whined hating herself for being so weak-willed but needing and wanting the sexual relief so badly.

Carl pressed more firmly as Chrissy opened her leg a little more to give him easier access to her most sensitive of places. The pressure and the energy that came from his long, strong thigh muscle covered only by the thin material felt so good to Chrissy. Any minor inhibitions she may have had at this rather unorthodox lovemaking quickly vanished as she felt the muscles, tendons and leaders in his leg rubbing against her pussy. She wrapped her legs tightly around his and met him thrust with thrust and surge with surge.

“Oh God,” she cried out as he pushed her forward. He kept pushing until her chest was flattened on the bar. The cold of the marble sent a shock through her as her breasts were completely squashed. Her bum was in the air and her legs were locked around his as they both of them pumped away.

Carl’s hand was, rather roughly, holding the back of Chrissy’s neck keeping her in place as they performed this amazing non-penetrative sex. But now of course he was almost completely behind her his thigh pressed deeply between hers, hers gripping his leg tightly. He reached down and fiddled with his pants and shirt so that his now half erect cock reared up his stomach.

He was very aware of what most of these white chicks wanted and what they were interested in from black guys like him. After all he had made a very lucrative career through having a big dick and knowing how to make best use of it. Pressing himself forward a little more Chrissy at first felt his leg go further between hers and that sent even more tremors through her. But then he pressed his belly forward so that his still softish length nestled along the slightly opened cheeks of her bum outside the thin, white, tightly stretched material and up further and further to nearly her waist.

“Jesus Chris,” she moaned as her body reacted to the slight implications of the forceful sex of his hand holding the back of her neck causing her breasts to be flattened on the marble. “Oh fucking hell,” she went on at the twin sensations of his leg between hers and his erection along her bottom.

He leaned forward and kissed her as best he could with her laid out and helpless like that. His hand reached round her and found her clitoris inside the silk trousers. Nice as it usually is to have a man roll that around Chrissy needed no more stimulation to that Carl was already providing.

“Just make me cum Carl, just make me cum now please, please,” she whined not really liking to be quite so subservient.

As he thrust harder so she squeezed just that little bit more to do the trick. And like that bent over the bar, her breasts flattened, her trousers still on, her thighs clamped round his leg Chrissy had her first orgasm with a black guy and boy was it great.

Slowly they extricated themselves from the rather complicated embrace.

“OK Chrissy?”

“Mmmm, very nice, not a bad start. Like a drink?”

Chrissy poured them both a glass of white wine and they sat down on a sofa with some distance between them. Although she was naked above the waist, as indeed Carl was as well, she didn’t look or act at all self-consciously. She was comfortable with her body. It was slim with muscles that were well formed from the regular work outs she did in the executive gyms the agency provided in most of their locations. But she was by no means muscular and she had the necessary curves for her figure to be feminine and sufficiently rounded so that her bum and hips always looked good in tight clothing.

“How long you been doing this?” she asked turning and looking along the sofa at him.

“Two and a bit years now, I love it.”

Chrissy smiled. “Must be some men’s dream job really I suppose.”

“Yes I suppose it can be but it does have its downsides you know.”

“Really?” Chrissy asked raising her eyebrows as she watched his eyes roam over her breasts.

“Yes, you have to remember Chrissy that few clients are like you?”

“How d’ya mean?”

“Well you’re young, beautiful and with a figure to die for to start with,” he replied his eyes once more roaming over her body. As they focused on her breasts she could feel herself getting aroused again and she knew for sure that her nipples would be hardening under his gaze.

“What most are old, fat and ugly are they?” she smiled?

“Usually at least one if not two of those yes,” Carl beamed back his whole face lighting up when he smiled.

Letting her gaze alternate from his deep brown eyes to his broad, muscular chest and, quite pointedly she knew, down to the massive bulge in his trousers Chrissy said across the rim of the glass from which she’d just sipped some wine, “Mmmmmm what a waste Carl, what a waste.”

