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Sexy Powerful Black Boy

Bradley Kuwambe was in a real good mood, he was getting out of going home for the summer break. He had told his roommate Peter Caldwell that going back to Nigeria would spoil it all; he would have no time for out of school study. His father would have him working on the farm they owned, back breaking work. But he had no where to stay if he didn’t go.

Peter had rung his mother, told her Bradley’s situation, and asked if his roommate could stay with them for the 6 week break. His mother agreed immediately, they had plenty of room, peace and quiet where needed. And it would be nice for Peter to have some one else to bounce things off instead of her all the time, or his on off girlfriend. Because she was long divorced, she always worried about Peter having enough friends.

The two 19 year olds had become good friends after finding themselves re roomed by the college staff. They both had similar outlooks on life, both were interested in politics and English history so they studied together and shared their findings, and it enhanced both of their growing knowledge. Both had been brought to the notice of the principal, and both had been given extra encouragement.

Peter was a strapping 6ft 2″ young man, fit and good looking and was always popular with the girls. But it was Bradley who was the college’s star babe magnet. He had them drooling, and Peter benefitted from it too, because he was always around when they were. Bradley was only about 5ft 11.” But he was a black god, broad naturally shouldered, flat chested, narrow hipped, and strong legged.

His face was an attraction to all the girls, boyish good looks, a suave charm, brilliant white even teeth, a flashing smile. He had shaved his head too, it was like a billiard ball. And it only served to enhance his standing. He was also one of those rare phenomenons, he had a glint in his eyes, which said, step over the line friend, and you’ll have me to deal with, and you might not like that. But his happy disposition and good nature completed his stature.

Both Peter and he had benefitted from it, it told would be adversary’s that trouble would head their way if things got dicey, this was usually when he had spirited a guy’s girl away from him. It was a steely look, deep back in his handsome head; it was a clear warning, just like a lighthouse would blink on and off. And women loved it; it was like a moth to a flame.

And when Bradley had seen a photo of Peter’s girlfriend he had whistled loudly, “Wow,” he had said, “what a looker Pete, she’s gorgeous.”

Peter had replied, “If you can score with Carol, then you go right ahead, it won’t bother me!” Bradley had laughed, but thought, “Okay, given a chance I’ll give it a go.”

Peter knew he would too, and he thought it would be a laugh if they both got her at the same time. He thought that Bradley would have a real good chance, given his track record. And no one but he knew that he had scored with their math teacher, Mrs Williams. To see her giving him the moon eyes was funny, Bradley often stayed behind, “so I can tutor her properly!” he would laugh.

So the day came, they caught the train home, got a taxi to Peter’s house and went in, Peter shouted for his mother, who came racing out of the kitchen to greet him. She hugged him, she laughed, she cried, Lydia was overjoyed to see him.

“Mum, Mum,” he laughed, as she near crushed him to death. “This is Bradley Kuwambe, my roommate, okay?” She let go of her son, and turned to greet Bradley.

“Hi there Bradley, I’m so pleased to meet you, welcome to my, our home, please come in.” Bradley was stunned; He just stared at her, Peter hadn’t told him how beautiful she was.

Long blond hair just down to her shoulders, and she was utterly gorgeous. “And I’m pleased to meet you too Mrs Caldwell,” he bowed slightly, took her hand and made a show of it.

“And we can cut that out for a start, I’m Lydia to you, and mum to Peter, okay?”

“Yes maam,” he said, unable to take his eyes from her face, fortunately Peter was humping their bags upstairs by now, and never saw the look in Bradley’s eyes that centered on his lovely mother.

But Lydia got it, she saw it alright, and immediately she told herself. “Danger, that boy is danger, he’s trouble,” she knew that look right off. And Lydia knew inside that if she wasn’t careful around him, she could be the one in danger, and in trouble. He was black for a start, extremely good looking, obviously lithe, fit and agile.

One other reason she knew he was trouble was, just lately, because she was bored with her life at the moment, and a little sexually frustrated, simply because she hadn’t had a man near her for more than two years, but even so she had stayed on the pill just in case. And that had been her ex husband’s best friend. Peter was away for the weekend visiting his dad, and Jon had come round and seduced her, she literally fell into him, it was that easy.