Both naked above the waist they sat there staring at each other for a moment or two. Chrissy ran her tongue around the rim of her glass as Carl’s gaze moved from her eyes to her breasts and back again.

Quite softly with her eyes lowered Chrissy said. “Well I think it’s a waste, but I don’t know for sure do I?”

He smiled. “Well you’ve had a starter and you seemed to like that.”

“Oh yes that was fine but I haven’t, as they say, have I Carl, yet seen what I’m buying have I?” Chrissy muttered unusually getting her words a little mixed up.

She saw a frown knit across his brow as he tried to work out what she meant from the jumbled double negatives. As it registered, though, the puzzled look was replaced by that broad, dazzling smile that Chrissy so liked.

“Oh yes I see what you mean,” he said leaning forward and resting his hand on her wrist as he stared into her eyes. “I guess you haven’t yet inspected the goods though you did feel them didn’t you Chrissy?”

The simple exchange was strangely very erotic. To be sitting topless with a man she was paying for, after he’d just given her a splendid climax with his leg, talking about his body in general and his manhood in particular, in quite matter of fact terms seemed odd but hugely exciting, They both knew full well that she could just as easily told him to strip off and by the terms of their agreement he would have complied. But to be dancing around the subject as she in pretence tried to cajole him into it was far more part of the scenario she preferred with her escorts.

“Mmmmm, yes I did but feel isn’t all you know?” she smiled, “I need to use my other senses as well.”

“And they are what, sight?” Carl said standing up.

“Yes of course,” Chrissy breathed as her eyes locked onto the awesome bulge in the front of his thin, loose trousers.

“And I assume touch,” he went on moving closer to her and taking her hand in his.”

Her heart was pounding as she watched him moving her hand so that it hovered over the bulge.

“Sight,” he whispered, then paused as slowly he pressed her hand against the bulge adding as she felt him. “And touch.”

He wasn’t erect was the first message that was transmitted from her fingers to her brain. He stood before her looking down at her beautifully manicured, white varnished fingernails as they slowly investigated the mass of his manhood and balls all bundled up inside his boxers. Almost panting Chrissy ran her fingers along its length and around its girth inside the thin material. “My God,” she thought. “He’s huge and not even erect yet.”

They were like that for a few of moments. The sheer brazen confidence he had impressed and excited Chrissy. The fact that he could stand next to her and let her fondle his most male place without a shadow of nerves and, more amazingly, without getting fully hard excited and surprised her. Normally she was so in control of her lovemaking but not with this man she was learning.

“Well?” she heard him ask.

“Well what?” she replied looking up her fingers lightly wrapped around him.

“To your liking ma’am?”

She smiled up at him. “Yes getting that way.”

“Then perhaps madam should fully unwrap the goods and try her other sense.”

“What, what do you mean?”

“Well there’s one left isn’t there? Taste.”

That made Chrissy smile. “Mmmmm what a good idea.”

“I’m pleased you like it Chrissy,” Carl said fairly thickly. “Why not unwrap the goods?”

With one hand pressing lightly against the mass of flesh Chrissy lifted her other hand and found the buckle of his belt. As she undid that so Carl’s hands rested on her blonde, now rather unkempt hair and he ran his fingers through it. Occasionally glancing up and catching his eye and exchanging small grins she undid the belt and the button at the top of his fly. Her hands were actually shaking as she went to take hold of the zip. She found it difficult to grip it at first but then managed it and slowly she slid it down. She looked up at him as between them they pushed his trousers down and off.

“Allow me,” Carl said smiling and moving away a bit as he quick ly pulled his black socks off and said. “Such an embarrassing sight I always think don’t you, a nearly naked man with his socks on? Like a third rate porn movie.”

As Chrissy smiled at his apt remark Carl returned to the position just in front of her. Now just in his white boxers that she noted were impressively silk, she ran both of her hands across him loving the feel of his genitalia beneath the thin material that was now all that was separating her hands from him. She couldn’t though understand that despite all of this he was still by no means fully hard. ‘But never mind,’ she thought for he still felt lovely and big.

Carl’s hands were now gripping her head more tightly. They were holding it round the back. They were pulling on it, suggestively, invitingly, encouragingly.

It seemed the most perfect thing to do. At that moment it struck Chrissy as being the most appropriate gesture she could make, the most desirable and exciting action she could take. Letting her head respond to the pressure her face moved forward. Slowly but purposefully Carl’s hands encouraged her nearer and nearer to him. Nearer to the silk of his boxers, nearer to his midriff and nearer and nearer to his huge, still nearly flaccid cock.

And then she was there. Then her head was at its destination. Yes, then Chrissy’s face was pressing against the semi-hardness of Carl’s manhood. She squirmed her cheek against it revelling in the warmth, energy and vitality it projected through the lustrous material. It felt glorious to her and wonderful to him.

But she wanted more, needed more had to have more. She had come this far and now she had to finish this off. Chrissy slid her hands around Carl’s trim, firm waist and into the elastic of his boxers as his hands gripped her head quite strongly. She pulled downwards as he eased himself back a fraction. The material just seemed to whoosh down his hips, down his groins, down his loins and down his taught, flat belly.

And then amazingly, wondrously and so magnificently there he was in all his glorious, black nakedness just inches from her face. She could almost feel the heat that the awesomely large cock was generating.

“Oh my God,” she groaned taking the semi-hard flesh in her hands.

It felt incredible and looked wonderful as she rubbed her cheek against its length and girth. Although Chrissy was extremely aroused her analytical mind couldn’t shut off completely. She could see that even in this state it was over eight inches long and about six inches round and having read somewhere about the average rate of growth of erections she realised that when full it should be over ten inches long and maybe seven inches in diameter. She shuddered at the thought of it penetrating her but despite that she found her lips against it kissing it.

“Yes Chrissy use the last sense on me,” Carl was saying softly. “Taste me Chrissy, taste me.”

“Yes Carl, yes I will,” she stuttered. “Let me taste you.”

Chrissy ran her tongue along it from the slightly hairy base where it emerged from the massive sack containing his balls to its very tip where the uncircumcised skin was still covering the bulbous head. Cupping that sack in her hand and rolling his balls gently together she licked up and down and round and round the now, she noted thankfully, growing cock in her hands.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm,” she heard Carl sigh. “Oh man that’s good so good.”

And Chrissy wanted to be good. She prided herself on giving very good head for, quite frankly, she just loved doing it. As a consequence she felt she was enthusiastic and creative when with the right man with the right sort of equipment. And Carl well qualified on both of those criteria.

Still sitting on the sofa clad in her white, silk, Armani trousers with the now fully naked Carl standing between her widely opened legs Chrissy stroked and licked, caressed and kissed and rubbed and sucked along every inch of this awesome phallus. And as she did so it grew. It grew in length and girth until she knew it would grow no more for it surely could get no harder than the rigid mass she was now holding.

“It’s gorgeous,” she breathed momentarily looking up and catching his gaze.

He smiled and said, “I’m pleased you like it Chrissy for it’s yours to do with as you wish.”

Chrissy knew in the etiquette of the escort business that the men never asked the women to provide oral as, equally, they always asked before giving it. But Carl was clearly implying that he’d like her to go further if she wanted.

She smiled and sat upright pulling him towards her and pressing him between her breasts. “Anything?” she said.

“Yes of course anything you desire Chrissy.”

He was actually a little too tall to stand with his cock between her breasts while she sat so Chrissy wiggled her way into a kneeling position on the sofa and that was the perfect height. Pushing her small, but adequate for this job, boobs together she wrapped them around the rod of black, rigid and, almost, pulsating flesh.

“Yes, oh yes,” he murmured, “that’s good, that’s so good.”