But the biggy was, she had been viewing and reading pornographic material on the computer. And she had found and liked immensely big black men screwing blondes. All sorts of scenarios, young men, older men, young women, older women, young married women who had just seen their husband’s off to work, and a black man entering the back door even as the front one was closing.

And the immensity of the fornication had been a huge turn on to her, she had bought a nice vibrating black dildo and used it regularly, but she had never been able to bring herself to quench her growing thirst for it. But as she was looking into those deep silver spikes in his glinting eyes, her knees quivered.

Peter said, “come on Brad, lets get our stuff put away and I’ll show you around,” and off they went. Lydia went back to the kitchen to prepare a meal, and drinks. She had never been a strong minded woman, always the one to fall into line, easily handled and led. Her one saving grace was her looks; she knew how good looking she was, even at 39 years of age.

Lydia still turned heads, and she knew she had turned Bradley’s. She was susceptible to a blind attack, which was how her ex’s friend had caught her. In the kitchen talking to each other, he had simply stepped to her, nipped her nipples and kissed her, her nipples had always been her downfall.

The man concentrated on them while kissing her more and more. Lydia stood there like a rabbit in headlights unable to stop him. He hadn’t known of course, but he was home dry before he knew it. He spent the entire weekend screwing her, she loved it of course, it blew her away to be handled like that. But when he left she flatly refused to take his calls, and would not under any circumstances, open her door to him, she knew what would happen, again!

But Lydia was sure somehow, that Bradley had seen past it and knew what she was like, he had, she thought, seen the uncertainty in her eyes when confronted by an alpha male. At 19 Bradley knew these things, he was a natural predator, it came to him as smooth as milk sliding down glass, and had learned to spot the initial tremor some women had when they first met him, Lydia had had it!.

Over the next two or three days Peter showed him around, and introduced him to Carol, his erstwhile girlfriend. Bradley didn’t seem interested very much which puzzled him. Bradley had his mother on his mind and in his sights. Carol would do as a stop gap if things didn’t work with his friend’s mother.

Bradley had taken every opportunity to catch her on her own, and chatted amicably, helping her with this and that, but also letting her see the looks in his eyes. He scared Lydia, not from a physical point of view, but from a ‘danger’ point of view. She was utterly impressed by him, his terrifically good looks were working on her, and the very blackness forced her to think about him. She felt giddy sometimes around him. The memories of her computer driven images were in her minds eye too.

Then things happened, more by good luck for Bradley, more than good judgement anyway. At least more than anything he had done, and anything he had thought of. He had been trying to slowly engineer a situation with her, so he could maybe capitalise on it. He began to see that she was unsure when he was around, stumbled over words a little, had a look in her azure eyes that said,’ hang on what’s happening, why am I like this when I close to him?’

Lydia, who always without fail took a glass of iced water with her to bed, forgot it, it was still in the refrigerator. She didn’t realise until she woke about 3am, and saw it wasn’t there that she realised she’d left it in the fridge, “idiot,” she told herself.

She got up; she was wearing only a small filmy negligee, and no panties. She plopped on a transparent soft robe, not even bothering to tie it. And not thinking of anything but getting her drink, she headed downstairs dressed as she was. Another thing she hadn’t done was, she had intended to have a little session with her vibrator, and pretend Bradley had walked in and taken her completely.

Now she was stood in the kitchen with the door open, the small light barely lit the room up. Bradley who was a light sleeper had heard someone going downstairs, he wondered who it was. “Might be Lydia?” he told himself, “I’ll check, just in case?” Wearing only a pair of boxer shorts he went down, he stopped at the bottom of the stairs, and he looked down the hallway. Lydia was stood on one leg, the other sexily bent at the knee.

Her back was to him, he silently stepped toward her, when he reached her, he put one arm around her waist, and his other hand over her mouth.

“Don’t mean to scare you it’s only me Lydia, don’t shout okay?” Lydia who had instantly been frightened out of her wits, understanding it was Bradley she immediately nodded her head.

Bradley wasted no time at all; it was make or break, hell and damnation if this went wrong for him. He went straight for her visible nipples, kissed her neck, and sucked an ear into his hot mouth. Lydia’s already weak will was broken as soon as he did that. Also combined with Bradley twisting, tweaking, pulling and squashing her nipples in turn, Lydia knees buckled. She moaned into the palm of his hand. Keeping up the pressure he bit the top of her bare shoulder, bringing a defeated groan from her.