“Then fuck me Carl, fuck my tits, fuck them now,” Chrissy moaned in a voice that was tight and croaky from sexual expectation and want.

He started to slide up and down between them and, astonishingly, on each upward sweep so the tip of it reached past her chin. Putting her tongue out she was able to lick the tip of it as it reared upwards. It was a glorious sensation to have him surging his giant cock in between her tits while at the same time she could lick it. It was made even more dramatically visual for Chrissy by the contrast between the white of her skin and breasts and the blackness of his huge cock with its vivid purple head.

Without being too demanding, for that’s not the role of an escort, Carl placed his hands on the back of Chrissy’s head and gently pulled that forward. It was an encouraging movement, an inviting gesture, not an order or demand but a request or perhaps a suggestion. It was one that made the bottom of her jaw rest on her chest. One that meant her mouth was in the path of his penis each time it thrust up between her breasts. And one that Chrissy knew only too well was asking her to do just one thing. It was the perfect gesture on Carl’s part. The most appropriate suggestion and the clearest and most exciting invitation to the white woman.

So she let her head be pulled forward, she allowed him to bend her neck so that her mouth pointed towards her breasts and she did that one thing that this gesture asked her to do. She opened her mouth. Yes she opened it as wide as she could. She opened it so that Carl could shove his big, black cock right through her tits and into her mouth.

As it surged into her mouth so she heard him grunt and sigh.

“Oh baby, that’s soooo good.”

The penetration of her mouth made her gag a little at first but that was rapidly overcome by the elation she felt at having him there. The elation that any orally adventurous woman feels when she starts to suck her lover’s cock. And Chrissy was orally very adventurous indeed and was loving every moment of sucking her ‘lover’s’ gorgeous cock

Her hands fell away from her breasts as Carl filled her mouth. The earlier surrogate pussy wasn’t needed now was it? Carl didn’t need the pressure of two small tits round his massively swollen cock did he? Not when now he had her mouth, lips, tongue and teeth to do that did he? No he didn’t need to fuck her between her tits for now he was completely fucking her mouth.

He thrust more and more as Chrissy seemed to find space she would never have thought existed inside that cavity. Whether she’d subconsciously learned the art of deep throating or not she didn’t know. What she did know, though, was as she looked down so she could see well over half of his thick, sturdy manhood disappearing between her pale lips that were now devoid of the lipstick she’d applied just before this amazing escort arrived.

Her hands greedily found the cheeks of his arse. The cheeks that alternated between being soft and so strokeably hard and exciting.

Chrissy had as long as she could recall loved men’s arses. She adored the look and the feel of them. She always had revelled in touching and squeezing and stroking and caressing them and Carl’s arse was a magnificent specimen. Her hands roamed unashamedly all over both cheeks and then between them as it thrust up shoving his other wondrous appendage deeper and fuller into over-filled mouth.

“Oh my God Chrissy, this is amazing,” he gasped his hands in her hair now pulling on it a little too firmly so that it hurt her a bit. But that didn’t alarm her. No the slight pain seemed a natural accompaniment for what they were doing. His fingers dug into her neck and scalp and pulled even more firmly on her hair as one of her fairly long, white painted fingernails pressed right against his anus.

Carl bent forward even more. Chrissy was still kneeling but her legs had slid open so she was lower and now he was bent over her head his waist at nearly ninety degrees so that his chest pressed against her scalp. She was still wearing her white Armani trousers as she sucked and slurped at his cock her fingernail still pressing against the entrance to his back passage.

Even though she was paying for a man’s services she never abused that position. She knew that she could but somehow it made everything more exciting and more like being with a real lover if she didn’t. So Chrissy didn’t do what she wanted to, what she liked doing with men and what her body was, almost demanding her to do. No she didn’t shove her finger up his arse but waited for a sign from him. Pressing a little harder and more enquiringly as she felt him bending even further forward and opening his legs wider she waited for a sign, a signal an acceptance.