Her tortured mind went back just a few hours when she had played out in her mind being taken by him using her dildo, never expecting it to be realised. Her son’s bedroom was directly above the kitchen, Lydia managed to point at the ceiling, Bradley understood straight away. Keeping her in his hold, he walked her out of the kitchen and into the sitting room which was below her bedroom.

He lay her down and got half way on top, she was now truly captured. She looked into those eyes and saw her own demise, the seduction she had known, seen, and now, she knew, had wanted the moment she set her azure eyes on his wishing well deep, black, silver glinting ones.

“You ever had someone like me Lydia?” he asked, meaning a black person as he sucked a nipple, bringing trembles and soft moans from her.

Too dizzy to fully understand what he meant, she said, “No,” and grunted, as his knee came into contact with her pussy.

“Well then, lets hope you are in for a treat hey?” Lydia knew somehow she was to be.

She had been seduced as easily as that, by her son’s friend, but she also knew in her mind and heart, it was mainly to do with him being black, and oh so good looking. Lydia was also about to find out what a fuck machine he was. His next action absolutely stunned her, it brought her all the way to him, it made her his for as long as he was in her home. He ripped her flimsy apparel away, right off, in one yank, she was naked.

Then Bradley rose above her and sank his gorgeous black cock right into Lydia’s quivering, and volcanically heated slick pussy. She moaned into his neck, she was full, she had never been this full, her ex husband’s best friend had been big, but Bradley out did him easily. His hips were like lightening piston rods, whipping in and out of her at an astonishing rate. Lydia’s in built tameness, and slight submissiveness was made to measure for Bradley.

His friends beautiful mother was helpless under him, but she didn’t want saving or recuing, she wanted to be fucked hard the way that her son’s friend was doing right now! And even harder if he could. Two years had passed since she last made love and her body was letting her know that this was it, the right time, the right man, and definitely, the right cock, a solid young black cock!

Lydia was ignorant of the boy’s prowess, his ability to fuck long and hard, he had seduced many girls and women, as had her own son. But even Bradley was a little awed by her, she was older than his own mother, but far more beautiful and sexy. Bradley was in absolute heaven, to be on his friends sofa in the middle of the night and fucking her ass off, was any boys dream, it had to be!

Lydia was holding on to him so tight, her legs and arms were like the pincers of a huge Preying Mantis. She had no intention of letting him go until he had finished what he had started, and finished her off into the bargain. The friction his cock was causing on the walls of her pussy was beginning to burn, her body orgasmed for more lubrication, and on he went, her body responded each and every time to him, until the moment of his own enormous eruption.

His mouth dropped onto hers for the first time, she swallowed him in her kiss, he almost drilled a hole through her such was the last violent thrust of his powerful young hips. He grunted and mumbled as he came, Lydia felt it filling her, her soft slick walls expanded away from his prick as it spread throughout her pussy, cervix and womb.

She tightened her pussy muscles to force him to give her all he had, and cum spit out, there was no where else for it to go, he had ejected so much at such speed, Lydia thought she might drown. Then her final climax just about knocked her out, she went dizzy, darkness spread around her, she went limp under him. Bradley smiled happily, he knew what he had achieved, he had seen it before. Mrs Williams his thirty year old math teacher had fainted the first time he had fucked on her desk after she had foolishly given him some detention he had deliberately sought.

Lydia slowly came back to life and Bradley slid of her, but he kept her in his arms, he wanted more of this woman, this 39 year old blond beauty needed to be fucked regularly while he was here, and he intended to do just that.

“You feeling okay Lydia?” he asked quietly, letting her build a response to him.

“Oh yes Bradley, but its all a bit of a surprise, I had noticed you looking at me, and guessed you thought I was a bit, erm, how do you say it? Hot! Is that the right terminology?” She told him in between his kisses.

“Yes Lydia, you got it in one, you are hot, hot, hot, beautiful and so sexy. And while I’m here, you and I are going to be at your ‘hot’ spot as often as possible!”

This made Lydia giggle, but said, “Peter can’t know about this Bradley, he mustn’t find out, please?”

“We will take the utmost care, but you keep yourself available at all times for me okay?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean,” he said, “you don’t wear anything under your clothes, I want you to be there for me at all times, for a quickie, or a long love in, I don’t care, but you will be open for business any time I want to shop, okay?” Lydia laughed again, he was so serious, yet so funny, the way he said things, she liked them.