And then it came. Then she got the signal in three ways. First his cock surged even deeper into her throat and to her lips and tongue seemed, if that were possible, even harder.

Second he gasped. “Oh God Chrissy, yes, yes, yes.”

And thirdly and so magically to her she felt him push back with his hips indicating so clearly what he wanted her to do.

With no further delay she pushed. Not too hard or too quickly. Just firmly and insistently feeling the initial resistance and then, accompanied by a deep grunt from, Carl, the loosening of the muscle. Her slim finger slid easily inside him. Not too far just about half way between her first and second knuckle. She simply held it there the tip of her finger touching that interesting bulge that lies inside and provides the sensation that makes anal penetration so exciting for many men.

She held her finger there as he grunted and moaned his pleasure at having this amazing client’s finger up his arse while he thrust and slid his cock in and out of her mouth. With her other hand Chrissy was stroking and cupping the massive black sack that hung down holding his balls. It was a strong cocktail of feelings and sensations for both of them.

“Oh Jesus Chrissy, you keep this up and I’m gonna cum. I’m sorry but I just can’t help it?” Carl told her feeling a little embarrassed at his lack of professional staying power. Usually he never came until the client wanted him to, but with all that Chrissy was doing to him his normal resistance had withered away.

Even at a time like this her analytical mind never completely switched off. Slipping his penis half out of her mouth she mumbled.

“How long before you can cum again?”

“Between a half and an hour.”

“Then bring it on baby, bring it on,” Chrissy said once more licking the bulbous end of the giant phallus that was in her hand and resting on her chin.

Carl took over. He eased pushed her backwards so she was lying flat on the sofa her finger still up his anus for he moved with her so that his muscular legs were straddling her just beneath her breasts. Bending his body he reached down and slid his hand between her opened legs rubbing the lustrous silk of her white Armani trousers that were soaked with her juices.

What with aids and everything cumming in a client’s mouth was nowadays almost unheard of so Carl said in a very husky voice.

“Where do you want it Chrissy, where do you want me to cum?”

She looked up at him her eyes half closed her body so alive with sexual feelings as she whispered.

“On my tits Carl, cum on my tits.”

He took his cock in his other hand and with Chrissy still fondling his balls him still rubbing her clit through her trouser he pumped himself two or three times. She could feel his sack contract and the surge of energy in his cock as, without further ado, he started to cum. The sight of the stream of sperm gushing out from the end of his cock together with his fingers that had now pushed the material of her trousers slightly inside her lips made Chrissy cum yet again. They clung to each other as he shot more spunk than she’d ever imagined was possible all over and between her boobs. The splat of the warm, acrid goo on her body sent her even further into her climax.

“Oh God. Oh my God, oh fucking hell,” she moaned now losing all control of herself as she wrapped her legs around his hand and felt the tip of his cock moving from one nipple to the other as he wiped his seed all over her chest.

“Chrissy you’re absolutely amazing,” he sighed pushing and pressing his still leaking cock all over her upper body.

Smiling she replied lightly. “Hmmm and you’re not too bad yourself Carl.”

They laughed as they fell into each other’s arms and without even thinking of them being client and escort they kissed just like two lovers would.

Chrissy wiped her chest and breasts clean with some wet wipes as Carl stood alongside her still half erect.

“OK to use the bathroom?” Carl asked.

“Sure, help yourself.”

She watched him walk away from her his gorgeously pert arse wobbling so enticingly from side to side the muscles on his black back rippling as he moved. He really is a marvellous specimen Chrissy thought feeling a little surge of anticipation of the pleasures that were surely still to come from his wonderful body and more to the point his amazing cock that, incredibly, was still half erect

“Not being pushy or anything Chrissy,” Carl said after he came back wrapped in one towel and drying his chest with another. “Don’t you think you’re a little overdressed?”

She smiled, “yes I suppose I am really, anyway I need a shower I think.”

She strolled from the lounge into the bathroom very aware that his eyes followed every single wiggle of her bum in the tight trousers. She didn’t see the point of shutting or locking the door and was looking at herself in the long mirror when it suddenly opened.

“Thought you might like some company,” Carl said leaning against the door staring straight at her.

“Mmmm sounds interesting, I thought you’d never ask,” Chrissy smiled looking at Carl in the mirror. He really did look awesome she thought letting her gaze run admiringly up and down his body. The black of his skin was set off perfectly by the white of the towel tucked round his waist. His muscular, but lean body conveyed such power to her that his pecs, biceps and six pack almost took her breath away as she ogled them. She saw him smile as he watched her eyes in the mirror.

“You still seem so overdressed to me Chrissy,” he said smiling his eyes looking at her trousers,

“Well if you’re going to keep me company in there,” she said nodding at the large, walk in shower cabinet. “So are you?”

His face lit up in a beaming smile as he responded. “Well that can soon be remedied can’t it?”

She watched entranced as his hand tugged at the towel pulling one end from where it was tucked in. It seemed to hesitate before then deliciously sliding away from him and down his legs.

“Better?” He asked putting one elbow against the wall and resting his head on his hand his muscular legs crossed near his ankles.

“Mmmm much,” Chrissy replied her eyes drawn as if by a magnet to his long, sturdy dick that was hanging down in front of him as soft as it could be. Even like that its girth and length shocked yet also excited her.

Looking right into his eyes she undid the button on the waistband of her trousers and started to slide the zip down. She stopped though when it was an inch or so down. Walking the few paces to the shower cubicle she turned the tap on and said to Carl.

“In you go then and let me see that lovely body all soaking wet.”

Shiny and glistening he stood there with the water pouring down on him as Chrissy looked on from just outside the shower cabinet. She was thinking how absolutely gorgeous and how ravishingly sexy he looked as she suddenly had a thought. What prompted that she had no idea. It wasn’t thought out or planned it just happened. It seemed appropriate, right and perfect for Chrissy to walk into the shower still wearing those white, pure silk Armani trousers.

They, and her entire body, were soon as soaked as Carl’s black skin. He took her into his arms crushing her slim body against his strong frame his hands going round her and grabbing both cheeks of her arse.

“You sexy little bitch,” he growled into her ear as her hand found his cock that she realised with pleasure was starting to grow.

She ground her small tits against his firm muscular chest as she snarled back. “Not complaining are you?”

“Not a bit ma’am, not a bit,” Carl replied as his hands slid into the waistband of her trousers. “But I’ve got to get these fucking things off you.”

“I wondered when you would,” Chrissy grunted back both her hands now stroking his almost erect cock.

As he struggled to shove the soaked material of her trousers down her legs and as she rubbed his cock and kissed his chest so they started to slip and slide around in the wet cubicle. Chrissy almost fell a couple of times only for Carl to hold her up and then as he got the top of her trousers just beneath her crotch so he slipped and fell pulling her with him. Fortunately neither were hurt as they hit the marble tiled floor of the shower. They weren’t hurt but they were still kissing. Not hurt but her hand was still grasping his now full erection and not hurt but Carl’s hands had pulled her trousers half way down her thighs.

Giggling a little they lay on the floor of the cubicle that was, thankfully, sufficiently large for them to almost stretch out. With the water still pounding down on them, Chrissy found herself half laying on Carl’s legs with, still with the trousers around them, draped across the soaked, marble floor of the shower. He was propped up against the glass of one side of the cubicle. Her breasts were pressed against his shins her chin was resting on his thigh and her hands were on his hips. And there rising up right in front of her face and just inches from her hands was the magnificence of his long, thick, black cock that seemed swollen to its fullest erectness.

“Oh God Carl, that is absolutely fucking awesome,” she breathed taking it in her hands almost reverently.

“Hey whitey likes the black cock, does she?” he said putting on a strong Jamaican type accent.