She got the seriousness in his voice though, the vibrancy, the dominant way he told her these things. It was as if it were she that was the child here, not the other way round. And the glint in his eye told her there would be no option but to be there as he told her to be. She liked it, and was surprised by the sudden pecking order he had developed, there was him, and then there was her.

He squeezed a nipple and sucked on the other, the rapidity of it made her throw her head back, her body arched, and a low moaning growl came from her throat. She knew now that what he wanted, he would get. He said, “Once more Lydia then we can go back to bed, but I’ll be visiting you just about every night.”

“Just about every night,” she pouted, “why, will you be too tired for the others?” and she laughed quietly.

He answered that by ramming his thick black prick hard into her. Lydia gasped loudly at the sudden heavy intrusion, but her pussy welcomed its new partner fully, and cemented it with a huge orgasm that she was barely able to stifle.

Bradley gave his older lover a hammering to beat all hammerings; Lydia had to cling on to him for grim death, her climaxes hitting her from all sides. All that was in her mind was the imagery of his young, stiff, thick, hard, and nicely long black cock beating a path to her door every two seconds. Eventually he came for his second time, leaving her ragged of breath and weak to the nth degree.

She lay under him and slowly recovered, she felt wonderfully glorious, and her thoughts of being blacked whilst she had sat in front of her computer, wishing it was her being battered by the big pricked black man on top of the rag doll beautiful blond housewife. Now it had become a reality. She hadn’t gone looking for it, it had found her, and it was in the shape of her son’s 19 year old superbly built black Nigerian friend.

She grabbed a coat from the cupboard under the stairs just in case Peter wandered out of his room for any reason. Bradley kissed her hard outside her bedroom door, and crushed her nipples even harder making her wince and screech under her breath.

“Just so you don’t forget me,” Lydia he whispered to her.

“How can I, after what you’ve just done to me down stairs, and twice two!” She murmured, feeling for his young black prick quickly.

It was nearly 6am, she went into her shower and thought on the events that had just taken place, she knew she would never be able to deny Bradley. He was here under her roof, even if she didn’t want to, she would be vulnerable to him at all times. And more so, the memory of him seducing her so easily (again, just as her ex’s friend had done) and making love to her. His cool, so sure and dominating, but in a delicious violent way, in the way he had, was already something she knew she would want again, and as soon as possible too.

Lydia slept like a dead person for the next three hours, Peter was up early and wondered why Bradley was so late, maybe he’s was watching TV he mused. He went out to see Carol and left a note saying he would be back home around 4 in the afternoon. When Bradley staggered bleary eyes downstairs to the kitchen he nearly missed it. But as soon as he read it, he shot round the house, and lastly into Peter’s bedroom to make sure he had really gone.

Then he dived into Lydia’s room and straight between the sheets. She awoke with a scary scramble, not knowing what was going on, only to see Bradley smiling broadly at her, he was waving Peter’s note. She read it, realisation dawning on her that she and Bradley would be alone for about the next 5 or 6 hours.

Her libido took right off the deck at breakneck speed, seeing Bradley in all his glory whittled away at her imagination. He was up on one elbow giving her a look that said, “Today Mrs Caldwell, you are going to get it, and you going to get it big time!” Lydia couldn’t stop the shudder of anticipation racing through her.

“Come here you,” she whispered to him, already on her back and in submission mode. The knowledge that in a few seconds his magnificent black young cock was going to invade her totally, made a ripple of an orgasm race through her pussy like electricity running to earth.

Bradley himself couldn’t wait to get his cock back into the blond beautiful mother of his friend and host. It was almost like cuckolding someone. He crashed it in without further ado, and in a nana second Lydia was receiving another battering, she bounced off the bed as Bradley engaged in getting himself off. He almost forgot Lydia, he was just fucking a blond beauty, that’s all that mattered to him. But his manic enthusiasm for her fired Lydia up to cracking point, she was flaking inside from the humongous fucking he was delivering on her.

His eyes seemed to glaze over as he increased the pace, the ferocity, though controlled was mania personified. Lydia had no answer to his youthful exuberance, power and stamina to give her what she wanted, whilst making sure he got his. She climaxing thick and fast, she had only ever experienced once more than one orgasm at a time, but she was water going over Niagara in power, intensity and volume.