“Oh yes she does,” Chrissy breathed running fingers and lips along its length.

As well as never having had sex quite like this before, well not many people have it in a shower with the woman still having her pants on do they, she’d never felt quite like it before? The vision of Carl’s beautiful body, so black and now glistening from the water pouring onto it made her feel so aroused and excited and the sight of his huge manhood somehow made her feel daring and adventurous. It was almost as if she had to prove how much of a woman and a lover she was by being able to take as much of it as possible inside her.

They kissed. They stroked each other and Chrissy whispered.

“I think I want you to fuck me now Carl.”

“Here, in here like this?” he asked a little surprised for most clients liked to make love in their bed.

“Yes right here and now,” she replied.

“Chrissy, he said quietly. “Have you ever had a cock this big before?”

“No, no I haven’t.”

“Then can I suggest that we do it from behind, most girls find that easier.”

“Honey,” Chrissy smiled. “You can do it any fucking way you want but please do it and do it quick.”

“Your word is my command ma’am.”

He pulled her so that she was half kneeling her hands in front of her resting on a low sill round the base of the shower. She rested her head on the back of her arms as Carl knelt upright holding her slender hips in his hands. He rubbed himself against the cheeks of her bum letting the bulbous knob end run along and between the cheeks.

“You want me to fuck you with these pants on?”

“Yes leave them there,” she said for some reason finding the idea of being fucked with her pants on stirringly exciting.

“But not these,” Carl said thickly as she felt him pull at her silk panties.

“No, no.”

“Then let’s get rid of them shall we?”

She felt the pressure on her as he pulled them and thought that he was merely pulling them down. But then she heard the tearing sound of the material and that aggressive action seemed to add so much to the mood.

“Oh yes,” she breathed her heart pounding now that the moment when she was going to receive his giant offering was nigh. “Yes Carl rip my knickers off and fuck me.”

“You want my big cock don’t you Chrissy, you want it don’t you?”

“Yes Carl I want your cock and I want it now.”

“My big, black, hard, cock’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Yes your big, black cock Carl.”

“Where do you want it whitey?”

“Up my pussy Carl I want your big cock up my pussy.”

“Your white pussy, you want this big black meat right up your white pussy don’t you? Tell me.”

“Yes I want your hard, black cock right up my white girl pussy.”

“Not your pussy, don’t call it that, call it by its correct name.”

“What’s that?” Chrissy asked momentarily confused, but recovering quickly.

“My cunt, Carl, I want it in my cunt, I want it up my white girl cunt.”

And then she felt the head of it on her lips. She opened her legs as wide as she could, the Armani trousers restricting her though. It went in a little the full, tip stretching her lips as she’d never experienced.

“Oh Christ,” she growled.


“Yes, yes.”

She felt it slide further in. There was some pain and for a moment she wondered whether she would be able to take it but once the globular knob had opened her up and slipped inside it got easier.

He reached round and held her breasts leaning forward a little as he whispered. “The worst is over Chrissy it’s all magic from now on.”

And it was. How much of it went up her she couldn’t really tell. She couldn’t see. But she felt totally and utterly stuffed by it. She had never had such a feeling. It was as if she was being filled more and more, as indeed of course she was. She knew that she could take a pretty large vibrator, but she’d never used one quite his size. And still it went in and up.

“Oh my fucking Lord, oh yes, oh yes,” she whined the feelings just getting better and better the more of it that went in her.

“More? You want more Chrissy?” Carl asked from where he was kneeling behind her his black hands gripping and contrasting wonderfully with her white hips.

“Yes,” she moaned through gritted teeth. More, give me more.”

Carl held her hips more firmly. He positioned himself, held himself still for a moment and then with one jerk he thrust hard into her.

“Arrrrrrgggh,” she screamed as the massive cock surged so deep into her it felt as though it would come out of her mouth and completely tear the tender skin of her labia.

“You’ve got it all Chrissy. You’ve got all my big black cock up your tight white cunt. You want me to fuck you now?”

“Yes, yes,” she whimpered her insides feeling as though they were being irrigated. It was so far up her pressing against a part of her that nothing had ever pressed against before. It was more than the length though for its girth had opened her lips up so much that her clitoris seemed to be in a different position and angle. It felt as though her clit was pressing against his cock so that as he, slowly at first, pushed up and down, the length of his cock pressed continuously against that most sensitive of places. Having both her lips and tender insides probed at the same time as her clit was stimulated and all with his cock sent Chrissy crazy. It was new, so different and so plain fucking exciting she thought that she soon started to cum.

“Yes cum for me whitey,” he moaned. “Let that white pussy cum on the end of my big, black cock.”

“I am, I am, Carl” Chrissy groaned as wave after wave of such strong orgasmic feelings swept over her she thought she might faint.

Carl now rammed into her fully and hard.

“What’s it like having such a big cock fucking your cunt whitey?” he asked.

“Oh Carl, oh Carl,” was all she could moan as she climaxed fully, so hard and totally satisfyingly.

She slumped further forward her face falling to the floor of the shower the middle of her body raised up still impaled on his still hard cock, her legs splayed apart as she whined and moaned and struggled for breath. Carl lifted himself and picked her up in one arm using his free hand to pull her trousers and the remnants of her ripped panties away from her body. Chrissy wrapped her arms round his neck and planting little kisses over his face and neck whispered.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Carl,” she whimpered as he held her off the ground in his powerful arms. She knew that she was almost delirious and was really making a bit of a fool of herself by thanking a $1000 a night male hooker. Carl picked her up so easily in his arms. With his cock still inside her he carried Chrissy from the shower the water pouring from them onto the bathroom floor. Picking up two large fluffy towels he pressed one against her drying some of the water from her and ran the other over himself.

“I’m going to take you into the bedroom and fuck you on that nice big king sized bed,” he said.

Chrissy whimpered as he said that, “Oh yes, yes.”

Her arms wrapped tightly round his neck she was kissing his face as he carried her to the bedroom with the, probably, ruined trousers and definitely ruined panties flapping around her legs. Stopping alongside the bed he laid her in the middle of it the end of his cock sliding from her as he did.

“Ooooo,” she grunted as she suddenly felt herself being emptied.

Carl smiled, “don’t worry baby you’ll soon be filled up again.”

Kneeling alongside her he ran his hands over her body gradually pulling the trousers and panties from her so that for the first time she was naked.

“God you look fantastic,” he groaned his eyes running up and down her, pale lithe body.

“Fuck me again Carl, please fuck me again now.”

He lay on top of her. She opened her legs. He slid between them the bulbous end of his erection nuzzling right against her lips.


“Yes, yes completely.”

Then once more she had that amazing set of experiences as her insides were invaded by his giant cock. Deeper and deeper he went. Further and further up her until once more he filled her completely.

“Ok Chrissy?”

“Oh yes, yes very ok,” she smiled back finding it considerably easier this time.

Then he again fucked her. He fucked her long, hard, deep and extremely well. He made her cum several times before he was even near. And then he finished with a series of deep grunts and low moans.

They lay there in each other’s arms as his penis softened and eventually slipped from her.

He stayed the entire night not leaving her suite until seven the next morning. They fucked again just before he left and this time she took his length and girth with apparent ease. “Oh yes without doubt,” she smiled kissing him as he left and adding. “We’ll see each other again and very soon.

During her meetings that day she continually found her mind straying onto Carl and the incredible events of last night. And the more she did the more the focus of her thoughts was on his huge cock. “It really was,” she thought again and again. “True what they say about black guys and big cocks.”

She realized that she wanted more of both of those for her experiences with Carl had been like nothing she’d ever known before.

That very evening she went online and booked herself a ten day holiday in Jamaica.

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