Bradley spit out his cum so hard she felt it rocket up into her body, the heat and content filled her and blew her over the top to meet him tumbling down the other side. Even Bradley couldn’t remember coming this hard, or this much, it actually hurt the end of his prick as his body forced his cum from him.

All the experience he had learned in the short time span he had found about how to make love and fuck a woman, was now being brought to bear on the blond fuck toy he had under him. Mrs Williams, his math teacher was going to get 5 stars when he got back next term, he told himself, as he thudded his “beautiful thick black prick,” (Lydia’s words) home time after time.

At 19 years of age he was already a consummate seducer; his good looks, charm and charisma were his best attributes. Lots of women were to find him almost irresistible if he concentrated on them, Lydia was such a woman. But the difference between some and Lydia was immense. Lydia had beauty, and sexiness coming out of her ears. And Bradley had the know how, of how to get to her as he had amply proved.

He flipped them both over and Lydia was on top of him, her eyes closed as she felt the full pressure of her own body forcing her down on him, the tightness in her produced by his prick was overwhelming, she came once more on her young black suitor. Then she began to take in the awesome sight before her, this beautiful black boy.

The contrast of her soft white skin against his dark ebony one, the brightness of his eyes surrounding the deep brown glinting pupils of his, the flashing white smile, his white even teeth all sought to bring her down. Lydia fell on to him with as much grace and passion as she could, she scratched his chest, she bit him, kissed him, sucked him in.

Her knees tightened to a vice like grip on his waist, her feet hooked over his strong thighs. Her hands went under his shoulders to hold herself in place, then she drove her hips up and down on his cock. Her mind, along with her frazzled pussy, was filled with big black beautiful cock, Bradley’s big young black beautiful cock.

Lydia gloried in the climaxes she was having, his cock was a climax controller, it was and ignition key, it was turned up to high, and she burned on it. Bradley too was looking at her in awe, she was the best fuck he had ever had, he had thought Mrs Williams was, but Lydia was top of the bill, no question.

Suddenly Lydia cried out, and orgasm of such magnitude hit her with all the force of a hundred knot gale, and it blew her right off him. She fell over and flailed her arms around, trying to make sense of where she was, what had just happened. Bradley took full advantage, he forced her on to her stomach, got between her knees, leaned forward and rammed his prick into her cum soaked ass.

She screamed out, he jammed the covers into the sides of her head to keep the noise down and went for it. He almost brutalised her, when he had first fucked his teacher in the ass, she had gone mental. She fought him, but he subdued her by holding her down on her desk, and with the beatings in her ass. There was no chance in hell of getting him off, she realised that and surrendered. Lydia, he decided would do the same, she did!

Bradley held her down with his body weight, keeping his prick securely lodged deep in her ass; he grabbed her wrists and shoved her arms out wide, his knees spreading her to prevent any escape. Then he fucked her, she cried and pleaded for him to stop. But he just went on and on until she became slack under him, she had submitted, just as Mrs. Williams had.

Now he relaxed and took his time, he let her wrists go; his knees gave up space between hers. He rose on his elbows, and looked down at his friend’s now hapless and submissive beautiful mother. He had cornered her, trapped her and taken her. There were no other words for it. He had fucked her into submission; Bradley, her son’s black roommate took ownership; he was a very happy boy!

He worked away at her; she began to respond simply because she had to. She knew her place now. What Bradley decided, Bradley would do and she would give it up. He slid his hand under her and stroked her sore clit, but it added fuel to her simmering fires, her embers were being stoked. Another set of fingers got a nipple, a superbly erect, proud and stunningly sensitive nipple, and Lydia took off once more. This time there was no doing it because she had to, she was going for it because she wanted to. Her body was demanding total satisfaction, and if that meant giving up and giving in, then so be it.

Bradley creamed her ass with cum, it expanded to make her feel shockingly full, her bowels felt as if they were being pumped up by a pressure pump stuck in her. In effect that was entirely correct, Bradley’s prick was the pump, his cum was the medium filling her. She came around him, how many times she had cum since he had first seduced her she had no idea, all she knew now that black cock, black man, or black boy would probably be her priority from now on.

She had heard on the computer about blonds being black cock sluts, black cock whores, black men’s fuck toys, owned, subjugated, total submission. ‘Well,’ Lydia thought, ‘is that my future now. To crave black cock, black love, black desperation?’ She didn’t know, and at this moment in time she cared less. All she knew was she had a black cock in her ass that was driving her insane with lust and desire for it, pure submission to the black boy who was now controlling her how he liked.

Bradley slid away and she was sure she heard a plop as it came out, she didn’t move, she dare not. She managed to turn her lovely head to him, and whispered.

“Oh Bradley, where have you come from, who are you, what are you, what have you done to me Bradley, what?”

“I guess Lydia that I have done nothing more than to love you,” he said, “to make love to you, and in the way that you so desperately needed to be loved.”

She realised that he was older in years than some men who had ten on him, he knew exactly how she needed, wanted to be fucked and loved. He knew what to say to a woman too, the things she would want to hear without being patronising. She also knew her ass would hurt like hell for a week!

They went into the shower it seemed the logical place to go. His dick was covered in his slime, and her shit, he had to be cleaned off. She never once imagined that once the thick of it was off, she would do the rest with her mouth and tongue, and love every second of it. She powered him to another erection, but it took her ages to get him to cum again, but Lydia was determined to get what he had.

She spent thirty minutes on her knees, she had to get a towel to rest on after a while but she wouldn’t give it up. She sucked, hovered, sponged, tickled, and cajoled until he finally drove his knees into her shoulders and his prick right to the back of his throat when he came. He ejected it all into her throat and she had no option to swallow it, even if she hadn’t wanted to, although she certainly did, Lydia drained him completely.

They went downstairs where she cooked a huge breakfast; they fed each other, played with each other. But as Lydia came gradually to know him, to know his ways, she also began to understand that this would have to be a one time thing. There was too much at risk. Herself, Peter, her very existence here where she lived, it would all be in dire jeopardy if it became known she had been used, and had been using a black boy, and a friend of her son to boot!

She thought long about what had happened, how he had suddenly taken her over, he had overwhelmed her, it had been so sudden. She had been so susceptible to him, so vulnerable, all brought on herself by wishing she could have a black cock. To find out for her own satisfaction, well she had been satisfied, and in a way she could never remember being satisfied. And lo and behold, one had walked right into her life in the form of her son’s college friend.

She of course knew nothing of his past, his prowess at seducing women young and old, or aged, She would have been horrified to know he was screwing one of his teachers. And even Peter didn’t know yet, that his next target was going to be the school principal herself, Mrs Edna Havenhand, who though in her early fifties still got looks from the males in school.

He had already worked out how to go about it, he hoped. He was going to go to her and ask her for her help. He was having trouble with certain aspects of his project, it was politics, and Mrs Havenhand was the schools main teacher in this, he would press for private tuition, and get her on her own and see where it went from there. He would play it all out for Peter so they could fine tune it.

But in the mean time Lydia was his fuck toy, and he asserted his dominance, by telling her so. Back in bed to bed, he told her.

“Lydia, I’m not sure if you are aware of it, but you do realise don’t you, that you are my fuck toy now, my black cock slut, my dirty black cock whore?” He held her down on the bed whilst he told her all of this. One arm around her, a leg over hers, and fingers buried deep in her raging pussy.

“Bradley, you shouldn’t say things to me like this, I’m not used to being spoken to like that!” Her voice didn’t match her indignation. He picked up on that.

“You didn’t like being spoken to like that Lydia, but you do now, don’t you, Hmmmmm?”

“No Bradley I don’t,” she tried to squirm away, but she knew she couldn’t break his grip, even if she stayed like this all week.

Bradley smiled, he’s been here before, especially with Mrs Williams, and would be again with Lydia now, and Mrs Havenhand later. Mrs Williams had protested too, until he had withheld his prick from her pussy after building up an unstoppable head of steam in her.

Mrs Williams had cried, but eventually admitted that, “Yes alright, I am your fuck toy.”

“And my black cock slut?”

“Yes yes yes, damn you Bradley, yes!”

“Yes what?” he demanded.

“I am your black cock slut!” she almost wailed.

“And my black cocked whore Julia?”

The dam broke in her now, “yes yes yes yes, oh please Bradley please don’t do this to me. I need you in me baby, please?” So Bradley had fucked her extremely hard, telling her to, “never doubt who he was in her life.”

“I won’t, I won’t Bradley, I promise, I’ll be whatever you make me to be.”

Now he was going to make Lydia do the same. This was the part of Bradley that no one knew, not even Peter. He was a control freak, and vicious in his heart, he had no sentiment for love, he had never been loved, his parents didn’t want him, but had brought him up in an environment of indifference. And somehow Lydia now saw it right there in his eyes, what she had taken for steely determination, was hatred.

His fingers felt cold, he wasn’t who she thought he was, and realised that Peter maybe didn’t even know?

He dug his fingers in and began what he thought was going to be her final submission, just as Mrs Williams had submitted.

“Tell me Lydia; tell me you are my black cock slut.”

She knew she could never do it, not now. A while ago the words would have happily tripped out of her mouth for him.

She had to break the spell, but was she strong enough to resist? All her life she had given in for the sake of peace and tranquillity.

Decision made, she said, “Can you let go of my wrist please Bradley, just for moment.” Without thinking why, he did.

Lydia let him have it with all of her might, her hand flew up from the bed, curled into a tiny fist and blasted his nose apart.

Blood shot out every where, it burst like a fire cracker. Bradley fell off the bed in shock, he was so dazed, not only by the punch but by the surprise of it too. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, he was the man in control. Lydia raced out of the bedroom, shot downstairs, opened a drawer and grabbed her rolling pin, it was the only weapon she could think of.

By the time she got back to her bedroom, Bradley was tottering to his feet. “Get your things packed Bradley and get out of my house, and right now!” she almost screamed at him. She advanced on him, rolling pin held high, she backed him out of her room, and into his, blood dripping freely. He quickly gathered his things and jammed them into his bag, and she forced the dizzy boy downstairs.

She threw him a towel, and said, “Go to the hospital and get that seen to. And call Peter and tell him you had to leave in a hurry, your mother is ill, you have to go home. I will confirm it.” And for the first time in her life she used a profanity, “now fuck off, and never come here again or I will kill you!” She slammed the door, but went to look out of the window to see him get into his car, towel at his face and drive off.

She hurriedly went around cleaning up his blood, turning the house back into her home. Soon there was no sign of Bradley ever being there. There was one sign though, she suddenly remember how sore her ass and pussy were. She had to smile, the memory of Bradley would stay with her forever, but she knew she would never let it happen again, “well,” she thought ruefully, “certainly not like that!”

She prepared herself for Peter coming home, he was there an hour later, wondering what was wrong with Bradley’s mother?

“I’m not sure darling, he took a call, told me she was ill and he had to go, he apologised and left in a moment. That’s all I can tell you.” Lydia was full of glee, at least Bradley hadn’t spilled the beans out of spite, “maybe he had learned a salutary lesson?

“Where’s Carol, Peter?” she asked him.

“I’ve just finished with her mom,” he told her.

“Oh darling, are you alright, do you feel okay?” she whispered, taking him in her arms.

“I’m fine mom; I’m here with the person I love, so it doesn’t matter any more.” He replied, he put his arms around her and hugged her back, unaware that his hard on was pressing right into her still warm pussy.

“What do you mean baby?” she asked her voice cracking. Peter rubbed his prick over it. Lydia got the message, and suddenly realised the mistake she had made with Bradley. It was a mistake she would learn from, and never make again.

“I love you Peter, I’m sorry for not realising it sooner,” she murmured into his neck, the heat from her sons prick had set her on fire, and was now engulfing his sexy beautiful mother. The bond became suddenly all consuming, their embrace became solid, and real. Peter wanted this gorgeous creature, even though she was his mom. All of his dreams were coming to life before his very eyes.

“Peter, are we going to stand here like this all day, or are we going to maybe do something about this?” She said, and she rubbed her pussy back over his fully erect and manfully youthful prick. Five minute later she was looking down at her son as she rode his cock for the first time. Her pussy was still sore, but she’d get over that soon, she decided.

Peter had cum in her in record time, but he had stayed hard, and Lydia had the first of a lifetime of orgasms she would have on her son. Her life was whole, she had wanted black, she had had black, and oh how she had had it. But this is where she should have been, she knew that now. She had made a serious error, but it was one she would repair and forget.

“And I’m coming off the pill Peter, let’s see what happens shall we?” she smiled, and kissed her loving son.

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